Rekha Makes a Visit

It was a Saturday morning and the door bell rang. I went to open it but my wife, Kavita had beaten me to it. Opening the door she screamed, “hey look who’s here. Rekha.!!.” I was equally surprised to see my wife’s sis, so asked her what brought her here. They all stay about 500 miles from us. We keep in touch over the phone. Visits had been quite minimal.

“I had a week’s off from my job and thought of visiting you all” chirped she. The sisters had a lot of things to catch up. So they left me to myself and continued to chat. They remained ensconced in the bedroom for a long time. In the evening Kavita and Rekha went shopping. It was late evening when they returned. The shopping bags were not just full but overfull. They showed their stuff some dresses and others. What they did not show was a small packet both hid suddenly and smiled at each other.

When we retired to bedroom that night I asked ‘what was in the packet?’ Kavita shied away by saying something. We slept in each others hug and I kissed her. She opened her mouth and sucked my tongue in her mouth. We had a loooong kiss. My cock was at full mast and I poked her belly with it. She bent her head and licked him from outside. I opened her nightgown and sucked her nipples in my mouth and nibbled. She sighed. I opened her robe fully and pinched her both the nipples. She was ecstatic and let out a muffled scream. With one hand she pulled my shorts down and held my cock tight. Her behaviour was a bit strange as she normally lets me do all the works and enjoys the attention I shower on her. Now she bent low and kissed my cock on the tip and opened her lips. I was surprised and also very happy. She lowered her mouth and covered my cock with her soft lips. I was in seventh heaven. She sucked the cock and swirled her tongue around. I stood up and she went on her knees as if performing for a show. Then she opened her robe and let it drop to ground. Her full tits were very fetching and I pressed them in my palms. I pushed my big toe in her cunt and she went over the tip, sucking the cock right up to her throat. Bobbing her head on it she nearly brought me to crisis. Popping it out of her mouth she leapt on the bed and said ‘cum fuck me.’ I went to the bed and sucked her cunt paying special attention to her clit. She was nearly shouting out by this time. So I told her of Rekha being around. And she just laughed it out. I fucked her hard. When I was about to cum she withdrew and said ‘ cum in my face and on my tits’. And I did. I fell on top of her and she just rubbed the cum on chest and we slept in each others’ arms.

Next day morning Rekha was very quiet and did not say anything about the previous nights noise. Kavita woke up a bit later and wrapping the gown around her came to the dining room where we were having our tea. Drinking her cup she announced that she had to go to a friend’s place at around 10 am and she would back by 2 pm may be later. I wondered what was happening. But did not say anything. She dressed and left. I was busy with something when I heard some noise in the bedroom. When I was about to get up and peep in I heard a moan. I wondered what it was all about and went to find out. Rekha was on the bed watching something in her hand and moaning. I noticed the new videocam which we had bought. Stealing over her shoulder I saw Kavita kneeling and sucking my cock. I retreated and realized the impact of it. Kavita and Rekha had planned it and I was caught with my pants down. I came out and busied myself with something.

Rekha said she would go for a bath and was to go out. So I let her take charge of the bath attached to our bedroom rather than the one attached to her room. Our’s is a special one with a full size mirror in front of the shower and a tub bath. I have placed a walk-in cupboard just outside from where one can watch the happenings in the bath through the one way mirror without any knowledge. I went in the walk-in soon she went and locked the bath door. To my surprise she did not disrobe immediately but called somebody on the cell. After some time on cell she removed her pants and roamed around in the top which was a great site. I was enjoying it. She then unbuttoned the front and just let it slip. Even without a bra her tits were pert and upturned. The light brown aureoles must have been about a couple of inches in dia. The nipples were small, about half an inch. Barely rising above the surface of the tits they were very pink, dark pink. Rest of her body was lithe and alabaster white. She was moving in the bath in her panties. She opened the shower and stood below, right in front of me. I enjoyed the show put on for me. She turned around to show her ass cheeks and bent . My cock was hard as steel. She tucked two fingers in her panty and pulled it down. Her bare asscheeks were sexy and inviting. I jut had to jerk off. She turned around and picked up the soap. Working up the lather she covered her body with it rubbing it on her beautiful tits her bush, which was dark and thick. Then she put two fingers in her cunt and worked up a rhythm. In a minute or so she was in a trance and worked her fingers in a fury coming in the shower itself. Running water on her cunt must have given her an orgasm which must have ran through her. She fell to floor and thrashed like fish out of water with her three fingers in her cunt. What a site.

About five minutes passed before she woke up. Closing the taps she pulled on the terry robe. I left the place and reached the hall.

“Are you busy Dilip? ” called Rekha. ‘I need help.’

‘What is it? ‘

‘Please come here. I need your help.’

So I went in. Rekha was standing in the middle of the room in her dress. It was a cut sleeves one. Hence she was standing in front of the mirror with hands raised and looking disappointed at the underarm hair. ‘Help me with these.’ She said. ‘They will show out and I did not bring my equipment. ‘

I went in the bath and came out with my shaving tackle. She raised her arms and said ‘go ahead clean them.’

‘You will spoil your dress if I do it with the dress on. Why not wrap a towel around.’

She went in the bath and came out with a towel around her bust. Her dress was draped on the hanger in the bath.

‘Raise your hands’ I told her. She did so but was not able to stand still. So I told her ‘why not lay down on the bed so that I can do it comfortably and you can be relaxed. Rekha agreed to it and laid herself on our bed. With her hands above her head she was sight to behold. With a comb and clippers I clipped the left underarm hair short and then applied foam to the area. She started squirming. It tickles she said. Hold still I told her. Otherwise this will nick the skin. She did. Cleaning up the area I scraped the hair to a smooth finish. Taking a bit of cold cream I massaged the underarm to a baby smooth finish.

‘Turn to other side.’ I told her and she did. Repeating the process on her right underarm I cleaned it to a smooth finish. She was moaning softly under her breath and rolling slowly around. The towel had lost its grip and was flopping around. But Rekha was oblivious to this.

‘When you are at it why not clean the legs too” I suggested and she readily agreed. I told her to lie on her back.

‘What about the towel?’ she asked.

‘Lie down and put it on you so that it covers you, ok.’

She did it. The towel was on her body covering her from top to the knee level. I lifted it to just above thigh level and told her to be still. Covering the left leg with foam I slid the razor on it. And she moved. A bit but she did.

‘Hold it still.’ I told her. And she said ‘I can’t.’

‘Then I will tie your legs.’ I threatened.

‘Go ahead’ she challenged.

I was startled but picked up a gown belt and tied her left leg first to the bed. Then with another I tied her right leg to the other bed post leg. She was not even surprised. I picked up a silk rope of my robe and tied her hands to the top. She was tied spread-eagled. Her cunt was wide open but under the towel. Just to make sure that she did not make a move I pulled the silk rope a bit tight so that she was pulled enough. I picked up the razor and cleaned the leg up to the thigh level. Then I did the same for the right one. I then lifted the towel up a little and peaked under it. Her cunt was shining with the wetness and the bush around was glistening.

I glanced up and saw she was in a trance. She had closed her eyes and was moaning. I slowly pulled the towel away and applied my lips to her tits. Her moans were more pronounced. With a slow motion I clipped her bush. Then I applied a lot of foam to her labia and surroundings. Picking up the razor I shaved her to baldness cleaning all the hair ensuring not even a strand of hair to remain. Taking a lot of cream I massaged her now bald cunt. She was in seventh heaven. With a warm towel I wiped the cream and kissed the cunt lips as if they were real lips. She quivered in anticipation. I sucked on her cunt lips and licked them bottom to top. Her moans were loud and extended. She was shifting from side to side. Now she was breathing through her mouth, panting. I slowly removed the ties and opened the petals of her cunt and pushed my tongue deep in her cunt.

“aaahhhh… ‘ she was moaning. Loudly now, very loudly. I kept tonguing her cunt and slowly shifted the focus to her clit which was begging attention. She shrieked and came in torrents. I sat on the bed in a sixty-nine and drank all the juices she was oozing. Once I cleaned all the juices I kissed her. Her juices were plastered on all my face. She kissed me on lips licking her juices. I pushed my tongue in her mouth. She sucked on it. I was now positioned on top of her with my mouth near her cunt and my cock was in front of her. She tentatively licked it. The cock gave a jerk and she licked it again. I turned around and raised my eyebrows. She opened her mouth wide, inviting. I released her hands and she sat on the bed rubbing her wrists. I stood in front of her and she opened her mouth again. I touched my cock to her lips. She snaked out her tongue and licked him again. Opening her mouth she showed her pearly white teeth. I just held the cock in front. She bent forward and sucked the cock in. I just kept the pressure on. The cock went in , deep . It touched the back of her throat and she gave a gagging sound. But kept at it overcoming the feeling. Slowly she pushed the cock in her throat. I felt as if I would spurt then and there.

Rekha sucked and sucked till I came . the first spurt was in her throat but the next ones went on her face and in her hair and on her lovely tits. I pushed her back and landed on top of her. Rubbing the cum allover our body I sucked it out of her mouth.

Picking her up I took her in the bath. She had made the tub ready. So I slid her in the tub. Joining her in the tub I rubbed her tits and back and assglobes. She was the dream come true. I kissed her tits, sucked on them and bit the nipples. She was squealing with joy and sex. Taking a soap bar I lathered her and cleaned her paying special attention to the bald cunt and tit globes and ass globes. When she bent to show me her asshole I pushed a finger in. she wriggled her ass and the finger went in. I pushed another finger in her cunt and frigged her. She again started to move her bottom to and fro. My cock was getting ready. So I picked her up and lifted her out of the tub. Laying her down on the bath floor I touched my cock to her cunt lips. She let out another moan. I rubbed it up and down the length of her cunt.

‘do it ‘ she whispered huskily.

‘what?’ i asked.

‘push it in’

‘push what where?’

‘push your cock in my pussy’ she said.

‘ why ” I asked

‘I like it . I want more. Push YOUR COCK IN MY CUNT’ she moaned in a begging voice. ‘fuck me’

I obliged, but slowly. I pushed my cock in her cunt slowly. It went in an inch. The bulb was in and she was tight. I pulled back a little and pushed in some more going in about three to four inches. She opened her thighs wide. I pulled out and said this will hurt a little.

She whimpered but did not release the grip on my back. I pushed in a great push and went in full, right upto the balls. She stifled her scream in my chest. We lay there for some time till she got used to the fullness.

Then slowly ever so slowly I pulled out a bit and pushed in picking up a slow rhythm. Rekha responded cautiously by moving her hips. In a few strokes she picked up the speed and was responding to every thrust of mine shouting loudly ‘oh it is so good , so nice , SO NICE, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK MEEEEEE….

I CAME AND CAME AND CAME. Rekha had had more than ten orgasms by this time and was limp like a vegetable. I fell on her and remained like that for a long time. When the bell rang I got up panicking. But Rekha pulled me down and said ‘ don’t worry . Kavita won’t be here till I call her. ‘ And I realized that it was telephone bell. I did not pick it so it went to answering machine and I heard Kavita’ voice on it “Rekha call me. I am waiting to hear from you. Hope mission was successful”.

So these sisters had decided beforehand and hence the whole plot.

I decided to turn the plot on them….

Lovely Auntie Ch. 16

[i]I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t been writing Manish’s stories as frequently as I should. So, I wrote the story keeping that in my mind. Though it took only few days to write the story, I liked it. Hope you will too. Some special mentions regarding the language of that, mama, mami means uncle and aunt. Dada dadi means grandparents, ji is a suffix which suggests respect, pallu is the end of a sari which is used to cover the blouse.

Please provide feedback but in good taste. You will already know my content matter and if you dont like it, please keep off. Let the others have a good time. Nobody is forcing you read it. Thank you.[/i]


Sumitra was lost in the sound of the mixer, when she felt somebody hugging her from back. She wasn’t surprised that it was Manish. She knew his touch. It was their customary stand-spoon. She felt comforted with the warm touch from her son. But, she was still taken aback at this abrupt act. It was five thirty in the evening. Manish returned generally by six thirty.

‘Manish, honey, hmmm.’ She felt content at the mild grinding his groin was doing against her rump. She relaxed against his long organ which was having a good heart to heart through the clothes. His forearms grazed against her underside of the bloused udders. Her eyes fluttered with happiness and lust.

‘Honey, unngg,’ she moaned, ‘someone might see.’

‘Don’t worry, mom, I have sent Ramu on some errands.’ Ramu was their servant, who stayed in the outhouse and was the caretaker of the building.

Manish kissed her on the cheek and on the angle of the neck, as she moaned and extracted from within her a long sigh of contentment. She turned her head a little as he pecked her on the lips.

‘Say what, mom. Let us go to Ratan dadaji’s house.’

She turned towards him not breaking his hug. Manish could say that her eyes were lit up with excitement. But she also had some alarm in them.

‘What did you say, dear?’

Manish released her and went for a glass of water. He said, ‘let’s go to his house, mom. It’s been many years. I bet he would be delighted to have us.’

She bit her lip and looked at him tentatively. ‘Manish, is it something to do with what we talked about last time?’


She shook her head, ‘Manish, you are taking this in a very wrong way, I think. I am not saying that we shouldn’t visit him or anything like that. But don’t build on what I said. It was only in the throes of excitement that I spoke in that manner.’

‘Mom, that doesn’t change the past, does it?’

Manish hugged her from the front as he took her narrow hips into his hands. Though she was not as curvy as his favourite aunt, she was the next best thing. But he felt a strong surge of attraction to his mom rather than to his aunt. Recently she lost weight too, which made look very sexy. He observed her cleavage, which was peeking at him and making his pecker stand hard against her pubis. She moaned at the delightful sensation.

She shook her head.

‘You can’t change the past, mom. Along with that, you can’t change the fact that you loved my idea.’


She looked into his smiling face. He was reading her like an open book. He kissed her on the cheek and passed his hands on her wonderful buttocks, as she shivered in lust.

‘And you can’t even deny the fact that you really like to meet him again.’

She understood that Manish was now interpreting the ideas in her head, as though they were open secrets.

He whispered into her ear, ‘admit it; you want to relive your past, Sumi. You can say it to me.’

‘Manish, we shouldn’t be talking like that.’

‘Like what?’

‘Why should we do that? You tell me.’

‘I don’t know, mom. Probably, because you will like it.’

‘Is that the only reason?’

Manish kissed her on the lips as she kissed him back. He looked at her big, innocent eyes which made him more sincere in his erotic emotions.

‘My dear beautiful Sumi, you are a very beautiful creature, do you know that?’

Sumi played with her son’s hair. ‘You are being modest, darling.’

‘This isn’t modesty, mom. This is the fact.’

‘What is it, honey? Why are you asking me these things?’

He looked at her straight and asked her, ‘do I ask you anything, mom?’

She understood him, ‘no, my dear milkman, you need not ask me. You just order your cow.’

Manish again took her narrow hips in his large hands, massaging them all the while and said, ‘then I am ordering you, Ganga, you are going to sleep with Ratan dadaji.’

It was like a warm, tingling feeling which occurred suddenly in Sumitra’s pussy and which exploded into a warm gush of secretions. She suddenly had an orgasm through which she shivered in lust. Manish’s strong hands supported her as she kissed him on the lips. She recovered within a minute.

‘Why, Manish?’

He said, ‘I don’t know, mom. I want you to enjoy the fruits of passion. I want you to sample the feeling of being in bed with someone other than your husband. I want you to explore sex. But more than that, it excites me. It thrills me to see you seeking bodily pleasures from other men.’

Throughout Manish’s talk, Sumitra’s passion was building up.

‘You know what, mom. I didn’t see you in the nude, till now. I considered you one of the beautiful women since I was a child. I got excited even if I saw your bare shoulder. I would imagine how you would look naked. It was like a full erotic throttle to me. But I had these thoughts regarding you. And since we started this, you had been as much excited about me as I was about you. That added to my sexual fuel. But when you spoke about your sexual past, it was almost like a pinnacle of lust for me. I imagined how you will be with Ratan dadaji. The feeling itself thrills me. The feeling even exceeded my want to see you naked.’

‘I don’t know, Manish. This is all getting too tough for me to think it over.’

‘Look, Sumi,’ he hugged her as he pushed her against the refrigerator in the hall. ‘I am not forcing you or anything like that. I don’t want to pressurize you to do anything. I am just saying and probably I too am, in the throes of lust while speaking all of this.’

He ground his loin against hers as he said it. She smiled slyly at him as she said, ‘why are you not pressurising me, Manish?’

Manish raised an eyebrow and asked, ‘what?’

‘You are my milkman, sir. Perhaps you should pressurise me. Probably this cow of yours can’t make decisions of her own.’

Manish’s organ bulged on hearing her words. She was playing with his hormones as he was playing with hers. He looked into her eyes for a long moment at her delicate features and kissed her passionately as she returned his smooch with vigour. Their kiss had all the passion of tender love and raw sexual hunger.

‘So, will you do it, mom? Will you sleep with Ratan dadaji?’

‘Can I think it over?’

‘Of course, you can. Are you hesitant about something?’

Sumitra thought about her husband. But she also knew that she was going rule out any difficulties in that matter in the favour of Manish’s orders. She felt a certain feeling of loyalty to Manish by obliging with whatever he told her. She wanted to make him happy, to make him aware that she will do whatever she can to get into his good books. She was again like the teenage girl, who had a deep crush with the heartthrob of her village.

She replied, ‘nothing, honey, just wondering, how it will pan out?’

He smiled, ‘you should leave that to me. But beware that I am not doing this without your consent. If you have any issues, you should tell me.’

‘No issues, except one.’

Manish kissed her cleavage as he asked her, ‘which is?’

‘Is my Manish sleeping daily with the unsatisfied feeling of not seeing me in the nude?’

Manish smiled, ‘what are you going to do about it, Ganga?’

‘Shall I arrange for free audience for my master and milkman?’ she thrust her chest out as she pointed out her boobs to him.

‘Just tell me a single word, sir and I will strip naked for you. I will follow you anywhere you go, with nothing but my high heels and ornaments. I will display all my feminine charms to you and will even allow you free liberties with them in any way you can.’

Manish pinched her waist as she cried out in lust. He kissed her clothed breasts. He pulled her strong hair back as she moaned and shivered. He kissed her on the neck and all over her wonderful soft pliant flesh of her mammary wonders.

‘No, Sumi. I will see them, but not now.’ She moaned in distress on hearing him. ‘I will strip you naked and play with your treasures, but when the time comes. I am happy with the way you are dressing up. I like the fact that you have stopped wearing bras whenever I am around. Yes, I have noticed. Don’t look surprised.’

She smiled at him though he was paining her with his pinches and his pulling of her hair.

‘Thanks for noticing, honey. Are you getting a good view?’

Manish liked the compliant tone of her voice. ‘Yeah. But cut on the sleeves a little. Wear very short sleeved cotton blouses, with a good view of your cleavage. Try not to cover your cleavage as much as possible. And I also want you always to show a side view of your boobs, so that even your pointed nipples will be visible through the cloth.’

She moaned as he pinched her nipple. She nodded, ‘yes, baby.’

‘And I am not telling you wear this way, not just before me, but naturally. Even when you go outside.’

She looked at him with her wonderful, big, innocent eyes and softly said, ‘I will, Manish.’ She undulated her hips with the insistent sway of her son’s loin.

It was a week later, when Manish was having dinner with his parents.

Sumitra was thoroughly fussing over him as he was very particularly restricting his diet owing to his recent weight gain. Her motherly instincts assured him that it was all a miscalculation on his part. She filled his plate with more chapathis regardless of her son’s stoic resistance.

Anurag smiled at them. His wife was the perfect mother. She had that great fussing habit over her kid.

‘Manish, if you want to lose weight, exercise. Don’t cut on your meals, son.’ He advised.

Manish nodded.

‘Dad, I wanted to say something.’

‘What is that?’

Manish was looking at his mom’s profile, in which he noticed her cotton bloused boobs, which she intentionally put on display for him. Her juicy cleavage had been keeping his cock erect since the dinner started.

‘I want to visit Ratan dadaji’s house. I asked mom. She is all up for it. What do you say? Can you come?’

Anurag looked at him. ‘Why is that all of a sudden?’

‘Just like that. I am tired of the city. Just want to take a break. Enjoy the scenic beauty of country life.’

Manish surreptitiously pressed her mom’s boob as his father was busy serving himself with some vegetable. Sumitra’s eyes widened in shock. She couldn’t help but smile at her son’s audacity. She shook her head at him in mock remonstration. But she also felt the thrill of the incident and also at the pressure of his finger on her sensitive clothed nipple.

‘How many days have you in mind?’

‘About a week.’

Anurag considered his son’s words. Truly Manish was busy with his office work and he was getting vexed with no break or proper breath of relief in the middle.

He said, ‘I can’t come, son. I am tied up in my work. If you want to go, you can. And if your mother too is willing, I don’t have any problem with that. Ratan mamaji is a nice person. You can learn something from him.’

Sumitra’s eyes gleamed with happiness at her husband’s words. She felt happiness at her husband’s opinion of her family and his grant to this visit. Anurag was very sceptical usually regarding her visits to her family or anywhere. He couldn’t do without her. And even if Sumi went sometimes to her hometown or to visit her cousin, she generally came back within a day or two.

Manish too was happy that they were going to Ratan dadaji’s house.

‘So, when are you planning, Manish?’

‘Probably next week, dad.’

‘Ok. Fine.’

After dinner, Anurag spent some time before the telly and then retired for the night. Sumitra cleaned the dishes while Manish too got busy with his laptop owing to some of his office work.

He heard the door of his bedroom open when Sumitra walked in clad in her tight blouse and her inch long cleavage on open display. Her sari was making no attempt to cover her modesty.

Manish whistled softly looking at the beautiful picture.

‘What brings you, here, Ganga?’

She smiled at him. She approached his chair and knelt before him on the ground as Manish was treated to the close view of her wonderful jugs.

‘Just wanted to thank my milkman regarding the visit to the village.’

‘You are welcome, Sumi.’ Manish kissed her on the lips as it slowly evolved into a deep spit exchanging smooch. Manish noticed how subservient she was to him.

He looked at into her big, innocent eyes and was as enthralled with her as though he was seeing her for the first time.

‘What more, my delicious babe?’

She smiled slyly and said, ‘do you want to check my package, sir?’

Manish’s cock was tightening at her words, ‘what is that again?’

‘Does my master want to check on the udders he so proudly possesses? This cow too proudly feels there is no proper owner of her udders than her milkman. And she would be delighted if he dips his finger in my cleavage.’

Manish was becoming breathless with the sexual talk of his mother. His dainty, innocent mother was talking like a mature vixen.

He kissed her again with all the passion.

He took hold of her proffered breasts as Sumitra moaned with delight. She liked the way he pinched her nipples and elicited lusty, throaty moans from her. She had her tits on display with her chest thrust out and he couldn’t be happier with her behaviour.

He said, ‘I like your last request, mom. Do you want it so much?’

Sumitra nodded her head and said softly, ‘more than anything, dear.’

She took his finger into her mouth as she sucked it. She took his spit laden finger out of her mouth and looking into his eyes, speared her cleavage with his long digit. Manish wasn’t aware that she spurted a good amount of moisture in her panties with that act. Manish was almost cumming with her act, with her behaviour and with her sly, lusty eyes.

He liked the warm feeling of her tit flesh around his index finger. He liked how his mom’s tits closed back when he slowly extracted the finger.

‘Anymore wishes for the night?’ she asked him.

She felt a little hint of disappointment when he shook his head.

‘Good night, Manish, my love.’

‘Good night, Sumi.’

Sumi’s pussy was tingling with all the thoughts running in her head. Her handsome son was almost in all of her fantasies. She smiled embarrassedly at the way she behaved with him in his bedroom. She was falling deeply for him. She was slowly getting that. She took her bath before retiring to sleep and changed into a nightie.

Anurag was going through his mobile. He generally went through the market information in his gadget. But tonight, he was late than usual. Usually he slept by ten in the night. It was almost eleven, but he was still awake.

Sumitra slid into her side of the bed. She turned away from him, as she didn’t want to disturb whatever he was doing. Anurag looked at her ass. It was the greatest rump he had ever seen. It was the most physical attractive attribute that he appreciated in her.

He put the mobile on his side of the bed and patted her ass as she turned towards him.

‘What is it, honey?’ she queried him.

He was wearing just his shirt and a thin night pant. As he got close to her, she became aware of his engorged organ touching the side of her ass. He was excited for the night. It was generally a very rare thing. They had sex almost once in two or three months.

He dragged her onto him and started playing with her boobs through her cloth.

‘You are very excited, today’ she observed.

‘Even you are, Sumitra. You look very excited these days. Probably that is what is exciting me.’

Anurag had noticed the way she was dressing these days. She had sized almost all her blouses to very small sleeves. And there was almost always cleavage on display. What attracted him was that she was very casual about it. She was wearing in this fashion even when they went out. That was the most special thing about it. In a way, it excited him. He was happy that he had a very beautiful wife and he was excited because even others will know about her beauty.

Once or twice, he even noticed a lack of bra. Two days back while they were shopping in a mall, he noticed her nipple protruding her thin cotton cloth, which excited him like hell. He observed even a few fellows noticing that.

‘You are looking very beautiful.’

Sumitra rarely heard such talk from him. Not that she fished for compliments from her husband. He was very busy worrying about work and family. She didn’t mind that. But she felt happy that he did.

‘Thank you.’

‘You are dressing a little sexy these days.’

‘Am I? I didn’t know that.’

The nightie had lapels on her bosom area, which could be opened to bare her boobs.

Anurag bared her tits and started playing with them. He treated her nipples harshly as she moaned in pain and pleasure. She knew that a fuck was in waiting here.

‘So, what is the change?’

‘Nothing, Anurag. Unnngg. I just didn’t notice that I was dressing like that.’

‘Hhmm, ok, anyway. Why didn’t you tell that you wanted to go Ratan mamaji’s?’

Anurag felt at the back of his mind that both Manish and Sumitra equally wanted to go to the village. He didn’t know the reason, but he felt if Sumitra was a little sceptical in asking him.

‘Nothing like that, honey. I wanted to go since a long time, but I can’t leave you for a week, can I? I just waited for the occasion and since Manish wanted to too, I thought why not tag along.’

Anurag turned his darling wife to his side and started sucking on her sensitive rupee sized nipples. They were most delectable. He felt his wife was getting beautiful by the day.

‘I don’t have any problem, Sumi. Have a nice time, that’s all, I want. I can manage on my own for a week, what’s the big issue in that? Hmm, your boobs are becoming fuller by the day.’

He whipped her nightie over her stomach as he bared her pussy. When he touched it was already very moist. He didn’t know that his wife was so excited.

‘Hhmm, something’s making you very excited.’

‘Uunnnggg, probably your teeth on my poor nipples, Anurag.’

He massaged her thighs as he sucked her nipples rashly with his teeth.

He took of his pants and aligned his cock with her cunt. She was already spread as he thrust his eight inch cock into her cunt.

As his cock rubbed on her clit, her orgasms had started and they continued for a long time into the night.

It was ten days later, when Manish and Sumitra got off the train onto the miniature station of Ratan mamaji’s village. Manish already felt the strong gush of purified village air on his skin and in his hair. He felt he just had some hundred baths. He was feeling invigorated by the fresh air cleansing his lungs. He noticed Sumi more beautiful with the glow of freshness she was feeling in the wake of her birth village.

She said, ‘village hasn’t changed, Manish. That is probably the best thing which happened here. It is still the quaint old place where I had once spent the best of my childhood.’

Manish kept his hand around her shoulders and kissed her on the forehead.

‘I am glad you are happy, mom. I feel now that it is the best decision I have taken to come here. The last time, I came here was ten years ago. Being a child, I wasn’t able to make out what was so special about this place. But now I know. This place reeks of health and happiness.’

Sumitra smiled at the poetry of her son. Her vagina has been tinkling all the day with her son by his side and by his words in the last few days.

Meena – Saga of Tumultuous Sex Ch. 01

My name is Meena and I was born and raised on a farm in a small West UP town, had lot of fun and good time in my childhood and youth, but never crossed the line of propriety, our Family and culture values never allowed us to be anything other than glued to ideals and values, believe it or not, till I got married did not talk to any man other than my father and brothers.

Hence I certainly was not prepared for the fantastic things that have happened to me in the last year.

To tell you my story, I was obviously a virgin when I married Dinesh and everything was traditional from the time we got engaged till marriage and the ‘first night’ and everything after that, Dinesh and I would have our ‘lovemaking’ only in the Night and that too only now I learned it is called ‘a missionary style’ – no extras and all as per customary diktats.

We were everybody’s “perfect couple” – he worked in the Army Depot at Meerut and I would teach at a local Central School. My colleagues and friends used to tell me that I am an extremely attractive woman and very sensual – never understood the meaning of these words – my World was my husband and nothing else. I always thought of myself as his property and these words did not excite me – is what I used to tell these people and they would laugh.

Dinesh worked hard for a lot of years, and, last year(18 months ago), got the “big” promotion and was transferred to Bangalore. We had to leave our little town for the first time in our lives. It was very scary, but our luck and the new Internet world gave us lot of confidence and we settled just outside of Bangalore in an Army Cantonment, and the people at our new colony were the greatest – making us feel at home, helping us settle in, etc.

As you can guess, I was the dumb little country girl in the big city for the first time – I had never been exposed to all the sex and violence and four-letter words in the “outside” world.

Dinesh and I were about even in the sex department, and I didn’t believe people could do the things to each other that I have recently discovered they do Dinesh and I have been married nine years and we normally made love maybe two or three times a month, and, although I was unaware of this, I had never experienced an orgasm in all the years of my marriage. As mentioned we had sex in the traditional, “missionary” position, and as soon as Dinesh reached his climax, he would get up and take a shower, and then I’d take mine.

To me, the sex felt good but it meant more to see if we can have children and more of it was be sure he was happy, but I thought that was all there was to it – no big deal. We had never tried, or even discussed, oral sex or anything else for that matter.

Dinesh’s new job keeps him on the road constantly and he is gone more than he’s home. After some days he took voluntary retirement from the Army job and got into a private Construction company dealing in Real Estate and quickly made enough money allowing us to get some strength financially and we bought a house and moved to Bangalore, and the upkeep and expenses in the area are demanding compared to Meerut and even the outside Army Cantt where we had been staying.

Life quickly changed and very soon – we were ushered into a different world.

Reality of sex and its usage in the murky world of career and the politics around it came into our knowledge when in one party which we attended brought me to face to face with Dinesh’s colleagues and his seniors – especially one Mr Rami Reddy – owner and very influential political leader and also a doyen in the Real Estate world.

He was eying me all through the party and his eyes were seriously undressing me at every given instance – though naive and rustic in my outlook – this did not escape my eye and it got fully evidenced when I witnessed something which made my hair stand up. I saw him with a lady who was my husband’s colleague’s wife in the same company – her name was Triisha and her husband Ramesh was a few roles junior to my husband and worked with him in the same team.

The picture in front of me was exceedingly obnoxious and meaningless and sinful but now can call it ‘erotic’ – a sight which made me wet in my pussy straightaway(though I was not prepared to accept or even understand it at that time) and the man had a mammoth prick(I learned this word only after this and these kind of episodes) – it was huge and the way she was getting see sawed by him standing in the balcony of the hall where the congregation was on – was brazen – shameless and extremely open.

She was kissing him all over his mouth and could see he saliva dripping into his mouth – and he with his pants down to his feet was screwing her standing leaning on the railing of the balcony and the married woman having her legs around her with the saree jostled around her waist.

They were in that position for full 15 minutes and was amazed when her bent his down to what must be her bosom and a ripping sound confirmed that the blouse was torn open and the final nail was the slurping – he was sucking on her boobs. Finally he started to grunt and she led him to his orgasm very easily -with her hands down between the legs – and fondling his balls -and he came with a strong shout. He had fucked her well – she looked a fucked woman to me – and before they noticed me – moved out from behind the curtain and came back to the sofa in the board room -and sat with a drink in my hand.

She returned first- and looked completely disheveled – and of course fucked. I was shaken beyond belief.

As I was still getting over it – my body started to sweat profusely – and the atmosphere inside the ball room was becoming reap stuffy. I decided to go out of the building for a while and quickly passed Dinesh and told him all that was seen on the Balcony – he looked at me in disbelief but a thing or two about the reasons behind it became apparent a few days later – when this man Ramesh got promoted and was brought to the same level as my husband.

Dinesh was very upset -and he was not prepared to accept this insult. He trusted his working abilities and was amazed that this had to happen to him. That night – we had little to do with sex – and was a worried night but – early morning at 5am, I got up and found him staring towards the roof in the Room. I got up on my haunches and slowly kissed him on his lips and could get his tears and he was silently weeping. I took his face in my hand,” Dinu – we love each other. If this is hurting you – let us go back to Meerut and leave everything here.”

“No – Meena – we will have to retaliate. I will suggest something – think of it and if you find it obnoxious- kill me or do it. I need your help. I must get my revenge on Ramesh” Dinesh looked menacing.

“What is it – tell me – what is it you think I can do – to help in this issue?” asked him.

“I was talking to my friend Patrick – he told me – the only cure to this is to match fist by fist. He told me that Rami was ogling you all through the party and later told a few guests – that he wanted to get you in his bed.” he somehow managed to say this to his wife that was me.

I tried to meekly protest at first, “I am not surprised with what you have found out – it was evident that night at the Party when I saw the act between Ramesh’s wife and your boss. I could easily understand the methods they employ to come up in life – am not too sure if that is what even we should stoop to and do – but let me tell you it is in your interest and if you think it will help you – will do anything you say or ask” it was no big deal to argue with him at this point of time – he was consumed with anguish and was in a fit of rage to take revenge.

And he was prepared to go any route and do whatever it takes to achieve the end result.

“Then listen – for the next one month – am going on leave – it will be a mix of paid and unpaid. We will be traveling to Goa and have organized a small staying accommodation and along with a couple – Raji and Suresh. They are from Tamil Nadu and will teach us methods to get even in such situations. After 3 weeks – you will become a sensuous slut for everyone who sees you – men will want you in bed and women will hate you for what you possess – and after that the first person who we will target with that charm will be Ramesh – you will fuck him right in front of his wife. She must know that the charm and sex in you is far more superior to her. And immediately after that Rami will make a beeline for you – you will not go for it easily – we will not give into him easily. We will take our time till he is begging for it – and then – it is our ask and he will give” my husband had done a lot of homework .

I was surprised at his change in the last 3-4 days.

“Why do we need to do all this – go to Goa and all this training? Am I not beautiful enough?” had a question.

“My dear wife – this is a world of artificiality and glitter. AS of today- you are not seen by them as a person who is in that league – Patrick was telling me – you are seen as a dumb rural lass – with no professional sex skills. And I agree – we perform just a normal act with each other – you need to learn a lot” he tried hard to explain and it was apparent that he was right.

I did not buy his point and told him to think something different and not stoop to this game – it was not going to be the right method – just because Trisha and Ramesh are thinking on these lines – it does not mean we all have to follow the same. I vehemently disagreed with him and asked him to get it out of his mind. He was very upset.

We had advertised for a tenant for the 1 room apartment adjacent to our dwelling and as a response to that – one day in the morning we received some 7 applications and Dinesh picked up a College going boy of around 19 years who wanted to stay there with his sister who looked elder to him studying with him at the same College. They looked suspicious to me – the boy and the girl did not have much of a resemblance and my mind was racing to tell Dinesh to check on that more seriously – he did listen to me but finally went on with giving it out to them.

It was nearly a month or so since they came to stay with us and nothing much of intrigue happened but well – it had to happen or maybe I just noticed it that day. I was coming out of the room to go to the back yard veranda and – noticed some movement in the bathroom belonging to the tenant (which was in the common area rented out to them) and slowly went towards it and heard some giggles and some words and some moans.

I went nearer to only hear but not able to see ” Aaahhh how long will it be before you fuck me normally on a bed inside a Room again. How long will we have to continue to play this brother sister.” the girl was saying.

“Just have some patience – we do not want to lose this house also – then we will end up being with out any accommodation – we must continue to depend on this bathroom for some more time. Aaah – put it inside and suck thee fingers – Aahh” the boy was desperate and it shocked me beyond comprehension. This had been my fear.

“Aaahhh Ravi do not push it too deep – you should cut your nails. It is hurting – please next time you put your finger there – without cutting the nails- I will chew it off.” he got badly admonished.

“UMMMMmmmmm, what a juicy sluice you have here. How many have fucked you babe – you are not even 21 years old and already this is so ripe and fat. Rajeev is the one who enjoys it the most. Well – he should be here, next week. How do we let him in? WE have to think of something. Fuck – it is in your pussy now – fuck how can you just bend like that and take the prick, you are really skilled Rupa.” he was fucking her now and her name was Rupa.

I was wondering who was this Rajeev.

“My brother Rajeev though a first cousin – just loves me and he is the one who I like the most in my pussy. You know where he busted my virginity – on the top berth of a 3 Tier in a train when my parents and his were sleeping on the lower berths. Can you believe it?” this was a terrifying revelation and my cunt started to leak. It was getting wet.

I was getting hot and it was dawning upon me that this was getting erotically enjoyable. As I was thinking and slightly getting lost – suddenly something fell on me from the bathroom through the top vacant area above the door. It was her panty – torn. He must have yanked it off her body – and it was wet and could see globules of cum – most likely hers. That is what he meant by juicy pussy. I was a witness to some real sex though only from the hearing distance and not an eye witness.

The next thing that I heard made my skin develop pimples all over.

“We will have to do something for Rajeev to be able to stay with us – only then – it will make sense. I do not see me going to his place- which is quite far and even if I do- he will not be able to do anything – not even touch me. Why don’t we talk to Aunty – I somehow do not like Uncle.” Rupa was telling her partner.

“Uhhhhhh – let me complete this fuck first – and don’t talk about Aunty – I wish she is available – uffffffff – she will be fantastic in Bed – all calisthenics. Uffff – I am just fantasizing about her – ufff – all that tall slim figure in that Black saree with that golden embroidery and the Black Blouse and the fluttering sexy boobs inside. How I wish – they are available for a suck. I will lave them with my saliva and apply ‘makhan'(white milk cream) and lubricate them and place my dick on her nipple and balls brushing her boobs, Uffff – she is deadly and will be a treat to fuck. I can tell you that Uncle is not giving her the due. She needs a good fuck from a virile stud like me. She will be my ideal Woman in Bed.” and this outburst from the guy inside made be boil from inside.

He had set his eyes on me. How outrageous. This bastard had to be shown the Door.

I was getting real angry and decided to go back into our house and sat on the bed thinking on how to handle and tackle this situation. Just then, Dinesh came back from office and was furious with something and started to pace up and down, I asked him what it was and his response was lukewarm but looked very stern and serious.

He told me after a few hours, “I am going to be away for a few weeks – they have asked me to travel to Chandigarh and work on a Project. This punishment will continue and you know what – they may eventually transfer me to some odd place. And – all this is being staged by that bastard – Ramesh abd his wife. She is doing a fab job on the Big Boss. By the time am back – do something – if you can to save our future.” and he went away.

I was planning to talk to him about the episode in the morning and it never got a chance.

He went away leaving me alone – first time in our married life – was left on my own and this was new to me. As I was trying to put the pieces together – the two tenants came from the front door, “Madam – we are going off to the College – we will have a friend of ours visiting us – his name is Rajeev. Please give him the key- we know – it is not allowed but we spoke to Uncle and told him and he agreed.”

These kids were real smart and clever. They must have gaged the situation and were aware that I had no way to cross check this with Dinesh – not for sometime. Before I could react – the boy – Ravi pressed the key in my hand and smiled at me in a very seductive manner before leaving the place along with his so called sister who only I knew was just his fuck toy. Rajeev was her cousiin and he seemed to be enjoying her sexually for sometime now .

Rajeev came in at around 3 pm and he was very handsome – an Adonis and a hunk. I was impressed by the guy and could feel my pussy turning gooey. The day went off fast and in the night – was going to sleep when I got woken up to a huge noise and voices. They were returning from some late night dinner and slowly the noise subsided.

I tried to sleep – but could not and decided to peep through the crack on the connecting door from our living room into the Room where these guys were staying and what did I see was too much to digest. The girl was a slut and she was more than them enjoying the whole experience – how was it possible – well I was to realize and come to know of it later if not sooner.

I saw that by the bed, Rupa stood between the two men, her cousin Rajeev in front and lover Ravi behind her. “Bahut chudvaiyi ho mere dost se -kyun (Have been enjoying long fucks with my friend” Rajeev managed to speak while kissing and in fact licking her along the earlobe and down to her cheek and now I was erotically aroused to see him go down to the armpit – she was wearing a very sexy gown tied at the nape of the neck and bare at the back and falling just short over the knees. The dress was Black in color – looked to me that it was the color of sexual delight on women for the 2 men.

Rajeev slowly moved his lips on to her shaved armpits and in the dim light one could easily but slowly notice that there was not only the saliva he was leaving behind but also allowing the nice fragrant armpit laden with some cream getting ready to develop its own content of sweat – it had been a warm sunny day in the afternoon and sultry.

As I watched, he licked on the cavity and slowly eased his mouth on to the orb side of the left boob and started to lick at the part of the massive tit – she was not wearing a bra and that was amply clear. She did not want to take off too many clothes – she just wanted to be ready for a fuck. Slowly eased the gown at that side – over the tit laying it bare completely. Now suddenly – he picked up a small bowl and applied his three fingers of his left hand to the bowl and out came a handful of white cream – must be the one mentioned by Ravi in the morning – and slowly rubbed it into her boob starting with the side and slowly reached the nipple which had become apparently rigid and turgid – it was looking like a small cock.

He slowly applied some of it and licked it off – applied and licked it off – and as Rajeev did this on the left orb, his friend had taken charge of the right boob and followed the same path of earlobe,armpit and finally both of them were licking and sucking salivating on the milk creamed boobs. Her brown colored boobs and the black dress now slowly losing significance were a contrast. She was moaning and had a chance to look into her eyes- she looked drugged – dilated and intoxicated – she continued to moan.

As he was kissing her and sucking on the armpits – she was just moaning ,”Uhhh – please don’t wait to contemplate so much – just fuck me, these are not needed” she tried saying and was quickly shut down by both the studs who now raised the gown and revealed the naked pussy – she was not wearing a panty and her pussy was bald – what a shave or whatever – she looked like just born out there.

Finally all the bodies closed together. I flicked a glance at them and saw Rajeev slide his hands down her face and neck, pulling open the neck of her smock, freeing her breasts completely. She stood up from the bed only to be caught by both at the same time.

She murmured in pleasure as he cupped her breasts and fondled them gently. They swelled and grew heavy and her nipples hardened. She began to unbutton his shirt. Behind her, Ravi slid his hands under her dress and drew it up around her waist and caressed her naked buttocks and, reaching around, her thighs and crotch. He dropped his trousers. His cock bounced out, already hardening, thick and long. He rubbed it against her soft, rounded buttocks, while Peter squeezed her breasts and bent his head to kiss her. Her hands went into her crotches, one in Rajeev’s, the other behind in Ravi’s and she fondled their cocks lovingly.

“Mm, nice juicy ass,” Rajeev chuckled softly. “I’m gonna get me some of this soon. I like raiding butt. Hope you like it in the ass, sister.”

A Touching Tale Ch. 03

[i]It is best to read this story chapter-wise, to understand and appreciate it fully.[/i]

I am Swetha, an eighteen year old, pretty and innocent girl. My life had changed with that one bus journey. Before we left on that trip, I was an innocent girl. Now I lost all my innocence, most of it any way, due to my uncle. Oh, how I love him though! He set me on fire with his wonderful touch. He knew how to touch and where to touch. He made me aware of the eroticism of my own body.

After our return home, we hardly had a chance to meet. As I lay down on my bed every night, memories of that trip would keep flooding my mind. My breasts would ache for the fondling and my cunt would get very wet. Thinking of my uncle’s lovely hands at work on those places, I would masturbate frantically, all the time afraid of getting caught in the act. This was all too frustrating.

Soon I became a sort of nervous wreck. I was unable to concentrate on my studies and lost interest in all other things. My thoughts were now centered only on sex and nothing else. I had to something and do it soon, or I would go mad.

The opportunity came soon. My father has an elder brother who lives in a distant town. One day my father received a telegram that this gentleman had a stroke and his condition was serious. My parents wanted to leave immediately to visit him. My grandma too wanted to go along with them.

They were not keen to take me there for two reasons. Firstly, that would disturb my studies, as I would have to miss classes for a few days. Secondly, it was a small town with hardly any modern facilities and I would be very uncomfortable there. So, they talked to my uncle and aunty and decided to leave me in their care.

My aunty Aarthi is my mother’s younger sister. She is a beautiful, twenty seven year old woman who works at a big Bank. She and my mother are very close. Her husband (my uncle) Sekhar is an year older, he is a successful self employed professional. They have a sweet three year old kid. They live in a nice, modern two bed room apartment which they bought recently. As both parents work, the kid is dropped at a day care in the morning and picked up in the evening.

They were glad to have me, so my parents dropped me there and left on their trip. Aunty and uncle fussed over me to ensure that I was comfortably settled in the well furnished second bedroom. During dinner, aunty inquired about my college timings. I said I would leave by nine and be back by three in the afternoon. She told me that I could have the key normally used by uncle and she would have the other. Uncle said that was fine with him.

By ten we all said good night and retired to bed. As I was new to this place, I was unable to sleep right away. After a while, I got up to have a glass of cold water from the fridge. I found their bed room door shut but could see that the light was on. I thought of uncle and aunty in the bed and making passionate love. Suddenly, I had a strong urge to see and hear them making love. I slowly walked to their bedroom door.

It was a modern door and as I put my ear to it, I could hear light but indistinct voices. I saw that the door had a key hole. I knelt before the door, careful not to make any noise and put my eye to the key hole. I could see a part of the room.

Alongside the door was a wall that had a big window at its end. About three feet away from the wall was their big double bed, its length parallel to the wall. I could see the space between the wall and the bed, and also a small part of the bed.

Aunty came into my field of vision. She looked most beautiful in her black blouse and petticoat. She has nice, firm breasts (28 B, I thought) and a very slim waist. Uncle came into my vision and hugged her and started kissing her on the mouth. His hands went to her blouse, unhooked it and removed it. Her black bra contrasted very well with her white breasts. Even as she unhooked her bra, uncle got hold of her cute boobs.

They were perfect orbs with light brown aureole and same color nipples that were now erect. Uncle’s hands gently fondled her boobs while rolling those nipples between his thumb and forefinger. Even as I watched, my own nipples hardened, as I recalled fondly his hands doing the same to my boobs on the bus.

For a second I felt envious of my aunt. And then I had a strange thought. How would her lovely tits feel in my own hands! Oh my god! what is happening to me, with all these crazy thoughts!

Uncle now sat on the edge of the bed and pulled her close to him with his left hand around her waist in a loose embrace. He put his mouth to her right tit and started licking her aureole and her erect nipple with his tongue.

So this is what happens next, I thought, my own fingers finding and teasing my nipple. As he took more of her breast into his mouth and started sucking, his right hand fondling her left tit vigorously, aunty started moaning softly.

Her moans set me on fire like nothing else. My own nipples were now swollen, aching to be licked and sucked. I felt my pussy going very wet. I was going crazy with wild thoughts. I wanted to be with her, alongside her, my mouth on her tits and uncle’s mouth on my tits, and everyone licking, sucking and kissing. Oh god, I am going real crazy!

Uncle was in his pajamas and I could see the huge tent made by his erect cock. Aunty was now holding it in her hand, over his pajamas. They now fell together on the bed and went partly out of my vision. Her black petticoat flung to the floor came into my vision. I could see a part of her flashy thigh for a second and then I could see a flash of uncle’s bare ass, looking good and tight. Then they disappeared from my view.

Even as I tried my best, I could not see the action on the bed. I now put my ear to the keyhole and heard sounds of their lovemaking. The quick breathing, the moans and grunts, the murmurings, the sound of wet bodies smacking against each other and numerous other sounds – sounds that drove me crazy.

I ran to my bed and falling flat on it and I started making love to myself. My left hand went to the swollen and sensitive nipple of my left boob and started rubbing it. My right hand went to my cunt and finding it open and dripping with juice, I shoved in- not one, not two but three of my fingers and started fucking myself.

[i]I visualized myself joining uncle and aunty in a threesome, uncle’s cock in my cunt and aunt and I sucking each others’ boobs. It was wild and I had a big orgasm in no time, muffling my own moans in the pillow.[/i]

I slept like a rock after that knock out. It must have been several hours later, that in my sound sleep, I felt my boobs being fondled gently and my nipples being tweaked.

It took me a few seconds to realize that this was no dream and someone was [i]really[/i] fondling my breasts. The familiar touch told me it was uncle. He was sitting on the edge of my bed and had my bare boobs in his hand.

I continued my pretense of sleep. He put his right hand on my thigh and massaged it lightly. His warm and soft fingertips were sending sparks in their path along my smooth thighs. When he reached my very sensitive inner thighs and stroked them, I could not control the tremors. He was obviously excited by my reaction and his hand found my pussy in no time.

When he put his big, warm palm on my bare, virgin pussy, I almost shrieked with pleasure. My cunt was wet and hot and he slipped his index finger in and moved it tentatively. I just could not carry on my pretense any longer.

I put both my hands on his hand and pushed it hard against my juicy cunt, indicating that I wanted more. In response, he put his three fingers in and started finger fucking me. Even as he did that, he bent slightly and his lips found my mouth and started kissing me ever so sweetly.

I had such a mammoth orgasm that I almost swooned and went limp. He left after a tender kiss on my forehead and I heard his parting whisper, “tomorrow.” I was knocked out.

Next day I woke up late, as can be expected after the frenzy of previous night. Before I left for my college, uncle whispered to me in privacy that he would come home by three. I was kept busy by the classes at the college, but thoughts of what could be in store for the afternoon were always there exciting me.

I returned home just after three and freshened up a bit. Even as I started making a cup of tea the bell rang. When I opened the door, uncle was there and he came in with a smile that looked conspiratorial. I made tea and gave him a cup too.

As we sipped the tea, I was very tense and I could see that even he looked a little nervous. Here we are, incestuous uncle and niece, face to face in broad daylight… it was not easy to break the ice.

As soon as we finished the tea, I took the cups away to the kitchen sink to wash them. I felt uncle following behind me and next minute his arms went around as he hugged me.

He whispered in my ear, “You are a very sweet girl, Swetha.”

So saying, he slowly turned me around. We were now facing each other and slowly lifting my chin, he kissed me tenderly on my forehead. Taking my hand in his hand, he walked me down to the big sofa. I was very nervous and my pulse quickened. He got hold of my half sari and removed it, before we sat on the sofa very close to each other.

As his hands went to my blouse hooks, I closed my eyes shyly. In a trice he removed my blouse and his big but soft palms were on my boobs.

I noticed that the back of his hands and his fore arms had a lot of black hair, some of which was now touching my breast too. I loved the feeling.

As he started rolling my nipple with his thumb and forefinger, he whispered to me, “open your eyes, baby.” When I opened them, they automatically went to my tits getting fondled by his hands. Seeing them fondled by his big hands really turned me on, and I put my palms on his hairy wrists and held them.

He now maneuvered me into sitting on his lap and I shivered in anticipation as his lips came close to my right tit. I felt his bulge pressing against my bottom. His lips brushed against my erect pinkish nipple and then clamped it, with his tongue licking it.

I had dreams about getting sucked like this every night since our return, and when it actually happened, it was heavenly. Excited, I held uncle’s head to my bosom and pressed it.

I suddenly realized that his hands have been busy and without my being even aware of it, he has untied my petticoat and pushed it down my legs. His hands were now exploring my warm, smooth and lovely thighs.

Yes, I am very proud of my thighs! They are absolutely smooth, no hairs on them and they have a sort of glow to them. His hairy hands roaming over them sent me into a tizzy.

Hot with passion, his hand now sought and cupped my pussy clad in a black panties. It was hot and damp and uncle gave it a loving squeeze. We were both breathing quickly now. He got up from the sofa and quickly removed his shirt and vest.

He had a nice hairy chest, looking at which I went weak in my legs. Next minute I was in his strong arms and my young taut breasts crushed against that hairy chest and my breath coming faster and hot. I was shaking like a leaf!

He lifted me as if I were a doll and carried me to the bed, whispering in my ear ” You are a flower baby and you are my very special flower.” When I heard the word flower, my mind recalled the word ‘deflower’ used in stories to describe the first time fuck.

It made me even hotter and hornier. I was now totally naked except for the small black panties that covered my pussy. Uncle put me down gently on the bed and sat alongside of me.

He started kissing me lightly, beginning from my throat and going south – throat, breasts, tummy, navel and my underbelly just above the panties.

“You are like a marble statue, a painting, flawless…” he said, filling me with a sense of pride. His big gentle hands reached for my panties and I could literally feel my cunt lips pulsing in anticipation. He slowly pulled down my panties and I helped him by lifting my bottom slightly.

He knelt reverently before me, and bending down slowly as if in prayer, mumbled, ” yes, Angel, this is the fountain of nectar, your honey pot and I am lucky to be the first man to taste it.”

As he put his mouth to my cunt, I almost shrieked with pleasure. His lips and tongue were exquisite. As his mouth kissed my nether lips, his caring fingers gently opened them and his tongue entered the opening and darted its way into my hot, wet, tight, virgin cunt. His mouth took my pussy lips in started sucking them hungrily.

I was now moaning aloud continuously, my body quivering and my soul flying high, as his hungry sucking mouth brought me to an earth shaking orgasm.

I held on to him for my dear life, as my moans ended in a whimper and I went limp.

It was a while before I woke up with a start. I found myself cool and dry under a clean sheet, the ceiling fan circulating cool breeze and my garments lay folded neatly next to me. I realized that I was all alone in the room with the door closed. I got up and put on my panties, petticoat and blouse and went into the bathroom.

When I peed I examined myself and realized that uncle had left me alone once I had my orgasm and had not anything else while I was out.

He is such a gentleman, I thought. Any young stud would have probably fucked me while I was out, but not uncle…he really loves me, I said to myself. And, I was relieved in a way that nothing more had happened.

When I walked into the drawing room, fully dressed, uncle walked up to me and holding me lightly asked me, “are you okay, baby?” I just nodded my head and he gave me a light kiss on my lips.

“It is time to go and pick up your aunty and kid. We will be back in about an hour. I have made sure that everything is okay. You just tell your aunt that you came back from college and slept for a while,” he said. I nodded again.

“Did you like it, Swetha?” he asked me earnestly, looking into my eyes.

“It was very nice.” I was able to look into his eyes and say that.

“I am glad, baby. We will explore more tomorrow…”

After he left, I relaxed on the sofa, contented, closed my eyes and thought of the promises of tomorrow.

[i]But, I forgot at that time, that there is a night before that tomorrow.[/i]

They were back home an hour later. I took care of the baby, while aunty cooked the dinner. We had an early dinner at eight. The food was very delicious and I complimented aunty on her culinary skills. She beamed at my compliment and said she would teach me a few tricks.

We were about to finish our dinner when she exploded the bomb shell.

“Swetha is going to sleep with me tonight and you sleep in the guest bed room,” she said to my uncle.

My first reaction was to panic. Oh my god, she knows or suspects what we did last night and is ensuring that we do not repeat it, I thought. But, when I looked at her the panic subsided. She was her normal self and there was no anger evident.

“I want to spend some time talking to my young niece,” she added smiling.

“Okay with me dear,” uncle replied.

By half past nine we were in bed, aunty and I, the baby sleeping peacefully in his cradle. We both were dressed in our nighties. We talked about a lot of things – movies, music, relatives, my college, her bank etc.etc.

It was past ten when she yawned and said, “it is a working day tomorrow, let us sleep.” She switched off the main lamp and shut the bed room door. There was a dim night lamp throwing bluish light.

“By the way, I have this habit of tossing around and doing things in my sleep. Just ignore,” she said before drifting to sleep. I wondered what she meant by ‘doing things’, but decided to ‘ignore’ as she suggested. After all the excitement of past twenty four hours, I was pretty tired and fell asleep soon.

It was several hours later that I woke up with a start. What woke me up, I wondered, still groggy with sleep. I felt my breasts being fondled by a pair of very soft hands- small, soft hands; almost like my own hands.

Am I dreaming and in my dream am I fondling myself!

I suddenly remembered that I was in bed with my aunt, and…then it struck me like a bolt from the blue.

[i]Oh my god – it is aunt Aarthi doing the fondling, this is no dream.[/i]

I kept my eyes shut. I realized, with a shock, that I was enjoying being fondled by her. She was now tweaking my sensitive, erect nipples; sending shivers down my spine. Why is she doing this, I thought.

I heard about lesbianism vaguely, but I saw and heard her and uncle having glorious sex the previous night! May be she is doing this in her sleep without even knowing about it! That could be the answer, I thought, trying to convince myself.

Next few minutes, my assumption was proved wrong, when her hands opened a few buttons of my nightie stealthily. This was no accident, this was a planned action. It was like a game to me now. I would play along as long as I enjoyed it, I thought.

She just pushed the robe away and was now fondling my bare tits. The bareness made a lot of difference, and I was now getting very excited letting out a low moan. That seemed to turn her on even more and next minute her mouth was on my boobs.

Oh my god, this is sensational, getting my boobs sucked by another woman, my own aunt! And she was very good at it. I did not know when she managed it, but I suddenly realized that her own, wonderful, B size bare boobs were now exposed.

And they were just a touch away from my idle hands. I had this strong urge to touch them once and feel them, if only to compare them with mine.

I touched her tits lightly with my fingers first and pressed them. They were nice to touch, firm and inviting. I now cupped her right tit in my palm and gently squeezed. She stopped sucking my tit for a second and then started again; taking even more of my tit into her warm mouth.

Before I realized it, both my hands were busy with her lovely boobs, squeezing and kneading them. Her nipples were larger than mine and they swelled under my touch…Aarthi moaned aloud.

There was no pretense now. She slid up a little and pushed her tits to my mouth. When my lips locked on to her nipple and my tongue started licking, her arms went around hugging me tightly.

I loved the feel of her breast in my mouth and tried to take in as much I could. In the process, her erect nipple touched the roof of my mouth, and that sent both of us into a spasm.

Aarthi’s hands now started sliding down my back till they reached my buttocks. I have nice, firm, well rounded, ass cheeks and her hands found them now. Taking control of them, she whispered, “You have wonderful buttocks that ask to be loved, baby”.

Those were her first words to me while making love and I liked her seductive tone. Her hands slid a little further down and grabbing my nightie in her hands, she pulled it up all the way to my hips.

Her hands now got busy with my smooth, warm thighs and she was hot with passion now. She slid her own nightie up so that our thighs made mutual contact. My thighs are larger, smoother and softer and they are free from any hair. Aarthi’s thighs were a sharp contrast.

They were slimmer and they were not totally smooth; they had very light down on them. So, when she started rubbing my thighs with her thighs, it felt very erotic. This caused even more passion in me.

Aarthi was clearly the aggressor now. Her right hand went to my panties and cupped my wet, hot pussy. I moaned deeply and losing no time, she pulled my panties down and grabbed my hot, juicy pussy.

Following her lead, my hands did likewise, slightly slower in pulling down her panties. When my hand touched her bare cunt, I felt a shock. It was very hot and I could feel her vaginal lips pulsating.

Sins of Joy Ch. 03

[i]My dearest Editor is deserving so, I attributed this story to my dearest editor “JackGates74”. Thank you “JackGates74” for all the hard work on the story. [/i]


“Jawad! Please, let me free.”

Lifting myself bodily from her, my semi-hard penis came out of Shahida ‘s juicy pussy. Our mixed juices slowly oozing from her vagina my anus, and so making the bed linen wet and smelly. The sight and aroma made my ever-rampant cock stir again. The smell and taste of pussy will be my downfall, I know it will. The birthmark in the shape of a black mole below her belly button attracted me. She wiped my cock and cleaned her pussy.

Later, we lay side by side on the bed hugging each other and taking rest.

The tick of the clock became louder to my ears making me realize that already my day was running late.

I whispered “Darling, I have two choices, your honey-pot of a pussy or the office where I should have been already, which is it to be?”

“Go to your office, Jawad. Time is short; the children may come any time.” I was kissing her ruby lips as she said it.

“But, I will come at night. Shahida, my love!”

The wicked sexy smile returned as she mouthed teasingly, “Why?”

“Because, beautiful woman, I love you, can’t live without you, now I have found you, you are mine, between your lovely thighs I always want to be.”

She kissed me on my nose and my lips, murmuring, “Okay, quietly, it must be late at night.”

“I could hardly wait.” Saying my goodbyes, I looked her for last time before leaving her house, Her hair was uncombed, her face flushed and there were red blotches on her chest. She would have looked like a well-satisfied woman except for a look of fear and a strange sadness in her normally bright eyes. Shahida Bhabi was now a changed woman, a new woman not that shies, sad and conservative woman and we both knew it.

I left her for the journey to my office my thoughts remaining at the junction of Shahida ‘s alluring thighs.

The evening came; my impatience was getting the better of me. Having to wait until Shahida ‘s children were in bed before I could make love to her was a pain in my loins. The hours were long. I bathed and showered twice. Shaved, felt rough and shaved again, I was so nervous. Finally, Picking up the phone, I dialed Shahida Bhabi’s phone, just hearing her voice made me put my hand down to my erecting cock. I asked her about the program,

” You can come now, Jawad, the children are in bed for the night. I am waiting for you!”

I put the phone down and hurried to her house.

I slowly knocked and Shahida immediately opened the door as she was standing immediately behind it. Shahida Bhabi was waiting there wearing a black shilwar suit with a bright red and a white flower on her qameez. She was looking much beautiful then before with light make up and those black clothes. She was stunning! I entered, she greeted me with the glow of love in her beautiful eyes and arms open wide. I clasped her to m e, feeling her warm breasts against my manly chest. I was trembling with my strong need for her. She whispered, “Please Jawad, you are Bengal tiger tonight!” Let me lock the door.”

The room was dark that she led me to, lit by just a small bulb at one corner for light. I walked behind her holding her to me in a spoon fashion, my hard cock nestling between her ample buttocks.

Shahida craned her head to one side as I nibbled her neck and earlobes. My tongue flicking and licking into her ear. She moaned with her hot passion and moved her bum cheeks, feeling my hardness. My passion for her was overwhelming. Frustrations making me hump myself suggestively against her lovely ass, my fingers finding the warm junction between her legs even through her clothing. She was so hot I could breathe in her desire for me.

She kept saying, “Please stop.” She whispered, “Let me go to check the children once again and to bring something for eating.” This time she had fear in her voice and asked me to sit. I sat on the edge of the bed.

She whispered, pushing me back from her until I sat down on her bed. I lay back, breathing in her body odor from her bed.

She came back to me, her pussy finding my hard cock as she sat on my lap, putting her arms around my neck.

The moments were intimate as we sat on the bed, There was a sexual fire in her eyes now; they were making promises to me, which, my erection showed to her that her needs would be satisfied.

“Can I ask you something?” she looked at me seriously.

“Sure.” I replied.

“Tell me the truth Jawad; do you love me like you used to tell me?” She politely asked me.

“What is it you saying, my bhabi? You know how much I love you! I have tried to show you, my dear sweet Bhabi” I replied

“No! I was thinking that you wanted only to see me naked and lay me once, that you may consider me just your sex toy,” she said with a modicum of sadness.

“No! I love you from the core of my heart but I would like to tell you that love is deeper than just sex, but with you and me, my Bhabi, the sex you and I have, is blissfully real. You are constantly in my thoughts, you know that.”

“Why didn’t you ask me then?” she asked.

I looked into her face and said,” you know bhabi, I’m too shy by nature.”

She bent her head down due to shyness and said, “Jawad, I am also starving for you from the time I first saw you.” She leaned her head over my chest there was lust in her eyes. “I wish you had,” she said in a low voice.


“I wish you had asked me before what you asked now. Its right Jawad, you’re not my husband but you’re my first and only lover. Probably I’m not your first and maybe not your last love as all men are like this.” Bending towards me, she put her, moist, soft, hot lips on mine and slithered her hot tongue into my mouth. I responded inserting my tongue into her mouth. Our tongues tussled delightfully.

Using my tongue, I kissed the inside of her saliva-filled mouth, rolling and licking her. She was trying to press her body and her buttocks against my bulge between my thighs and she started making loud moaning noises. My hands were holding her by her waist, her right hand was running over my thighs, and soon her hands started to fondle my erect cock. She bit my lips “It’s nice and hard like a rock; I have to see your big cock, Jawad!” Feverishly, she unbuckled and unzipped my pants. It sprang up straight and rigid which made her laugh with a tinkling bell-like sound. It warmed my heart to see the mixture of love and lust in her eyes. She circled it with her hand and start-moving front and back. What a lovely experience!

Shahida ‘s warm fingers started to stroke my cock and soon my shaft responded to her soft touch by oozing pre cum.

She was now looking up at me with languid sexy eyes to see if she was giving me pleasure. She circled it with her hand trying to join her fingers together and failed by a small measure. I could see Shahida was marveling at my length and thickness. She started moving backwards and forwards, slowly at first. I moved my pelvis forward to display my manliness to her and so enhancing the experience.

“Hey! Lift your ass and let me pull off your shilwar.”

Obligingly lifting my ass to helping her strip me completely naked.

I asked her, “Bhabi, would you please return the favor to me?”

“What do you mean?”

“I have licked your pussy, but you didn’t do likewise for me, now please suck my cock, I do so want you to do that.”

She paused… and murmured apologetically, “I have never sucked a cock before, Jawad.”( I should explain, in India, oral sex is considered too personal, men sometimes go to kiss or lick women, but in very suck very rare men’s.)

“But my friend have never ate you, while I ate you?”

“Okay! However, not sucking it into my mouth well, not right into my mouth! Only kissed and licked a little, Jawad.”

“It more I want from you Shahida . I want you to suck it deep into your mouth and bob your head up and down on it. You make fuck with your mouth.”

“Do not be cross with me Jawad. I love you and want to do what you say.”

I laid back on the bed, with my eyes nearly shut in ecstasy. She sat between my legs and observed it with wide eyes but shyly as if she was seeing a cock for the first time. She caught hold of my hot cock and ran her palms along its full length in a massaging way. Squeezing it, trying to force it to juice again. My nipples erected on their own as my sweet Shahida so sexually excited me.

Feeling her hand along the length of my erect dick, I went mad. She slowly put her lips on my cock and kissed it. Then she ran her tongue licking from its base to the tip several times. She also licked my testicles fondly, her hand went deeper between my open legs, and I gasped as she raked my anal rosebud with her fingernail. She giggled sexily when she saw the effect that she had on my jerking dick and me.

Next, she paid homage to my balls, kissing and licking them, saturating them with her saliva.

“Jawad, I have never done these things I do to you now to my husband, but I know you have waited so many years to make love to me so I will do it for you, this sucking thing in my mouth. I know it will be really nice,” Shahida bhabi said as she slowly moved her head into position to enveloped my knob with her ruby red lips. She made her mouth round shaped, took my pink head in, and sucked and sucked until my full shaft was deep inside her mouth touching her throat. She started licking all over my penis, started to move my shaft up and down and greedily licked my pink head like ice cream until my whole cock was glistening with her spittle. Her tongue lovingly massaged the underside of my cock. It was heaven. It was so exquisite I was lifting and arching my pelvis up to her now so greedy mouth. Shahida Bhabi liked the taste of my cock! I would not have to beg her to do it again.

Slowly she began sucking on my cock. I knew well how soft and moist her lips are, but on my cock it was indescribable. Her tongue ran all over my cock and her saliva dripped from her mouth wetting my cock even more and making more slippery. She moved her head up and down on my shaft, coating it with her saliva all over my shaft with her tongue and kept on playing it; as if it was a delicious meal she was eating.

She was sucking my cock while I was running my fingers through her hair as she slowly moved her head up and down.

The musky scent of Shahida ‘s cunt was pervading the room and my twitching nostrils. The desire for me to taste her, to lick her, to tongue her was making my whole body throb with desire for her. I stopped her, because I would have cum in two more sucks if she hadn’t paused. My dick pulled out of her mouth with a pop, and I lifted her upwards and rose up. I asked her to lie down, and took up a new position near her feet. She moaned in anticipation as I lifted her right foot and began licking its sole. Her feet were so silky, softest; and were not surprised when she herself offered her toes to my lips. I sucked each of her toes one by one into my mouth at the same time gently stroking her thighs with the very tips of my fingers from her ankle to her distended pussy lips. I followed my fingers with my mouth and lathing tongue all the time feeling her trembling and her giving off a cooing sound. I ran my tongue first on the sole and then continued licking up her the smooth skin of her legs. My licking mission had now reached her crotch. The musk scent of her cunt was ten times stronger now. Now I could see the puffed-up cunt lips in all their glory. I spread them apart, inserted my middle finger into her cunt, and moved it around inside her juicy hole. Then, I started to finger-fuck her. I continued doing so for about a minute.

She demurred when I asked her to turn over in my desire to feast on her ample buttocks, I cried out “Oh Shahida Bhabi! All property you have, are precious, all your bodily parts are very worthy to me!”

“Everything I have is yours, my sweetheart. From the day you first saw me and forever as long as I live, but no one has touched me there before, Jawad.”

“Shahida Bhabi, I know it better, that no one has touch your any place of your body, except your husband.. you are great! Oh! What beautiful ass cheeks you have!”

I just kneaded them wildly, licking them and biting her all over her bum, not being able to resist fingering her arse hole, by her moaning I knew she loved it immensely. I had never done anything like that before either, so with just a slight hesitation I started to lathe her rose bud with extended tongue.

After some time I asked her to climb on me, I helped her raise herself, took her neck with my hands and said, “It’s your turn.”

she slowly stood up and moved herself into position with one leg kneeing on each side of me until she was setting on top of me facing me. She sat on my chest and brought her thighs to my mouth. I could get a strong smell of her sweet juices. I eagerly buried my head between her thighs. My lips savoured her cunt lips. I moved my tongue, opened her cunt lips, took the thick knob of Shahida ‘s clitoris, and slowly started to lick and stab it with my tongue. I took her clitoris in my mouth and drew it into mouth with great suction. She cried out in pleasure and dug her fingers deep into the flesh of my chest.

Licking and sucking all the way, I parted her lips further and found her cunt hole. It was full of oozing liquid, soft and so juicy. The taste was out of this world! I moved my tongue all over her pungent hole and sharpened it, spear like, spearing it right into her hole, she cried out and shuddered, opening my mouth to reach in much deeper. It caused Shahida to thrust her cunt up against my mouth, which I aided by gripping her ass-cheeks tightly. I sensed she was nearing her orgasm.

She controlled herself somehow, moaning out, “Oh, come on! Keep sucking me all you want! I never had this Pleasure before. It is so horny! Do it to me, my lover! ” I sucked her cunt to mine and I hoped Shahida ‘s full satisfaction.

She called a halt when she said, “Come on. Stop that and shove your prick into my cunt. Fuck me; I cannot stand this much longer”

I simply lifted her, and reached around with both hands to cup her firm little cheeks in my hands. As Shahida bhabi began kissing me, I moved one hand down around to grab my cock to position it at the entrance of her pussy. I could feel how wet she was as she dripped onto my hand as I got close. I slowly parted her pussy lips with my hand and the head of my shaft pushed inside just enough to feel the warmth of Shahida bhabi as she slowly lowered herself down its length until she was setting still on my lap. It was the wettest, hottest and silkiest feeling! She simply swallowed my full length and than moved up slowly as I could feel her gripping my cock as she moved up. Shahida bhabi was now grinding her hips in slow circles as she moved herself around on my cock. I glanced down to see her belly rotating itself in little circular motions. As I looked further down at her thighs, I could see my cock rubbing against her clit.

Shahida Bhabi’s now started fucking me, up and down, urgently hard. She was thrusting her pelvic bone rapidly against mine – I was being fucked. “Oh! My sweet Bhabi is fucking me,” I smirked as she kept jumping on my cock. This was not first time I had fucked a woman in this position, but I had never had that kind of passionate fucking before.

I was screaming, “Oh Shahida Bhabi, you are so sexy and an expert, I want to keep fucking you all night. It has been ages since I have had any sex and you have given yourself to me at the right time with the loveliest, tastiest pussy I could ever imagine.” I began thrusting my hips upwards to bang my thighs against her thighs while she kept humping on me.

Her breasts were jiggling, dancing to her movements, I than tilted my head down to take one of her beautiful full breasts into my mouth to suck. I felt like an infant as I ran my tongue in small circular motions around her nipple than doing the other as Shahida bhabi kept up her motions on my cock, that was the biggest ever, hottest ever, hardest ever size it could possibly be and was thrusting deep into my Shahida ‘s dripping hot cunt. She brought her lips to mine and just as forcefully opened my mouth with her lancing tongue.

My pulsating cock was thrusting into her love portals hard and fast and gripping her buttocks tightly I started squeezing them to me and moving savagely, plunging into her cunt. She just said, “Oh! God!” and reciprocated my action with even more vigor of her.

After eternally long fucking, she broke off her kiss on my lips and cried, “Oh Jawad, I am cumming! I am cumming! You also, come inside me, Jawad. I want my cunt filled to the brim with your juices. Oh, come on. Come on, I want it!”

We both could not last any longer. Her cunt lashed out against my cock with vigor. My throbbing prick reamed her insides, stretching her inner walls, which were now teaming with her love secretions. We both cried out aloud and started cumming. With each of my inward thrusts, she would shout “Harder…still harder… I want to be fucked hard…fuck the hell out of my pussy, Jawad!”

The thrusting went on until she came. Luckily, for both of us, I followed soon.

I could feel the throbbing of her vaginal muscles as she came and my cock spurting lots and lots of my seminal spunk inside her cunt. It was truly a delicious feeling for me. My anus went into spasm as I carried on fucking her with intermittent uncontrollable jerking, expelling every last drop of my sperm leaving a vacuum feeling in my balls. Finally, Shahida bhabi slowly leaned forward as I put my arms around her telling her how much I loved her. I could feel cum oozing out from around my shrinking cock as it slowly slipped out of Shahida Bhabi’s pussy with a trail of cum behind it.

When we were both drained, we lay in each other’s arms. Shahida, in the way of a thank-you, gave me the sweetest of her kisses and said, ” Jawad, I knew you always wanted me. I wanted you all along too, but never had the courage, just like you, to ask. Last night I thought it was the luckiest night for both of us. If we didn’t it do it last night, we never would.”

“Oh! Bhabi I’m luckiest man, I’ve been found what I was wishing.”” I told.

“And I’m the luckiest woman,” she replied.

“I have to go home.”

She whispered into my ear, “It’s late, don’t go Jawad, stay here tonight.”

That night we made love like a couple of teenagers all night long. We fucked three more times before falling into a deep sleep in each other arms.

Early the next morning she woke me, to stare at me with love in her eyes. I smiled up at her and she asked, “What’s that silly smile for, Jawad?”

“Just remembering and enjoying last night.”

“Did you sleep well, Baby?” she murmured close to my ear.

I closed my eyes and thought back to the night before. I wondered if it had all been a wet dream. I turned to her and whispered, “I wish you and I could sleep like that every night. Together, I mean.”

Impulsively I grabbed her, pulled her to me and held her close. I kissed her lips and when I tried to make my way further down to her breasts, she strictly cautioned me, intimating that it was too dangerous as the children may wake up at any time because they have to go school.

She asked me to leave so that she could attend to the children. As I got ready to go to the office, the children were already awake and were preparing for school. I tried to dress and act as if nothing had happened. I did not want them to know what their mother and I had been doing during the night. Soon before, I leave Shahida Bhabi’s home that morning saying her goodbye and kissed her, I could smell the perfume Shahida Bhabi was wearing and wanted to take her back into the bed and fuck her again before I left for office.

Rukmani Bai A Masseur

It happened when we were in Bombay (Now Mumbai) in Colaba area. Summer in Bombay is very humid. The people leaving in the flats are upper middle class. Air conditioners were not very common then. It takes time, particularly for new arrivals, to get adjusted to the high humidity of the city. Sweating carries it’s own ailments in the form of itches. I am bushy down there and was not in a habit of shaving or trimming. A few times my husband also complained, when he tried to go down on me but I told him it is tit for tat. You clean and I clean.

He said, “How can I, men are not suppose to.”

“Who says so. I too have the same inconvenient when I go down on you. You ask for more than what I ask?” was my smug reply.

We were young and very adventures in our sex plays. Nothing was taboo in my husband’s dictionary. He says you loose being shy at two places, daster and bister (while eating or fucking).

Our neighbors were Mr. and Mrs. Sharma. Sharma was in the army and was away from the house most of the times. Mrs. Sharma, in her thirties was a bit on the plump side but was very attractive. I called her didi and she too treated me as her younger sister.

A maratha lady ( Natives from Bombay), a female help Rukmani Bai, use to visit their flat She was a bit on the squat side but was strong and agile. I saw her always in neat and clean white sarees ( an Indian attire). A number of times I saw her carry some colorful bottles and when enquired she said they were herbal perfumed oil good for the body massage.

When I asked Mrs. Sharma she said, “Rukmani bai is a good masseur in addition to excellent house keeper. I use her help when I feel tired. She is a bit on the expensive side but her herbal oils are excellent.”

When I gave this information to my husband he said, “Why don’t you try also but on one condition. I should also get the same treatment what ever you get.”

“How it is possible, she may be doing it only for the ladies.” I said.

“Why don’t you ask her, she doesn’t look shy to me? I saw her climbing the stairs, in front of me, and her hip movements were a bit more than normal, may be for my sake as I was watching. She doesn’t look very old, may be in her early thirties.” was my husband’s reply.

One day I gathered enough courage to call Rukmani bai in my flat, offered her tea, and enquired about massage and my husband’s proposal. She agreed for both and the day of appointment was fixed as coming Saturday, when my husband would be at home.

“Is it OK if my husband watches if you do me?”

“I don’t mind if he is your husband or lover. I can even do it to your husband, also, if he is interested. I am professional you know” she said.

During this conversation I was itching and I rubbed my bush, once or twice, discreetly.

“Madam don’t you shave there? Most of the ladies and gents, in our city, shave. You know it is the heat and humid climate. It will be much more fun for your Mister also.” She asked when she saw my discreet rubbing. “I may be of help to you as I shave also in addition to massage.” She added.

“Bai are you also, I mean, shaved?”

“Sure, my husband enjoys doing it. You can have a look.” Saying that she immediately flopped on the carpet, lifted her saree and opened and lifted her legs. She was not wearing any panties. Her legs, though a bit short but plumb, and her skin was fair compared to sun burnt face. Not only her cunt was bare but there were no hairs at her anus also. Her cunt was very inviting, with thick and protruded lips. I noted she was wet and, slightly, leaking a clear liquid. She shifted her neither lips, with a finger, to make her point. Her smell of sex was also in the air.

I had to restrain myself, as both of us my hubby and me, enjoy neat and clean pussies.

“Bai I never shaved before but I will enquire with my husband if it is OK with him,” was my reply.

My husband was much more excited when he heard about the incident and the date of appointment. On the pointed day we both had bath. My husband had to be restrained, from having a go at me before the arrival of Bai. I wanted him to conserve his energy as we were expecting much more, much much more, than our expectations.

At the appointed time Rukmani Bai arrived. She was carrying her perfumed oil bottles. I offered her tea before the planned task She asked me to remove my clothes and wear on towel only. She assured me that it is OK with her. She is used to see the ladies half or even fully naked also.

On the prompt of my husband I wrapped my self in a big bath towel after removing my cloths. Here I want to be clear about one thing. Even though my husband calls me a beauty but I think I am OK. I am not tall like my husband but still I can boast a height of 5′ 6″ while he is almost 5′ 10″. I am not skinny but carry proper weight at proper places and have been in the final five in my days of miss college competitions. I am fair, as an Indian can be, with acceptable features.

Enough about myself let me continue the story.

I laid down myself on the bed, as requested by Rukmani Bai.

“Is it OK with you if I shave you first before messag?” Bai asked.

“Sure” my husband replied, before I say something. “I hope you don’t mind if I be present during the shave.” He was very eager.

“Not only you can stay but you have to help me in the process. I will teach you to take care of her in future. Actually this has to be done by the husband but this time I will show you how to do it.” Bai said.

She asked me to lift my butt to lay down a thick towel under it. Then quickly unwrapped my towel, from the front, before I say something. This exposed me fully showing my bush and the lips below it. By this time I was aroused and leaking by the anticipation. I can feel my lower lips were also swelled opening like rose petals (According to my husband). Bai pushed both my legs out and I was feeling shy lying like that. She asked my husband to bring scissors, razor and shaving cream.

“As you have quite a bush it has to be trimmed first before shaving,” she explained.

She was carrying a metallic comb, which she used to lift the hairs while trimming. She trimmed the hairs of my lower abdomen and both the side of my pussy lips. She was careful while cutting the hairs surrounding my clit. She asked my hubby to open and lift both of my legs for the trimming of the hairs at the junction of my torso.

” Madam you are excited much. Your leakage is hampering my trimming.” Bai told me while soaking my leakage in a separate towel.

“Bai you are wasting the elixir. Let me drink it.” My hubby said by touching me with his fingers. I can see his bulge at it’s full mast which was clearly noticed by the Bai also.

“Let me shave her first. She has plenty to offer for both of us.”

When she has trimmed from front she asked me to turn over to trim the hair surrounding my anus. I was reluctant first but my husband helped her to turn me over. She lifted me on my knees and started finishing off the rest, as my husband opened my cheeks. He was immensely enjoying the show.

After trimming she asked him to clean me with towel. She applied the shaving jell, liberally between my cheeks and asked him to rub it in to soften the stubble. He did not miss the opportunity to rub it not only surrounding the brown hole but he pushed it in with one his fingers. As he fucked my anus with one then two of his fingers Bai continued to watch it with an amuse look. Some of the lather he rubbed in and around my mound was making me hornier. By this time I had lost all my inhabitations and was moaning uncontrollably. I wanted immediate relief but he teased me further. Bai also joined him in his pursuit, to torture me, by cupping my mound and pushing a finger or two in. Finally she started shaving me around my anus and then turned me over to finish me from the front. While shaving around my lips she was careful to stretch them with her fingers.

After shaving me smooth she applied some perfumed herbal oil, which gave me a pleasant coolness and soothing sensation. It increased the craving for the sex and I was leaking like a fountain. She tested the juices with her fingers and offered my husband also.

“You are sweet my dear and what a flow.” She continued to taste me and pushed her head between my legs to lap it up. She fucked me with two of her fingers while licking my clit till I crashed from the high. Then she shifted and asked my hubby to finish me off before the massage. He was waiting for the signal and climbed over me tearing his cloths. He pushed his 8inches, hard and thick rod in my swollen cunt up to the hilt, in one go. I wrapped both my legs around him and pushed myself up to get the deepest possible penetration and came again. Bai was sucking my nipples and rubbing my clit. Then she opened her blouse and bra to feed me his big boob. My husband continued to fuck me all the way in and out.

While offering me her boobs Rukmani Bai lifted her saree and petticoat from her behind. She wore no panties as I observed before. Her swollen and leaking cunt was reflected in the eyes of my husband. He looked at me asking a question and I nodded. He shifted to her as I was exhausted by repeated cumming. Holding her big cheeks in both of his hands he pushed his lubricated hard rod in her snatch and started fucking her brutally. Bai’s mouth was open and she was panting and making strange noises. She collapsed on me but my husband continued to fuck her for a long time. Then he pushed in all the way and came deep inside. Bai shuddered again.

We all rested for a while. Bai removed all her cloths for the next session. I was instructed to lie on stomach first for the back message. The oils had exciting smells and the strong grip of bai was very relaxing. She started from the neck, and then shoulders, upper and lower back. By the time she reached my globes I was excited again.

She started on each globe and worked in the oil. “I have to be sure to cover everything,” She said, as she started rubbing my crack and down toward my pussy. This caused a slight moan to come from my lips. My husband opened me for her to reach my rose bud. This time she pushed her one and then two fingers in while rubbing me.

” I can see that you accommodate him in your back also. It is an acquired taste only a few of the Indian couples are aware of.”

By the time she reached my feet I was almost asleep, even with my state of arousal. I can hear them talking barely as she was freely commenting on my color, shape and the ample back.

“She is a beauty and you are a lucky guy to enjoy her. You are big enough to make many husbands jealous. Let me relax a while and taste you. I felt but did not realize you are so big when you were in me from the back.” She was continued to talk to him, in broken sentences, while messaging my feet.

I opened my eyes to see her almost swallow my husband. I thought his ample hair prevented her. She offered to teach me to shave him, which he readily agreed. Both of them lifted me on my hands and knees. While she opened my cheeks my husband pushed his saliva-covered cock in my lubricated back hole slowly. It took some relaxation on my part but it finally went in all the way. Bai slipped under me to suck my boobs and play with my clit while he labored holding both of my cheeks.

When he pushed two of his fingers in my front, while it was sucked by bai I came till I collapsed on her. He removed his erect cock and shifted to her like a dog doing a bitch. I think I was jealous to share him with other woman.

I flopped by her side while he continued to fuck her in long and punishing strokes. My hubby was really performing; I think he wanted to prove how much a man he was or he was spurred by having an audience.

When they were finished she massaged my front and sucked me off. She was excellent and knew every trick to bring maximum off from a woman also. Then she helped me to shave my husband by holding his erect cock, lovingly, the bitch. After cleaning him I sucked off my husband and enjoyed doing it.

Shanti’s Tryst with Adventures Ch. 05

Rain streaked down the large picture window in the living room as Shanti sat having her morning coffee. The wet, humid day seemed to fit her mood to the letter. She couldn’t remember ever being so low in her life. She had to do something … something drastic to alter the situation she now found herself in.

But what?

It seemed no matter what approach she might take, she and her marriage were the losers. But she had to take some chance. There was no easy way out … it was obvious that the situation wasn’t just going to disappear by itself. An idea entered her head, but she dismissed it immediately. It wouldn’t work. But search as she could for an answer, she kept coming back to the same thing. Maybe it might work … it was a long shot, but what else had she? She walked into the living room and sat down on the sofa, lighting a cigarette from the box on the coffee table. Her hand reached out for the telephone and she let it rest there for a long time before she gathered the nerve to pick up the receiver. Her finger slowly turned the dial each number taking as long as possible as she mentally rehearsed what she was going to say.

“Venkat Household Products,” the mechanical operator’s voice on the other end of the line came in. “Good morning.”

Shanti hesitated for a few brief moments, trying to find her voice.

“May … may I talk to Mr. Ram, please?” she asked timidly.

“Just a moment. I’ll connect you with his office.”

The few seconds that passed seemed to last for hours. Shanti almost decided to hang up the receiver when a new voice jumped on the line.

“Mr. Ram’s office. This is Miss Franks.”

“Yes. I’d like to speak to Mr. Venkat,” Shanti started to say.

“I’m sorry,” the efficient voice came back at her. “Mr. Venkat won’t be in today. May I take a message?”

Shanti was lost. She hadn’t thought about anything going wrong with her plan.

“Uh … no … no message. I’ll call tomorrow.” And she hung up abruptly.

“Shit!” she said out loud, surprising herself with her profanity, furious with herself. She hadn’t counted on anything like this. She couldn’t call him at his house. Now she would have to wait until tomorrow and she knew that by that time she would have lost all her courage and sure to have backed down.

Riiiinng! The telephone shattered her thinking.

Shanti reached out for the receiver and tentatively picked it up.

“Hello,” she said softly.

“Well, hello, Shanti. How nice to hear your voice again.” It was Ram Saran. “I trust you slept well last night and are feeling fine this morning?” he asked smoothly.

“Yes, very well, thank you,” Shanti answered, her voice picking up. “How kind of you to call and find out.”

“Well, I also called to see if perhaps you might like to have lunch with me again, today,” he suggested suggestively.

“I have an even better idea,” Shanti answered, now completely sure of herself. “Why don’t you stop by here this evening for dinner?”

“Oh?” said Ram warily. “Is my wife invited too?”

Shanti didn’t hesitate for a second.

“I don’t think so … I mean, after all, my husband isn’t invited.”

“And where will he be?” Ram asked.

“He is working late on some sketches with another client. On nights like these, he doesn’t get home until at least midnight. Shall we say about seven?”

“Seven will be just fine. Until then,” and Shanti heard the line go dead.

Well, she had done it. And, suddenly, every doubt came rushing back at her, flooding her mind with all the reasons why this idea could not possibly work. But she fought them off – it had to work! Ratan would indeed be home that evening. She remembered his words exactly.

“I’ll be home at eight o’clock. You better have my dinner ready from now on. I want the respect I’m entitled to around here!” he had shouted at her as he was going out the front door. Now, all depended on his reaction. Her desperate hope was that he would be so enraged at seeing another man with his wife, that beyond his anger he would realize that he was doing the same

thing and that it just didn’t work. That indeed, “As ye sow, so shall ye reap …” and she looked forward to the moment when she saw his face, just punishment for what she had been put through the last few days.

* * *

A quarter to seven.

Shanti paced back and forth across the living room, waiting. Each time she passed the large mirror behind the buffet table, she stopped briefly to look at herself. Her fingers adjusted a nonexistent flaw in her hair – or rearranged the sheer see through camisole she had finally decided on after more than an hour’s deliberation. God … won’t seven o’clock ever get here? It was a thought as she paced, nervously smoking cigarette after cigarette.

And then it was seven … seven-o-five … seven-ten. When the doorbell finally rang, Shanti walked slowly toward the foyer, trying to make it seem as casual as possible … that she was used to such things happening. When she opened the door, Ram walked right by her into the living room without waiting for her to invite him in.

“Nice little house you have here,” he said without much feeling, taking off his coat and throwing it on a chair and settling on the sofa.

Shanti closed the door and followed him into the room.

“Well, it’s nothing compared to yours, but we…” she started to say, but stopped herself. “Would you like a drink?” she offered, changing the subject.

“A lot of Scotch in a big glass,” he answered, just as happy not to have to go through all the bullshit conversation.

Shanti walked to the small bar at the other end of the room, her firm, young figure swaying suggestively beneath the sheer material of her gown. But as she poured the drinks, her shaking hands revealed her inner tensions. Ram watched her little performance smiling to him, but said nothing. He knew when to keep quiet.

“Thank you,” he said as she offered the full glass to him.

“Here’s to us!”

* * *

Shanti let the sheer peignoir drop from her shoulders to the bedroom floor, exposing her voluptuous body to Ram’s lustful gaze. His hands ripped at his own clothing, pulling his shirt, then his pants off as quickly as possible. As he pushed his shorts down over his legs, his now fully erect cock bed up from them, pointing straight out at Shanti as if it was a cannon ready to fire a barrage of ammunition at her. And indeed, he was ready to fill her cunt with the hot fire building up inside him. He walked slowly over to her, and grabbing her by the shoulders, lowered her to the bed directly behind her. Nervous perspiration popped out all over Shanti’s body. She had timed their actions perfectly. It was almost eight o’clock and any minute now, Ratan would come walking in the front door, finding Ram and her in this adulterous situation. That would fix both of them.

Ram pulled her up on the bed until just her legs were dangling over the end, the back of her thighs resting at the edge of the bed. He pushed his hands between her thighs and forced them open wide until the lips of her cunt parted, revealing its soft folds of skin to his awaiting mouth. He dropped to his knees in front of her and grabbing her buttocks, thrust his face deep into her warm, waiting vaginal lips.

“Oooouuu…” Shanti cooed as she felt the first contact of Ram’s hot, wet mouth against the soft, sensitive flesh of her pussy. She wanted to remain cool and detached from his lovemaking, but just this first contact seemed to throw a switch that sent the fires of lust and passion swirling throughout her waiting body. And as Ram’s mouth began its exploration of her cunt, she completely forgot the reason she had invited him and became lost in her own sexual desire. It had been months since anyone had really treated her like a woman the way Ram did, and she was unable to pretend any differently. Although she hated this man with every fibre of her body, at that very moment, she wanted him inside her, plummeting into her until at last she would reach that delicious moment … feeling his hot cum spurting into her, mixing with her own juices in one great, satisfying orgasm.

She pulled him up from between her legs until his body rested on hers, his cock hard against her thighs, pressed into the narrow hair lined slit of her cunt. She arched up for a moment, levering them both up off the bed with a stretch of her back and reaching up under her buttocks, pulled her vaginal lips slowly apart, giving his cock smooth, moist contact with the wet, throbbing slit. She relaxed, dropping her body back to the bed, his rigid member trapped tightly between her thighs.

“Oh, God you feel good,” Ram grunted, his mouth gnawing at the flesh of her neck and shoulders. “… soooo goood …”

Shanti’s nails trailed across his back, leaving small red welts in their path. Ram’s hands pushed further down beneath her, cupping the fullness of her firm, rounded buttocks in the palms of his hands and pulled the wetness of her open crotch up even tighter against his. He moved up and down slowly, insinuating the hardness of his full hardened length of flesh up

and down the widespread slit, feeling it grow wetter and wetter with each second.

Her ass began a thrusting rotation up against his thighs until suddenly her legs kicked out and locked around the back of his, pulling him still closer to her.

“I’m going to fuck you … NOW!” Ram growled, his body grinding into hers.

He started to move, but she beat him to it. Her hands came down between their pressed bodies and circled around his throbbing cock, guiding it between the soft, fleece-lined lips of her hot, palpitating pussy.

Ram groaned above her as he felt her move it up and down between her legs, parting the soft silky hair of her cunt again with the pulsating blood-filled head. Not being able to hold back another second, he flicked his hips forward and with a harsh thrust drove his cock crashing into the gaping hot mouth of her widely contracted vaginal hole. His long thick tool raced up her cunt like a freight train to the full depths of her belly, warm and tight at first, and then easier as the wetness of the passage surrounded him, lubricating the way. And then he hit bottom, his balls slapping hard against the upturned cheeks of her ass.

“Aaaahhgg…” Shanti screamed at the unexpected pain and twisted to escape slightly. But he thrust into her even harder, screwing his pelvis tighter into her loins so there was no escape for her.

Ram smiled and looked down at her trapped body. She was skewered good and he lay still on top of her in a moment of triumph. He enjoyed hurting her in this way, knowing that she was unable to hurt him back. He reveled for a moment in the power he possessed over another man’s reluctant wife impaled beneath him and flicked the head again, bringing another moan from between her tightly clenched teeth. He ground his pelvis into the smooth

flaccid flesh beneath him as she strained back under him, arching her loins up at him, lifting them both a few inches off the squeaking mattress from the strength of her upward thrusts.

She moaned ceaselessly beneath his pounding body, opening and closing her legs around his hips as he worked up and down in a chanting rhythm of intercourse as old as man’s world. Her mouth gaped open wide, her head flailing from side to side on the mattress, lost in the wild abandon of the delicious fuck he was giving her.

Ram reached under her buttocks as he drove his cock rhythmically into the wetness of her cunt and stretched the crevice of her ass wide, searching with the tip of his middle finger for her anus. When he found it, a small rivulet of warm moisture was running down the widespread crevice from where he could feel his hard rod of flesh sawing into her. It moistened the tight

puckered little hole, lubricating it slightly and he probed experimentally for a moment with the tip of his finger. He pushed hard, feeling it give a little, and then suddenly the tight elastic ring gave way completely and his finger slid up to the first knuckle.

“Aarrrggg!” she screamed, almost crawling on her back across the bed to escape the first unexpected pain. But Ram pushed again, until the finger was in to the second knuckle, and in spite of the pain he knew he was causing her, he felt her suddenly begin screwing her buttocks back on his finger until it was sunk all the way in to the palm of his hand. He jiggled it inside, rotating it around in the fleshy depths of her rectum. He could feel through the thin wall of flesh separating her two passages the underside of his cock sliding in and out of her and began skewering her between them, maintaining the same rhythm for both as she groaned under him, opening her legs wide out over the bed to give him greater access to the ravishing of her loins.

Ram could both sense and feel his cock growing inside her until he felt as though it might burst from the exquisite pleasure building up in his balls as they slapped against her upturned ass. Knowing that she could soon cum, he began ramming into her with long hard strokes in time with his finger digging into her asshole to excite her more. He knew she was near completion as she gripped him tight between her thighs, opening and closing them around him in time to his long, hard thrusts into her. She gurgled beneath him, the sound coming from deep within her throat as though she had no control over it. He knew she was near and he continued his merciless thrusting with all his might.

“Ohhhh … yes … fuck me good … fuck me … yes …eeeessss …” Shanti mumbled incoherently beneath him, wallowing in the obscene sound of the words coming out of her mouth. She jack-knifed her legs up tight, pressing her knees back hard into her breasts and offering him the full opening of her upraised crotch. Her eyes rolled uncontrollably in her head, her

face contorted and straining for the final explosion so near. She mumbled on and on until the sounds coming from her throat were a mass of jumbled unintelligible syllables whose meaning was known only to her, she pulled back her thighs tighter until the whole of her stretched pink vaginal slit was pressed up to him to batter and use as he willed. Her ankles locked over his shoulders, her crotch squirming beneath him in a wild uninhibited

dance of abandoned ecstasy. Her mouth hung open wide, unseeing eyes gazed wide at the ceiling.

Shanti screamed suddenly, a low animal sound as she screwed her wildly clenching pussy hard up on his thrusting cock and locked herself to him with all the strength of the thighs while her loins jerked spasmodically against his belly. She held her breath for a moment and then expelled it as though hit in the stomach by a solid fist, her body collapsing limply down into the mattress. She lay still, except for the uncontrollable quivering of her pussy still locked tightly around his tortured prick.

He pushed deep into her and then lay quiet, allowing her to rest for

the moment. “Mmmmm …” she cooed. “That was wonderful …”

“You’re not finished yet,” Ram answered, pulling back and sliding his hardness wetly out of the warm softness of her pussy. As he rolled from the softness of her body over onto his back, thin sticky trails of her orgasm followed his cock across her thigh. He lay with his rigidity pointed straight up at the ceiling and reached out for her, pulling her on top of him, forcing her down on the bed until her face lay directly over his cannon-like prick. She reached up with her hand and began to stroke him, sliding the loose flesh up and down in a slow, magical rhythm that caused

his ache to increase beyond endurance. She rose to her knees and hovered over him on all fours, her face a scant few inches from the throbbing moist head of his prick. She held it tightly between both hands, stroking it between the flat of both palms in a teasing up-and-down motion that caused his loins to undulate in time to her maddening rhythm.

“Suck it, baby!” he ordered. “Suck it good!”

Shanti had completely forgotten about Ratan now.

All she cared about was seeing that Ram got what he wanted.

Never had she been so satisfied before … and now, she wanted to have his

cock in her mouth, swallowing him, filling her belly with his cum. Her head dropped slowly toward the hardness of him and suddenly her tongue flicked forward, the tip boring teasingly into the wetness of the tiny gland on the end. He sucked his breath in from the sudden unexpected contact. Chills rippled along the back of his spine, bringing a groan from his lips. She brought her mouth all the way down and enclosed the whole of the sensitive

head in a moist, warm pressure. Her lips tightened like an elastic band around it just below the head, wrapping it completely inside the warm, wet cavern of her mouth.

Ram lifted his head from the bed and looked down at Shanti’s head. The sight of his hard shaft of flesh sunk halfway between her oval lips increased the sensations a thousand times. It was still wet from the juices of her orgasm and glistened like the stump of a wet tree along the part she had not yet taken between her soft, moistened lips. She massaged the soft resilient skin of his testicles gently with one hand and stroked

the base of his cock between the thumb and forefinger of the other as she began to suck rhythmically up and down. He could feel the softness of her tongue twirling maddeningly around it at the apex of the withdrawal, the tip flicking magically across the tiny opening of the gland on the end.

He raised his buttocks, his head still raise watching the top of her head up and down below. The sight of her labors made it all the more exciting for him.

Great swirls of heat were building deep in his balls as he watched her face working above his sweating loins. He could see tiny rivulets of sweat rolling in thin droplets from the side of her body as she bucked over him like a demon gone mad. The muscles of his stomach tightened until he thought they would snap from the pressure as he arched his back up off the bed, pushing even further between her lips.

Thin pink ridges of flesh pulled out from her mouth, clinging greedily to his thrusting cock.

Ram groaned above her flailing head and rammed deep into her throat, holding her head in the prison of his heavy hands like a steel band. His cock began a sudden jerking motion and spewed with a vengeance the hot jets of his cum deep into her mouth. Shanti groaned as she continued sucking and her Adam’s apple in rapid rhythm, swallowing the gushing sperm squirting

hotly into the warm moistness of her mouth. She clasped her lips in a tight elastic ring around the jerking instrument, swirling her tongue around and around the throbbing head. She wanted to suck it dry, and his groans of pleasure incited her to greater effort. It continued for almost an eternity and she thought it would never end until finally the hands clamped at the sides of her face fell away and the giant throbbing cock gave one last hot spurt of its depleted seminal fluid and stopped.

She had sucked him dry.

And as his now limp cock slipped obscenely from her mouth, reality began to slowly creep back into Shanti’s mind. She realized for the first time that she had completely given herself to this man just as he had wanted her to and gotten lost in it again.

But why wasn’t Ratan home, she thought. Something had gone wrong with her plan. She got up from bed and wrapped the dropped peignoir around her shoulders and started out of the room.

“Going somewhere?” Ram asked.

“I … I want to check …” she started to answer.

“If you’re worried about your husband, don’t be. He won’t be home for some time now. I made sure of that.”

“I don’t understand,” Shanti said. “What do you mean?”

“Well, when you invited me here this morning, I made sure we wouldn’t be interrupted.”

“How did you make sure?” Shanti insisted, tired of beating around the bush.

An Orgy in Venus Villa Ch. 01

The journey from the airport had its ups and down with long road blocks but as we rode up the winding hill road, traffic got thin.

My old flame Divya has been in touch and pressed me hard to be present in 3 days of reunion with selected close collage friends. But few important reports were still pending and I was feeling really helpless when she called whenever she wanted and disturbed my concentration, leading to further delays and anxieties.

We have not met for long and hearing her husky voice made me feel tingling with raging old passions. She told me a lot about her large ancestral property in idyllic hills with cool salubrious air and stunning mountain scenery far away from the maddening crowd and hard pressed modern city life. Her great grand father had built the Villa in hills for his frequent sexual escapades along with legendary reputation for debauched life and having wild orgies in his large house in hills.

I was supposed to be arriving earlier than others and surely she must have planned diligently to revive the old fire along with her raging lust. But knowing her unpredictability and ability to play a fast one on me, I might even be the the last one to be welcomed.

Old memories had immediate hot effect on my hungry dick and it sprang up as my mind went back to various steamy scenes of wild and raunchy sex we used to have.

“Darling, I have planned just every thing for my dear guests, they are gonna have best time of their life…be sure about it.. and if you don’t show your fucking will be your loss only.” Divya has whispered in her husky voice over phone, ” and if that happens, be sure your career will be fucked up like you can never imagine.”

Being the younger sister of my boss- the ruthless owner of a large financial behemoth , I knew she was indeed capable of ruining my career for good. She would never ever do any thing to harm me, but loved boasting her much higher status and capability to be lovingly supportive or destructive.

“And Radha will be there too…and I know how you used to lust after her ass.” Her luscious bait had a deep effect on me, forcing me to immediately fall in line, but I lied, touching my hard dick.

“Darling, meeting you after so long and fucking you deep is good enough a reason and you don’t have to lure me by any other goodies, so don’t try to be smart, you cock sucking bitch…”

“You, fucking liar , don’t dare gimme me this sweet nothing shit..I still remember how many times you actually though of fucking Radha with your dick in my cunt and mouth…and shot your juice grunting her name…dirty dog…just shut the fuck up…bastard..” Divya had laughed to ridicule my attempt to placate her ego.

Sensing the change in speed of car I come back to the present.

The tall and good looking driver Arun slowed down and stopped at a narrow grassy space at left side of the winding road. My mind wondered if this tall hunk has been chosen to drive her guests with some ulterior lustful motives along with some spicy role in the three days long reunion.

I also remembered and lovingly went over Divya sharing her single lesbian encounter with a plain looking Radha, who only chose to wear baggy long skirts and pajamas to hide her devastating feminine shape. She was supposed to be totally asexual creature, a rare species who never wore any make up and stayed away from parties.

“I know you are surprised about Radha eating my well fucked up cunt…but it happened by chance… we are sleeping in bed together and I was aroused and decided to finger.. she woke up my loud pleasure moans and saw me nude and fingering shamelessly…with out saying a word..her hand was kneading my boobs…and every thing happened..but the stupid bitch avoided me completely after that wonderful experience…what a waste…she was so hot…last year I met her in Canada….her son has a huge curved dick….we both chance upon seeing him jerk off…the way she looked fascinated..I know must have been fantasizing been about her she doesn’t fuck around and her hubby on gets hard seeing lots of money…and I am going to push her break her fucking taboos.. “

Radha never encouraged or rather contemptuously rejected my umpteen attempts to get friendly with her Some how her oval face, large eyes and pouting Angelina Jolie lips-made my heart racing with with out traces of any make up or even lip stick.

“Sir, I will take only a minute.” His handsome high cheek boned face gave a thin smile, opened the door and walked cautiously away from car and disappeared behind cover of roadside trees and thick foliage. My mind was getting lost in hot memories of feeling hungry lips and tongue of Divya sucking my hard dick and bloated balls. Using the short spell of privacy, I closed eyes and caressed my hard dick, over thick cloth of jeans..

I was getting under an erotic spell, speculating wildly about what lay ahead in the day.

How it will feel my dick getting sucked again after so long by ravenously lusty Divya and ordering me to unload my boiling semen on her face!

Will I be able to at last, fuck Radha?

“Gimme a shoot now…bastard….spray on my nose and lips……ahhhhhh..hmmmm..ohh yeah baby……uuummmm….gosh it smells so fucking hot and nice..”

She loved seeing me masturbating and giving her a facial, licking the blobs of cum and smelling hard gave her deep pleasures. Meanwhile, I could feel long strings of juice escaping my imprisoned dick and gathering, wetting by balls and thin underwear,

I felt an immediate urge to masturbate and release my stiffness, being aware sure it will get back in hard shape on first glimpse of my waiting lusty hostess.

Suddenly I realized it was a while Arun has been out to pee and looked at wrist watch, but could not gather how long he has been away. I decided to investigate and got out of the car.

Cool and misty mountain air enveloped me along with shock of chill. I looked around and carefully followed the slippery stones and patches of wet road side grass, towards the way, I had seen Arun disappear.

There was a wide opening in thick foliage and tree branches. Moving cautiously to avoid soiling my dress from wet, dust and shoot laden leaves. Suddenly I could faintly hear female voices- talking and giggling. Going little deeper in the narrow tunnel of the thick foliage, I come across an amazingly erotic sight.

Five females sat with Sarees and petticoats lifted and held over their shoulders, exposing their nude backs and of pear shaped butts. Being high up and sitting of the edge of a flat rock, opening of luscious ass cracks were exposed to my hungry gaze. May be they were a nearby village, busy gossiping while doing their afternoon ablutions after feeding naughty kids and senile elders.

I heard a distinctive sound of female pissing as one of the lady started to pee over the rock edge. Her dark asshole and hairy cunt lips were clearly visible. May be it was their favorite group pissing and gossiping spot.

Like most hill females their backs and butts were fair and rosy but shapes and ages varied from thin and small to mature flare up of heavy female butts. I could guess, one about 18 or 19 year thin girl, two young women about 30 plus ladies and two mature 40 plus elder females sitting on an edge in a row with some spaces in-between their exposed butts.

They were perhaps from one large family or even from different families. But these were not the important issues for me to ponder over, as I felt my dick getting stone hard and pulsating wildly for a release.

While one piss stream ebbed to trickles, there come a noisy, gurgling flow from another cunt, gushing down over the jagged rock surface.

But I still wondered, where the hell was the driver Arun, and cautiously moved ahead and looked around to stay hidden from his vision to possibly safely jerk off, watching amazingly lovely nude row of butts.

Avoiding a nasty fall down the unknown depth of road side ditch was another immediate concern for me. A few careful steps brought me closer to the hot sight of females butts, assholes and lower part of hairy cunt lips. Arun was hiding behind a wide tree trunk, about few meters to left, also busy watching ladies private parts and silently rubbing his bloated front. I could see he had a large sized dick behind his unzipped pants.

Faint smell of urine hit my nose as another lady started pissing with a whooshing sound. I felt immediate need to take my hard dick out and masturbate, while giving a careful look towards the hard bodied handsome driver to safely watch and stay hidden from his sight line.

The ladies oblivious to us, the twin voyeurs, were continuously talking, giggling and laughing as they heard each other piss and fart.

Slowly Arun unzipped his pants and put his right hand in and seem to gather some real well hung dick. I looked fascinated as a thick black hose pipe got revealed, held in the dark wide palm. The wide male butt pushed air repeatedly, as he pumped and shook the black monster.

I was suddenly stung by hearing an increasing sound of a lady moaning with grunted pleasure cries.

“Kya hua Chachi…dard ho raha hai kya..?” (What happened auntie..are you in pain?) A girlish voice asked giggling.

“Chup kar Chori…tera Chacha ne bas gussaya aur sala so gaya raat ko..bas abhi mauka mila hai muche jharne ka..”(Shut up girl..your uncle just pushed his dick in and idiot went to sleep…and only now I got chance to release my juices.)

Peals of laughter’s emanated from the row of pissing ladies and I realized how freely and openly they were sharing their sexual lives and desires.

“Bhabhi…..tu chudi raat ko theek se ya nahin..” (Sister in law, did you get a good fucking last night?)

“Arre raat ki baat gayee gadi ki oo main…teri awaz sun kar meri bhi choot geelee ho gayee ab to….ahhhhh….uuuiii maaa…”.( Lets forget whatever happened last night..let it rest in a mare’s I am aroused and my cunt is wet hearing your pleasure cries…ahhhhhhh…..uuiii maaa..) Another lust full female voice left nothing to imagination that she too was fingering.

“Baqi ab…sapne kaan aur aankhen band kar lo ab …aur dono behnon to unglee ka maza lene do..”(Others must now close your ears and eyes and let us, two sisters enjoy our masturbation’s.)

Gosh, I could never imagine that these rustic village women could be so openly raunchy and shameless about sex, fucking and masturbation.

As a teenager I did participate in group masturbation sessions watching a porn but was never fascinated by seeing other male pump his tool. But the sight of females on sitting on hunches-exposing their nude butts and Arun pumping his huge dick made a vast erotic difference.

Arun had his eyes feasting on row of female flesh and slowly pumped his monstrous dick to rock hard glory, getting huge pair of bloated balls out. My eager hands unzipped jeans, released the dick from pain-full imprisonment and felt a thick string of juice falling down on my shoe, and getting back to remembering my erotic encounters with Divya.

“Oh…what a waste…only if, these ladies would just get up and come down to suck these two hard dick…my seven inch long and over ten inch long thick one of Arun..!

My lust filled mind wondered and fantasized wildly.

“Hmmmm….Oh yeah…harder you fucking dog……ahhhhhh….yess….more….ummm…beat my cunt hard….oh gosh …yes…..oh yeas….good baby….now don’t you dare stop…..ahhhhh.. now…thumb my ass….oh….ahhhhh.!”

My mind wet back to one wild fucking with Divya hunched on her fours, raising and pumping her hot ass back on wet slippery dick…as my right thumb slowly rubbed her hotly rimmed and puckered asshole.

I turned and saw Arun aimed his dick at the nearby tree trunk and started to pee slowly..shaking his dick. I gathered some spit in my palm and massage on my dick head, slowly pumping it.

I started to fantasize about these masturbating ladies joining me and Arun.

The girl suddenly turned, saw us, gave a muffled shriek and got up holding her cloth still up, as her young cunt and supple thighs were now visible to me and Arun. Other ladies quickly rose and looked down at us-two men still masturbating shamelessly. They still held Saree’s and petticoats up, showing their bushy cunts, butts and thighs to our lusty male gaze. They were silent for some time and then two ladies whispered some thing and signaled others to be silent and looked at us enjoying the sight of two shameless male caught masturbating, lost in seeing their exposed private parts and still pumping, I instinctively signaled the shocked teenager girl to come down.

But she hesitated and looked at elders. One lady with large body seemed to like the twin masturbatory spectacle, as she sheepishly smiled and signaled her to go ahead and started to rub her cunt. May be she was the one of two who were happily fingering their cunts.

The fascinated girl carefully started to move down the ragged slop of the bushy ditch but her eyes were now fixed on the monstrous dick of Arun, who was nearer to her, than me

The bastard had the temerity to turn and gave me a mocking smile, as if silently boasting about the power and attraction of his huge hose like dick.

A bolt of jealously shot through me, why the hell Divya has chosen this driver with monstrous dick?

Knowing her, she must have been fucking this rascal Arun to her hearts content! I never had any problem with that, since Divya seemed to have fucked most men who come in contact with her, provided she liked some about the man to set her on fire. Or she would not even give a second look to the most handsome man around, if she didn’t feel aroused in some way.

But in spite of jealously I was still enjoying the sight, lost in a chance erotic encounter of pissing and masturbating rustic ladies, now not averse to explore more.

What it only my wild imagination or happening in reality?

Arun moaned aloud and unbuckled his pants as the girl moved near with lustful face. He cupped his sack of balls in one and and with other hand shook the long length of dick with a huge bulbous head. She knelt down and opened her mouth.

Arun turned to smile at me, turned back to aim and slowly pushed the bulbous dick head in her small mouth. I closed my eyes and pumped slowly, strangely enjoying sight of my lowly competitor with huge dick getting an eager head.

Long back I had similar pangs of deeply disturbing jealously, seeing Divya sucking another dick. Even at time I was very angry with her and the other dick and yet strangely, enjoyed and jerked off, seeing her giving head.

“Ahhhh….haan aur jor se choose sali kutia ..(Ahhh…yeah.. suck me harder you bitch)”

I heard the lust soaked voice of Arun.

I kept pumping with focused urgency and heard growing commotion near by. The other four ladies have now joined the girl and were on their knees, waiting for their turn to suck the thick hose like dick of Arun, who again turned and smiled to boast his higher sexual status with a long dick. And the group of hungry and excited ladies fought with each others like school girls to suck the mouth filling large bulbous dick head.

” Sali bas kar…ab mujhe de na..Bhabhi” (Sister in Law, you have had enough, let me suck now.)

“Hai re…kitna mota lund hai iska…” (Oh…he has such a thick dick.)

“Hmmmm…le na mere sath choose le na…” ( Hmmm….come dear , lets suck together now..)

“Hai re…arre suno….ho gaya lund choosna….chudwa lo ek ek kar ke…nahin to sala paani chod dega..” (Enough of sucking girls, lets get fucked one by one…or the bastard will cum..)

Taking the cue, one of elder lady quickly took her Saree off, spread on a near by slanted rock, carefully rested her wide-round nude butt and opened her shaking fleshy thighs.

Aaa Ja raja….gussa de tera lund jorr se….itna mota aur lamba kabhi nahin liya…aaa sale kutte..(Come dear..push your dick in my hole….I have never been fucked by such a long and thick fast bastard.)

She moaned aloud and waited in excited anticipations. Arun moved fast holding his pants by one hand and got between inviting shaky legs, as another lady took his dick, pumped it hungrily and put on the waiting open hairy cunt. I could see his wide muscled butt and powerful thighs. The lady on rock cried and gasped for air…as the thick dick was pushed in with one hard stroke.

“Ohhh…meri maa….mar gayi re aaj to..kitna maza..itna lumba lund…ahhh..Chod jor se ” (Oh mother…I am dying today..its lovely..such a long dick…ahhh…fuck me hard..)

I increased my pumping, as another lady knelt behind Arun, started kneading and licking his huge bloated sack of balls, her hot ass exposed-her fingers rubbing her cunt fast.

“Ohhhh maaa……ahhhhh….hmmmmm….jarri main….ahhhh..” (Oh mom…ahhhh….hmmmm…I am cumming…ahhhh..)

The lady getting fucked shrieked as she started to cum and the lady licking the huge balls, moaned and licked the juices gushing, pumping shaft of the dick. Other impatient lady pulled the fucked lady up and cried a loud protest as another lady was too quick to take the vacant fucking space on the rock. The fucked lady crashed to ground. One by one all remaining mature ladies got fucked to exploding and noisy orgasms in quick succession.

The last turn was of the thin shivering girl, who was caught and pushed down on the rock by Arun like a weightless rag doll.

“Na…na…na….tera bahut bada lund hai sale…meri phatt jayegee re choti choot…ahhhhh….nahinnn…” (No…no…no…you are too big for me…please my small cunt will be torn bastard…ahhhhhhh…nooooo…)

But excited Arun was quick, held her down roughly and expertly started to push his dick through the small cunt hole… fucking slowly.

“Aree…chori..le le iske lund ka poora maza…sala phir nahin aayega..ruk mat…chodd de sali ko….” (Oh stupid girl… enjoy his huge dick…we wont get another opportunity…don’t listen to her..just fuck her hard.) The elderly lady who got fucked first was getting up with great effort and encouraged the girl in shaken lusty voice.

“Thummp…aahhhh…thump..ahhh..thumpp..hmmm.” Arun fucked hard with increasing pushes and pulls.

“Ohhhhhh..mmaaaaaaaa…..maarrrrreee…main…ahhhh…dheere……” (Ohhh…motherrrrr…he is killing me…ahhh…be gentle…bastard.)

All the four satisfied but lust filled excited ladies looked at the forcible fucking with half closed eyes, still in various stages of partial nudity…exposed hairy cunts….wide butt cheeks and boobs.

“Oh…dekh to sale hi mast gand…aur majboot jaanghen..” (Oh…god…look at the cute butt of bastard and powerful thighs.)

I got to a slower pace of jerking, feeling a deeply violent churning in my balls, waiting to see Arun cum deep in side the wildly moaning girl being fucked furiously.

With a very loud and wild pleasure cry, the girl seemed getting in to wonderful spasms of orgasm, may be her first really deep fuck.

(Sale….bas kar…ho gaya iska ab..aa gaya poora maza…sale iski choot main mat chorr apana ras…yeh Kunwari hai abhi..”

( Bastard…stop…she has peaked and enjoyed…now don’t you dare shot your semen in side her cunt…she is still unmarried.)

One lady loudly pleaded, repeatedly slapping hard muscled butt of Arun,

“Ham shadishuda aurtaon ki baat alag hai re..agar tere mast lund ka beej pad bhi gaya to kya..achcha lagege na…tere jaisa hi ek aur mast chodu paida hoga no….” (With us married ladies its different…if we get pregnant by such a wonderful dick…we will be very happy to give birth to a great fucker like you.)

Arun grudgingly stopped and slowly pulled his long dick impelled deeply in the hot small cunt channel with an audible wet “gluppp” sound.

“Ohhh Maaa….” The girl moaned aloud from her saliva dripping open mouth.

Me And My Sister Anita

This is a story about my sister Anita and me. I am Anuz, a young and impressionable male, and was eighteen when my parents divorced six years ago. My sister Anita was a little girl twelve years old at that time. After the break up, I went to stay with my father, and Anita went to stay with mom. Six years later my mom passed away and my little sister came to stay with dad and me.

We met after six years and now she is longer the little sister that I knew. She is a young and sweet lady of eighteen. She is about 5 feet 9 inches tall, slim build with a great figure and her skin color was shamla (dark). Seeing her after six years made me very excited and I ran to her and hugged her.

After I hugged her, I felt something unusual happen to me; something that I thought should not be occurring between brother and sister. So I released her quickly.

She shouted with joy, “Oh bhaya” and again hugged me.

This time she also kissed me on my cheek. I again felt a quick flow of blood in my body and something stirring in my loins.

Anita was a changed young girl. After six years away from me and dad, her lifestyle had changed to fast and modern. She spent a lot of her time with her friends, socializing, partying and going to discos. She sometimes came home late at night. Our papa is a pilot and therefore he usually spent a lot of time away from home. As a result, he did not have very good control over her. I thought that she would not like it if I interfered with her personal lifestyle, and left her alone.

We live in Mumbai, and one rainy day in June, my father was at work as usual, out of country, and my sister was at a disco. It was getting late at night and she was still not back from her party. So I become anxious, and tried to reach her, but she did not answer her cell phone. I tried repeatedly, to no avail.

After several tries, one of her friends picked her phone and said, “Anuz, your sister Anita is very drunk and out of control. Please come over and pick her up. (Anuz bhaya Anita tho bohut nasha main hein. Aap ake useh le zaye).”

She gave me the address of the place and I went over there. I found Anita completely drunk. I held her hand to comfort her.

I said, “Anita please stand up and let’s go home.”

She just looked at me, smiled, and held my hand, “Brother, I can’t walk; please carry me and take me home. (Bhaya mein chal nahin pauengi; please moze uthake leke zao baccho ke tara)”.

I lifted her up, helped her stand up and held her waist. She was wearing jeans, a tiny blouse, and a pink jacket. I felt her slim bare waist and tummy, and she just fell into my arms. I felt her entire young body touch mine I became aroused. My penis stirred and I had an erection. I carried her to my car and brought her home.

When we reached home, I brought her to her room and laid her on her bed. She was either passed out or in a deep sleep. I took my time and watched her closely from top to bottom. I saw a sexy, sweet, eighteen year old girl, rather than my little sister.

She has luscious lips, and I unzipped and took off her jacket. Oh my God she got a hot and slim figure under the jacket. She was wearing a tiny spaghetti strap blouse, so her belly and waist was fully uncovered. As I mentioned earlier, she is a slim lady, so her tummy was flat and her waist was a tiny 24 inches. Her tits are firm, medium sized, well shaped, and about 32″. I was really attracted by her deep and firm naval. As a result, my penis was just bulging under my trousers.

I decided that today I would break all the taboos and rules, and fuck my sexy sister. I slowly started touching her face and caressing her lips; then my hand came slowly to her nice neck, then to her tits. I really felt like being hit by a 440 volt shock in my body, especially in my crotch. Her tits were medium sized and felt firm. Then my hand went over to her bare tummy and naval. Oh what a wonderful naval! I started touching her bare tummy softly and put my fingers into her belly button. I couldn’t wait anymore, and I started licking her naval and sucking her tummy, while my hands caressed her firm and nice tits.

She started moaning, but I didn’t pay any attention; I just kept on sucking, kissing her tummy and licking her bellybutton.

Suddenly she woke up and said, “Brother, what are you doing? (bhaya yeh kya kar rahe ho)”.

I was in a shocked state, and I was on fire at the extreme level of lust. I grabbed her face like a hungry hyena and said, “I am making love to you. (Mein tuzhe pyar kar raha hoon)”.

She said, “We are siblings; how can we do this? This is not permitted in our culture. (Lekin hum to vai bahin hain hum kaise aisa karsakte hain)”.

I said, “This sex is just between you and I, and today we are not like siblings; you are a sweet young sexy lady and I am a lusty young man. (Koi to nahin dekh raha hein aur hum dono az vai bahin nahin srif tum ek khoobsurat aurat ho aur main ek pyasa zawan mard)”.

Then I kissed her. I sucked her lower lips and then her upper lips and after that our tongues met and we sucked tongues. We held each other tight and kissed passionately. I rubbed her back and waist while she rubbed and raked her finger nails over my back. Her tits were squeezed against my bare chest, and then I unbuttoned her blouse and took it off. She looked great in her sexy bra which I undid. Out popped her cute firm boobs with erect nipples.

I softly kissed her on her breasts and she moaned softly. Then I started sucking one nipple while massaging the other. My other hand went to her cute ass and I massaged it and squeezed it.

Her nipples became very hard and I softly bit them. Anita was enjoying and moaning.

She said, “Oh brother, what a great pleasure you are giving me! I’m freaked out; why didn’t you do this before. (Oh bhaya kya maza de rahe ho muzhe meri zawani ki har maza de rahe ho, pehle kiu nahin kia tume dekh kar muze dukh hota tha ke kiu uim mere vai hue meri boy friend kiu nahin hue lekin az tumne mere sab vuk mitade rahe ho)”.

I replied, “From today onwards, you will be my whore and I’ll be your sex partner. (Azse main teri sohar aur tu meri rakhel banke rahegi)”.

Then my mouth traveled to her navel and I kissed it. Next, I gently unzipped her jeans, and uncovered her. Now all she had on was her black panties which had become very wet. I licked her slim cute thighs, and then pulled down her panties, exposing her small but cute pussy. It was clean shaved and I could get her beautiful and arousing feminine fragrance.

I got so excited by her pussy fragrance that I started kissing, licking, and sucking her irresistible pussy.

She said, “Oh brother, please fuck me. I can’t stand it any more. (Oh bhaya far dalo muzhe chod dalo muzhe main or nahin say saktein)”.

She hardly completed her sentence, when she had a strong orgasm and squirted her delicious pussy juice right in my mouth.

I unzipped my trousers and threw it away, exposing my erect cock to her full view.

“Oh, what a beautiful cock! I really like it. (Wow! Kya laund hain ekdom mere pasand ka)”.

I placed my cock at the entrance of her pussy hole and then gave a strong push. At my first stroke, half of my six and a half inches penis went inside her pussy and she screamed with lust and experienced some pain. I gave another hard push and again a little more of my cock entered her pussy.

She screamed, “Brother it’s OK. I can’t take any more of your cock. My cunt is too small to take all of it inside. (Bas bhaya ab isse zaida nahin hogfa muzse mere choot to choti hain aur tumhara laund bahut bara)”.

I started stroking. Anita held my hips with her legs, and I enjoyed the feel and touch of her wet hot pussy flesh on my cock. As I was stroking her in and out, I kissed her luscious lips and sucked her boobs. After about ten minutes of good hard stroking, she had another orgasm. I felt her pussy muscles spasm and clamp around my stiff cock as she squirted her hot pussy juices all over my cock. I continued pumping her harder throughout her orgasm.

After about five minutes, I felt my body stiffen as I got ready to ejaculate. I fucked faster and deeper and all of a sudden, I felt my cock enlarge and get stiffer. My body shook as I ejaculated deep inside her hot wet pussy. I felt my cock spasm and shoot my semen in about eight strong spurts into her throbbing pussy.

As soon as I ejaculated inside her pussy, she said, “Ohhhhhhhhh! What aaaaaaa… fuck! It is the most memorable one in my life!”

After pulling out my cock, we both went to the bathroom and washed ourselves.

When we got out of the bathroom, she looked at me, “Ohhhhhhhh brother, today you really made me happy and satisfied. (Bhaya tumne az mere zibon dhonno kar dia)”.

I replied, “From now on, whenever we get a chance we shall become sex partners. (To azse zab mauka milega hum dono vai bahin se sex partner ho jayenge, kiu)”.

She said, “Sure, definitely. (ei vi koi ouch ne ki bat hein)”.

(N.B: this story is edited by Bandra)

Shy Wife Encouraged to Cheat

I had been married for 5 years, I loved my husband but I did not enjoy sex with him. We were both virgins when we married, my idea not his, I did not enjoy the way he tried to do things, he was too rough, biting my nipples, slapping my ass and ramming a finger up my asshole I found quite painful.

We were both in our mid twenties at the time and on occasions Bob had asked me how I felt about finding another couple to swing with so we could learn how to fuck properly. I told him it was a stupid idea and never to mention it again.

We owned our own small terraced house and we both worked hard, there was a small corner shop at the end of our street owned by an Indian family who were always very pleasant when you went there. The husband was about 50 years old, was a big man about 6′ 2″ and medium build and quite attractive, his wife was the opposite quite short and dumpy, always wore a sari and was never as nice to the customers as her husband.

Whenever I bought anything in the shop the grocer as we called him, we didn’t know his real name, would seem to flirt with me, telling me how nice I looked today, how lucky my husband was to have a wife like me.

I didn’t think I was that attractive, I was 25, 5′ 7″ tall nice tits with large nipples thanks to hubby sucking them, I did have good legs and a nice ass and I wore my blond hair quite short and when I looked in the mirror one day I thought maybe the grocer was right after all.

One day Bob was with me when went to the corner shop for a few groceries and the grocer served us and started to flirt with me, I got really embarrassed and began to blush, Bob just stood pretending not to notice. I paid for the goods and we left the shop. It was only a short walk to our house and we were soon indoors. Nobody spoke for a few minutes, then Bob said “I think you have pulled there the grocer really fancies you.”

I told Bob not to be so stupid, i said “He is at least twice my age and anyway we are married you idiot!”

“I know we are, but even you have to admit our sex life is shit. I wouldn’t mind if you wanted to, as long as you told all the details and if the opportunity came along you would let me do the same.”

“Bollocks!” I said and I went upstairs and sat on the bed and thought about what Bob had just said. We never spoke the rest of the day.

I carried on using the corner shop almost on a daily basis, and every time the grocer served me he flirted with me, getting more and more explicit in what he said or implied.

One night we were at home when I realised we needed something from the shop, I asked Bob to go for me, but he said “Why don’t you go, see if your boyfriend is working tonight.”

“He’s not my boyfriend and It’s raining”.

“Wear a coat. Why don’t you wear that short green coat you have and wear nothing else, go naked under your coat, see what the grocer makes of that.”

I knew which coat he meant, it was my light summer mac which only came down mid thigh, the thought of going out in public naked except for a short coat sort of turned me on a bit. Bob kept on telling me to do it. Give the old man a treat flash him a bit of tit or take something from the bottom shelf and see how high coat that rides up he said.

The thought of walking along the street dressed like that gave me a funny feeling, it made me feel sexy, I felt exited and scared at the same time, I wanted to do this, but I wanted to do it for me not Bob, I wanted to feel daring and slutty, I felt my pussy getting wet.

“O.K. I’ll do it, but you wait here, I don’t want an audience.”

I went upstairs and undressed, took my coat from the wardrobe and put it on, I pulled the coat across me and just tied the belt across my waist, I saw a pair of high heels and put them on. I looked in the mirror and loved what I saw, I turned around and bent over in front of the full length mirror on the landing and saw that you could see my ass and pussy if you were stood directly behind me. My pussy was even wetter now, I stood up and loosened the belt a little so that the top gaped and showed a little cleavage, just enough to tease him with. I walked into the lounge to show Bob, I asked him what he thought.

“Wow you look great, let me come with you, I want to see his face when he sees you dressed like hat.”

“Tough, you wait here until I get back.” With that I turned and walked out the door. I felt so sexy, I wanted to do this for me, I wanted to act like a slut, it was exciting and I wasn’t worried about what might happen, after all this was only a tease. I got to the shop door, only the grocer was there, it was almost closing time and he had started to turn some of the lights off, he saw me at the door and waved at me to go in, as I entered the shop I looked at the grocer and decided that I would do anything he asked of me, if he flirted with me I would give him whatever he wanted, for a short while I would be his. He held the door open for me and as soon as I was in the shop he dropped the latch and put up the closed sign on the door, then turned out most of the shop lights.

“What can I do for you?” he said

I just stood there not knowing what to say, an almost blank expression on my face.

“Oh I just need something from down here.” Here goes I thought. I bent over and took a bag of rice from the bottom shelf, the grocer was standing directly behind me so I knew what he could see.

“That is a very nice coat you are wearing, it shows off your assets very well. If you can’t find what you are looking for perhaps we can find it in the stockroom out the back.”

I stood up and looked at him, my stomach was turning summersaults, I felt a little faint and I was hot, he turned and walked towards the stockroom, so I walked slowly after him, all the time wandering what he was going to do with me, all the time hoping he would treat me like the slut I wanted to be. The stockroom was full with shelves filled with goods for the shop, there was also a large bench which was used for sorting orders out on. It was about 6 feet long and 3 feet wide and stood about the same height tall.

“Let me take your coat for you, you look hot and as you have obviously come here for more than groceries, I want to have a look at that lovely body of yours, then you can tell me exactly what you want me to do with you. Take off your coat.”

I undid my belt and let the coat slip off my shoulders and fall to the floor, I could hardly stand I was so nervous, I needed to sit down but knew I couldn’t, my pussy was so wet and I just wanted the grocer to do something, anything, I was here waiting to do anything he wanted, just tell me what to do I thought to myself.

Very nice he said, then started to walk towards me. He stood in front of me and touched one of my breasts, it made me take a sharp breath, he smiled then he rolled one of my nipples between his fingers squeezing a little harder as he did so, then he pulled on my nipple stretching it and pulling me towards him he did the same with my other nipple pulling on both as I now stood directly in front of him. He let go of one nipple and moved his hand down my belly until he found my very wet pussy lips, he easily slipped a finger into my pussy and began to finger fuck me really quickly, rubbing my clit every time. I had never been one to cum quickly, it usually took ages, but tonight I felt my orgasm starting to build, the piston that was his finger thrusting in and out of my cunt was bringing me to my first orgasm. I could feel the pressure building as he finger fucked and rubbed my clit, I closed my eyes and bit my lip in an effort to control myself, faster still his finger went in and out of me until I couldn’t help myself and I screamed as I came to a huge climax, my knees buckled I could hardly stand but he kept pumping his fat finger into until I begged him to stop. I had never had an orgasm as intense as that before and it took me a few minutes to recover.

Did you enjoy that, he asked, I just nodded and smiled. What next I thought to myself. He told me to turn around and bend over the bench, I heard him undo his trousers and drop them to the floor. He moved behind me and I felt the head of his cock ease it’s way pass my wet and slippery pussy lips he pushed a little harder at entrance to my hole then thrust hard as at half his cock entered me, which made me cry out in pain, I had a tight cunt and wasn’t used to having a cock thrust so forcefully into me, he pulled his cock out until just the head was inside me, then he pushed again, this time bit more went in, on the third attempt he got it all in and then slowly at first started to fuck me, it wasn’t long before he was pumping away much like he did with his fingers. I could feel another orgasm building inside of me the grocer was close too, as he got closer he pumped harder he slapped my ass then pulled my ass cheeks apart and rammed his thumb up my ass just as i came and he came at the same time he pumped his cum deep into my pussy stopping only when he was completely spent. I was exhausted, I had never been fucked so hard before, never behaved like a slut before, never had so much fun before. I wanted more. The grocer grabbed me by my hair and pulled me upright turned me around and told me to kneel. “Now suck me clean, lick my cock and taste my cum, you slut.” I wasn’t used to sucking cock, I had only sucked Bob once and even then he didn’t cum in my mouth, this was all new to me. When he was satisfied he pulled his cock out of my mouth and told me to stand up, It was then that I saw Nita his wife watching us, she was naked, she had big boobs hanging down and a big belly and quite thick thighs. The grocer told Nita to lay on the bench, when she was on he told me to climb onto the bench and sit over his wife’s face. “Clean her cunt out wife, lick all my cum from her, drink it all down.”

Nita carried out her task willingly her tongue probing deep into my Pussey flicking my clit and soon I began to feel my orgasm building again, she was going to make me cum again, I had never even thought of touching another woman before, but this was wonderful, she knew how to pleasure a woman and then I felt myself building up to my climax, I ground my cunt into Nita’s face the harder I pushed down the more intense the feeling until I could control no more and came over her face with a shuddering climax, I screamed out with pleasure as I came and slumped over, exhausted but very happy.

There was an awkward silence after we had all recovered and the grocer told me I should go, my husband would be wondering what had happened to me. I picked up my coat and the grocer opened the door for me. “I will see you again soon, I think we can have even more fun next time, I will invite some of my relatives to meet you, I think you will enjoy their company, all of them. By the way my name is Ali, Mr Ali to you. Don’t forget it!”

Bob was still up when I got home and I had to tell him everything that had happened, he was excited to hear the details and I knew he was turned on, but I never let him touch me, I just went to bed and went over the evening in my head, my hand crept down to my pussey and I made myself cum for the first time ever. I knew this was not going to be a one off, I wanted more and knew where I could get it.

Mumbai Linda and Her Daughter

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This story is a work of fiction. None of the characters or events herein is based on real people, either living or dead. It was produced for the entertainment of ADULTS ONLY, and contains descriptions of explicit sex. If you are not an adult, or reading sex stories upsets you, do not read any further. By reading further you certify that you have accessed/requested access to this material willfully, and that you are an adult 21 years of age or older. You also certify that you are NOT a city, county, state, or federal law enforcement officer, official of the United States Postal Service, acting in the capacity of a representative of a telecommunications firm, and that this material does not offend the standards in your area, nor is it in violation of any of local, state, or federal law of the United States or of the country you belong to, and in which, you are a citizen.

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Hi friends, I am Mohan and I grew up in a small town just north of Cannanore in Kerala. I welcome specific and detailed comments to help improve future stories.

The Background:

Linda, a young widow in her thirties, lived in a northern Mumbai suburb with her 18-year old daughter, Maria. Linda had a master’s degree and taught English at an upscale school in a Mumbai suburb. She was about 5′ 4″ tall, medium complexioned, slim, naturally curly hair, and had medium-sized 34B boobs.

Linda was originally from Goa, had very attractive eyes, and reeked of sex with her curly, luxuriant hair, and ass-swaying, sexy walk. She was the type that would give a dead man a hard-on! She was well aware of her assets and enjoyed all the male (and sometimes female) attention that she was accustomed to receiving. She liked to flirt with men and reveled in the fact that they were getting aroused. This also helped her self-esteem, reassured her and made her feel more secure.

She was widowed while in her early thirties, and this left a big void in her life. This was especially true not only because she missed her husband’s income, but also because she was in the peak of her sexual life. She supplemented her income by privately tutoring students, and was able to make ends meet. As far as her sexual needs were concerned, she later confided in me and told me that she had a long and secret affair with one of her male colleagues in the school where she taught.

From her description, both her late husband and her secret lover were well-endowed and had eight-inch long, fat cocks. She found this very satisfying and told me that her husband, who was always horny, would sometimes have sex with her several times a night, even when she was quite tired. After a brief foreplay while she was still sleepy, he would insert his big cock into her pussy and start pumping. A few strokes later, Linda would be fully aroused and would actively and vigorously participate and meet his thrusts with energetic upward movements of her pelvis.

At home, a typical love-making session would last about 30 minutes, of which, about 20 minutes was good in and out strokes. Linda was well-satisfied after attaining multiple orgasms. They would rest briefly and the next session would begin. Linda told me that there were times when her husband would fuck her all night, and she would go to school in the morning tired, dreary, and sleepy-eyed. Her athletic husband participated in one of Mumbai’s professional sports teams. He had lots of stamina and was like a raging bull in bed with his beautiful, young, sexy Linda.

He was a good husband to her and a good father to their daughter. However, sometimes he partied at the local bar with the boys, and played cards with them all night. This left Linda a little insecure and for this reason she eyed other men. Psychologically, she wanted the things, including the attention of men, that were beyond the reach of her other female colleagues. This was her primary motivation in seeking a secret lover. Her colleagues eyed and teased one particular good looking married male teacher, and Linda made it her goal to get him. She loved trophies; so she initiated the clandestine affair and got him in her snatch (pun intended).

Every Friday evening, when her lover’s wife Preetika went with the kids to visit her folks in Chembur, Linda would go to his home for psychological reassurance, and sexual satisfaction. He would join his family in Chembur on Saturday, and they would all come back on Sunday evenings. This gave Linda and her lover plenty of time for their secret amorous activities. Linda would tell her daughter that she was going over to a student’s home for tutoring, and Maria, being quite innocent about sexual matters, would not know what actually transpired. Linda would come home late on Friday evening with a satisfied and content look on her face; and she was very docile.

Linda enjoyed her lover’s big cock, the attention he gave her, and all the different positions in which he fucked her. Linda told me that her Friday session started around 7:00 P.M. and lasted until 9:30 P.M., of which, at least 60 minutes was vigorous in-and-out thrusting action in several positions. In between the actual stroking, they were engaged in conversation, foreplay, or wiping the cum off from each other’s bodies and sexual organs. She got a thrill when he would pick her up in the air and fuck her standing up. After her husband’s death, this became an even greater need, and she continued this clandestine practice.

They did not use condoms and Linda would have about six orgasms while her lover ejaculated two or three times, usually inside her pussy. This was not a problem since he had a vasectomy performed. Linda enjoyed cock sucking, too, and occasionally, she would get so turned on, that she would suck to completion and swallow his cum. Frequently, she orgasmed during the swallowing. Of the various positions, Linda’s two favorites were doggy and cowgirl. The doggy position usually gave her an intense and prolonged G-spot orgasm. She usually kept this for last, as she was quite exhausted after this type of intense orgasm.

Her young 18-year-old daughter, Maria, was extremely slim; much slimmer than Linda, and had the lean look of a Mumbai fashion model. She was a first-year student at the local college, and occasionally did some modeling work for clothes as well as intimate apparel. Maria, too, had her mother’s luxurious curly hair and took very good care of herself. She watched her diet and regularly brushed her hair, massaging her scalp every week with cocoanut oil, and then shampooing it.

Maria was light-skinned, unlike her mother. Maria had the most perfect, firm, medium-sized 34B boobs. Her slim body, good hips, luxuriously curly hair, and her perky boobs made her look extremely sexy. She led a protected life and did not have any kind of sexual experience. In fact, Maria knew almost nothing about sex, did not have any serious boyfriends, and did not go out on dates.

I did not think that it was possible, but later came to know that Maria did not even know how to masturbate. She believed what she was taught in school; that touching one’s own sexual organs was unhealthy. She overheard some of the other girls in school giggle and talk of such things, but dismissed such thoughts as bad things. All she knew was that boys put their ‘thing’ inside girls’ vaginas and did something with it, and later some girls got pregnant. Her mother had told her to avoid these activities.

As a result, she went to the extreme and stayed away from all boys and sexual situations. She did participate in outings, picnics, and dances. She suppressed her normal sexual urges and had not even seen pictures of naked people, sex organs, or sexual situations. That was the extent of her sex life and her sexual knowledge.

In all other aspects, Linda and Maria had a frank and open mother-daughter relationship.

The Story:

I met Linda at a party in Juhu, a Mumbai suburb, on a Saturday evening. My friends had organized a drinks and dinner party and Linda was one of the guests. She was dressed to kill in a blue saree tightly wrapped, and a tight skimpy blue blouse, with lots of midriff showing. She wore a single-strand, pearl necklace with matching earrings. On the evenings when she went to parties, she left Maria at home, or took her to her relatives’ home at Mahim. This provided Linda many opportunities to relax, drink, dance, and flirt with the men. Linda was on the prowl, and occasionally, when she met someone exciting and promising, she would invite him to her apartment, and they would engage in hot, steamy sex. Even though she was in her thirties, she preferred younger males in their early twenties, as they had adequate sexual experience, lots of stamina, and did not tire easily.

At the party, I was immediately attracted to Linda because of her sensual look and flirtatious, large, sexy eyes. After some small talk, jokes and some drinks, I danced with Linda to the soft music in the designated room, where the lights were dimmed for intimate dancing. There were six guys and four women at the party, all single, and the women got plenty of attention. Linda danced well and I held her tight, gently swaying to the soft instrumental music.

The drinks certainly had a pleasing effect; so did Linda’s firm body and her alluring perfume. I felt aroused and my cock stirred. Linda was well experienced with men and it didn’t take her long to feel the bulge in my pants. She looked downwards at the dance floor, blushed, and was pleased at the effect she had on me. Occasionally, while dancing, she purposely stuck her thigh between my legs and smiled, reassuring herself that my cock was still erect. She enjoyed doing this, and it helped her to later pick the guy that she wanted to continue the evening with at her apartment.

This evening, I was the lucky one. After we had our fill of dinner and dancing, Linda excused herself and requested me to escort her to her apartment. It was 11:30 P.M. and she did not want to go home alone. I seized the opportunity, hailed a taxi, and gave the taxi driver directions to Linda’s home. While inside the taxi, Linda sat to my right, placed her left hand on my thigh, and rested her head against my shoulder. Her mischievous smile spoke volumes; as if to say, ‘I know your cock is hard’. I placed my right hand around her and lowered it such that my fingers were at the base of her right breast. The occasional jolt of the taxi sent my hand upwards, gently feeling the firmness of her breast. Linda smiled and placed her left hand on the bulge in my pants, gave my erect cock a slight squeeze and asked, “Want me to help you?”

I smiled. At that point, I knew that I was in for a very enjoyable and memorable night.

We reached our destination and went directly to Linda’s apartment. She had a two-bedroom apartment, on the third floor of an eight story building, in one of the fashionable areas of Mumbai. We went in, she closed and bolted the door, and instinctively, we hugged and kissed each other passionately. Our kissing went on for a few minutes with momentary breaks for air, and we were back at it again, like a couple of school kids that had just discovered kissing.

I picked her up, took her to her bedroom, and unraveled her blue saree while she, in turn, struggled with my belt and zipper. I got her saree off, then took off her underskirt; she looked divine in her blue tight fitting blouse and black, bikini, lace panties.

I quickly got out of my pants and shirt and was left in my underwear. Next, I undid the hooks and got her blouse off. She looked glorious in her black lace bra and matching black lace panties! I hugged her, and in the process, unhooked her bra from her back, and let her firm breasts free. Her nipples were erect and looked inviting. I reached over, placed her left nipple in my mouth, licked it, and gently sucked it for a while.

Linda moaned, “Uuuuuummmmmm that feels so good, Mohan!”

I placed her on the bed, and ran my fingers all over her, caressing her body, hesitating a little at the tops of her thighs and her panties-covered mound. She squirmed and moved a little; and then I inserted my fingers inside the elastic band of her panties. Wow! Her pussy was wet! It took just about 30 seconds of kissing or foreplay to get her pussy wet! Or it was probably wet during the dancing, and just stayed wet all evening anticipating hot, steamy sex. I caressed her thick curly bush and stroked the insides of her pussy lips. Her moans got louder.

“Aaaaaahhhhhh…! Aaaaaahhhhhh…!” and she placed her hand inside my briefs and on my erect cock. Quickly, she pulled off my underwear and undershirt.

I decided to explore other territories and proceeded to kiss her legs from her knees upwards to her flat stomach, her navel and then her breasts. Then I repeated the process in reverse. She was squirming, wriggling all the time, and moaning loudly, all the while massaging the head of my erect penis especially the tip, with her forefinger.

She looked at me, and smiled as she said, “I love to do this.” The tips of her fingers traversed back and forth over the opening at the end of my penis.

This went on for a few minutes and I sensed that Linda was ready for something more exciting. I moved from her glorious boobs and went to her black panties that now had a large wet spot in front, and peeled them away. Just as expected, Linda’s mound and bush looked spectacular and matched her bushy hair. I kissed the top of her mound. This Goa beauty had a very luxurious and abundant bush, and I admired it and ran my fingers through the thick curls. Her bush covered up her entire pussy and not even the lips were visible through the thick silky jungle.

“Wow! Honey, you have the most beautiful and luxurious bush in Mumbai! With a bush like this, why do you need panties?”

“Men like my thick bush. The panties are to keep them guessing; I’m glad you like it too. Go ahead, kiss it, darling; lick it; make me cum; I’ve been hot and horny all evening.”

Linda could wait no longer, placed her hands on my head, and guided my head straight to her pussy. The drinks, the men, the women, and the close dancing had made her very horny, and she was longing for a quick release.

I separated her thighs in order to gain better access, and kissed her outer labia lingering for a few seconds. Her thick, bushy, curly pussy hair got in the way, and I separated it combing it with my fingers, to get at the nectar hidden in between her precious inner lips. I rolled my tongue into a U-shape and licked up and down her inner lips and vaginal entrance. She was dripping wet, and moaned as a sucked her juices and swallowed.

“Ooooooohhhhhhhhh…! Uuuuuummmmmhhhh…! Lick me, darling! Lick me harder!”

I paused for a moment, opened her inner lips with my fingers, and savored her wet, open, pink pussy for a couple of seconds. Then I stuck my tongue back in again, right between the flesh of her pussy lips, stroking them and purposely avoiding her sensitive clitoris. Linda was moaning and bucking like a wild horse. I inserted my middle finger inside her vagina, and moved it rapidly in and out, as I continued to lick her. She grabbed my head and fucked my face furiously. I saw her body shudder and felt her pussy muscles tighten. I licked her inner labia and vaginal entrance faster and faster.

She screamed, “Oh my, darling! Lick faster! Fasterrrrr…! Don’t stop! I’m cumming!” and she squeezed her pussy muscles, had a good orgasm, and squirted her love juices right into my mouth.

I hesitated a little, slowed down a little and just placed my entire tongue, flat on her pussy. Within a minute, Linda started to push her pussy upwards against my tongue. I moved my tongue further upwards, and with longer strokes, started to just brush past her swollen and sensitive clitoris. This stimulation was beyond what she could tolerate.

Linda screamed, “Oh my God! This is terrific! Lovely! Keep going, darling!”

I moved my hands under her firm hard butt and squeezed hard while licking her entire pussy with a good fast rhythm. Three minutes later, I felt all the familiar signs. Her moans turned to screams, she brought her thighs together and she trapped my head firmly between her thighs, right on her pussy. I thought I went deaf!

My tongue worked furiously on her inner lips. Again I felt her pussy muscles tighten and spasm, as Linda reached the limit of her endurance with my rapid licking and her intense pleasure. I concentrated on her swollen, erect clit that was protruding from under her hood, and gave some hard and fast licks all around it.

She screamed, “Oh my God! I’m cumming! I’m cuuummmmiiiinnngggg…!” and she grabbed my head with both hands and fucked my face with her pussy with several violent strokes. I sucked harder and swallowed all her pussy juices. Linda was very much satisfied by my swallowing and felt great.

“Mohan, that was great; I’m sure glad I picked you tonight. I will suck your lovely cock; I’m very good at it. But first, fuck me good and hard. Pleeeeezzz.. darling.”

She then moved one hand to my erect cock, dripping with pre-cum, smiled, and gave it some hard and fast strokes. I quickly removed her hand from my cock, because I was in a very excited state, and did not want to waste my cum on a hand job. Her pussy felt tight when I fingered her, and now I was dying to find out how tight her pussy would feel around my hard cock.

She saw a look of concern on my face, read my mind and said, “Don’t worry, this is my safe period; I don’t use condoms; I like the feel of hot cum spurting inside me.”

Linda was still on her back, opened her legs and bent her knees. I mounted her and without any help from either one of us, my erect and stiff cock found the entrance to her vagina. I pushed, my mushroom cock head barely entered, and encountered quite a bit of resistance. As expected, she had a tight pussy, even after bearing one child. Her pussy muscles were well toned. I tried again and felt the same resistance. I didn’t want to hurt her by forcing my hard cock in her too fast. Then I realized that she was just playing with me, and hindering my efforts by squeezing her pussy muscles, and giggling at my awkward attempts to penetrate her.

She smiled at my clumsiness, relaxed her pussy muscles, and the entry into her pussy was a little easier. With one hard push, I entered her tight pussy half way and started stroking with short movements to prevent my cock from slipping out. Every woman’s pussy feels different and the exquisite feeling of my cock entering a woman’s pussy for the first time, is incredible; and Linda’s pussy was no exception!

I placed both my hands under her firm butt, pulled it upward, pushing hard. My cock went in fully and our pubic hair intermingled. I gave her full and long strokes. She cried out at each instroke, and tightened her pussy muscles during each outstroke.

“Aaaaaahhhhhh…!” she cried at each instroke. Linda looked at me and smiled as she thrust her butt upwards to meet and match my instrokes. She was an expert at this, and was very good at milking my cock!

We fucked for about ten minutes, and Linda had two mild orgasms during this time and dug her sharp fingernails into my back, and hugged during each orgasm. She applied the right amount of pressure with her sharp finger nails raking my back, and the resulting pain all over my back felt good, contrasted by the intense pleasure experienced by my stiff cock pounding away at her tight cunt.

Indian – 9 – Monica

[i]Author’s Note: This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the written permission of the author.

This story is a work of fiction. None of the characters or events herein is based on real people, either living or dead. It was produced for the entertainment of ADULTS ONLY, and contains descriptions of explicit sex. If you are not an adult, or reading sex stories upsets you, do not read any further. By reading further you certify that you have accessed/requested access to this material willfully, and that you are an adult 21 years of age or older. You also certify that you are NOT a city, county, state, or federal law enforcement officer, official of the United States Postal Service, acting in the capacity of a representative of a telecommunications firm, and that this material does not offend the standards in your area, nor is it in violation of any of local, state, or federal law of the United States or of the country you belong to, and in which, you are a citizen.

My sincere thanks to “StarryEyed111” for editing useful suggestions and editing.[/i]


Hi friends, I am Mohan and I grew up in a small town just north of Cannanore in Kerala. After completing my first year of college, I moved to another town to complete my Engineering degree. Fortunately, my parents arranged for me to stay with their good old friend Vijay, who had a jewelry business in the town. Vijay, twenty-seven years in age, and his young wife Monica, twenty, were newly married for about a year. Monica was a housewife, who oversaw the housemaid and did other routine chores. Even though she was very beautiful, I took her as a family friend and not as a sexy woman that she really was. I used to help Monica with her household tasks, and Vijay in his jewelry store. Soon we became good friends.

One day after lunch, we had two free periods at college and I decided to take a short break. I got home to find no one there. I went straight to my room and dozed off for a while. Then, I woke up; I could hear some noise. I went to investigate, and to my surprise, I found Monica and Vijay engaged in fierce lovemaking. Thinking that they were alone in the house, they had left the door ajar and Monica was quite loud. She was riding Vijay cowgirl style. I froze and just could not help noticing Vijay’s big cock go in and out of Monica’s pussy, in the midst of her screams.

Vijay’s cock looked like a huge thick pole; must have been about eight inches long. Monica’s pussy lips were stretched and wrapped tightly around this monster. I looked at my own erection, a mere six-inch in length, and wished I had Vijay’s length instead. I went back to my room. I could not get rid of my erection. I, therefore, masturbated to the erotic sounds coming from the next door.

The following week, Vijay left to attend Jaipur Expo in order to buy some precious stones for his business. Jaipur is a two-hour flight from Cochin. This time around, he had to stay much longer than his usual three-day stay.

It was his second week in Jaipur, and Monica’s birthday was fast approaching. It was Thursday and she along with her maid and I was engaged in decorating the house for the Sunday birthday party. I finished stringing all the buntings and then proceeded to connect the stereo speakers in the living room. I was under the stereo stand, lying on my back doing this, when Monica approached me, and asked whether she could help. She was wearing a short white mini skirt with a red top, and came pretty close to me. I looked up and all I saw was her rounded thighs and the black lace of her panties.

This was the first time I was looking up her skirt and could not take my eyes off her legs. She was well aware of that my eyes were glued to her panties. But, she made no attempt to move away. Then, she asked me whether she could watch me connect the wires, and without waiting for my reply she placed her feet on either side of my body in order to get a better view, and leaned over to look at the back of the stereo. Now I had a clear unobstructed view of her panties and even saw some pussy hair stuck out from the sides of her skimpy underwear. She caught me staring up her skirt but did nothing. I got aroused, obviously and was embarrassed, so, I quickly finished the job and stood up.

That afternoon, Monica asked my help in rearranging her bedroom furniture. She did this about once every three months. She had changed into a tight blue skirt that came to her knees, and a thin white blouse. The top two buttons of the blouse were unfastened. She had a single string pearl necklace over her neck with matching earrings. We started moving stuff around. Every time she bent down, her white lace bra and cleavage were clearly visible. During the rearrangement, her breasts brushed past my arm a couple of times. I noticed her big breasts straining at the thin fabric of her blouse. I could see the shape of her breasts and the faint outlines of her nipples. In my mind, I visualized Vijay fucking her two weeks ago amidst her screams and I got an immediate erection.

We finished with the new arrangement; Monica was rather satisfied and said, “Looks better, doesn’t it?”

“Yeah,” I replied.

She walked over to me and said, “Let me thank you for all this.” To my amazement, she gave me a tight hug.

I felt her boobs pressed against my chest, and she must had felt the bulge in my pants. She pressed her right thigh into my groin and mischievously moved it from side to side. She asked in a mocking and teasing way, “Mmmmmmm…! What’s this Mohan?”

Teasing always worked with me and I could not take too much of it. I could not resist much this time too and pulled her closer to me and kissed her lips. Soon we were French kissing each another hard and long. My one hand went to her breasts, while her hand found the bulge that she had teased me about.

“Wow!” she exclaimed, “Coral was right! You do have a nice cock! Not as big as Vijay’s, but nice!”

‘Oh my God,’ I thought and wondered how much Coral had told her.

She then pushed me onto her bed, and started to take my pants off. I was in frenzy with all my pent-up emotions. I began working on her blouse buttons and soon succeeded in taking it off. Next was her bra and her breasts were free from their restraints. They were large, surprisingly firm for their size, 36D, with large areolas, and big half-inch long, fully erected nipples, which were stuck out straight and defied gravity. Her light brown areolas matched her hard nipples. I squeezed a breast, put the other nipple into my mouth and sucked on it.

“Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh…! Mohan!” She cried.

I proceeded to take her skirt off. She was wearing no panties! We were both lying on her bed and kissing, as I explored her thick curly bush. I massaged her labia and found her very wet lips. My cock was very rigid in her expert hands, as she pulled the foreskin back and forth in a nice stroking motion, occasionally squeezing the tip, and spreading my pre-cum.

Without any more preliminaries, she got on top of me—cowgirl style—with one quick motion she inserted my cock in her wet pussy and started riding me.

As she moved up and down, she smiled mockingly and said, “This is not the eighteen-year-old schoolgirl Coral. Now fuck me good. Let’s see how long you last, fucking a real woman.”

Oh my God! Monica had a mischievous smile on her face, and she started to expertly milk my cock squeezing her pussy muscles, during each up stroke. I could feel her pussy muscles get tighten first, then they release my cock. On the down stroke, she would go all the way until her pussy lips and clitoris touched the base of my cock, and then she would tighten her pussy muscles on the upstroke, all the way to the tip of my cock head!

“Ooooooohhhhhhhhh…! Ooooooohhhhhhhhh…!” We both yelled out, as we fucked.

Monica was right! Four minutes later, my body jerked, I screamed, “Monica fuck me! Fuck me! Faster darling! Faster! Monica! Monica! I’m cumming babeeee…! Monicaaaaaaaahhh…! Monicaaaaaaaahhh…!” I shot my semen deep into her cunt.

Experience makes all the difference—I had never cum so quick ever before! I was embarrassed and curious. I exclaimed, “That was terrific, Monica! Where did you learn all this? I mean the milking part?”

She kept on fucking, and replied, “My secret. Just keep on fucking baby.”

She would not let me withdraw my cock from her cunt. With my cock still buried deep inside her cunt, a couple of minutes later, I was erect again. I grabbed her hips, pulled her down on my cock, and started to fuck her again.

A few minutes later, she screamed, “Oh! Oh! Oh my God! Oh my God! Mohan! Faster! Harder darling! I’m getting another one! Harder! Ooooooohhhhhhhhh…! I’m cumming! I’m cumming! I’m cuuummmmmiiiinnnggggg…!” I felt her hot cum on my cock. “Aaaaaahhhhhh…! Aaaaaahhhhhh…! Aaaaaahhhhhh…!”

I reached over and squeezed her boobs and nipples. She told me that she liked to have her boobs squeezed real hard, so I squeezed them firmly. Then I moved over to her clitoris, which was very rigid, light red, engorged with blood, and caressed it.

“Oh my God!” She screamed, “Oh Mohan! Oh Mohan! This is terrific! Fuck me! Fuck me darling! Harder darling! Ooooooohhhhhhhhh…! Fuck mmmmmeeeeeeeeeee…! Ooooooohhhhhhhhh…! Your cock feels so good! Oh darling! Harder!”

Monica then wanted me on top; so, we changed positions. I started to fuck her missionary style, now. She wrapped her legs around my back and I could feel her powerful upward thrusts. Whenever my cock popped out of her cunt, she would reach over, and expertly put it back within seconds. This time around, I was determined not to come until her cunt got sore.

She told me that she could feel my mushroom-head all along the passage, as it went in and out of her vagina. She added that even though she had experienced a few boyfriends before her marriage, she loved the unique feel of my bulbous mushroom-head that provided great stimulation to her vagina, especially her G-spot. My mushroom-head made up for what I lacked in length and thickness.

After about fifteen minutes of fucking, we changed our positions again. She told me that she liked doggie style. She got on all fours and I entered her from the rear.

“Ooooooohhhhhhhhh…! Ooooooohhhhhhhhh…! Mohan, you are going to kill me with your big cock!”

I was highly aroused by all her teasing and fucked her harder and faster. My cock hurt a little bit but I was determined to give her a good hard fucking that she would never forget. I reached over and squeezed her boobs with one hand, while massaging her clitoris with the other.

“Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Fuck me Mohan! Fuck me baby! Fuck me harder!” Monica was enjoying every minute of this hard fucking and I wondered how much more she could take. For that matter, I was concerned as to how long I would last!

After about ten more minutes of this hard pounding, she screamed, “Oh my God! Oh my God! Fuck me harder! Harder darling! I’m cumming! Fuck mmmmeeeeeeeee…! I’m cumming! I’m cuuummmmmiiiinnnggggg…!” Her cunt tightened on my cock, and held it in a vise like grip. Her cunt muscles spasmmed a few times, and once again, I felt the rush of her hot cum on my cock.

I held her tightly and fucked her with some very fast strokes. My body jerked, and my cock enlarged and stiffened.

“Oh God! Monica! Fuck me baby! Fuck me harder! I’m cumming! Oh Monica! Monicaaaaaaaahhhh…! Monicaaaaaaaahhhh…!” I screamed, and shot my semen deep into her burning cunt. With my cock still inside her, she slumped down and lay on her tummy, with me on her back.

We rested for a few minutes, with my cock still inside her. I was erect again soon, though my cock hurt a little. I wondered whether her cunt hurt too. I could tell that her pussy was getting tired as it relaxed its firm grip on my cock. Then we switched to the spoons position, which we both found to be a little relaxing, and we started fucking again.

My cock was going in and out with very smoothly; partly due to my semen and her pussy juices inside her, and partly due to the fact that Monica was getting tired, even though she was still horny. I told her to place her thighs firmly together. This had the desired effect, and her pussy felt a lot tighter, like before.

She cried, “Oh God! Oooooooowwwwwww…! This is lovely! Mohan fuck me! Fuck me good and hard baby!”

I squeezed her boobs hard and rubbed her clitoris and we fucked all the way like real crazy. “Ooooooohhhhhhhhh…! Oh my God! Oh my God! Don’t stop darling! Don’t stop! Just fuck me forever! Ooooooohhhhhhhhh…!” She cried.

A few minutes later she screamed again, saying, “Oh God! I’m cumming again! Fuck me harder! Fuck me! Fuck meeeeeeeeeee…! I’m cuuummmmmiiiinnnggggg…! Ooooooohhhhhhhhh…!”

Once again I felt her cunt muscles spasm around my cock. I fucked her faster and harder, and reached my peak, “Oh my Monica! I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Oh darling! Monica! Monica! Monicaaaaaaaahhhh…!” My semen shot from my cock in several strong spurts, deep inside her cunt.

After a couple on minutes, I felt my cock getting soft and it slipped out of her pussy. A lot of semen mixed with her pussy juices trickled from her pussy lips to her thighs, and on to the bed sheets. I wiped ourselves clean with a hand towel conveniently placed under the pillows, and then we both proceeded to the bathroom to wash up.

Monica washed my cock, which was very sensitive at this point, and had gone red. She admired the reddish, bulbous glans, bent over and lightly kissed it as a sign of approval.

I had cum three times inside her and she told me that she had a total of six orgasms and was very happy. We went back to her bedroom, she then lay on her back, spread her legs, and separated her pussy lips with two fingers.

She winked at me, and asked me, “Is this view of my pussy better than looking up my skirt?” She further added with a mysterious smile, “Next time, I’ll peel the skin off your cock, baby!”

Ah! What a horny lady was she!

Part 2 – Monica is not Satisfied

On Saturday afternoon, Vijay returned from Jaipur. I was in my room reading, when I heard moans coming from their bedroom. They were fucking again. They knew that I was in my room, and therefore, Vijay stifled Monica’s screams. Her moans, mixed with her soft cries, went on for about an hour, and then stopped. My mind wandered all this time to Vijay’s huge cock, moving in and out, stretching and almost splitting her cunt. But, I knew well that I would get my chance to fuck Monica pretty soon. I changed my thoughts to my college projects thus my arousal subsided eventually.

Soon it was dinnertime. Monica was dressed in a navy blue, knee length, skirt and a light blue matching blouse. We both were seated at the dinner table. Vijay was getting ready for an official dinner at the Chamber of Commerce. We barely had stared having our food when he walked in dressed up in formal suit and tie. .

Sitting beside Monica, he winked at his wife and whispered, “I’ll be home soon for the dessert!” She blushed. I was right across them. Even with Vijay at her side, Monica’s legs were wandering under the table touching my thighs and cock with her bare toes to give me an erection. I was too embarrassed to stand up and shake hands with Vijay. So, I just waved to him. He kissed Monica on her cheek and left for the dinner.

Monica stood up, discarded her napkin, smiled at me, and said, “Mohan hurry, come to by bedroom right now. I’m going to peel the skin off your cock!”

I washed up my hands and followed her to her bedroom. Monica had taken off her skirt and blouse and stood in front of me in her beige skin color lace panties and matching bra, covered by a light yellow lace nightie that had an open front. Her bra supported and covered the bottom half of her breasts, leaving the top portion exposed. Her areolas and erected nipples were clearly visible through the thin fabric. The sight was enough to give even a dead man a hard-on!

She asked, “Is this better than looking up my mini skirt?”

I replied, “It looks divine. You are like an Apsara (angel)”.

“You want to see more?”

I nodded.

“Then take them off yourself.” She commanded.

I walked towards her and traced her areolas with my fingers. She shuddered. I was very excited, and my cock was fully erect. I held her in a tight embrace and undid her bra, then put my hand inside her panties and began caressing her pussy. She reciprocated my actions by putting her hand inside my pants and held my cock. I could not believe that this was the same woman who had just finished fucking her husband, for over an hour.

We, like school kids, were playing with each other’s genitals. I laid her on the bed and removed her lace panties, put in my nose and took a deep whiff just to tease her. Monica smiled in approval. She was probably used to this and did not flinch. I undressed myself and lay beside her. Then our lips glued together French kissing meanwhile my free hand was busy squeezing her breasts.

After a few moments I broke off the kiss and move downwards her belly. I then gently spread her legs to have a clean look at her cunt. I truly liked her dark thick bushy pussy. Separating her labia a little I got a good look at her swollen, protruding inner lips, which met at the top, where her pink clitoris was peeping out of its hood. Her pussy looked beautiful! Monica had shaved her labia all the way to her clitoris to provide easy access and greater sensation during oral sex. The top of her bush was well groomed to a gull-wing shape, and looked very sexy! I separated her inner lips, and admired the glistening of her drenched vagina.

She was flattered, and asked me, “You like my choot? Vijay likes to call it that.” (Choot means pussy in Hindi).

“What a beautiful choot!” I answered kissing it. I could smell the fragrance of her shampoo, since she had showered after her lovemaking with Vijay, probably in preparation for me. I added, “You are my Devi (goddess),” I then licked her smooth labia up and down, and proceeded to the inner parts. My tongue slid right through her separated wet lips, my lips clamped around her pussy and then sucked firmly.

“Aaaaaahhhhhh…! Mohan! Aaaaaahhhhhh…! That’s so good!” Monica moaned.

I continued licking her lips up and down. I could clearly see her clitoris—all hard and pink, almost reddish—and flicked it with my tongue a few times.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Ooooooohhhhhhhhh…!” She response. “Yes Mohan, lick my clit… Lick…it… Right there! Aaaaahhh… Just stay on my clit! Oooooooowwwwwww…”

I licked her pussy for good about ten minutes—An intensified licking on her swollen clit.

“Ooooooohhhhhhhhh…! Ooooooohhhhhhhhh…! I’m cumming… Yeah… hell… I’m cumming… Oh my darling… Darling… Dar…!” She yelled at her loudest as she orgasmed.

I felt her pussy contract a few times and her entire pussy was wet and dripping, with her cum. I put my mouth and sucked her cunt as I swallowed every drop of her sweet cunt juice.

I then paused for a while to smooth down my breath.

She goaded me on, “Keep going, keep going, I’m about to get another one…”

I increased my speed and licked harder and faster.

“Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! I’m cumming again! I’m cuuummmmmiiiinnnggggg…” She screamed again and squeezed her pussy allowing me to taste yet another flavor of her pussy juices.

Now my tongue was completely out and encompassed her entire pussy. I moved my tongue in a little—slow upward strokes. After a few moments, she relaxed a bit, smiled and patted me on my head.

“I want some water,”

I went over to the kitchen and brought her a glass of water.

Monica sipped the water and then grabbed my cock. She gave it a few jerks, pulled the foreskin down, and put the bulbous mushroom head in her mouth.

A Mature Indian Slut Ch. 03

Readers might remember that after having some bumping fun with Namita, my friend Akash’s horny and juicy mom, I was hinted by his girlfriend that she knew about the whole affair and was a willing slut for use, whenever I wanted. As luck would have it, I had to go out of town and remained out for about three years. When I returned, I made it a point to visit Namita a few times and screw her hard n deep. Akash was not at college and was no longer a hindrance to his mother’s carnal desires. After a few days I was driving along, and saw a nice swaying butt ahead of me. As I was admiring the juicy ass, the girl turned around, and guess what, it was Kamini. Yes, that was the name of Akash’s girlfriend. I immediately stopped, and jumped out of the car. After the general greeting, I casually remarked that she was as hot as ever.

To that she remarked, “And you are as horny as u had been three years back.”

Old habits die hard, and hard I was getting as I stared at her generous cleavage. Kamini remarked that she stayed pretty close by, and why don’t I stop over for some juice or something.

“As long as the juice is freshly squeezed, I’m always happy to lick it out…I mean drink it…I remarked.”

We went over to her apartment, and sat chatting for a while. After about 10 mins she remarked that she had lost her hairclip somewhere. She searched around for a while, and then remarked “I remember now, It must have slipped under this sofa.” Saying so, she got on her hands and knees and bending low, started peering under the sofa. As she peered, so did I, at her upturned, sexy juicy ass…The curve was fabulous, not too big, yet, not small either. The cheeks seem to be firm. Try as hard as I may, I could not resist myself. I stretched out my hand and caressed one of her soft ass cheeks, over her skirt. As I laid my palm on her ass, she did not even flinch a muscle. She kept looking under the sofa, searching. I caressed her ass gently now, realizing that the slut did not have her panties on.

“See anything?” I asked her.

“Not yet,” she murmured.

“Well then,do you feel anything?” I asked cheekily.

“oh yeah,” she said in a sexy voice. “A horny palm is caressing my butt, it seems”…and started giggling.

I gave her but a sharp slap…SMAAAAAAAAAAAACk…I started her, and she yelped in sudden pain. “Get your skirt off, bitch,” I barked at her. She quickly shed the skirt and stood infront of me, only in her loose round neck t-shirt. “Get that off as well, slut,” I commanded. And off it went in a flash, and Kamini was standing in her birthday suit, ready to be man-handled. “Come make yourself useful,” I said, and got my hardened cock out of my pants. She stared at it, and stared and stared and stared. Her eyes showing a mix of awe, delight and fear at the same time. I was quite used to this look from women who have not seen a big dick earlier, and just held her by her ponytail and thrust her face to my groin. “Suck bitch!”

She stuck out her tongue and started tentatively licking the tip of my cockhead, but soon her mouth was impaled on my cock, and her head bobbed up and down. I helped her by holding the back of her her head and forcing her head down roughly. I could feel my cock head rub her throat, as I deep fucked her slutty mouth. The slut seemed to enjoy the whore-house treatment, and was sucking with a lot of zest. “Unggghhh, mmmssrrppp” was all she could utter…. After some more sucking, I pulled out my cock, and slapped it on her lips, then all over her cheeks and face…wetting her face by her own saliva, which she had deposited on my cock. Now she was looking like a real slut, to use as I please. I stood and asked her to lick and suck my balls. Now I have heard some guys shave there pubic hair, but I find that disgusting. A man should be like one, and shaving pubic hair suits women, and Wimps among the males. Well she held my slab of man-meat in her dainty fingers, and lifted it to bend down and lick my balls….she was not bad at it. Soon she was sucking my balls one at a time…while I stuck one toe into her sloppy cunt. Her cunt seemed to be pouring, as she kept at her job.

“What the hell is going on here?” It startled me completely, and I looked behind to see a woman in her forties, in a chiffon sari, walk into the room. Kamini quickly stood up and nearly jumped around, trying to get into her clothes. I was still too shocked to realize that my cock was sticking out, at full mast, out of my jeans. As our eyes met, she inadvertently looked down at my manhood, and her eyes glued to it for a full 10 seconds, before she could start shouting again.

Her face flushed heavily as Kamini yelled, “Mom, this is not what you think.”

She shot a sharp glance at her, and retorted”well I can make out that my daughter has been…..”she could not complete the sentence, probably in shame. Now go inside and get dressed up.” Kamini literally ran out of the room. I suddenly realized that I should get going, and started to turn as I slipped my shrunk cock into my pants.

“We need to talk.” she said, and I turned around to see Kamini’s mom sitting on the sofa. “Sit down and tell me who you are.” Her eyes seemed to be flirting with me, though she maintained a strict tone.

“Well I am a friend of Kamini,” I replied, as my eyes travelled over her body. As I looked carefully, I could make out that her blouse had a pretty low cut infront and her cleavage was displayed through her see through chiffon saree. As I looked up at her, I saw her staring at me. She seemed to have caught me looking at her cleavage. Now, I was in my territory, my favourite game was on. As she looked at me, I deliberately looked down at her cleavage, admiring it for about 4-5 seconds, before looking back at her eyes. She had a hint of smile at the corner of her lips, or was I just imaging things here? Well, to my surprise, she took up the challenge. As I looked at her, she looked down at my crotch,stared at it for sometime, and then looked up at me. This time she was definitely smiling, a bit of a sneering smile.

I walked up to her, getting closer and closer, until my crotch was about only 2 inches from her nose. ” have a closer look it you want to,” I told her, as I placed my hands on my hips, and stood in front of her, my hips thrust forward ever so slightly. She did not make any attempt to move away, and stared straight at the bulge in my pants. As she stared, her saree’s pallu seemed to automatically fall off. From above I had a perfect view of her deep cleavage. Her creamy skin seemed to glow as it emerged from the dark gully, and curved outward into the globes of soft juicy titflesh.

” Well, it seems you don’t remember, that I am a mother of a grown up girl,” she said. This statement could have multiple connotations, and as I wondered what she meant, she continued “bulges in pants do not excite me beyond a point.”

I got the drift, and in 3 seconds flat, my cock was out of its restraints. She had not moved her face away, and the result was that my cock was now resting on her forehead, her lips in line with my balls. I moved back very very slowly, so that my cock head traced its way down her nose. I positioned myself so that cock tip was lightly grazing the tip of her nose. She kept very still, and I could feel her hot breath on my cock. I was sure she could smell my cock no. It has a very strong smell, and many women, including Namita, find it to be a great turn on.

She now looked up at me, without moving her face. “Open”, is all I said, and she gently opened her lipstick smeared lips. As she made a small “O” with her lips, I caressed her silky hair. Then I took a handful of hair from behind, and thrust her face forward , so that my cock sunk into her throat. She gagged immediately, and tried to pull away, but I held her firm, as I started humping her mouth. She was literally struggling now, as I kept fucking her face. Slowly she started enjoying it, and worked her tongue around inside her mouth, as I fucked it. Bit by bit, she came around to sucking my cock like a hungrily tigress, as I was roughly sticking my cock down her throat. After about 10 mins of screwing her mouth, I pulled out.

I was in control again. “Whats ur name?” I asked her.

“Monali,” she said , as she kept looking hungrily at my cock.

“What are u looking at bitch?” I asked her, as I slapped her cheeck lightly. She did not reply, but tried to take me back in her mouth again. I pulled her head by by her hair.

“First you reply to my questions, and then you get your reward.”

“Your cccock”, she replied hesitantly.

“Haven’t u seen one before, you old cunt?” I asked her. She was silent. I started moving away. “Yes I have,” she replied quickly.

“how many cock have u seen bitch?”

“Only one. My hubby’s”

“Is it as big as mine?”

“Yes, it is,” she said, as she looked up, defiance in her eyes.

“Tell me the truth, you horny creaming cunt” I said in a stern voice.

“Yes, it is as big as yours,” she replied. This time a little more firmly.

“Oh, it is, is it,” I said, and suddenly held her by a handful of her hair, and holding the base of my cock, slapped it hard all over her face. “tell me whore, is it like this, as big, as thick, huh, huh, does it feel like this,” I kept on, slapping it all over her face and lips and mouth. She closed her eyes and was enjoying it. Suddenly I stopped, “then go get fucked by him,” I said and started to move away.

“NO, PLEASE.” She literally screamed, as she threw her arms around my legs and pulled me to her. She was rubbing her cheecks tenderly against my cock, “please don’t go.”

“Then tell me the truth bitch,” I said as I caressed her hair, “how big is ur hubby’s gun? Is it a teeny weeny girls pistol, or is it a shotgun?”

” He is small,” she said meekly.

“And what do you want?” She was silent again. I make a slight movement away.

“Something like yours,” she said quickly. “Big, thick, hard and throbbing.”

“Now, we are talking,” I said, as I rubbed my cock tip on her eager lips, and she hungrily swallowed as much as she could, which was about half of it. We have a hungry horny bitch her…I thought, as I started fucking her mouth all over again, lets see how kinky I can get her, how well she can be used.

Nude Day in Mumbai

This was something unexpected. Katrina and Salman had been going steady for longer than he had ever been in a relationship. This meant one of two things — he believed Katrina was the one for him, or being on the wrong side of 40 he was now desperate to settle down.

As she lay in bed next to a sleeping Salman after a hot sex session, she lit up a cigarette. Salman was naked, sleeping on top of the covers, his back to her. He was indeed a beautiful man. His arms were chiselled by hours spent each day in the gym. Any woman could spend hours caressing his six pack abs, or would gladly die for that one chance to worship his circumcised cock. What Katrina loved the most was his ass. It was the tightest specimen she had ever come across, and she had come across a lot of them. A man of 25 would have been proud if his ass was even half as tight.

Katrina was deep in thought, blowing smoke rings with every puff of her stick. A blanket covered her bare body up to the waist. Her long black tresses fell almost nonchalantly to her exposed breasts, covering her pink nipples. At 25, she could not have asked for more. Her career was going well, and she had one of the hottest Indian men to come home to each night.

Some of the newbies in her profession had decided to celebrate National Nude Day. It is difficult as it is to get people to shed their clothes unless you are in the south of France, perhaps, but to get those in India to do it where some people don’t even bathe without their loin cloths was almost impossible. Moreover, she had wanted to celebrate the day with her colleagues all of whom she considered prude. Her work was cut out.

For almost a week now she was thinking of various ways to convince people to celebrate the holiday. She knew there was only one way. Salman had to buy into her idea. Salman had enough clout in the industry to ensure everyone else joined in.


Salman woke up. The clock by his bed told him it was a quarter past two in the morning. Katrina’s side of the bed was empty. Where was she? Her clothes were still piled on the floor where they had been ripped off her in a moment of passion. He searched his apartment.

She was in the balcony of his tenth floor apartment, nude, looking down at the street below. Her ivory skin shimmered in the moonlight. Katrina was a goddess — long legs that went on forever, a bubble butt, and thighs that could wrap around a man’s waist and kill him. She was slightly bent over the railing, which gave him a clear view of her shaved pussy. Her pink clit peeked through her nether lips. But he knew that Katrina’s best asset was her smile. It was a smile that made her simultaneously look slutty and that perfect woman you could take home to your mother.

The apartment was surrounded by high-rises. He knew anyone with a half-decent set of binoculars could feast openly at the sight of this naked woman. She was an exhibitionist.

He went behind her and his arms went around her waist. His flaccid member was buried between the cheeks of her ass. She squirmed a little and placed his hands on her supple breasts. Her nipples were hard. He could not tell whether it was the cool breeze or that she was turned on that did it. He kissed her softly on her neck.

“Hello, beautiful!” he said.

She said nothing, but pushed her ass out further to meet his cock. Salman could feel a familiar stirring in his loins. He had never considered himself a prude. But the things she made him do definitely bordered the freakish.

“Let’s talk,” she blurted out of the blue.

For someone who has been with as many women as Salman has been, those words uttered by a woman is bad news. Aishwarya had started the conversation with the exact same words before calling it off. With some trepidation, he led her to the living room.

Katrina spoke, “Some of us girls are planning to celebrate National Nude Day.”

She said it simply, almost as if she wanted to celebrate her friend’s birthday. It took him sometime to register it.

“What? National Nude Day? In India? Do you really think anyone in this country is familiar with the holiday? And is it prudent to go out nude with the general public? That would ruin us.”

“Hold on!” Katrina interrupted, “Who said anything about the general public? I am talking of a private celebration, with a handful of our colleagues. We could celebrate in your farmhouse.”

No effing way! That was his first thought. Before Katrina came into his life, he would have probably thought differently. But he was very possessive of Katrina. He would not want her parading naked in front of anyone else. She read his thoughts.

“See, I know you love me. And you want to have me all to yourself. But you know in the industry we work, complete fidelity is just a figment of someone’s imagination. You know I sleep around. I know you sleep around. We choose to pretend it never happens. Here, I am not even talking of sleeping with someone else. We will be nude. That is all. There is no obligation to fuck.”

He knew she was right. Sleeping around was a given in their line of work. Chances were all those on her guest list were people he had already been with before.

She saw he was almost on her side. She hit the hammer on the head.

“Besides, would you not want to know what your former girlfriends look like now?”

He was sold. This was something he wanted to know. Sangeeta was now with Azhar. But he used her first. He wanted to know the state of her goods. He wanted to know the state of all his ex-girlfriends’ goods.

“What do you want me to do?” he asked.


The farmhouse was in an obscure part of the Western Ghats. The celebrations were about to begin. The guests had been informed about the dress code. They could wear anything they chose to on their way to the party. All clothing had to be shed before knocking the door.

Salman and Katrina took their positions next to the door as their guests started streaming in. Salman had a nice red bow wrapped around his penis, while Katrina was dressed in a gold cummerbund.

Bipasha and John were the first ones to arrive. They greeted each other in the traditional nude day greeting — the men were greeted by grabbing their cocks while the women were greeted by cupping their breasts. This was one celebration in which a man could shake another man’s cock in a gesture as innocent as shaking hands with no fear of being labelled gay.

Salman and John shook each other’s cocks. John was a handsome six feet tall well-built man with those latin looks that women swoon over. One look at his cock and Katrina knew Bipasha had chosen well. This man was hung like a horse, uncut. As she cupped Bipasha’s dusky breasts, Katrina thought how wonderful it would be to have John’s meat in her mouth. Bipasha and John shared a knowing glance. This was just their kind of celebration.

The large living room had been converted into a party arena. There was a well-stocked bar in the far corner, Arabic divans strategically placed in a large circular formation that left a large performance area in the centre. A bunch of hot naked women served drinks and refreshments. Bipasha was quick to notice the bartender. He was a Greek God with a schlong the size of her arm.


The celebrations were on, the champagne was uncorked, and everyone was having a bloody good time. Katrina observed that Aishwarya never let go of Abhishek. She literally held on to him, as if he was her life-raft. Of course, in strict nude day tradition, Aishwarya held on to Abhishek’s cock.

Katrina was a little disappointed at Abhishek’s size. For someone over six feet tall, he was tiny. He had his father’s height but was blessed with a cock as short as his mother, she mused. Aishwarya looked stunning. She had tied her hair up in a bun. Save for the six-inch black stilettos, she wore nothing. Her breasts seemed to have gotten bigger. They were a nice size now, milky white with purple nipples. Her stomach was still flat, and her pussy though used retained her tightness somewhat.

Salman’s eyes were fixed on Aishwarya. That woman had put him through a lot. It was one of his most painful break-ups. But this would be sweet revenge. He knew Aishwarya still dug him. Why else would she want to have Abhishek by her side? She did not trust herself alone in a room with Salman. He knew that. He had to bide his time. Before the night was out, his cock would be up her ass.

Deepika and Ranbir, like all new couples, were all by themselves oblivious of the world around them. Deepika stroked his 8 inch dick while Ranbir stuck two fingers up her cunt. Their mouths were locked in a passionate kiss. Deepika was the youngest of all the guests. At barely 20, she had already developed into a fine woman. She was tall, too tall for an Indian woman perhaps, with the figure of a ramp model. Her breasts were on the small side. Katrina had been a little sore over that China business between Deepika and Akshay. She felt wronged by the woman. This was her way of exacting revenge.

The only couple not married to each other was Akshay and Mallika. Katrina was not surprised when he showed up without Twinkle. Akshay’s reputation was well-known. But she was surprised at Akshay’s choice. Oh yes, she was happy. Mallika was a hot woman, and Katrina had been with her a few times. It is just that she was a little amazed that Akshay chose Mallika instead of all the other young nymphets that he usually goes around with.

Akshay was a man’s man. A martial arts enthusiast, he was in peak physical condition. If anything, his ass was even tighter than Salman’s. Katrina had ridden Akshay’s smooth 7 inch manhood many a time. He was the only man in the industry who not only barebacked her but also creampied her pussy. Katrina would gladly give up anything to become his sex slave.

The Haryanvi Mallika went around doing what she does best — darting her tongue in everyone’s mouth and giving them the best kiss of their lives. The women loved it when their breasts rubbed against Mallika’s much fuller boobs. The men loved it when she let them spank her buxom bottoms. This party was finally coming alive.


They were all on their divans playing truth or dare. It is funny how being naked makes people more truthful and daring than they normally are.

The young Deepika agreed to do something she had never considered herself capable of doing. Ranbir was bent over a chair while she licked his anus. She even went a step further and tongue-fucked his ass. Ranbir was hard, harder than she had ever seen him. Encouraged, she stuck two fingers up his backside. He moaned. His eyes were closed. His cock twitched. He was terribly close. She massaged his prostate, which sent him over the edge. There was cum all over the Persian rugs.

Fortune smiled on Salman. It was his turn to truth or dare Aishwarya. He went in with truth, and asked her a question.

“Do you still have feelings for me?”

The question took everyone off-guard. They were all aware of the history. Every eye looked at Aishwarya. Her face was emotionless, but her response came a little too late.

“No,” she said matter-of-factly.

Everyone, including Abhishek, had seen right through her. They knew she lied. They knew that given a chance she would fuck Salman’s brains out. But they all did the proper thing — pretended as if they believed her. All except Katrina. She wanted to see how far Aishwarya would go if pushed. When her turn came, Katrina dared Abhishek.

“I dare you to shove Salman’s cock up your ass.”

There was silence for a while. No one knew where Katrina was going with this. Aishwarya knew it was her cue. Abhishek was one of the very few completely straight men in the industry. In fact, in this current gathering he was the only straight man. There was no chance in hell Abhishek would agree to this. He would choose not to honour a dare.

Abhishek’s response was expected. He emphatically refused.

Katrina rubbed him, “Now we know who the pussy in the family is.”

“He is not a pussy!” Aishwarya defended him, “He is not gay. You are not playing fair.”

“Well,” Katrina went on, “you are his wife. You could accept the challenge for him. Else we are not going to invite you both for our parties. We don’t like party-poopers.”

Salman could have kissed his woman! Katrina played Aishwarya perfectly. It was then that Salman realised what a gem he had. He would propose to Katrina tomorrow. This woman was a keeper.


What began as a challenge turned into an orgy. It started with Salman pushing his rod up Aishwarya’s backside as the others cheered them on. Soon, Abhishek got into it was well and was rather enjoying the sight of another man gamming his boots into his wife. Deepika was busy sucking John’s cock. In the far corner of the room, Mallika had Bipasha against the bar finger fucking her and kissing her at the same time. Akshay had found his new victim for the night in Ranbir. He took his anal virginity, and then fucked him over good. Abhishek got lucky too. With his small dick, he fucked Katrina’s ass while she masturbated herself to an orgasm.

Katrina had thrown a wonderful party, indeed.

It’s All in Family Ch. 02

From that day I couldn’t think about other than my aunt. Who knew she got such an amazing spotless ass. Even in dream I was thinking of aunty only. Picture of bottomless aunty sucking uncle’s cock was keep on coming in front of my eyes.

Main problem was uncle aunty both used to treat me like their own son. I knew it aunty will not even let me touch herself. Few days passed nothing was coming up in mind. But one day we all were sitting on dining table and were having our supper. End of the dinner aunty brought bunch of bananas from kitchen. We all started having bananas. I barely had one banana and my tummy was full. So I handed over second banana to my aunt. She did not mind and ate that banana as well. It was her 3rd banana. I asked her innocently,

“Looks like you fond of fruits aunty!!”

Uncle suddenly replied, “Beta! Not all fruits, your aunty loves only bananas. She enjoys eating up long and thick bananas.” And he started laughing.

I just smiled and pretended as if I did not understand implied meaning. Aunty looked quite embarrassed. She did not speak anything but quickly went into kitchen.

Uncle mentioned to me, “By the way beta! Next 3 days I am going out of town for office work. So please be around and help your aunt in case she needs anything.”

I just nodded.

That night an idea struck into my mind. Middle of the night I woke up and locked my bedroom door. I removed my pants and stood in front of mirror. Even though I was thin and stout I always felt that my cock size is quite big also even size of my balls cannot be ignorant. But till that age I never seen any porn movie hence I did have any comparable units. But other night when I saw uncle’s crouch I realized that my part is much more bigger and thicker than his. And I was just nineteen. I reassure myself by looking at my size of crouch in mirror and took the razor and foam and shaved my crouch and ass. Absolutely cleaned shaved, not a single hair on my crouch. It took almost an hour to make it baby cleaned. I made up my plan and slept.

I woke up next day. Uncle was already gone for office. I took shower and wrapped up towel around my waist and came out half wet. Aunty was in middle of her prayers. But still I went ahead and asked her,

“Aunty, My undies are wet today. What to do?”

Aunty opened her eyes. Her prayers were interrupted. She gestured at me to take it from her drawer. I nodded and rushed to her bedroom. I opened first drawer. It was full of colourful string panties, G-strings and other bra stuff. I spent quite a time to analyse each panty and finally selected one, which was lying at the end of the drawer. It was a micro string panty. It had only string at back but even its front triangular part was so small it could barely cover full pussy. And here I have to fit my 2 balls and semi hard penis inside it. I wore it. It was barely covering anything of my crouch. I somehow fit my penis inside front triangle but I managed to put only tip of my cock inside it. Rest base and middle cock was totally bare. I arrange my balls such a way that one ball was hanging out from one side of triangle of the front piece of panty and other ball was hanging out from other part of triangle. I heard auntie’s voice coming from passage,

“Beta!! Did u manage to find underwear?”

I quickly wrapped up towel loosely and deliberately slid down on floor. I kicked adjacent chair and fell down on floor. Since chair also fall down there was a big noise. Aunt ran down to bedroom. I acted like I’m need deep pain. Aunt immediately rushed for help. She was really looking worried. She asked me if I’m ok or not. I mentioned that my thigh was in acute pain and I can’t move. She pulled me up and made me stand with her help. She gave me her shoulder for support and started walking in front of me and I started limping behind her, putting my all weight on her shoulders. I smartly removed my towel and kept walking behind her. Finally we reached near my bed. She turned around towards me to put me on my bed. Now she realized I’m without towel and only wearing her panty. She got little embarrassed but she helped me climbing on my bed. I shamelessly slept on my back and kept my legs apart. From the corner of my eye I could see that auntie is gazing at my crouch. There was a surprise look on her face. My hanging balls and semi hard cock are doing their magic. I was then sure that she was amazed with the size of my crouch. I screamed very loudly and kept my hand on my crouch. Aunt told me let me bring some ointment from bedroom. She was back with muscle relaxer and asked me to show exact area of pain. I show her right side of my waist and even shown her my balls and told her right ball is hurting me the most. I saw auntie got little awkward after hearing my area of pain. So I told her,

“Auntie, Please give that ointment to me. I will apply it by myself. I am utterly embarrassed to put you in this position.”

Auntie suddenly changed her stance and smiled and said, “It’s alright beta! I have seen you naked thousands of times when you were baby. You are just like my son Pravin. So don’t worry. Let me take care of you.”

She sat beside me and lowed my panty. Everything was hanging now. My flaccid cocks fell down over my balls. She quickly pushed my cock and started applying ointment on my balls. I saw that she was totally gazing at my crouch. Just after a minute she stopped and asked me to sleep. I just slept. After 2-3 hours I woke up due to auntie’s voice. She came to my room and was telling,

“Beta! I put some more ointment now. It will be good if I keep applying it after every 4-5 hours. You will be fine in 2-3 days.”

Before I even open my eyes. A blanket was thrown on my head covering my entire face and shoulders. I heard aunt saying,

“Beta! You sleep. I will take care of rest. “

I realized blanket, which I was having, was getting moved. Soon I realized aunt has removed it completely. I was fully exposed and naked below. Since another blanket was covering my face I could not see what was going on. I kept mum. In a few seconds I sensed my balls are getting massaged. My balls were getting vigorously groped. I felt excited. Even I realized my cock is erected. But cock was not touched at all. This went for at least 2-3 minutes and suddenly stopped. I heard aunt saying,

“Beta! Its done. You sleep.” And she put back my blanket on my body and went off.

Around 9 o’clock Auntie came to my room again. She switched on the lights. She brought a dinner for me. I made me sit on the bed. She took care that blanket remained on my body. She sat beside me and fed me entire dinner. We watched TV together in my room. Even after dinner she sat in my room and watch TV with me at least till 11 pm. After that she told me that she has to read some holy book chapter so she is going to her room. She kissed on my forehead and went off. While going she even switched off the lights.

I also tried to sleep. Since entire day I was sleeping hence couldn’t sleep at night. Around 2 o’clock midnight I heard some noise in the dark. Bedroom light was switched on. It was auntie standing there. I pretended waking up from deep sleep. She quickly come near to me and put a blanket on my face and told,

“Shhhh!! Sleep beta!! I just came here to apply ointment on your pain area!”

She covered blanket around my face and sat beside me for few minutes. She made sure that I am sleeping again. I kept absolute mum. No movement at all. I realized again my body blanket was gone in a split of second and my balls again getting massaged. After 5 minutes I was totally excited and my cock was rock hard erected. Auntie did not stop the massage.

Suddenly I realized a hand tightly held my cock. I realized now along with my balls, my cock also getting massaged. Intensity of groping was more increased. A sweet pain was totally running through my body. My body started shivering. I wanted to scream loud but somehow I kept my mouth shut. It did not stopped. Finally I lost my control and ejaculated. I was in total trance. I realized aunt was wiping out my cock and balls. She swiftly put back a blanket on my body, switched off the lights and left.

My trick worked. U just got a handsome hand job from my own aunt! I was super happy. Next morning I woke up realizing my balls are again getting massaged but felt really different about cock. A thick blanket was on my face so couldn’t see but I felt that no hand was used to hold my cock but instead some wet thing is sucking the tip of my cock. Oh my god! Auntie was sucking my cock. Wet feeling was due to her tongue and mouth. It was absolutely exciting. I did not realized when I cummed but this went on for few minutes and then I realized my crouch is getting wiped out like a small baby.

I was totally exhausted, so lay there on bed for another half an hour and then woke up. I wore the pants and went out to bathroom to freshen up. I came to hall. Auntie was watching TV. It was some ‘satsang’ channel going on and she was listening preaching of some Guru. She saw me and smiled,

“Good morning beta!! How are you?!!”

I replied, “Good morning aunt. I am good now. That ointment you were applying really worked. I don’t feel any pain more. Thanks to you.”

She smiled again and replied, “Oh my baby! It’s alright. Good that you recovered. I have to go to the temple now for prayers. You carry on. Please have breakfast kept in kitchen table. “

Aunt was acting like nothing happen. I was utterly confused how to make a move forward. Rest of the day just passed without any action. Uncle was also back from his tour. And aunt was also totally invested into prayers and stuff.

I decided to break the ice. So one morning after bath I called up aunt from my bedroom. Uncle was dressed up and was having breakfast in hall. Aunt was doing some chores in the kitchen. I removed my pants and just wore a small tight brief and nothing at bottom. I kept on shaking my cock until it fully got erected. I just stood there and waited for aunt. Finally in a minute aunt came to my bedroom. I shamelessly stood there bottomless exposing my fully erected cock and hanging balls. I heard aunt whispering, “Oh lord Krishna!!”

Before anything happens I started, “Aunt, Please see na. Something is wrong with my right ball. It is again in pain. I used to feel very relieving when you used to apply ointment here. Could you please check it here?”

Aunt ran to me and talked to me in whispering voice, “For god’s sake Deepu, Please wear your pants now. I do not want any issue in front of him(she was referring uncle). Let him go then I will take care of it.” And she immediately went to see uncle. After five minutes I heard slam of the door. Uncle must have gone.

I went to hall. Auntie was at the door. She double locked the door and turned to me. Without a word she grabbed my hand and walked me near sofa. She sat down on sofa and made me stand in front of her. She slide down my pant and grabbed my balls and started massaging them. I started moaning. Auntie increased her speed of massage and she was totally looking into my eyes with a strange stern look. My cock was fully erected but she did not touch it at all. She kept on groping my balls with her right palm and kept staring at me. Finally I cum’ed. I just cum like fizzed soda coming out of shaken bottle. All my thick white cum spilled on her face. Auntie did not say a word. I moaned a lot. After a minute she sat down and asked me with smile,

“Beta! How are you feeling now? Is it better?”

I nodded with my head and ran into bedroom.

Fuck Morality – Sona’s Story Ch. 03

** This is a work of fiction. It contains absolutely no truth — even the bits that sound plausible. The characters in this story are not based on any real persons, nor is the story based on any real events. It’s a story people, enjoy it for it is. **

** This story is about incest between a mother and her son — both of whom are adults. If you don’t like this subject matter, move along. **

** This story is a continuation, of sorts, of the ‘Morally Ambivalent Mother’ series. You’re better off reading them as a back story. Or you can just read this and ignore all that. Up to you. Have fun!**

I listened to the sound of my son’s breathing as it grew deeper and more relaxed, each breath hot and wet against the back of my neck and shoulders. His arms held me in a confident embrace, keeping our bodies pressed together in a huddle of deliciously clammy and sweaty flesh. we were both quietly enjoying that post coital bliss, that feeling of deep satisfaction tingling through our bodies.

Our fucking was a stark reminder for me just how much better sex was with the hulking mass of a virile testosterone fueled stud, with all his manly passion and anger, delivering his love deep into my body with every ferocious thrust of his magnificent pole. I think I appreciated it more having spent the last year knowing nothing other than a collection of over used silicone moulded dildos and my own nimble fingers for sex partners.

My son, my fantastic lover, had taken me with strength and vigour and as I lay now, cradled in his arms, belly full of his hot potent seed, I knew no one could ever satisfy me as thoroughly as he. Even now, flaccid and spent, he’s meaty cock remained buried deep inside my sex. In no hurry to withdraw, it’s presence a symbol of his dominion over me, he’s rightful ownership of the forbidden prize I so willingly and shamelessly offered to him. I sheathed him with pride, squeezing my pelvic floor muscles in rhythmic cycles to massage and tease my lover within the velvety embrace of my warm motherly canal. Taking selfish delight in wondering whether my affections would reawaken his slumbering beast to ravish me once again.

Despite my naughty little game, I sensed Mobeen was drifting off to sleep as his breathing grew deeper still. I reached behind and gave his thigh a light but playful smack to keep him from dozing off. He grunted, rising with a startle as the sudden movement yanked his meaty cock from my freshly fertilised pussy with a sudden uncomfortable jerk. He departed with a nasty slurp followed by a rather embarrassing belch from my lady parts as air rushed to fill the yawning cavity his absence left in me.

“Whoops!” I giggled nervously, the heat growing in my cheeks as I tried to excuse the unladylike noises gurgling past the fleshy lips of my well fucked cunt. “That’s a little embarrassing!” Mobeen chuckled as he nuzzled into my neck, leaving a trail of playful but reassuring kisses against my sensitive skin. “It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. It means you’ve been well fucked. It means I did my job properly.”

“You sure did, Sweetheart! Ooof, that was by far the most thorough fucking I’ve ever received.” I smiled as I reached back to run my fingers through his hair, sighing with satisfaction.

“I hope you enjoyed yourself too, hope you enjoyed mummy.” I added with a hopeful smile and a twinkle in my eye.

“Are you kidding me? Mum, there were things you were doing I’ve never felt before with anyone. That squeezy-squeezy thing you were doing with your…um… pussy muscles. That was amazing!”

I smiled to myself. Despite having just fucked my brains out he was still sheepish about using naughty words in front of me. Or maybe he stumbled because he was referring to *my* pussy rather than any other woman’s private parts. Either way, I found his awkwardness sweet and disarming.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it baby. I wanted to make sure you enjoyed yourself.” I replied with a sincerity that surprised even myself.

“I wanted to be a good *fuck* for you.” I continued, enjoying how emphasising the word *fuck* gave me a giddy little thrill, as if repeating the word underlined how deliciously shameful and forbidden our bodily union was.

Mobeen pressed himself closer to me, cradling my delicate petite body and placing a sensual kiss against the side of my neck. One hand squeezed my breast gingerly before sliding down my side to squeeze my hips and ass.

“I *really* enjoyed fucking you, mum.” He whispered seductively, just as he’s wandering hand swept round the front of my body to reach down between my legs to cup my sex and massage my mons in purposeful circular motions.

I moaned as Mobeen’s expert touch reignited the smouldering embers of incestuous lust. I raised one leg a little, parting my thighs enough to afford my son better access to me, gasping loudly when he took the opportunity to reach lower and shove two fingers into my expectant cunt.

“Oh babyyyy!” I sighed, feeling myself melt as he worked his fingers against the inside walls of my vaginal cavity. He alternated between stirring his fingers around my throbbing pouch and making quick stabbing motions into me, causing his palm to make nasty wet squelching noises against my slippery cunt lips.

He withdrew his fingers, leaving me mewing with disappointment and a feeling of gaping emptiness inside me. He brought his fingers up, pressing them against my lips where I accepted them greedily into my mouth. I sucked them hard, flicking my tongue along and between his fingers as the taste of our combined fuck juices filled my mouth.

I worked my lips over his slippery digits, performing pseudo-fellatio on this phallic substitute, purring as i demonstrated my cocksucking abilities with eagerness and pride. A moan of unabashed sexual gratification escaped from around the seal of my mouth when he growled into my ear what a fucking sexy little bitch I was.

His derogatory words gave me a naughty idea as I turned around and pushed him back so that he was lying flat on the floor. I began kissing his chest, nuzzling against his fine curly hairs as I worked my way south. I smiled at him seductively as I flicked my tongue over his skin, grinning to my lover as I sensed him realise where my affection was heading. I planted a trail of delicate kisses over his finely toned abdomen, dipping my tongue briefly into his cute little belly button before brazenly kissing and licking my way further south.

I adjusted myself on the floor, easing myself into a more comfortable position so that I could curl up, my face inches from his crotch. I kissed my way past his lower abdomen and then ran my nose through his bristly neatly trimmed pubes. The pungent smell of fucking tickled my nostrils as I inspected my son’s gorgeous fuck tool, glistening in our combined fuck juices and flecked with globules of creamy white mucus.

Even while flaccid it seemed to throb menacingly. My pussy ached in anticipation as I examined my son’s enormous manhood, draped casually across his thigh like a thick wet slab of dark brown meat. I leaned in to place loving kisses along the shaft, flicking my tongue teasingly along the length and licking clean the messy remnants of our earlier lovemaking. I kissed my way to his sweaty ballsack nuzzling my nose against his large testicles and inhaling his meaty odour. I reached under to lift and cup his plum sized balls marvelling at their impressive size and thrumming potency. I kissed them adoringly, listening to his delighted gasps, as I lovingly enticed those sperm factories back into action.

I attended to my son’s manhood, cleaning and teasing him adoringly, taking pride in loving him back to renewed vigour. It was thrilled watching his cock slowly throb back to life, gradually filling and hardening. I looked up occasionally to see the look of fascination and lust in his eyes as he watched his mother orally pleasure him.

He pushed himself up, leaning back on his elbows as he spread his thighs wider, giving me more space to lap greedily at his genitals. “Fuck, you’re gonna make me cum if you carry on like that.”

I flashed him a naughty smile as I peered up at him, my face buried in his crotch, licking his sweaty balls. I wondered what he must be thinking as he watched me, his mother, nuzzling her face against his testicles, working her tongue all over his crotch as she licked and sucked and kissed and nibbled. I wondered what a nasty little whore he must think of me.

He slowly climbed to his feet, towering over me as he directed me onto my knees. Reaching behind my head he nudged me forward, making me crawl across the floor as he walked backwards towards the single lazyboy recliner in the corner of the room. He sat back in the chair, draping a thigh over each armrest, tucking is hands behind his head and flashing me a cheeky smile as he signalled me to carry on pleasuring him.

I couldn’t help but be charmed by my cheeky little boy, taking quiet delight in how brazen and cock sure he was. I shuffled closer to him, making myself comfortable kneeling on the floor before him, he’s legs spread open before me and his magnificent cock glistening with my saliva.

I took hold of him, marvelling at his impressive length and girth. I wrapped both hands around his throbbing shaft as I pumped it slowly, maintaining eye contact and smirking knowingly at my horny son. I watched him grin like a Cheshire cat as I leaned forward, angled his cock towards me and closed my mouth around the tip of his bulbous cockhead. I pressed my tongue into his weeping eye, tasting some of his delicious precum, before letting it dance over his sensitive glans as I sucked gently.

I worked my lips slowly over his cock, kissing and sucking as I struggled to take his entire head into my mouth. Each time I tried I felt my jaw tighten and I’d have to release him again. But what I lacked in elegance I made up for in enthusiasm as I hungrily lapped away at his pulsing member. From sweaty ball sac to throbbing bell end, I pleasured him, cooing and purring my appreciation as my son watched me in wide eyed awe.

I returned my attention to his head, sucking on it vigorously as I worked my lips back and forth over the slick surface. I pumped his cock harder, both hands working his fat tool into a quick rhythm, sensing the slow buildup of his climax.

He reached behind me and pressed my head down onto his cock, trying to push himself that little bit deeper into my eager mouth, even while I struggled to accommodate him. He placed a hand on either side of my head, holding me firm as he began bucking, fucking my mouth in shallow but insistent thrusts. I tried to pump his shaft in perfect rhythm, hungrily flicking my tongue over his weeping eye as it oozed more and more of his sweet precum.

His breathing grew quicker now and I was sure he wouldn’t last much longer. I sucked him in a frenzy, somehow managing to fit his whole bell-end into my mouth and letting it nudge uncomfortably against my gullet. I wanted to take him further, I wanted to swallow all of him. Like a pornstar confidently taking a massive organ deep into her throat, I wanted to swallow his entire cock till my nose was nuzzling against the prickly hairs at the base of his shaft. But each time I tried my gag reflex kicked in and I had to pull back, choking and frustrated that I couldn’t give my son the pleasure of a deeper penetration.

“Fuck, I can’t hold it any more.” He growled as I watched, through stinging teary eyes, his face contort in pain.

“Cum, babes, don’t hold it back. Come for mummy.” I gasped, my voice raspy as I pulled off his cock momentarily before swallowing him to the back of my throat again. This time, despite retching I pushed him deeper, forcing him into my gullet as I swallowed and swallowed, my throat muscles spasming helplessly as I forced him deeper and deeper. I pulled back to catch a lung-full of air before attempting again, each time feeling my throat yield and flex against his invading cock.

Finally, he growled loudly as he announced his approaching climax with several deep thrusts into my throat. I pulled back enough to catch some air, just as I felt his sizzling hot spunk spray against the back of my throat. I swallowed hungrily, snatching away his thick salty cum in greedy gulps as I stayed with him throughout, sucking and slobbering over his cock. I pumped his pulsing member furiously with one hand, massaging his balls as they emptied their delicious contents into my mouth and down my throat.

He continued humping, riding his orgasm as I devoted myself to prolonging and intensifying the feeling for him. I moaned with him, feeling the joy of bringing my son to climax, as I gobbled up his creamy reward.

Slowly, as his climax subsided he began to relax and sink back into the seat. I carried on sucking him, letting my tongue dance over his sensitive glans while drawing out the last of his sperm and ensuring he’d emptied his balls completely.

When I finally released his cock, I clicked my tongue at the feint sweet taste of what remained of his delicious spunk in my mouth. I leaned back, watching him with a lusty gaze as I grinned broadly, beaming with pride as I wiped my mouth against the back of my hand and rubbed the stinging tears from my eyes. He peered at me through half open eyes, a smirk tweaking the corners of his mouth as he exhaled loudly.

“Phew, that was fucking amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever had anyone suck my cock like that before.” He grinned.

I leaned forward again and angled his hard cock towards me, reaching out my tongue to scoop up the cloudy white teardrop that had formed in his cock-eye. Closing my mouth around the sensitive head I made a show of sucking him off a while longer, a smile tweaking my lips as they stretched tight around his purple head. I moaned and groaned my satisfaction and appreciation before letting him slip free from my lips.

“Thanks babes” I winked seductively, my voice throaty and hoarse. “That was delicious!”

His head flopped to the side as a chuckled.

“What’re you thanking me for?” He asked as he ran in fingers through my hair, gently nudging me closer to his cock again. I happily obliged, placing affectionate adoring kisses over his cock and balls.

“Because I think I might have enjoyed that more than you.” I replied, as I kissed his large balls in gratitude for all the hot spunk they’re produced for me.

“Trust me mum, you can’t possibly have enjoyed that as much as I did. phew, that was fucking mind blowing! Just watching you sucking me off… I can’t over it!”

I chuckled to myself, proud of having pleasured my son so thoroughly as I watched the satisfied smile spread across his face. “Honey, you have no idea how much i enjoyed doing that for you and having you cum in my mouth. mmmMMMMM”

“Fuck, i can’t get over how fucking sexy you are!” He exclaimed with a smile, he’s eyes wide with fascination and wonderment.

I leaned back and let out a long satisfied sigh, aware as I gazed lustily at my son that he was drinking in the site of my naked body, kneeling obediently at the foot of the chair. I pushed out my chest, parading my pert naked boobs, nipples taut and inviting as I watched him licking his lips.

“Shall we go and get showered?” I purred, making a point of reaching between my legs to massage my aching wet sex, slipping two fingers into my waiting fuckhole before bringing them to my lips and licking them slowly and seductively. “You’ve left mummy in such a mess I think You need to help me clean up.”

“mmmMMm. I like the sound of that.” He said as he sat up in the chair, reached between my legs and shoving two fat fingers roughly into my sopping pussy.

I inhaled sharply at the sudden intrusion, it felt a little sore from the earlier hard fucking. nonetheless I pushed my knees apart and leaned back, grinding my pussy against his invading digits, licking my lips as I groaned my satisfaction to him.

“Come, let’s go upstairs so I can fuck this pussy some more.” He growled.

I hissed in delight at his course language and commanding tone, taking his hand as he helped me up off the floor. We both headed up to the shower, our hands playfully stroking and teasing each others bodies as we left the living room and climbed the stairs to continue our incestuous frolicking upstairs.

Sensual Massage Ch. 02

[i]Preface: Chapter-1 described how Rupa lured by an ad in the daily news called the male massager Rahul at her home and enjoyed the full body sensual massage. After completion of the massage Rahul suggested Rupa to have a hot water bath to get the total effect of the massage. [/i]


… Rupa wrapped the lovely silk around her naked body and moved to the bathroom.

Rahul could see the gentle sway of her breasts and groin barely covered by the thin silk with her each step. After entering the bathroom she closed the door. Rahul could hear the shower start. Suddenly the door opened, Rupa still wrapped in silk. As Rahul looked up questioningly, Rupa asked,

“Am I going to have my bath alone?”

Rahul could not believe this turn of events, but was too excited to ponder. He was already naked from his waist. His cock was limped and lapped with his balls. He cast off his shirt and joined her in the bathroom.

The shower was on and the silk on Rupa’s body seemed a misfit now that he was completely disrobed. Rahul whisked it off to reveal her complete naked body to him. He was watching her, admiringly caressing her gorgeous naked beauty with his eyes. It was all in proportion…

“Awwww! What a beautiful body you really have, Rupa!” Rahul said.

Rupa smiled at him.

Rahul cold see Rupa’s bush glistening wet with the juices he had just lapped up some time back. Rupa’s arms went around his neck and he held her close for a moment inhaling the scent of her hair and loving the warmth of her body as she snuggled against him. She tilted her face upwards, pursing her lips to kiss him.

Rahul kissed Rupa passionately whilst fondling her breasts, pressing them, brushing them, pinching her ever so erect nipples, feeling the firmness and softness of her lovely boobs. He could understand why men love women’s breasts so much, such a God given gift!

Rupa took off Rahul’s hands from her breasts and asked him to soap her body.

Rahul with his palms; soaped Rupa’s body everywhere… his hands glided all over her skin… all over her hills and curves. He soaped her ample firm breasts with pleasure, he cupped them, he pressed them with love. He could see the ecstasy coming on her face.

As Rahul was soaping Rupa with precise and sensual gestures, she began to moan, her body shivered, her eyes closed and mouth half opened. Rahul’s hands were so expert, so smooth, so…

Rupa took the soap in her hand and started to leather his body. She soaped his balls and cock very gracefully and sensually. Rahul’s cock was now hard and eager to burst.

Rahul hugged Rupa, pressed himself tight against her molding his body to her, his hands wandered over her back. They started creasing and crushing her soppy slippery bodies sensually.

Rahul could feel Rupa’s hard nipples on his ribs as his hands started groping her ass-cheeks, kneading them and pulling her groin towards him to make her feel his hardness at the right spot. Rahul’s erect cock rubbed on the smoothness of Rupa’s thigh and his cock head swept across and over her pulp like soft labia in an erotically suggestive way never breaking eye contact.

They acted as they wanted. They played with each other, making sure the heat was still alive within the other person.

Suddenly they came; they climaxed together, they climaxed even without penetrating, moaning loudly in unison.

Rupa then led Rahul by the cock into the shower and they completed their bathing.

After the shower, they stepped out and Rahul’s expert hands dried Rupa’s wet skin running the soft towel all along her body. She was aroused again.

They left the bathroom naked and walk together into the bed room.

As Rahul proceeded to take his clothes Rupa stopped him,

“No, Rahul, no clothes, just come with me on the bed as you are. Your job has not been finished yet.”

Rahul looked at Rupa’s eyes askingly.

“What about happy ending?” Rupa said with a naught smile.

Again a new turn of event.

Rupa proceeded towards bed naked and lay down flat on her back.

Her hands submissively snaked back above her head and her legs wantonly opened proudly showing her swelled pussy lips and aroused clitoris. Her eyes shone with lust.

She looked so sexy laying there with everything of her whole sex on open display intensely like a gorgeous flower with the petals opening and deep pink inside. Her femininity was blatantly inviting Rahul to take them over.

Rahul got aroused from seeing naked Rupa’s posture. His heart started to beat fast. His hanging magnificent piece of meat jerked up increasing its size fueled by its warm horny blood, stiffening up, raising up, leaving only his balls hanging down.

Rupa’s eyes was fixed on Rahul’s promising thick manhood and hanging balls, like a lioness searching for its juicy prey, enjoying its texture. It was so adorable to see.

She felt horny, wanted to feel it deep inside her aching feminine core.

She was starting to breathe faster, feeling the desire crossing her entire body, rubbing legs against each other.

Tossing her head side-to-side, not being able to stand the anticipation a minute longer, Rupa cried out,

“Please… come and take me! Rahul Fuck me; fuck my hungry pussy by your engorged meat.”

Rahul desperately wanted to obey her command. But he felt obliged to hesitate.

“I don’t have a condom.” Rahul murmured.

“Don’t worry.” Rupa said. “It’s my safe time. Now stop stalling and fuck me. That’s what you’ve been waiting for, isn’t it?”

It certainly was. Rahul could not decline the invitation.

In one rapid movement he jumped upon her body. Fingers raked down her flesh, starting from her shoulders, moving over her breasts and down her stomach. His weight was heavy pinning her to the bed. Rupa’s back arched as her very being seemed to draw energy from his presence. She felt his eyes searing through her, physically feeling his stare as it sensually tantalized every inch of her.

His warm tongue licked her lips, her chins, ran down to her throat and then landed to her breasts. His warm tongue circled them, latching onto and tugging at her nipples. Her upper body heaved into the air as he sucked and bit at them.

A guttural, growling sound came from Rahul’s throat in between long, deep breaths, a sensual resonance to Rupa’s ears, confirming he was pleased with her. This filled her body and spirit with a physical joy.

Moving his mouth back up to her face, Rahul traced his tongue lightly around her lips. As Rupa parted her lips to sigh, he slipped his tongue in her mouth and began to explore. She gnawed at his lips as he devoured hers, redefining the act of kissing forever. Responding like a puppet that knew just what to do, she shamelessly understood she was not in herself. She needed him to consume her as much as she needed the air around her to breathe.

Pulling out his tongue of her mouth, he ran down her body. His tongue was hot, so hot like fire.

She groaned feeling relief as he shifted his body weight off her to position his face between her thighs. He parted her feminine petals with his fingers to expose the deep pink inside, glistening with the nectar of her desire. As his serpent like tongue dove into her pussy without warning, she cried out, pushing her thighs into him, eagerly letting his tongue fuck her. It felt hard and long like a cock. She moaned uttering whispers of thanks to him.

Rahul re-positioning his groin between Rupa’s thighs grazed his cock on her wanting pussy sliding up and down her slit. Her body jerked and she let out a scream of sheer ecstasy as he inserted his mountain of flesh into her longing pussy and made to and fro motions gently to adjust her to his style of love-making.

She was even tighter than he had imagined. It was difficult, at first, to fit his thick shaft inside, but gradually he was able to work it in.

Rahul pushed his mammoth cock deeper and deeper into Rupa’s feminine core with intense precision, until he was all the way in, their curly pubic hairs mingling where they came into contact. Her body curled into itself at the shock of being filled so abruptly, so completely.

Rahul did not move, letting Rupa adjust to his size and thickness. Slowly her body relaxed and a smile danced across her face.

“Yes, now fuck me as you like. I’m ready.” she demanded.

Rahul began to pump in and out of Rupa’s pussy. At first his strokes were small and gentle; he was afraid if he went too fast he might hurt her.

“Oh Rahul… I want this… yes I want this… I want harder… I want faster…” Rupa uttered aloud with joy holding his face tightly between her breasts.

Rahul sped up his pace, withdrawing his cock almost outside her body, then plunging it back deep inside.

He saw her excitement mount into frenzy. She was asking, thrusting, begging for more cock.

“You’re so tight!” Rahul moaned.

“You like it?” He asked.

“Oh God… that’s so nice… fuck… hot…”

She could barely get the words out before she started to moan.

She was enjoying it now! She encouraged him,

“Rahul fuck me harder and harder, deeper and deeper!”

Rahul instead, withdrew his cock from her almost completely and ceased to move much to Rupa’s disappointment.

“Why you’ve pulled back your cock and ceased your movement?” Rupa asked feeling her emptiness.

“I stopped due to fear of cumming in your pussy.” Rahul replied looking at her eyes.

“I already told you it’s is my safe time, don’t worry. Please cum inside my pussy. I want to feel it.” Rupa mentioned with impatience.

Rahul was pleased knowing that he was allowed to cum inside her.

He started out slowly again, pumping his cock inside her with long, deep strokes.

Rupa smiled at how wet she was, thankful, as her juices allowed his huge cock to slide in and out almost painlessly. The fucking became faster and harder.

Her heart pounded with excitement as she spread her legs wide, surrendering her flesh to his will.

With each push she arched her back so that his cock plunged deep inside her, hitting the back walls of her pussy, his balls slapping against her bum.

He hissed through his teeth panting from so much pleasure as she squeezed tight, her vaginal muscles gripping his cock like a vice each time he pulled out.

As Rahul stopped his motion for a few seconds to enjoy the vice like grip on his cock, Rupa panted loudly,

“Why you’re teasing me? I’m eagerly waiting you cum inside my pussy… give my virgin pussy its first taste of male semen.”

“Rupa, you want it?”

“Yes Rahul, I do, I do. Pound my pussy.”

Rahul started pumping again. Rupa was almost close to having orgasm and soon enough he could feel her pussy muscles spasming and her wetness oozed out of her pussy.

Her hands went over her head while her torso gently lifted off the bed longing for him during each forward stroke. She was the offering. Her fingertips moved down her body, running over her soft firm breasts. With both hands, she cupped one breast and guided it to her mouth. Her teeth nipped at the engorged nipple causing the pain she wanted to feel.

Rupa’s engorged pussy lips expanded and then closed back up around Rahul’s prick and the upper shaft of his penis rubbed on her clit each time he pushed his cock in and pulled out.

Her moaning grew louder and higher pitched. Biting her lower lip, she indicated her pleasure.

Rupa wrapped her legs around Rahul’s waist and locked her ankles together, which heightened their intimacy.

Rahul wanted to leave his mark on her pussy. He rammed his cock in as hard as he could and she met his thrust with bucking her hips in his direction.

Rupa became fuck-crazy and male cum in her pussy was the only thing she wanted. She began to breathe harder, her full breasts rising and falling.

Rahul fucked Rupa violently with the raw passion of an animal; her perky breasts swaying back and forth with each forward thrust. His hands reached around and stroked her breasts. Her nipples were hard as he pulled on them, twisting them, milking them. She closed her eyes savoring the pleasure knowing it would not last.

Rahul could feel the pre-orgasm sensation filling his body, starting in his loins and tingling throughout his body. He could sense the pressure build in his nuts and indicated Rupa that he is about to cum.

But Rupa could hardly make out what he was saying – she was lost in paradise! Her moans grew louder.

Soon, the rough rubbing of his cock on her clit and pussy walls began to trigger a spasm deep within her cervix… she begin to feel her orgasm coming… that pee like sensation which made her whole body shiver in weakness starting deep within her hips and rushing forth into her hot loins. She grabbed his head in a tight hug on her cleavage, closed her eyes in intense pleasure, bright lights exploding in the black screen of her mind. She screamed,

“Oh Rahul… I’m coming… I’m coming… oh you’re making me come… oh….”

“Look at me Rupa. Come with me.”

Rupa opened her eyes and said,

“Yesssssssssss Rahul. Let us cum together!”

They were lost in the passion of each other, their eyes saying what they felt in that moment. Rahul let out a loud moan that mingled with Rupa’s softer cries as their orgasms ripped through their bodies merging in the sweet release of passion.

Rupa raised her upper body so her outstretched arms could reach the headboard for support and braced herself for what she knew was going to happen next.

Both of them were lost in their own little heaven, their bodies quivering, floating — riding gentle waves — reacting to the slightest sensual movement.

Just when she thought she could not endure the force of his penetration any longer, an unearthly cry echoed off the walls of her room, Rahul’s point of climax hit.

“Oh Rupa… I’m coming too… y-e-s-s-s-s-s-s…” Rahul growled.

His balls tightened and he exploded releasing his white creamy scalding seed into her vagina in powerful squirts.

Rupa felt the semen hit her vaginal walls as Rahul stopped his thrusts to vent his load into her eager pussy.

Rupa raised her groin up roughly pushing him over the edge, her pussy mussels spasmed around him squeezing his now ejaculating cock tight in her pussy and milking the cum right out of him.

Rupa felt one even more powerful orgasm spreading through her body…

Rahul closed his eyes for a moment and reveled in the feelings of wet sensation and joy that wash over a man when he comes with a woman. He opened his eyes and smiled down at her. She giggled and hugged him tight against her. They moaned in harmony with supreme ecstasy.

He collapsed down on her body, crushing her breasts with his chest and his cock still buried within her. As they both bathed in the bliss of their climaxes, her lips search his and planted a deep kiss.

They lay there in each others arms for a few minutes panting and catching their breath, Rahul’s cock still in Rupa’s pussy. They lay motionless, unaware of everything except the beating of their hearts.

After a while, still joined to Rupa, Rahul opened his eyes and looked at her eyes. He smilingly kissed every part of her face… her eyes… her cheeks… her lips.

Rahul rolled off as his cock got flaccid and slid out of Rupa’s satisfied pussy. A warm glow of satisfaction spreads over her as her breathing returned to normal and her body relaxes.

Rupa smiled a warm, dreamy, mischievous little smile.



“I think you’re a very, very good massager. You know your job.”

“Well, it doesn’t take much skill when the intention is matching.” Rahul laughed and said.

“Yeah, you’re right Rahul.”

Rupa looked exhausted but content.

“It’s time for me leaving.” Rahul said.

Rahul got up giving Rupa a hand to regain on her feet. His semen started to dribble down to her inner thighs.

Rahul got dressed, Rupa still naked.

“How much I’ve to pay for your service?” Rupa asked.

“You’ve paid much more from what I charge.” Rahul replied.

He picked up his kit and bid Rupa good-bye.

As Rahul passed the door, he turned back and told her that he would love to give her a massage every week if she gives him such a generous tip.

“If I call the agency when I need a massage again, they may send another massager.” Rupa asked smilingly.

“Please call mentioning my name.” Rahul said with a smile and left.

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My Family: Cousin

Yash and I had been together for 6 months and we were deeply in love with each other. Yash was my maternal aunt’s son. We didn’t rush into sex like some teenagers but took our time and waited for the right moment. That moment came one weekend when my mom left for a business trip. She told me that I could never have boys over when she was gone but it was one rule I always ignored whenever I had the chance.

Yash and I had planned it out and were eager for it to happen, since we were feeling a strong love for each other and needed to take things to the next level. I had been anxiously waiting all week and feeling my level of horniness growing beyond control by the time Saturday arrived. I was totally ready for this!!

We returned to my house after going out and having coffee and just hanging out with a few friends. There was little doubt about what was on our minds as we quickly made way to my bedroom. I had never had sex and was feeling a little bit scared but very excited at the same time. I had full confidence that my beautiful cousin Yash would know how to give me pleasure in my initial act of lovemaking.

As our lips met in a fiery embrace I felt a shot of excitement shoot through me and I knew that this was going to be something very special. Our tongues gently entwined at first, softy seeking each other and then become more intense as our feelings were building up.

Yash stripped me of my top, leaving me bare from the waist up. His soft hands slid over my smallish but sensitive breasts and nipples, giving me ripples of a pleasure that was new to me. I started to pant and cry out as he lowered his head and applied his tongue to my now hardening nipples. I suddenly felt the telltale wetness forming at my female center, signaling that my body was preparing me for the ultimate realization of sexual pleasure.

Yash worked his tongue expertly on my breasts, nipples and down my torso. He would take the wet nipple and then just rub his hand softly over it. I moaned softly and panted as I took his hair in my hand and stroked him and giving him words of encouragement. It was a new feeling for me and I just wanted more of it.

Yash got to my navel and swirled his tongue inside of it. He then unzipped my jeans and helped me remove them, leaving me with only panties. My panties were now practically soaking from the wetness of erotic excitement.

He then spread my thighs slightly and kneeled down to the floor, with me sitting on the edge of the bed. He caressed me softly on the inner thighs all the way up to my female center. Then he applied his tongue there licking rapidly up and down my inner thighs right up to my panties. Needless to say, this was the best thing I ever felt as my panting and moaning accelerated under his touching and licking.

I knew that the panties would have to go and I would be fully exposed to my cousin. I helped him strip them off and he was face to face with the very center of my female sexual pleasure, as he kneeled back on the floor.

His soft hands reached my wet opening, gathering my slick wetness, spreading it across the pink slit up to my clitoris. He then started to gently stroke the outer and inner lips and pressed against my clit, causing me to nearly jump off the bed. His hand slid down to my opening and he pressed his knuckle in about 1 inch, causing me to moan again, this time loud. These feelings were better than anything I could have imagined and they were just beginning.

He then spread my lips gently and moved his head forward. His tongue found the center of my slit and slid up to around my clit area and then down to my opening. He repeated this about a dozen times and by then I was actually getting close to cumming. Liquid fire was now surging through me, as if every cell in my female body was now burning with the fire of eros. His tongue dropped to my opening and starting sliding in and out. It was only going in about an inch but it felt incredible.

There is no doubt that I would have cum right then but I think that both of us knew what we wanted next and we wanted it right away. Yash stopped his tender assault for a second so he could strip down. He quickly got out of his clothes to reveal a truly stunning male body.

My hand ran over the head and took the slick fluid, spreading it over his tool and stroking it. Yash moaned as I felt his instrument stir and get harder under my touching. I wanted to take it into mouth at this point but I think it was time for him to get inside of me with that beautiful instrument of pleasure.

Yash positioned me on my back and got me to spread my thighs and lift my knees up a bit so he would have a good angle of penetration. He gently stroked my opening as he got between my knees, getting ready to enter me.

I pulled my knees up more and I felt the head of his penis making its entrance. It was very tight and hurt a bit. I cried out in pain and he stopped for a second. I told him “don’t stop Yash…it will be all right.” He starting easing forward and got in another 2 inches. It was very tight and gave me this burning sensation but the pain was starting to fade, to be replaced by fiery hot feelings of sexual arousal.

I told Yash to press forward. Another couple of thrust and he was all the way inside me. The last thrust did hurt and burn quite a bit. We just laid there silently for a minute; we were both very happy about what was happening. His penis felt very tight inside of me and burned a little. But the pain had faded and I was now waiting for him to start slipping his hot organ in and out of me in a nice rhythm.

After a pause Yash started to slide his penis inside of me with a steady thrusting motion. His first thrusts were slow but deep, as my tight pussy gripped his cock like a glove. Both of us were now moaning in a chorus of pleasure and having feelings that we never thought existed, in our ultimate act of love.

We worked into a steady and exciting rhythm as his cock started to move at a faster pace. I now rapped my legs around his back and thrust forward to meet his thrusting, until our rhythm was in perfect synch with each other. As I thrust forward to meet his downward push his cock worked perfectly to the right depth and with perfect timing. We were now fucking in a perfect rhythm and the level of fire was building up to an explosive level with each of us.

“Oh Yash, your cock feels so good inside of me, I want to do this all night long. Fuck your little cousin.” I was starting to talk hot. Yash was relatively quiet except for the moans and pants he was emitting and blending with my moans, forming a chorus of vocalized passion.

I think both of us would have stayed at this level of excitement all night, had nature permitted such a thing. But the sexual act was not designed to last forever. I knew I was getting close to my climax. My whole body felt encased in a fire-like cloud and I could feel contractions pulsing deep inside of me. First the contractions were slow, but now they were starting to get faster and I knew that my peak was approaching.

I knew it was going to happen and I was not wont to hold back now. The contractions grew incredibly intense and I cried out as my every cell in my body exploded like a volcano. Fire engulfed me as the intense contractions of orgasm swept through me for a good thirty seconds.

I knew that my transports would push Yash over the edge just as well. Although I was barely conscious of anything at the moment, I could feel him getting near. He was now thrusting faster and deeper into me than before and I could feel the electricity of orgasmic fury sweep through him.

I reached down to lightly squeeze his fluid sac just a second before his hot fluid started to flow from him. I could feel the semen moving through the sac and shooting deep inside of me, wave after wave. For the first time I felt hot streams of semen flooding into me and I liked the feeling. His whole body shook as if it were possessed by demons.

“Oh Yash, I love it when you cum in me like that.”

Yash lay there silent with his penis still entrenched in my wetness.

We just laid that way for about 5 minutes, trying to recover from the ultimate bout of pleasure that both of us just experienced. I could feel Yash start to harden a bit and my pussy was now tightening around his cock a bit, encouraging it.

Slowly his cock started to expand again, as his desire was returning. He began slowly with light thrusts, but they felt incredible. As his nice hard cock expanded, my pussy started to contract around it and my hips started to move with the rhythm of sexual union.

Our reprisal act started slow but intense and I knew it would last longer than our brief initial union. This time I pulled my knees all the way back to my shoulders to allow the deepest penetration possible and Yash responding by thrusting deeper and faster into my depths. The fiery sensations I felt in our first bout were returning quickly and I was now enveloped in a curtain of virtual fire as pleasure stabbed through my body with each thrust of Yash’s penis.

This bout of searing hot pleasure was much extended because of the slowing effects of Yash’s first ejaculation. Both of us were now accustomed to each other’s pace and rhythm and we were able to move in ways that enhanced our mutual pleasure to the extreme.

“I’m getting close now Yash, don’t slow down now…just keep going,” I panted in his ear as my fiery state reached near its peak. I felt like this one was going to be even greater than the first. Suddenly, pulsations deep inside of me just erupted in me like an earthquake, shaking my entire being with the greatest feelings I have ever felt. I cried out as I entered an orgasmic state that must have lasted close to a minute with pleasure contractions just ripping through me like a tidal wave.

Yash didn’t slow down but picked up his thrusting to a faster pace, indicating that we would be sharing another intense mutual orgasm. In the midst of mind numbing orgasm, I heard his vocal signal telling me that he was there. I felt his rock hard penis swell even more and start jerking inside of my love channel. The contractions of my pussy surrounded him as if to be drawing out his hot semen. He moaned and panted as he began to unload streams of his hot, white fluid deep within me. It felt really incredible to receive the essence of his love inside of me.

We both lay exhausted now with our sticky bodies entwined and drifting toward sleep. The afterglow was like a fuzzy cloud of contentment. As I drifted off I kept thinking that I couldn’t wait for the sun to come up because I knew that Yash and I would be sharing these incredible feelings once more.

The End.


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Lend the Money

Fahim had the hot for Samena, the wife of his closest friend Karim. Samena had a great personality. She was funny and very intelligent. She was exceptionally beautiful with delicate features such soft hair, and large eyes that men would just want to sink into. On top of all that, she had a curvaceous hourglass figure that screamed for sex, full and luscious. Her figure had curves in all the right places. Samena was 5’6″ had the sweetest full and firm ass with round shapely buns, but her greatest assets by far were her breasts. They were big, firm and protruding, almost an invitation to grab and squeeze them hard. They were big- almost too big for her slight frame. They hung heavily, but stood out proudly and came to a beautiful upturned point. She really had the type of breasts that most men just can’t keep their eyes from their head.

Samena has been married for seventeen years. Of course, due to long standing tradition, it was an arranged marriage. Raised in a middle class conservative family; her parents had taught her how to curtsy correctly, along with what manners to use and how to dress appropriately. Samena’s husband had his own small business as she assumed her role as a simple houses wife and a mother of four teenager children. At 38 years of age and even though Samena bore four children, she was still an attractive woman and she kept herself in excellent shape. Her big, firm, and full breasts and very shapely bottom had not yet started to sag to the point of flabbiness

For the first thirteen years, they were a happy couple who had a satisfactory sexual life. Everything seemed to be fine with no problems. For the last three years, however, Samena, had noticed numerous changes in their relationship. Sex became boring and ordinary and she sensed that it had become sort of a routine ritual for her husband. On the other hand, she needed variety and spice in her sex life. She loved her husband, but she often felt unsatisfied in his bed. Some nights, she found herself in bed battling with emotions and feelings at times, quietly crying herself to sleep, wanting someone to understand and satisfy her needs. She cared deeply about her marriage vows, and she was strong enough to keep them no matter what the circumstances.

Samena couldn’t understand why her marriage had gone so stale. She knew, at most, she had the looks and body of a woman in her late twenties. She never worked out, but kept herself fit enough to have a figure man still turned their heads to admire. Samena was aware she was an extremely pretty woman blessed with the typical beauty synonymous with women in India. Her stunningly beautiful face always sported a charming smile, while her large eyes glowed with appeal. To Fahim, she was absolutely gorgeous.

Samena’s beauty, and good nature, coupled with her exuberance had fascinated Fahim. Whenever he had the chance, Fahim always stole a peek at Samena’s enticing breasts.. Fahim and Darim, along with their wives who were best friends, often had dinner together at Samena’s home.

Fahim often took opportunities to stare at Samena’s body, particularly her cleavage, and the curve of her butt, especially when she bent down. While serving them food, whenever she stood near him and she would bend over while placing food in his plate, he would never miss a chance to look at her hidden treasures. He would do this in such clever ways, Samena seemed oblivious to the fact that Fahim could see her cleavage, which was plentiful

Unbeknownst to Fahim, his stares had not gone unnoticed to Samena. Though she was coy, his flirting did spark something in her. She never took it seriously since she was used to men staring at her body… She noticed that his eyes were peeking at her bouncing breasts and her swinging ass when she moved around. She smiled to herself knowing how proud she was of those assets..

The thing was that the woman Fahim had craved back when they were both younger, was Samena. What Fahim didn’t know however, was that many women were attracted to him and just like all those other women, she too found herself unable to resist the gorgeous young man. She tried to avoid his flirtations because, well, she was not that type of woman. Fahim just happened to be good friends of her husband and she was a faithful wife married for over 17 years who bore four children. This is why she would never let anything happen between she and Fahim..

Fahim was a handsome young man who kept himself very fit. At 6’3″ and at 190 pounds Fahim was an imposing figure. He was in his late thirties, a good-looking young man sure to break the hearts of his fair share of women of his age. Fahim’s body was lean and toned and it was easy to notice his sculpted physique. His had a combination of boyish good looks, thin black hair, and classic handsomeness, thanks to his piercing big black eyes and narrow lips. Coupled with his obvious physical attributes, it would have been easy for him to charm just about any woman he wanted.

Indian culture allows its natives to have wonderful dresses and costumes especially shilwar qameez. Shilwar is a short loose or paraller trouser pajama, loose at the top but narrow at bottom-cuffs. Qameez is a knee-long shirt or tunic. It does not have a collar or shirt-like cuffs. Shilwar qameez helps keep the wearer cool on those hot sweltering days, hiding women’s treasures from ogling eyes of lusty men because it doesn’t cling to the body. It is the most preferred Indian garment that women, especially Muslim women wear.

To beautify shilwar qameez, Indian women wear a stole or a long scarf called a dupatta. Women wear it over one shoulder or drape it around the chest and over both shoulders. Women wear the Dupatta, just like a Shilwar qameez, to cover a woman’s breasts and heads to protect it from prying eyes.

Samena had lush, full lips, which looked like they she painted them permanently with a light pink lipstick. She had dimpled cheeks, blemish-free smooth skin, long, thick jet-black hair reaching her hips, and eyebrows that looked like they were painted by a master artist to complement her wide, dark black eyes. She was elegant, sophisticated, glamorous, and magnificent. While her body screamed, “fuck me anyway you want,” her upbringing was quite strict and she could never waiver from that.

Fahim couldn’t explain it but Samena always looked different to him. When she was younger, she had always been somewhat pretty, but now, she looked positively beautiful. Her pleasant face with a nice smile and black eyes now seemed more playful than before. Maybe it was the fact that she was getting older or maybe it was just that she was really taking care of her body, he didn’t know. Whatever the case, she looked great.

Fahim had set his eyes on her for a long time. Samena knew that and observed his eyes straying to her. They exchanged many a glances, but she wasn’t going any further. When she looked at Fahim with those alluring dark black eyes, it made his skin tingle with desire. He wondered if she felt the same magnetism.

Fahim always wondered if Samena would be receptive to his seduction efforts. Would she fuck me? He couldn’t help but think how incredible it would be to seduce this woman, get her into bed, and then fuck that sweet pussy. Though taking her to bed was out of the question, it was what he had wanted to do. He yearned to have a taste of her ripe lips, and to feel her soft body against him, holding her, caressing her.

On numerous occasions, he would be screwing his wife but fantasizing that he was fucking Samena..

* * *

Just recently, Samena was facing some financial problems. She couldn’t ask for help from her husband and wondered what to d… She thought about Fahim, and was very aware of his feeling towards her. She knew that he was always trying to get to know her better in many ways. She was sure he would help her; that he was a nice and gentle man who liked her very much. Still, she was very nervous, and a little worried that she would be alone with the lecherous Fahim. This would also be the first time that she would be this close to him. She knew Fahim was always ogling her out and whenever he could stare at her butt and breasts.

It was a Sunday morning when Fahim’s wife had gone to her parent’s home along with her children. Samena knew this and. after wrestling with her conscience for some time; she nervously picked up the phone and called Fahim’s home number, hoping that he would answer.

The phone rang several times and when Fahim picked it up, the voice on the other end sounded a little frantic to the point that at first he didn’t recognize it as his friend’s lovely sexy wife Samena. Fahim was surprised to hear her voice, but recovered quickly and asked, “Hello. Who?”

She hadn’t thought out on how she planned to start, but somehow managed to stammer, “Hi, this is Samena.”

For the next few minutes, they made small talk that was sometimes awkward. They continued chatting, but the entire time Fahim was wondering what prompted the pretty woman to give him a call in the first place. In fact, at first, Samena asked if Fahim wished to speak to his wife. Samena responded, “No, I wanted to speak to you. Do you have some time to meet today, privately. I need your help with something. It’s important.

“Of course! Any time you want, any place you want, Fahim responded excitedly.

“When should I come over?”

“Any time is fine with me. I’m not doing anything right now.”

” Ok! I’ll be over in a half an hour.”

“All right,” he agreed. “I’ll be waiting for you.”

Before she left to meet him, she went to the bathroom to take a look at herself, then showered and washed her hair, drying it with the blow dryer, combing and brushing it; finally securing it in a ponytail. Her hair cascaded down to her hips, thick and lushes. Her hair was one of the few things she still actually is proud of about herself. She changed and wore her favorite dress. Samena ran a brush through her hair one more time; then put on light makeup, some lipstick in addition to other necessities needed to make herself look prettier. Once finished with this routine, she looked into the mirror and said to herself with sudden guilt. What are you doing? This isn’t right, you’re not going to meet your lover!

It was the day Fahim longed for and fantasized for many, many years. It was the answer to his prayer.

Fahim had been dying to be with her alone and so was really looking forward to seeing Samena. He sat in the lounge watching TV; waiting in anticipation for Samena, his heart fluttering rapidly. He tried to imagine what she would be like in bed, and how it would feel to have her bouncing up and down on his big fat rod. He obviously knew that Samena was married, but he didn’t care. He wanted her so badly; he thought he’d go crazy.

He was more than a little nervous when Samena rang the front door bell at exactly ten o’clock. When he opened the door, he saw the gorgeous wife of his best friend in the doorway. His jaw dropped in shock and he just wanted to grab her and kiss her forever. Instead, he just stood there, his eyes nearly popping out of his head, gaping at what he saw and what she was wearing. Samena always dressed conservatively; her clothes very prim and proper: This time, however, she had outdone herself. She was wearing blue qameez and shilwar and the qameez she wore fit her like a glove. The qameez had a large neck and her bra seemed to be a couple of sizes too small. She looked gorgeous with a blue dress that showed ample cleavage and accentuated all of her other curves. Her generously proportioned breasts were not only bulging out of the neck but were also trying to spill out from the gaps.

Samena remained standing on the porch until finally Fahim recovering from his initial shock, asked, “Are you coming in or going to stay out there on the porch and give the neighbors cause to gossip?”

She smiled and said, “I thought you would never ask, Fahim.” she stepped in and added, “Good Morning. How are you?”

Samena drew closer towards Fahim and picked up the warm mucky odor. His stomach ached with desire. He turned away allowing Samena access into his house. “I’m fine, and yourself?” he asked.

“I’m very well.” She looked at him right in the eyes intensely, and Fahim swore he felt his heart skip a beat. He escorted her to the living room and sat down on the sofa. When they had both settled in their seats, he surprised her when he gave her the cup of tea he had prepared before her arrival.

He noticed her dress was a bit displaced; an unusual occurrence because of her upbringing, and yet her breasts were exposed beautifully showing an ample amount of silky cleavage. Fahim tried pulling his gaze away from her chest, but kept coming back to it as if his eyes were steel and her breasts a magnet. The smell of her lightly scented perfume was intoxicating, to say the least. He was doing everything he could to keep himself from ogling her. His cock grew hard just from the fact that woman of his dream was sitting alone with him in his house! He wanted to pounce on her like an animal in heat..

Fahim was trying hard; with very little success in trying to hide his throbbing erection, His head was spinning and he truly didn’t know what to do. His nerves were on edge with the lust that he was feeling. He would have jumped her right there, just thrown her on the sofa if it wasn’t for the fear of reprisal.

Samena was just as nervous with him around but relieved to see that Fahim was very polite and quite charming. She even managed to get comfortable enough to sip the tea but still she was cautious with him. They sipped tea and talked about harmless chattering things.

Finally, Fahim managed to say, “You look very nice today.” However, he was also undressing her with his eyes.

She replied shyly, blushing deeply, “Thank You.”

“So, what is it you wanted to talk to me about, Fahim?”

She smiled timidly, showing her pearly white teeth and answered, “Yes! I want to talk to you, but not sure how to start.”

She looked rather flushed and confused, so he said to her, “Feel free and be comfortable. Tell me what you want to say.”

Samena held her legs together and constantly tried to pull her dress lower to cover her thighs, keeping her legs pressed together. Seating quietly with her eyes downcast under heavy lashes, her lips parted while she searched for a little time and for what and how to begin her request.

Finally, Samena took a quick intake of breath, and began to speak. “OK, I have to ask you for a favor, but let me start from the beginning. Two years ago, when my brother was going to go abroad, he needed one hundred thousand rupees; equal to 1800 US dollars. He asked me and so I spoke to my husband. He refused, so I mortgaged the house with some of my jewelry. I paid interest for it more than a year, but now I can’t afford to pay anymore.. The person with whom I have mortgaged the jewelry warned me that if I didn’t pay him, he would foreclose on the house. What’s worse my husband is now asking about the jewelry,”

When Samena related her saga, Fahim noticed she hadn’t taking a breath. He would have bet that her lovely eyes were bright with tears.

“Oh. I see. How can I help you Samena?”

“I want you to lend me the money. I promise to repay it within few months. More importantly, we must keep it a secret between you and me. Even your wife cannot know about this arrangement.”

Keeping his face slightly serious and filled with concern, Fahim replied, “Samena. That is quite a bit of money. I doubt if you could ever pay it off, how I can arrange it for you with out your husband or my wife finding out?”

Samena replied with a sorrowful voice, “You are my final hope, Fahim. I don’t know where else to turn. If my husband finds out what I have done, I will lose my family. Pausing, taking a deep breath she continued. “I can return at least 5,000 every month to you,”

“That means you will pay me back in nearly two years, young Samena. That is a very long time. Are you sure you can pay me 5000 every month?”

“I’m begging you to help me, Fahim.” Samena said in throaty voice.

They discussed her situation for about 20 more minutes.

“Don’t worry Samena. Perhaps I could do something for you,” he promised brashly.

“Oh Fahim!” Samena exclaimed at once. “I just knew you could help me.”

“Nevertheless Samena, I need some collateral, because it is a large amount.”

“I am ready to do anything to get out of this trouble.” Samena tried to hold her gaze towards Samena but was unable to. Her eyes dropped to the floor.

Her reply aroused evil thoughts in his mind. Fahim realized that it was the perfect opportunity for him to exploit her weakness.

He said, “Well Samena, You’re an asset!”

She felt her stomach fluttering and looked at him quizzically.

“I can arrange this amount for you privately without any one knowing it. But you have to do something for me.”

She was elated to hear his reply, and she asked, “What can I do for you Fahim?” Samena’s pulse quickened. She looked at him with a sexy grin, and reading this, Fahim wanted to take her in his arms to kiss her, push her back on the carpet, and make sweet love to her. Samena sensed his feelings and could feel herself turning even redder.

Her body seemed to be calling to him and he would answer the call. Moving his hands round her shoulders he said, “Well Samena I just want to experience . . . you. That is; if you will oblige me.”

Hearing him say this, Samena went pasty white, stunned and lost for words. She looked paralyzed. She could not breathe, and she certainly could not face him. His statement crushed, embarrassed, and insulted her all at the same time. She wanted to run out of the house. However, she desperately needed the money. To contain her anger, she stared at her hands, wringing them together in the soft glow of her dupatta. Minutes passed, and then finally she nodded. It was not strange, as Fahim well knew that, for a Muslim woman that would have been the ultimate price to pay.

“Yes,” she said softly, “I know that’s what you want. You want me to sleep with you. However, you’re probably not expecting this answer but what you are requesting is out of the question, Fahim. In fact, how can you even think of such a thing? You’re my husband’s best friend. Do you think that I have no morals? Do you think that I am such a pervert that I would go to bed with you for money? Although I am in need of money, that does not mean I will sacrifice my purity for it. I thought you were not that type of man, but I guess all men are the same. You see a woman alone and you can’t wait to try and get her to bed.” She stared at him intently and finished with a hiss, “You can forget it. I prefer to remain in debt.”

Hearing this final statement from Semena, Fahim now realized, perhaps he had gone too far. He didn’t want to ruin the friendship that they both enjoyed. Other thoughts were racing through his mind. Is she really that mad at me? What if she told my wife? What if she told her husband? Nevertheless, Fahim didn’t lose his nerve. He had to see this through. “Well, Samena, the choice is yours. You are in need of money and I can give you that. All I want is a few hours with you lying next to me. No one will ever have to know what happened, and, the money I give you will solve all your problems. It would not be wise on your part to reject my offer. You sleep with me just this once, and that’s it. After its over, then we can carry on with our lives, and we’ll never repeat it unless you are the one who would like to resume it.”

When he finished his offer, she looked at him brushing her hair back with her fingers. She shook her head slightly, and said, “I don’t know, Fahim. Seeing this gesture told Fahim that the ice was melting and she was going to accept his offer. They sat there silently for several moments and he could see her breasts rising and lowering with increased intensity..

Beneath the Stars Ch. 01

Maybe it was the sound of wind rustling the tall grass. Or perhaps the heat of a late morning sun. It burned so warm and bright that Elaine could no longer will herself back into that strange, deep dreamless sleep. Soon, all these elements combined to draw her back to the world of the waking. It was then that she suddenly jolted with alarm and the realization that she was far from the bed she had laid in mere hours before. No, instead she was outdoors, laying in a field of high grass.

Had she been sleepwalking again only to find herself in her neighbor’s pasture? She stood on shaking legs and despite the warmth of the day, a chill shot through her as she surveyed the land and saw she was in the middle of a vast, rolling prairie. This clearly wasn’t Georgia.

She looked down and scanned her body for signs of injury or struggle, wondering if perhaps she had been kidnapped, raped, then carried and dumped far from home. But her thin silk slip showed no damage, her was skin pristine, and her was body free of pain or injury. The relief was short-lived as she registered that she was far from home with no cell phone, no shoes, no money, and no sign of humanity in sight. Until suddenly, it appeared there was.

In the distance Elaine could just make out what appeared to be a group of people on horseback drawing nearer by the moment. As they came within sight, she saw they were men, six or so in number, trailing 3 riderless horses behind them. Salvation.

She shouted and flailed her arms and in the distance she could see as one of the men raised his hand to the others before riding ahead to meet her. As he came closer Elaine saw that the man was dressed as an American Indian might have 140 years prior – nay, the man WAS an Indian and his face bore something akin to confusion or concern as Elaine came more clearly into sight.

Why,Red Grouse mused, would a near-naked wasicun winyan call to him? Was she holy or simply mad? She was certainly unusual. She stood and looked at him directly as he approached, showing no fear. Her skin was glowing white in the sun but her hair was long, straight, and night black. She looked young and her finely sculpted face bore the broad plains of cheekbones and a jawline he would expect to find among his own women. She was unusually beautiful for a wasicu. And unusually bold.

Elaine couldn’t have been more perplexed, was she on the set of a film? In the midst of a reenactment? When she greeted the man in English he responded in a tongue that sounded like the languages she had heard in films and documentaries about Indian peoples, a field she had studied with rapt fascination since childhood and later delved into more extensively in college. She had always wondered about these people the history books had simplified, maligned, or neglected and whose blood she had been rumored to share along with her motley European ancestry.

Listening more carefully, she realized that the words he spoke were Lakota Sioux, for she recognized them from her short-lived pursuit of learning a little of the melodic tongue herself. The more he spoke, the more it became clear to her, however unlikely it seemed in this day and age, that the man didn’t understand a lick of English. She was at a loss, she knew so few words and most were useless in this situation. “Han,” she said. “Yes.” She didn’t know how to ask for help so instead she gestured with her fingers to her open mouth, indicating hunger, hoping the man might bring her back to civilization where she might find someone who understood her and could get her home.

It worked. Extending a deep bronze arm, the man hoisted Elaine onto the back of his paint. As soon as she settled behind him and clasped her hands to his waist she was hit with the overwhelming odor of smoke, sweat, and animal grease. It wasn’t altogether horrible, but it was strong. Moreover, it wasn’t a smell she had ever encountered. She was reminded of a passage she had once read in a book regarding the clash of the invaders and the Lakota – something about how the Indians had a smell that when the wind was blowing right, whites could detect a mile off. The smell was repugnant to them. It was of grease and buffalo chip fire.

No modern person, Indian or otherwise, she had ever met had that smell, and suddenly, Elaine was gripped with the unthinkable. As they trotted toward the other men her eyes frantically scanned her savior for anything modern – plastic parts, synthetic materials, bright artificial dyes. But she found none. His waist-length braids were entwined with ermine and tied off with sinew. The feathers in his hair were natural and undyed. The leather clout he wore had rough patches and irregular color and it appeared to have been tanned by hand. His arrows, his bow, and his Winchester rifle all looked like museum artifacts.

At last, when they reached the other men, they called to each other fluently in Lakota and none let on it was a ruse. No one broke into a smile and told her in English it was all a joke. Elaine then realized that she wasn’t in the 21st Century at all, and for the first time in her life she swooned and swayed back, caught just before she slid off the paint and her world went black.

When she came to, her savior had propped her up against a cottonwood by a stream and was thrusting something that smelled of meat and dried fruit beneath her nose. Pemmican. She took the proffered bite, said thanks in Lakota, and looked around at her hosts as they watered the horses.

The group of men were, for the most part, tall and lean. A few wore leggings, but most were clad only in a clout. Some had long loose hair, the others wore braids. Some had feathers tied in their hair, others had none. They appeared lightly armed, though two carried coup sticks. Too small for a war party, perhaps a raid? That would explain the excess ponies and lack of bodies.

The leader, her rescuer, was an attractive man. Perhaps 6 feet tall with a dark, finely boned face. He was lean like the rest, but clearly sinewy and strong. Likely in his mid-40’s, though it was hard to tell. He seemed friendly, sitting back on his haunches he smiled broadly as she ate, revealing a row of unexpectedly healthy, if somewhat imperfect, teeth. Elaine was educated enough to know that the Lakota took hospitality as seriously as they did warfare, and clearly she was being treated as a guest and not a captive, for her hands were unbound and the words the man spoke were gentle and inquisitive. She couldn’t understand him, but she liked his manner and she smiled in turn.

The others soon gathered about her and began asking many curious things she could not understand. She only shrugged her shoulders and shook her head, smiling. The men offered water from buffalo bladders and some reached out to touch her hair and the fabric of her slip. Only one man did not approach her. He stood away from the rest, at least 20 paces down by the river, watering his horse and watching her with suspicion.

He was smaller than the leader, though still taller than her 5’5″ by several inches. He had a slight but fit build and his hair hung loose to his waist. His eyes tilted slightly upward at the corners like a cat and like the other Lakota, his cheekbones and jawline were well-defined and his lips lush and full. He was somewhere between handsome and pretty, with red-brown skin marred only by a few scars. Warrior’s scars, but others, too. Scars like lash marks across the lean muscles of his back. And, unlike the others, his face was serious and hard to read. He frightened her.

Looks Far had seen enough wasicus and had learned enough of their treachery to last a lifetime. As a child just on the verge of manhood his family had been massacred and he had been taken prisoner, forced into a frontier mission school where his hair was cut and his language forbidden, beaten with a cane every time he uttered the words or resisted their instruction which sought to rub out the Lakota he was. At 16 winters he fled in the night and rode for days to seek out his people, the Oglala, in their summer place by the river that turned like a snake. Red Grouse, one of their great men, had taken the boy in as a son to replace the one he lost to the white man’s sickness the autumn before. He dubbed the young man Looks Far because his eyes were always searching the distance, wary of what lie beyond the horizon.

Now, 12 years on, he watched as this strange wasicun winyan ate their food, smiled to their faces, and mounted one of their fine ponies to ride beside Red Grouse. No wasicu, man or woman, would have behaved as she. They came in two varieties he had seen: fearful or cruel. Her manner was surely a ruse, a trick he had not seen before. Red Grouse was too trusting, too kind, and Looks Far feared that for all his wisdom, he did not understand the ways of the wasicu.

As Elaine rode, gripping the pony with sweating thighs long removed from her childhood dressage instruction, she turned back slightly to see the strange, wary man trailing back from the rest, his thousand-yard stare fixed just part her. Facing forward once more she saw a haze of smoke in the distance and could make out the outlines of the tall lodges of the people. Once more, the realization struck anew that she was out of time entirely, though she did not know how it came to be.

But Elaine didn’t waste time fretting; she was acutely aware of the alien environment and was running in pure survival mode. Be friendly, be calm, be courageous and stay alive. Past the discarded heaps of bone and animal skin they rode into camp where women and children rushed to greet the party, shouting words and trilling their calls. Within a few moments, Elaine had become the star attraction. Women and children crushed around her, touching every part of her hair and dress. At the leader’s behest, an older woman pushed forward and gently led Elaine into a lodge where she was implored to sit. The woman gestured quickly that Elaine remove her dress. Unsure, she obeyed nevertheless and seeing this, the woman appeared pleased and left the lodge.

Just as Elaine was beginning to grow nervous, the woman reemerged with a dress and moccasins and offered them to Elaine who was grateful to accept. Clearly, her thin nightdress had been too indecent for the conservative Lakota.

“Waste,” the woman declared before leaving once more. Alone Elaine sat within the lodge, though outside she could hear male voices rising in anger.

Red Grouse burst through the opening of the lodge, looking somewhat ruffled but his friendly smile came quickly as he took his place on the robes. Behind him trailed two women. Red Grouse lit a pipe and they all sat, waiting in awkward silence. Then, after a short time, the wary man who had been in the party entered the tent and took his place at the elder’s side between Elaine and Red Grouse. Her eyes widened in shock as the young man with the catlike eyes spoke the words:

“My father welcomes you to his lodge.”

His voice was emotionless but he spoke in perfect, albeit accented, English. He never looked at her directly, for he sat some distance to her side, keeping his profile to her as he spoke. Red Grouse began to speak and Looks Far begrudgingly translated:

“Red Grouse, my father, wishes to know how you came to be alone in the tall grass?”

“I don’t know, I cannot remember, I fear I am lost and have no relations anywhere near,” she responded.

“What about the soldier fort – Robinson, they call it? Is that where you have come from?”

“No, I mean I don’t believe so. One moment I was sleeping in my bed and the next I awoke outside. That was how your party found me.”

Looks Far nearly scoffed, and he had to force himself not to turn and look at her in disbelief. Surely she could think of better lies than this feigned ignorance.

Red Grouse spoke with concern now and Looks Far translated:

“My father wishes to know if you would like to be taken to the soldier fort.”

“No, please don’t. I know no one there and I fear for my safety among strangers.”

Looks Far was shocked. A wasicu fearful of her own kind? It was unthinkable. Then his mind began to reel, what if she had been cast out? What wickedness was so great for those at the fort that they cast this woman to spread her poison among the plains?

From the corner of his eye he regarded her. She was nothing like any wasicu he had seen before. Her body appeared strong and healthy, ripe for bearing children. Her skin was so white as to resemble a cloud and it stood in sharp contrast to her black hair and murky green eyes. He might have guessed her to be one of the whores he had seen among the wasicu, but she had none of the filth, none of the disgrace. Those women appeared to him as beaten dogs. This one held her head high and looked directly at those around her. She seemed proud and bold. It wasn’t her place; she ought to be more modest, though wisely, unlike so many wasicu, she chose not to fill the silence with meaningless words.

Red Grouse sat back and puffed his pipe, regarding her, thinking. When at last he spoke, Looks Far raised a small protest, but ever the dutiful son, he translated his father’s words:

“Is it your wish to stay among the Lakota?”

“What must I do to stay?” She inquired.

Red Grouse puffed some more then spoke via Looks Far:

“There is a woman, Calls to the Them, who lost a daughter. Her lodge is empty and her husband has thrown her away. She might find you of use. She would treat you well, but you must perform your duty as any daughter would. Tan skins, prepare food, gather turnips, repair the lodge – these are not difficult things. You will learn. It is the only way.”

Then, Looks Far turned his head ever so slightly and added: “If you are discovered lacking, or you seek to create trouble, you will be cast out with nothing. I will make certain of this. Let Wakan Tanka decide your fate.”

For the first time Elaine’s voice cracked with emotion at the harshness of what he had said.

“I would never seek to bring harm to those who have treated me so well. It is not my way.”

Looks Far said nothing, but was surprised at her choice of words. It was like nothing he would expect a wasicu to say. He grew more intrigued by her but tempered his curiosity with caution. She was simply unknown and he would have to learn of her in his own way, not through words which wasicus so often used to mask deceit.

Looks Far stood abruptly and motioned with a tilt of his chin. “Come,” he ordered.

Elaine followed him through the camp as children trailed in their wake. She regarded Looks Far from behind as he walked. He had confidence in his stride and his clout would flap in the wind revealing the rounded, muscular curve of his buttocks as he moved. His hair was long enough to tickle his waist and in the sun it appeared shot through with deep cherry tones. It was a shame he hated her so, for he was easily one of the more alluring men she had ever met – haughty and beautiful, but also seemingly thoughtful and intelligent. He was also the only one who appeared to know any English, though how he came to speak it so well was an intriguing mystery.

Calls to Them was already standing in wait outside her lodge. She was perhaps in her 50s and she had a fan of lines near her eyes so deep it was clear she was a woman who had smiled much once in her life. But her face now appeared worried, tired. Even so, she nodded her head and tried a smile as Looks Far made introductions. Just as he turned to leave them, Elaine reached out and caught his arm.

“Wait!” she started.

He looked down at the stark white hand against his much darker skin. At this his gut reaction was to feel disdain, for the last time a wasicu had ever laid a hand to him it was to rap his fingers with a switch for using his own tongue to comfort to a younger boy who was inconsolable with fear. Yet when he looked up to the woman’s face her eyes gently probed into his and he felt uncomfortably naked, as though she had seen into him.

“I still don’t know your name,” she implored.

“Tehanl Wanyanke,” he replied, intentionally using the Lakota.

“But what does it mean?” she pressed.

He was slightly offended by her boldness but also appreciated that she seemed to care far more than most wasicus ever had about his true name. He had fought so hard to defend his birth name when he was captured and forced to take what they called a “Christian” name. None had cared to hear it spoken, much less know its meaning. Elaine never got her answer, but he met her with a small expression that appeared to be a half-smile. It was the first time she had seen his face soften, the eyes grow less hard, and suddenly and surprisingly she felt the gravity of another begin to tug at her.

“Tehanl Wanyanke.” She repeated the name as he turned to walk away. It was a name she was determined to learn the meaning of.

Looks Far was shaken. Who was this woman? What was she? He was certain now she couldn’t have come from the fort. It was as though she were not of the world entirely. The way she looked, moved, spoke, behaved — like no people he had encountered before. Sometimes she seemed more Lakota than wasicu, but she was far too immodest. Maybe she wasn’t a wasicu at all, but some other race or being entirely. She was wakan. A mystery, and unlike most of his people who were content with the unknown wonders of the world and creation, mysteries did not sit well for Looks Far.

As the days and weeks came to pass, Elaine became completely engrossed in learning the hard work of being one of the people from Calls to Them. Tanning hides was the worst of it, scraping the fat from the skins alone was back breaking work, especially under the unmerciful sun. Elaine had fashioned a hat to protect her scalp and face from the rays, and the long sleeves of her dress did the rest, though her hands were turning a faint gold color and it distressed her. Between the heat, the risk of sunburn, and the constant curious stream of onlookers who marveled at her odd hat and glowing white skin, Elaine decided she would do most of her labors under cover of night and what she couldn’t do at night, she would carry out under the shade of the cottonwood stand near the village. Calls to Them thought it odd, but Elaine was dutiful and polite, so she did not worry herself.

“Woman Beneath the Stars.” Calls to Them thought it was a good name for the odd wasicu.

Though it was while alone under that cover of stars that Elaine had time to think and grow homesick. Time to worry. How would she ever return? What did her family think? Was she dead and this the afterlife? If she thought too much on it the weight of unknowing would crush her. But even when it was just a passing thought, she would weep into the night, her tears dried by the breeze that blew across the plains.

Looks Far watched her work into the night, the faint light of her small fire casting a brilliant gold light on her skin. She appeared up to no malice, but why did she work into the night and weep without cause? Why did she hide far from the village during the day? For a woman so bold, he was puzzled. It had been long since he thought on a woman so frequently, if he ever had. Since his return to the Oglala Lakota he had labored to reclaim who he was by living the seven virtues, making himself spiritually strong, observing and learning when and how to negotiate and when to stand and fight. He wanted to be prepared for when the day came that he might have to defend his people against the wasicu. For he knew that in their greed and great numbers they would surely extend their grasp one day to the roots of the Paha Sapa and seek to rub the Lakota out, if not in body then at least in spirit. No, in preparing for this there had been no time for a woman.

But that night, as he slept alone in his lodge, a specter came to him. It caressed the scars on his back with soft hands and trailed around his sides. When he looked down he saw small white hands slipping to the cord which tied his clout and he awoke with such a start that his brow poured sweat and his heart pounded. Beneath the robes his erection rose and pulsed, willing control over himself, he splashed water over his heated flesh, gritting his teeth. In his mind he could see her eyes on him again, imploring, curious. For a moment he wondered how those same eyes might look gazing up at him from below, but then he cursed his lust and cursed the woman more who might provoke him to betray all he held dear.

Desires Exfoliated Ch. 02

This is part two of the story written by a friend. Please read part one if you have not read it to understand this story better. I have just edited this story.


The next few days went uneventful. Raj and Shweta crossed path many times but he did not acknowledge her presence. Raj did not even make an eye contact with her. Shweta found it very weird but thought that he was at least keeping things discreet. On the other hand a sensation of violation crept up her spine. She felt that Raj was done with her after he had fucked her the last time. She felt abused. But she also felt relaxed that things were not going haywire after her act of infidelity.

A tingle still went off whenever she imagined Raj’s first tongue flick across her clitoris as his lips suckled on her. Her pussy was on fire when she imagined the picture where Raj’s hard cock made the first contact with her pussy. The moment when another man’s cock was about to enter her married pussy. She felt the heat inside her panties but could not touch herself to relieve off some pressure. The few days after her encounter with Raj were torturous as Rohan as usual came home late night after work. She craved for her pussy to be plugged but there was no one to plough it. She had become desperate. She decided to herself make a move and leave Raj some trails and signals which would lead him to her bed once again.

She made conscious efforts to confront Raj “accidentally”. But they were in vain. The only common place she would be able to find him was in her gym. She matched his timings and saw to it that she worked out in front of him. She left sometimes just as he was about to leave for the men’s locker. Her timing didn’t match always and she missed him couple of times. Raj did show up in the gym for the next whole week. Her plans didn’t work out and she felt a bit dejected. Though her husband did gave her a fucking on the weekend but it wasn’t the same. She felt dirty as she recapitulated the images of Raj fucking her the other night when her husband’s cock was sliding to and fro inside her.

The following Monday she headed off to the gym hoping to see Raj. To her delight Raj was working out in the gym. Her glee was like a teenage girl who saw a very cute boy. And at the moment she was indeed one rather than a mother of a kid. Raj’s approach was the same. He still ignored Shweta’s presence. After sometime Raj left for the locker room and so did Shweta. She hurriedly packed her gear in a hope to catch Raj. As Shweta reached the elevator she saw it descending downwards with Raj. She knew by the time she would get down, Raj would have already left. Disappointed, she called for the elevator for herself. Shweta opened the door and entered the elevator.

“I assume that disappointed look on your face is because you thought you missed catching me.” To her surprise Raj was still in the elevator and had returned back up with it.

“No. I wasn’t looking for you. I was just disappointed to miss the elevator going downwards.” Shweta quickly replied. In a sudden rush, Raj grasped Shweta’s wrist and pulled her in. He closed the door behind her. He pushed Shweta’s back and hands against the wall of the elevator and held them there flat. Shweta was humbled by Raj’s aggressive and bold action. Any other day she would have never taken such actions kindly. But for Raj she had let out a red carpet. She gave in far too easily without any resistance. It was a very different feeling as she felt his control over her.

He said staring directly into her eyes. “Oh really? So what you are telling me is that you were not looking for a chance to talk to me? So what was with you circling around me in the gym? Why did you leave the gym when I did? You were in the gym barely 10 minutes ago and you have hardly broken any sweat.” saying Raj gently nuzzled her neck and sniffed her hair. “And you still smell fresh and great.”

Shweta’s breathing quickened. Her breasts rose up into Raj’s face as she inhaled. She could feel his breath on her chest. Raj had worked out for an hour and Shweta could smell his muskiness along with his deodorant, and it was intoxicating in a wonderful way. It made her even more aroused as her pussy became wet and her nipples stiffened like pebbles under her clothes.

Torrents of emotions were running through her. Her pride of a wife and a mother had gone down the drain as this young guy toyed with her. He was toying with her body and emotions. Shweta was a mature woman and she felt vulnerable to Raj who was sniffing her hair intimately. She felt powerless but somehow also felt safe as she submitted herself to this young guys advance.

Shweta did not want to fell so open and so conjured up some lame excuse. “I remembered I had to go somewhere and that is why I left early.” “Now, do not lie because when you do so you challenge my intelligence and I do not like that. Besides I can see that you are aroused by my presence here.” “No really. I have to go somewhere and I am not aroused please.” “Ok. Let’s see if you are or not.” Saying Raj released her left hand and lifted her t-shirt from her right side above her breast. He unhooked the upper side of her sports bra which contained her left breast. With a strong but slow tug he pulled down her bra. Shweta’s left breast came out in open. It protruded out in a vice like grip between her bunched up t-shirt and the elasticity of her bra. It was as if it presented out itself to Raj to play with, to fondle with and to do whatever he liked to do with it.

Shweta was dumbstruck. She did not know what was happening. The thrill of the situation was too much, for her brain had stopped working. The door could open up any moment and there she was, a respected wife with a young man in an elevator with her left boob exposed in the open by him as he held her against the wall and his right hand playing with her erect nipple.

“Well, now look Shweta you are aroused. Look as your nipples all hard and erect.” Raj lightly glided his right thumb over her erect nipple. “So you were lying. Let’s check out some more.” Raj simply wriggled his hand through the waistband of both, her tracks and her panties, and rested his fingers against her smooth pussy lips. Shweta’s eyes widened at his actions. The fear of getting caught had the adrenaline running while Raj’s fingers pressed against her most private part had her on fire.

“You insist that you are not aroused. So if I dip my fingers inside your vagina then I should not find it wet and slippery. Isn’t it?” Without waiting for her answer Raj spread open her lips and slips I his middle finger inside Shweta. “Yep. I thought so. You are all turned on and horny. Your pussy is on fire Shweta. Look at this.” Raj pulled out his finger from inside of her and brought up his hand between their faces showing Shweta the middle finger which was slick with her juices. She was in despair when Raj withdrew his finger. She felt empty. Her body had started to enjoy this precarious position. Teasing her more Raj licked her juices off his finger. “You taste great too.” He taunted her.

Raj pressed the ground floor button and the elevator started to descend. Shweta was still in a daze at what had just happened. With sarcasm, Raj alerted her. “I think you should put your bare chest back in.”

It was then Shweta realized that her left boob was still hanging out in the open. Shweta readjusted her clothes just as they stopped at the ground floor. As soon as they were out in the real world Raj was again ignoring Shweta’s presence around him.

Shweta started walking alone towards her home. Her mind filled with emotions. The way Raj had caught her off guard and taken her, embarrassed her to the core. Her mind was seeking answers.

‘How could I let him take me like this? How could I let him touch me like this? He did not even bother asking me. And why did not I object to any of his actions? How could he plainly remove my clothing’s and make my chest bare? How could he just push his hand inside my pants and fiddle with my pussy? And how could I take all this without any hesitation? Why did I like getting toyed from another man besides my husband moreover a much younger guy than me?’

Without knowing Shweta had even reached her building. The scenes of her recent violation kept flooding her mind. She entered the elevator and tried to recreate the feeling by touching herself, but no good. His touch was different, firm yet gentle. His every action showed that he owned her and the dominance he had over her. The slut inside her craved for a dominant touch. She felt humiliated but like it too and wanted to again feel Raj’s hands all over her.

Shweta immersed herself in the tub and ran the hand shower over her body. The warm water ran over her breast which Raj had just touched. She pinched her nipple. The sensation turned her on more giving her a mild orgasm. Her eyes closed as her teeth bit her lower lip. Her mind was racing to form an image of Raj’s hands cupping her breasts, his thumb caressing her nipple, getting out a deep moan from her. Her hand slipped between her legs. The warm running water heightened her sensations even more. Her fingers rubbed her lips in parallel direction. She occasionally flicked her hood to get an unprompted surge of sensation. Her middle finger slipped in and out of her. Her orgasm was building up. She pictured Raj fucking her and that was it. For a moment she realized the situation. There she was a married woman in her bathtub, fingering herself, thinking about a young guy who was about 5 years younger than her, and how he had fucked her behind her husband’s back and how he had played with her in the elevator. The humiliation pushed her over the edge. She came hard. She always came hard whenever she thought about Raj. It was no way near the climax she had with her husband, if she had one that is. This was something out of this world.

She got out of the water and stood in front of the mirror. She looked at her body and admired it. Her breasts looker firm and full. Thanks to her pregnancy. Her skin was smooth and soft. Her pussy was clean shaved and she ensured that it was smooth and soft as well. She dabbed herself dry and could see her pussy tuned pink in the recent gratification.

Shweta put on some shorts and a tank top. She went to the kitchen and started cooking. Her husband, Rohan, was unusually early from his office. They had dinner early today and her daughter went off to sleep. Shweta hoped her husband might fuck her today since they had time today. But Rohan rather decided to sleep early. Shweta was furious. Her husband had been ignoring his duties more often, lately. She wasn’t sleepy. She coaxed Rohan to give her some action. But Rohan was too tired. Shweta actually sympathized with Rohan, as she knew he was indeed tired working.

Just then her cellphone rang. Shweta wondered who it could be as she did not recognize the number. She answered the phone. “Hello.” “Hi. I see you have finished your dinner early. And those yellow shorts look great on you. It outlines your ass wonderfully.” “Oh. Raj? Is that you? How do you know what I am wearing?” she looked puzzled. “Oh! Didn’t I mention I can see your bedroom and your living room through my window? But I had to buy a binocular to see you. Before that all I could make out was a person in the room. But now I see what I like.” “How did you get my number?” “Oh come on. I have been inside your house and inside you as well Shweta. How hard could it be to get your number?” he joked. “Besides it was Rohan who gave me your number.” “What? Why did he?” “That is not important right now Shweta. What is important is for you to satisfy your sexual needs and your horniness in you right now. That titanic scene surely seems to turn you on. I could see where your hands were while watching it.” Shweta felt a bit embarrassed. She felt like a little girl caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

“What do you want?” “Watching you has made me horny as well. Go to your husband and tell him that you are going for a walk. The way he is sleeping, I don’t think that he would mind you going by yourselves. Come down and enter my building. The watchman will not stop you nor take in your entry if you let him know that you are coming to meet me. Enter the elevator and come to the rooftop.”

“What?” Shweta said shocked at his straight and direct comment. “I can’t do that. My husband is home. I can’t come right now. And why do you think I want to be with you.”

“Hmm. So it seems you are still bent on playing hard to get. Ok let me put it straight. This is the moment of truth. I can either blackmail you into giving yourself to me or you can yourself accept what you really want. Although I may seem a cruel person to you right now, I do not wish to destroy your family. I have a personal life of my own and I do not wish to destroy it either. You are a sexy gorgeous woman with a wonderful body and great pussy, which I wish to fuck from time to time. And I know how bad your sex life is, I have been watching you for the last few days. I know how bad you feel the need. Well it was quite obvious when I played with your boob and pussy in the elevator, what you wanted. So I leave it up to you. As I said it’s the moment of truth. Either you take it and have fun or leave it and remain frustrated.”

What Raj said did make Shweta thinking for a few moments. “What do you mean fuck my pussy from time to time? You want me to be your personal slut? You want me to be your whore?” she quipped back. “Of course”. Taking a pause he said “YES.” “What the hell are you saying? Have you gone mad? You are a complete idiot. I will tell you my answer. I am not coming to you anywhere.” “I wouldn’t be that hasty, Shweta. Nor would I disappoint me if I were you. I know you need time to think so I’ll be on the roof for 10 minutes and if you don’t come then it’s never going to happen. But do remember once you enter my building there is no turning back. Once you enter my buildings elevator you will be my slut. Even better, since you called me an idiot, I want you to say something when you come to me. I want you to say, ‘I want to be your slut.’

Before Shweta could say anything further, the call was disconnected. She sat there thinking. She went towards the window to see if she could spot Raj, but her efforts were futile. It was not possible to look at the rooms opposite to her without any visual enhancement. Raj seemed to have had a good vantage point. Her mind calculated all the possibilities of her life and her emotions. The fear of cheating on her husband with a younger guy churned her stomach. The thrill was exciting. It caused her humiliation that she was even thinking about taking a decision whether she should submit to another man. Even if it meant she will be used for his sexual pleasure. It made her feel cheap. But it made her even hornier when she thought herself as Raj’s personal slut.

Shweta was a dignified woman. She had her reputation of a role model wife and mother. She was at a respectable position at her husbands’ office. She never took crap and was impervious and invulnerable woman. Yet for some reason she felt the need to be dominated by someone. She wanted that one man in her life, who could control her and the thought that she was letting another young man treat her like a slut made her feel humiliated but really excited. Her morals and desires were at war. Raj had injected himself deep in her psyche for good and was playing with her. She was his toy and he was playing with her the way he wanted to.

It had been five minutes since Raj had called. Shewta was in turmoil. Alas! she took the decision. She switched off the lights. She went to her bedroom. She kissed her sleeping husband on her forehead. Next, Shweta grabbed the keys slipped in her sneakers and left the house.

She crossed the park between her and Raj’s building and reached his staircases. The watchman asked her destination on which she told him she was going to meet Raj. The watchman had a straight face. But it was hard to make out whether it was due to any surprise. Shweta wondered whether the watchman knew why she was going to Raj. Was she the only one or did Raj have a harem of woman coming to him? She didn’t care much for that. If at all she felt lucky to be a part of his harem if there was any.

Shweta comforted herself while going up in the elevator. ‘Alright. This is it. There is no turning back now.’ Shweta entered the roof through the door. It was pitch dark except for some moonlight. It was hot weather yet her feet were cold. It was hard for her to believe that she had complied with Raj’s demands. Her sexual drive had driven her legs to Raj without stopping at the red signal of her marriage. But she was excited thinking that she was about to cheat on her husband. And not just cheat but be Raj’s pet.

She scanned the rooftop. Raj didn’t seem to be in sight. Suddenly she felt two arms engulfing her from behind. She knew from the touch whose they were. Raj’s hands encased Shweta’s as her held her close to his body. He could feel the heat from her. Shweta too felt Raj’s breath on her neck. He whispered in her ears. “So you did come after all to be my slut. You did come to offer me your married pussy. But now I still have to decide whether I take your offer.” ‘What did he mean by that?’, she thought. ‘Was he really going to make me say that I want to be his slut?’ “You were thinking right Shweta, I want you to say it.”

Shweta was puzzled. It was as if he had entered her mind and read her thoughts. She knew there was no way out now. Raj had accurately played her through. He knew what he was doing and she was caught like a fish in a net. Her desires had let him have this control over her. Although she loved the fact that she was about to submit herself to a much younger guy than her.

Gathering her composure she said, “Raj, I want to be your slut.” Overwhelmed, she continued. “Please make me you whore and fuck me whenever you want. Use me the way you see fit. I want to be your slut.”

Shweta could not match his eyes but she was glad she said it. It lifted a burden off her chest. Raj was pleased with her response. He took her earlobe in his mouth from standing behind. He sucked her soft flesh till Shweta started moaning. He then continued giving soft gentle bites in her neck. Shweta was already on cloud nine. At this moment all she wanted was to feel Raj all over her. But Raj took his time. He led to the concrete railing of the roof. He placed her hands on it.

Shweta felt Raj’s hands on her ass. He cupped her buttocks in his hands feeling the fullness of it. He ran his fingers through her ass crack over her shorts. She felt his palm massage her pussy. Every touch of him on his body was giving Shweta new rounds of pleasure. Without any intimation Raj then pulled down her shorts till around her mid-thigh.

“Bend down.”, was his command. Shweta readily found herself obeying him. Now there she was, bend over with her bottom exposed to Raj, on his roof top, away from her sleeping husband and daughter, waiting for her new found master to have his way with her. The position itself was demeaning, but yet she felt excited by her own violation.

Raj took his own sweet time. He admired her rear from a distance. He loved the fact how this wonderful creature was in his control. The elastic of her shorts had clamped her thighs together and so it gave a brilliant shape of a heart with her puffed up pussy lips pouting though it. He was tempted to take a bite of it but he had other plans.

Raj by now had his dick out. He was hard and was stroking it enjoying the sight before him.He made her wait in her anticipation. He made her yearn for his touch. Moreover, Shweta was further humiliated when she was made to wait for him in such a disgraced situation. The night breeze flowed over her butt, as she realized the time Raj was making her wait. Shweta could do nothing but wait. Her mind was anticipating Raj’s next move. Then with a sudden movement she felt the contact of Raj’s body. She felt his thighs on hers. He held his dick in his hands and stroked its head across her lips. Shweta was dripping wet by now and her lubrication coated Raj’s dick.

Shaving My Indian Daughter-In-Law

My name is Raghbir Singh. I am 61 years old, but being physically fit, I look much younger. I have retired as a wrestling coach from local college. I am more than 6ft tall and weigh about 90kg. I am former wrestler and well built like a bull. I still do physical exercises and keep myself fit.

In my family, there is Lajwanti, my wife aged about 57. She is very religious lady and spends most of her time in temple. I had a daughter Sujata, who is married and happily settled with her in laws.

Ranvir is my only son, aged about 30 years, working in some MNC in marketing department and is normally is on tour for about 25 days in a month. Sushma is my Daughter- In- Law. She has been married to my son for about 4 years. She is 28 years old, a plump and chubby girl, with milky whitish complexion.

Sushma is very beautiful. I don’t know her exact figure but she must be about 38-28-36. Her main assets are her big buttocks and big boobs. She normally wears tight clothes and when she walks in the house, her plump and fuck able body is on clear display and it keeps my cock hard always. Sushma loves to flaunt her beautiful and meaty body and teasing the others.

As my son is normally out on tour, so we three persons are left in house. Always watching my horny Daughter- In- Law is the regular feast to my eyes.

I have found that perhaps she is not getting regular and sufficient fucking from my son. The reason is that as my son is normally away, so he gets only 5-6 days to stay with his wife and on these days also he is tired and asks rest.

Other reason is that as my son is normally on tour, so to pass his time, he has started drinking heavily. So he is not able to do his duties as a husband as efficiently as he should be doing. This leaves my Daughter- In- Law to her masturbation sessions in her bathroom.

I had found that many a times she spends, more time than needed, in bathroom.

She looks like a bitch in heat.

As I am a former wrestler, so I posses a manly body made like a bull. I regularly massage my body with oil in the morning before my bath and it takes about 20-25 minutes oil massage.

Normally I massage myself in drawing room, so my Daughter- In- Law gets many chances to watch my healthy and muscular manly body.

Many a times, I have found her, giving glances to my well built body. Certainly those looks are not of a Daughter- In- Law to her Father- In- Law but of a sex starved lady to a “man”.

My wife goes to temple in morning for about 2 hours, so when I do my massage, we only Daughter- In- Law and Father- In- Law are left in house. I also love to flaunt my manly body to my Daughter- In- Law. Sushma normally comes to drawing room during my massage time, with one excuse or other. As at time of massage, I am wearing only small underwear, so it gives her ample opportunity to watch her Father- In- Law. I also love to display myself to her.

This is normal teasing game of both of us. As due to my son being away and wife in temple, daily we have about 2 hours to ourselves. So as soon as my wife goes to temple, I take out my oil bottle and come to drawing room wearing only an underwear and Sushma also comes to drawing room with some excuse like cleaning or mopping the floor etc, and we both enjoy our teasing game.

Sometimes I talk to her while massaging and we crack jokes, sometimes even a bit adult and non vegetarian jokes also and laugh together,. I feel that she wants more than Father- In- Law’s love from me and I am surely ready and horny for that.

For some days I was thinking of a way to break the ice and to do something in right direction.

I decided that I am a male so I will have to take the first step.

So today, I wore small “V” shape underwear, which was very loose for me and quite bigger than my size. As soon as my wife went to temple, I took my oil bottle and came to drawing room.

Sushma also closed and latched the front door and came to my room, with a broom in her hand. I was sitting on a mat and rubbing oil on my chest and legs. Due to rubbing, my muscular body was shining with oil. Sushma was giving me usual lusty glances.

I started talking with her and cracked some jokes. Then I took first step and asked her,

” Sushma! I can’t reach my back and unable to rub oil on back. If you are free, can you rub my back a bit?”

Sushma surprisingly looked towards me as it was the first time; I had asked her to rub oil on me. She hesitated bit and then smilingly spoke,

“Papa Ji! Why not? I am just coming to you. I am free and will rub oil on you properly.”

There was a spark and tinkle in her eyes, when she spoke “rub oil on you properly”. It was double meaning, but I kept silent.

Sushma kept the broom on one side and came to me. I gave her the oil bottle and asked her to rub oil on my muscular back. She was wearing a nice silky sari. She hesitated a bit and said,

“Papa Ji! I am wearing a sari and it may get dirty with oil, so better I remove the expensive silky sari and come back”. Saying this Sushma went to her room.

When she came back, I dropped my jaw. She was wearing only thin petticoat and blouse. Her chubby and plump body was bulging out completely in her attire.

Her big boobs were swaying while walking to me and my eyes were glued to them. Looking me watching her plump body, Sushma smiled and taking oil bottle from me, sat near my back and pouring some oil on her palm she started rubbing on my manly back.

She was sitting near me and rubbing oil with both hands. So when she was moving her hands on back, with the swaying of body, her big boobs, which were confined in her loose bra and blouse, were also swaying sideways and I was sitting enjoying her.

A fine odor was coming from her. Perhaps while changing the clothes, she had used some perfume also.

Sushma was rubbing oil and I was secretly watching her body, as she was sitting so close to me for the first time. I was enjoying being so near to her. Her hands were doing miracles to me and it all was so soothing.

I lovingly spoke to her,

“sushma! Your hands are magical. It is for the first time that my back is rubbed, as your mother in law always goes to temple in morning and there is no one to rub my back. Thank you. All my body pains are gone with your touch. You are doing it perfectly.”

Sushma was happy to hear it. She smiled and opened up with me and said,

“Papa Ji! I am a part of family. Why did you never asked me to rub oil on you. There is no need to hesitate. In future also whenever you need me to apply oil on you, just ask me.”

I smiled and thanked her. Sushma was also feeling happy for ice between us being broken. She also smiled and asked me,

“Papa Ji! Your back is done. Do you want me to rub oil on you anywhere else? Because, then, I have to do, some other chores.”

I was enjoying her company and wanted her to stay with me, but where could I ask her to apply oil now? So I was thinking what to say?

Sushma found me hesitating, so she spoke hastily (perhaps she also wanted to stay near to me and my almost naked body and feared that I may not ask her to go),

“Papa Ji! It is difficult to massage yourself by own. You lie down and I will rub oil and massage your arms and legs etc.”

I was happy but still hesitating as I was wearing only a small underwear and to my horror my cock has started raising its head, as I was getting hot for being so near to her, and there was no way to hide my erection.

Perhaps Sushma was getting hornier and thought that I may not refuse her, so before that I may say anything, she put her hands on my shoulders and putting some pressure and lying me down on mat, said,

“Oh Papa Ji! Don’t think so much. Just lie down and I will massage you with oil.”

Saying this she put me down on mat and took oil bottle. I thought that if she is not hesitating that why should I? And I kept silent.

Sushma sat very near to my waist. I was laying bare chest. Her feminine body odor was making me hornier. She put some oil on her hands and started rubbing on my arms.

Within 2 minutes she finished arms and again put oil on hands and slid her body near to my knees and put her hands on my calves.

As soon as her hands touched my legs, I felt like an electric shot. My body twitched and also twitched my cock under my underwear.

Sushma was keeping her eyes on my legs and rubbing from calves to knees. She was wearing only a petticoat blouse and I could see the outlines of her panty and bra beneath it.

I knew that we both are horny and getting hot. Sushma knew that my eyes are glued to her body, so she kept her gaze on my legs only, perhaps to give me uninterrupted chance to watch her sexy body from so near.

I was getting horny with every passing minute. My cock was getting hard now. Sushma also noticed my cock getting hard. She smiled and putting some more oil on her hands, she started rubbing my thighs.

As soon as her hands touched my thighs, I jumped and my cock twitched in excitement. It started pulsating and throbbing.

Sushma also noticed my hardening cock as it was raising the material of underwear up. She was also getting hot and her breathing quickened. She put both her hands on my both thighs and giving pressure on her palms started moving her hands upward.

Now her hands were dangerously nearing the joint of my legs. Her eyes were glued on my hardening cock and my eyes on her big boobs. She kept moving her hand up and my cock kept hardening and erect cock made a tent in my underwear.

As I was wearing loose underwear, so as my big and muscular cock hardened, it raised the cloth of underwear up and it being loose on thighs, now the base of my cock was visible to her from the sides of the underwear.

Sushma gave a sigh and keeping her thumbs inside of my thighs brought them so up that they touched the underwear. A slight moan came from my mouth. Her thumbs were caressing and rubbing the base of my cock now. Though she was not touching my erect cock, but her hands were doing more than that to me.

Sushma turned her face toward my waist and was shamelessly watching the cock (almost half of cock was visible to her from the sides of my loose underwear). She kept moving her thumbs upward and ultimately they touched the base of my cock, from under the tented cloth of underwear.

I moaned loudly. Sushma knew that I liked what she was doing. So she massaged the underside of cock and even scratched my big balls with her nails.

My cock was so tight now that it was almost an iron rod. It was throbbing in underwear and the cloth of underwear was moving up and down with the throbbing of my tight cock, and Sushma was watching it intently.

For some time, she kept caressing the base of cock with het thumbs and my cock kept throbbing. I was nearing my orgasm and was about to shoot before her eyes.

Now Sushma didn’t withdrew her thumbs back but keeping them inside my tented underwear, started scratching the balls and base of cock with her big nails.

I knew I was on the brink of shooting a thundering orgasm. But I didn’t want to shoot like this as this was our first time, so I asked her,

“Sushma! It is so hot these days. Why don’t you wear some easy and sleeveless clothes at home? It will help saving from hot weather.”

“Papa Ji! You are my Father- In- Law and like my father, so I am shy to tell that I also want to wear sleeveless clothes, but I have big hairs on my underarms. So the hairs will show in my sleeve less clothes.”She exclaimed.

“Beta! Why don’t you use hair remover cream or shave them?’ I inquired.

She bent her head shyly and said,

“Papa Ji! I tried using cream but it is allergic to me. I want to shave my armpits, but I fear that the blade may cut me. I have never used shaving set. I had asked your son (my husband) many times to teach me how to use a razor, but he never has time for me and does not teach me. So I can’t do anything and have to wear full sleeve only to hide my hairy armpits.”

“Sushma! If you don’t use shaving set, then you will be having big hairs not only in your armpits, but on whole of your body?” I fumbled, as I could not say about her private parts.

But Sushma understood my point and smilingly and shyly bent her head and in a whispering tone spoke out,

“Yes Papa Ji! I have long hair as I have never shaved them. But I see that you keep yourself clean shaven on whole body. Do you shave yourself?”

I understood that she was referring to my public hair as she could see in my tented underwear that I was clean shaven. So I smiled and lovingly said,

“Oh Sushma! I love to be clean shaven and I have been shaving myself not only in my armpits but down there also for a long time. You are my Daughter- In- Law and like my own daughter and this is wrong in the eyes of society to teach you shaving yourself particularly down there. Otherwise I would have loved to teach you to shave yourself and you could keep yourself clean everywhere.”

I put extra stress on the word “everywhere”. Sushma smiled as she knows, what I meant by that.

She was horny and perhaps didn’t want to let the chance go away, so she shyly said,

“Papa Ji! It is nothing wrong in teaching anything. Shaving is nothing wrong. I would love it if you teach me to shave. But please don’t let anybody know about it. Mother- In- Law is away, you may teach me now.”

I was more than happy. I brought my shaving set and tube of cold cream and asked Sushma to remove her blouse, so that I may shave her underarms and she may learn it.

Sushma was shy. She bent her head and softly spoke,

“Papa Ji! Please don’t let anybody know it. Let it be our little secret only.”

Saying this she opened her blouse and kept it on the cot. She was wearing a small bra, which was made of lace net and black in color. My eyeballs popped out of their socket, as 90% of her big milky boobs were clearly visible from them. As the bra was black and her own skin whitish, so her boobs were on clear display. Her boobs were very big and bra was so small, that it hardly hid the big areola and her nipples, otherwise the big swell of her boobs was out of bra and clearly visible to my ogling eyes.

Sushma saw me watching her boobs with lust, but kept silent as she herself was also horny. I wanted to see her boobs in open, so persuading her, I asked,

“Sushma Beta! When I will shave your underarms, the hair may fell on the net of bra and may stick in that and afterward they may start itching you. So you may open the bra also. See, I am like your father, so there is nothing to be shy of me.”

Sushma hesitated, but she was also enjoying the show, she was giving me. She thought for a moment and then saying,

“Yes Papa Ji! You are right. The hair may stick in bra.”

She opened the bra hooks, put the bra away and trying to cover her big melons with one hand, she raised her other arm above her head, so that I may shave her.

I was in heaven. Here my own beautiful and chubby Daughter- In- Law was sitting before me, totally nude from the waist up, and covering her big naked boobs with just one hand and raising her other arm above her head so that her father- in- law may shave her.

Her big boobs were so big, that it was impossible to cover one boob with one hand and here she was trying to cover both of them with one hand. So she could cover only the areola of boobs under her hand and otherwise her big treasure was on feast to my prying eyes.

I licked my dry lips and wanted to see her fully. So I, in a loving tone said,

“Sushma! Beta! You are so beautiful. I am your Father- In- Law, so don’t feel shy of me. You may remove your hand. Your body is so nice and shapely that you should be proud of that. The girls who are even not one hundredth point beautiful than you, love to flaunt their bodies, and you are as beautiful as an angle, and trying to cover yourself.”

Saying this I took her hand from her boobs and pulled it down. Sushma was shy, so she held her head down, but didn’t stop me.

Now her big and milky boobs were naked before my eyes. As soon as her boobs came in view, a little moan came out of my mouth. With great force, I stopped myself from putting my hands and mouth on her boobs. She was so plump and her boobs were so big and tight. They were not shagging even a bit and stood tight. Her nipples were about one inche in size and were erect like bullets. Surely she was horny like hell and was in lust. Her eyes were turning red with lust.

Sushma saw me watching her boobs and I was transfixed with her beauty. When she found me lost on her boobs, she shyly spoke,

“Papa Ji! Please start shaving, I feel shame, sitting nude like this.”

I took my razor and shaved her armpits telling her the way to use it. Within 2 minutes, I was done with both her arms and her hairy armpits were shining plain now.

Sushma was happy to see her armpits. And her shame had somewhat gone now. She was happy and said,

“Oh Papa Ji! You are great. It was so easy. I feel so happy today to have such a caring and loving Father- In- Law.”

I wanted to see her cunt now, so patting on her head lovingly I said,

“Sushma! See it is so simple and easy. Next time I will sit near and you try yourself. Now you lie down and remove your petticoat and panty, so that we may shave you down there also.”

Sushma surprisingly replied,

“Papa Ji! Do you want to shave me down there also? It will be so wrong for me to lie naked before you. You are like my father, and I feel ashamed to remove my panty before you.”

Saying this she kept sitting. I knew that we both were horny as hell and she was just making an excuse only. So smilingly, with one hand, and pushing her to lie down, I put my other hand on the cord of her petticoat and said,

“Ok Beta! If you feel shame to take off your petticoat and panty, I will do it for you.”

Saying this I pulled the strings of her petticoat and it fell open. Sushma was lying on ground and put both her hands on her face to cover it in shame. I smilingly put my fingers in her waistband of panty and tried to pull down both her petticoat and panty in one go.

Sushma was feeling shy and keeping her eyes covered in shame, she slightly raised her waist up, so that I may pull her panty down.

The scene was so erotic and my cock was so tight that it felt like a steel rod and was aching with tightness. I pulled her clothes down and removing them away from her legs, I put them nearby.

We both were in heaven. Here my own plump Daughter- In- Law was lying before me, totally nude and with not even a single piece of thread on her body and I was sitting near her with the biggest and tightest boner of my life, wearing only a small and loose underwear.

I put my hands on her hands and lovingly removed them from her face saying,

“Sushma! Why are you closing your eyes? If you don’t see than how will you learn to shave yourself? I am like your father, so don’t shy. See now I may start shaving your cunt… I mean your vagina.”

In the heat of lust, I used the word “cunt”, but Sushma didn’t seem to mind it. Perhaps she was hornier than me. She opened her eyes, and saw me watching her nude body lying bare before her.

She shyly said,

“Papa Ji! It is shameful for me to lie totally naked. You are wearing your own clothes and ask me not to shy. Papa, please remove your own underwear also, so that we both may be in same position and I may see, if you shave me as clean as you yourself.”

I smiled as I knew that she want to see my throbbing and big cock and making the pretext of shyness. I knew today’s day was going to be the best of my life. And I hoped to get some more from my horny and beautiful Daughter- In- Law.

I smilingly stood up and putting my fingers in my waistband, lowered my underwear to reveal my 7 inches and 4 inches in girth, a fat and throbbing cock before her eyes. As soon as Sushma saw my cock, a whimper of surprise and a lustful moan came from her lips.


I was going up the Amazon with a small party to locate a lost tribe. It was quite unexpected from my point of view. I’m an anthropologist, but a very junior one, and I wasn’t the first choice. Professor Anderson was scheduled to go but she fell sick.

Now the terms of the financing deal stated that at least one of the members of the team had to be female (don’t you just love political correctness) and there aren’t that many female anthropologists about.

There are some of us but the only ones who were considered had to turn down the offer with apologies.

(That is if you consider Professor Grey’s comment an apology. I believe her answer went something along the lines of “the only way you’ll get me into that green hell is to drag my bleeding corpse there, and even that will be screaming and struggling”.)

So the offer was tended to me. After hearing what Professor Grey had said I was tempted to turn down the offer, but it was pointed out that Professor Grey had tenure and I didn’t. Put like that, I agreed.

So our little group went sailing up the Amazon. Paddling actually. Where we were going we were stuck with canoes to get there.

Leader of our little group was Doctor Kurt Fitzgerald, with an alphabet of credentials following his name. He was tall and distinguished, still in his thirties. A handsome, intelligent and charismatic man.

Second in charge was Doctor Benjamin Jones. Plus credentials, but not as many as Kurt. If Kurt hadn’t been there for a comparison, Benjamin would have stood out in any crowd. The description I attributed to Kurt could also be given to Benjamin, but to a lesser degree.

Then where was me, little Sophia, still studying and along to make up numbers. Enough said about me.

Finally there was the guide, Ramon. He had a large amount of native blood in him, but I don’t think he was pure bred of any particular race. He was a greasy, smelly and generally creepy character who seemed to know where we were going.

So the four of us took off up the Amazon. I admit I did have qualms about being alone in the wilderness with three men. I was quite determined to defend my honour if it came to a push. After meeting Kurt I decided that maybe I wouldn’t fight too hard. Sometimes one needs to know when to yield gracefully. (Quite frankly I had the hots for that man. He was gorgeous.)

It was quite embarrassing the first night we camped out. There were only the two tents, Ramon preferring to sleep without one. Kurt and Benjamin took the larger tent, and left me to make myself at home in the smaller one. I was both relieved and slightly irritated. One of them might at least have made a token pass. I’m not exactly a gargoyle.

What was worse was being kept awake for hours by Kurt and Benjamin making out in their damned tent. It turned out they were both as queer as three dollar bills and madly in lust with each other. At least, my virtue was safe.

It had only taken that first day to understand what Professor Grey had meant by ‘that green hell’. It wasn’t the humidity, or the insects. It wasn’t the raucous jungle sounds or the vegetation that would start to grow over you if you stood still for more than thirty seconds. It wasn’t the knowledge that there were piranha and anaconda in the water and wild pigs and jaguars sneaking around on the land.

It was the fact that you had to put up with all of that at the same time, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. And the whole situation wasn’t made any easier by that idiot, Ramon, being so cheerful about the easy going and warning it would be a lot harder once we were in the jungle proper.

So we forged steadily ahead, going from bad to worse to bloody hell, people live here?

After a couple of weeks we were way up in the wilderness and had been paddling down a little tributary of the Amazon for about two days. As we camped that night Ramon was extra cheerful.

“We’re nearly at the Okinchewa’s hunting grounds,” he announced. “Tomorrow we should cross into them and they’ll come to meet us. Just remember to not look as though you’re a threat. If they think that they’ll kill you at once. They’re a very touchy people.”

Great. We were in the middle of a green hell and about to meet a tribe of blood-thirsty maniacs. My life was complete.

We camped and I retired to my tent. It was a source of never ending wonder to me that those two queers could still be lustful every night, but they managed it, keeping me awake and resentful. Finally I went to sleep, knowing that tomorrow would be the big day.

In the morning we were up and about, having breakfast prior to getting on our way. Kurt was standing next to our little camp-stove when he gave a grunt and fell over. Benjamin and I didn’t even have time to reach him before Benjamin gave a yelp and collapsed.

I rushed over to Kurt first, and there was a little dart sticking in his neck. I pulled it out, checked Benjamin and found another dart, which I pulled.

Ramon was practically dancing on the spot. He did a quick check of both men and then backed away from them.

“Okinchewa,” he said. “They are paralysed, not dead. It is how Okinchewa keep their meat fresh. They use what you call curare. They know how to make it do this. The men will be alright in about an hour. If the Okinchewa let them. We should leave.”

“Hold on,” I said. “Why haven’t they done anything to you or me? They could have taken us down just as easily.”

“Don’t know,” said Ramon. “Don’t want to know. Want to leave, now.”

“You must have some idea,” I said. “You know the tribe, after all.”

“They not paralyse you because you’re a woman and so you don’t count. They probably not paralyse me because they want to talk.”

“Well, we can’t just go and leave Kurt and Benjamin behind,” I pointed out. “We have to try to wake them. You can talk to the Okinchewa while I try to revive Kurt.”

“We can’t go anyway,” muttered Ramon. “If we try to leave before Okinchewa talk to us they will be insulted and we will be dead. We have to wait.”

Then, all of a sudden, there was this little man standing next to the bushes, looking at us. Ramon spotted him first, gave a little yip and stood dead still. I turned to see what he was looking at and I froze in place, too.

The man was only about five foot tall. He looked greasy, as though he had rubbed some sort of oil on his body. From the stench that was starting to filter through to me, it was some sort of fish oil, made from a fish that died a long time ago. The man was simply dressed. Loin cloth, blow-pipe and what looked like a bone knife.

He said something to Ramon and Ramon responded politely. They then had a long conversation which appeared to consist of the little man tearing a strip of Ramon and Ramon humbly agreeing. At one point the little man pointed to the side of the clearing we were camped in and I got a nasty little shock.

There was what could be called, by using a lot of imagination, a track leading away from our camp. Now, standing in front of the track, five sticks were wedged in the ground. The middle stick had a human skull jammed onto it.

The man made a gesture and several more little men came out of nowhere and started rummaging through the camp. Ramon came over to and explained.

“The Okinchewa are very upset. They say that I have insulted them by bring two not-men so close to their hunting grounds. It seems they don’t like what you call gay people. They say that if we had actually entered their hunting ground they would have been so insulted that the debt would have been paid in blood.

They also say that as soon as we’re able we are to depart. If we take even one step past those stakes they will put our heads on the stakes as a warning to others. And they’re serious about this.

I’m a bit puzzled over this next bit. He says that I have insulted you by bring you along with two not-men, but he, personally, will make it right for you.”

The guide stopped talking to me and spoke to the little man again. The little man snapped something and Ramon turned back to me.

“He says when I can move, I am to get up and go and take you all with me and never come back. I think he’s going to paralyse both of us now.”

The guide turned and looked at the little man and nodded and the little man lifted his blow-pipe and Ramon went down as though shot. I waited, feeling rather helpless, but the little man just put his pipe away. Apparently I still didn’t count as I was a woman.

The little man came strutting over to me. I was starting to wonder about that odd comment about him making it right for me for having to travel with two not-men. Exactly what did he mean?

I got a pretty strong hint when he reached me, grabbed my shirt and just ripped it open, buttons popping everywhere. He looked at my bra for a second and then his knife was in his hand and the bra was sliced in half, letting my breasts spill free.

The little monster nodded approval, sheathed his knife and grabbed my breasts, squeezing and feeling them generally, approving. I raised my hand to slap him and he pulled his knife and held it up. I didn’t slap and he put the knife away and returned to admiring my breasts.

After he’d had his fill of playing with my breasts I found he’d never come across a belt before. He reached down and tugged at it, then got out that infernal little knife and slit it in two. After that it was easy for him to pull down my slacks. He plucked at my panties and laughed, then sliced them off me.

Ah, yes. The joys of anthropology in the Amazon. Standing stark naked in the middle of a green hell in front of a little Indian with my protectors all lying paralysed around me.

The greasy little bastard grabbed my pussy, feeling me over good. He was squeezing and pressing, familiarising himself with my body, probably making sure I was built the same as his own women.

Then the little swine took off his loin cloth.

It was really totally unfair. He was a little man. Like I said, only five foot. He should have had a little cock. The damn thing he had been hiding was all out of proportion to his size. I mean, that thing would have been generous on a normal sized man. On him it was just too much of a good thing, especially as he seemed eager to share it with me. Apparently it was his way of making up for my having to keep the company of the two not-men. Politically correct, this guy was not.

He pointed to me and then pointed to the ground, getting the message across that I should lie down. I shook my head, indicating no way known. He admired his knife and I saw the wisdom of lying down.

I naturally kept my legs closed, but when someone puts a knife against the inside of your ankle and starts pressing it’s amazing how fast your legs part. The little rodent was smirking as he settled himself between my thighs.

So what’s worse than standing stark naked in the middle of a green hell in front of a little Indian with my protectors all lying paralysed around me. It’s lying on the ground in the middle of that green hell with that little Indian about to screw me and realising that my protectors are only paralysed. They can see what’s happening.

That’s when that little man went to work. I expected him to just push home and have his fun, but not him. He was in full control of the situation and he was letting me know it. His cock pressed against me, forcing my lips apart and he started in. Slowly. He had no need to hurry. He just pressed against me, and I could feel myself yielding to him, feeling his cock sliding deeper into me while my passage stretched and my pussy seemed to actually be reaching for him.

If a man takes his time, and is intent on pleasuring a woman, it’s hard for the woman to resist, even if he is a greasy, smelly little Indian. My mind was outraged at what was going on but my body was saying “Not bad. More, please”.

More was what I was getting. I could feel that insidious snake of his creeping deep into me, looking for its home. And I was making it welcome. Well, not me as such, but my body. I could feel warmth gathering inside me, and it wasn’t just the oil on him that was making my passage slippery.

Finally settled, the little monster proceeded to go to town. He was happily bouncing on top of me, driving in and pulling out, and he was big enough that I could feel him inside me all the way up to my teeth.

And he was so short that his head only just came up to my chin, and that meant his mouth was on a level with my breasts, which was something else he appreciated, and he was chewing and sucking on my breasts as though he’d never seen a boob before.

I couldn’t help the fact that my body was responding to his abuse. It was just primal instincts or something, and when he pushed in my hips just naturally rose up to meet him. And I have to give him full marks for stamina. He just kept going and going.

At first I thought he was just going to have a nice quick fuck, the way he started bouncing on me. I was breathing hard and quite sure I was coming whether I liked it or not when he slowed down.

He seemed to switch from a gallop to a nice sedate canter at the flick of a switch, riding me nicely and holding me just near my climax, not letting me reach it.

And he kept on, seeming to know when to pause to let my feelings subside a little, and then speeding up again. I was almost screaming with frustration. My breasts were feeling ragged and chewed, and he was still sucking on them, and my pussy felt full to bursting and he just cantered along, happy to drive me insane.

The little monster must have had balls of steel to resist his own pressures for as long as he did. I swear, if he had kept pumping me for much longer his testicles would have exploded from the pressure within. Fortunately for the state of his testicles, he decided that the time had come to get things moving again, and he went from his soul destroying canter to a full gallop.

That was enough for me and I just yielded, my climax crashing into me. That wasn’t the only thing crashing into me. He blew his load and came into me, and he seemed to just keep on coming, totally flooding me.

When he’d finished he just got off me and seemed to vanish into the bush, leaving me lying almost unconscious on the ground. I suppose that I was lucky that I eventually got my act together and managed to get cleaned up and dressed before Kurt, Benjamin and Ramon shook off their paralysis.

Kurt made no objections when Ramon told him we had to leave immediately. The paralysis and the head on the stick was a pretty good warning sign that we should leave. So we headed back through that green hell, aiming for home and civilisation.

And if I’m ever invited to go down the Amazon again, Professor Grey’s response will be mild compared to what I have to say.

Bebo and Lolo

I had been a massage therapist for six years now. Learning my trade in a shady massage parlour (where happy endings were more the norm than special requests), I did my fair share of old, dirty men and tired women. Some of them wanted relief from pain, the others, an easing from daily life, being alone while still surrounded by 15 million people.

But now, that was the past. I was lucky to receive growth in a dead end profession. I worked well, had strong arms, and understood the internet enough to learn new tricks of the trade. Over time, I added Swedish, shiatsu, Kerala and other type of massages. Though most people in India preferred the less painful Thai massage, once they tried one of the others on my recommendation, they were hooked. That I was tall, lean and easy on the eye helped as well. One thing led to another, and I was soon called upon by the crème de la crème of Bombay society.

Over time, I learned enough english, enough subservience and exercised caution, discretion and a genuine appreciation for my clients’ lives. The hour and a half they spent with me was perhaps the only time in the week where they could truly switch off, wade in that special zone between sleep and mindfulness, and think about the simple joys in life.

Today, it was just one such day. I arrived at the Khar station, making sure my little ‘bag of wonders’ (as my current client of the day referred to it), survived the jostling. It was maddening to survive the train journey at this time of the day. Consequently, given my sweat infused state, I could not reach the client directly. Over the past few years, as my earnings had increased, I befriended a local hotel owner who let me use the bathroom of a vacant room to take a shower, and then take a quick taxi to the clients’ homes. Thank god most of my clients lived in a microcosm of this great city, else I would be forever stuck with this problem. The issue of body odour wouldn’t normally occur to a person of my class, but watching enough deodorant advertisements pasted on each train and bus had told me it was expected behaviour from a man, to smell good. Also, the little time I spent in a five-star spa in Bandra had made me realise the power of good smells.

The bath over, I doused a few drops of petrichor ittar, ensuring I smelled earthy yet not perfumed, and took a taxi. There was a slight breeze blowing, and the day was as Bombay as it could be. Arriving at the Oberoi Crest, a large white building, I noticed the building security being more vigilant than usual. There were three media vans standing around, and some bustle. Sensing this as usual, I wondered what made the security guard stay on edge, with a pensive look lining his face. Shankar Pandey knew me well from previous visits, and greeted me with a slight nod of the head as he opened the gate. ‘Seedha andar jaiye aaj, thoda panga hai’, so I walked on- was there some tabloid news that I had missed?

The door was opened by the housekeeper, who asked me to set up in the study, my usual spot in the house. Going in, I noticed the living room was empty. Given my client’s irregular hours, I thought she might have just returned from an engagement late in the night, and they were still sleeping. I took out the burgundy massage table nestled behind the large book case, and set it up. The candles were already in place, meaning my client had partaken the aromatherapy session I had recommended the last time. Happy that she had some time to relax the night before, I was looking forward to the massage session. Her last film had been a huge hit, a typical hindi blockbuster. An item song had caught the nation’s fancy in particular, and everyone from little kids to old men were humming its particularly raunchy lyrics all day long. She had travelled the length and breadth of the country for a month, and now as the clamour died down, she had a week or so before she went on to shoot for the next movie. Telling me all this during her last massage, she had sounded excited about this brief period of rest.

I was all set, and let the housekeeper know. She was carrying a tray with some snacks and a few plates, which meant there were more than the usual two people at home. I went in, put on the Buddha Bar CD, and waited for my client.

The door opened and someone walked in. Recognising her usual perfume (she had worn Jean Paul Gaultier Classique all her life, I had learnt), I bellowed out a ‘Good morning madam’ to wake her up. It was essential to get her to a mindful state before I melted her consciousness away. Turning around, I was surprised by the other presence in the room- along with Kareena Kapoor, dressed in a shapeless cotton kaftan, was her elder sister, Karisma Kapoor. “Good morning, Kabir ji”, Kareena replied, smiling and radiant. Having just had her morning coffee, she was bubbling. “You know Lolo, of course.” “Namaste madam, how are you?” She smiled and moved to the bookcase to check out the latest books her mother had stacked up. Kareena told me she was going out, and her didi would be partaking of my services. I nodded, and set about getting the towels and other things ready. Kareena and I stepped out of the room while Karisma changed. Kareena hesitated for a moment, and then said “She’s not been in a good state of mind for quite some time. I tried the candles last night, but she still needs a little more help. Please ensure you do whatever you can to get her to relax?” I nodded again- not speaking much with my clients was a policy that had served me well. My relationship was more physical, more instinctive and my clients relished the opportunity to not be peppered with questions and comments on everything. People had a tendency to try to impress and swoon over them, and my silence appeased them. Vidya Balan had expressly said as much to me, and I had not met a more observant woman in my life.

Knocking at the door, I received a curt “Come in” in response. Stepping in, I dimmed the lights, put the candles on. And warmed the oil in my hands. Her alabaster skin had always baffled me, and now, lying on the table, with just a towel covering her hips, was the object of my teenage fantasies herself. Ever since she had asked Harish in Prem Qaidi to take some money out of her bosom, Karisma had become a sensation, delivering superlative performances across dramatic, comedy and romantic roles. With her ‘type’ of films waning away in the early 2000’s, she had married a once divorced Delhi business man, had two children, was now back in Bombay to live with her mother. I knew all of this not because I knew the family intimately, but the country’s media let us know every sordid detail every single day of the week.

She had dropped her children here, and gone off for a trip to god knows where- this was a detail only I knew because I was in the house for half a day last week, helping Kareena unwind. The children and their granny stayed in the living room, and their patter continued while Kareena paid me.

Moving forward, I asked, “Start karen, madam?”, so I didn’t startle her, and she grunted in response. She was thicker in the sides than she looked clothed, but her last child was born less than a year ago, and this figure was a delight for the eyes. Only someone like me, used to looking at the best bodies in the country in the buff, would notice. I started with a Thai maneuver, the others were too intense for clients I was working for the first time with. Slowly repeating my strokes, I ran my hands over her shoulders, back and extending to the top of her hips. As I unknotted her shoulders, she moved her head to the side, started breathing deeply, and relaxed her body further still. Soon, her body was putty in my hands, moving supple chunks of skin with each movement, undulating and tensing as I moved from flesh to muscle.

The music was getting slower, and the massage was well under way. I moved to her legs, moving the towel to cover her back and hips, working out kinks in her calves. Almost all of the movies stars ran a lot to maintain their fitness, and Karisma had maintained her activity levels. I applied more oil and gave her calves a good workout, moving away only when I felt the skin move sans any resistance to my hands. She had long given up grunting when I moved to the sore spots, and from the level of feedback, it seemed she was used to a more vigorous style of massage. I prompted her to turn around and she slowly rotated, presenting, in all glory, her 36B breasts. They were large, distended to the sides as she lied down, but what glory! I immediately set to work while she had her guard down, massaging her upper chest, being careful not to touch her breasts, as I moved around them. Many clients tended to cover their breasts while I was doing their front, but she seemed very relaxed about baring them to me.

Used as I was seeing to naked flesh, I just could not take my eyes off her breasts. They were near perfect globes, rising softly with each breath, and moving to the sides slightly, as I circumvented from her upper chest to her stomach, moving downwards towards paradise. Despite myself, I was getting turned on, getting harder- and that was going to be a problem. Being a thorough professional, I could not afford to have a hard on in presence of my clients. Once before, while attending to Raveena Tandon, my taut manhood had brushed inadvertently against her hand, and I had never been called back, something that rankled me a year later.

Moving quickly to her legs, I started massaging her upper thighs, working out the kinks rather rapidly. She seemed to sense the change in pace, and softly asked me to come back to her shoulders, without moving about. This meant I was hovering over her head, massaging her shoulders and upper chest from the front, and HER BOOBS WERE IN MY FACE. I brought my years of practice to the fore, and started thinking about Kareena in her size zero stage to bring my manhood down. It didn’t help. The buxom version of Kareena was only too recent in my head, and the image of a naked Kareena in my head, and a naked Karisma in my hands was even worse.

I decided to throw caution to the winds. This might be my only chance at touching her. And who knows, like many previous encounters, this massage may also turn into a happy ending. Moving my hands slightly lower, I asked Karisma, “Madam, Chest bhi karna hai kya?” Using the unisex and medical term for her bazookas was a masterstroke. As soon as she said yes, I moved in to the side, applied a fresh coat of oil to my hands, and started massaging her breasts. They were soft, a little stuffy from the silicon she had put in (almost all actresses did over time as time changed how their breasts looked), but overall, a perfect handful and a half.

At first, she started saying something as soon as I touched the bottom of her breasts, but then settled down to enjoy the massage. Her breathing had changed, and she squirmed a bit as I circled her areola and reached very near her nipple. She nearly brought her back off the table as I went to town, getting every part of her breast involved, but leaving the nipple alone. I knew how a woman worked, I had brought the best of them off. But I had to know where I stood- in the middle of turning a woman on, or risking a very lucrative assignment with Karisma Kapoor, and Kareena by extension. On the next trip to the center of her breasts, I brushed the back of my hand against her nipple, and her mouth opened involuntarily almost. I immediately asked her, “theek hai madam?”, to which she replied rather breathlessly, “Accha hai, karte rahiye bhaiya” The bhaiya rankled me, but would I rather think about my feelings, or satisfy this bitch in heat? I kept my counsel, and started pinching her nipples slightly now. She was squirming, rubbing her legs together, and the towel covering her legs moved slightly away. I could see a very fair thigh leaning out.

As I continued to massage her breasts, she continued to breathe shallower and faster. I knew many women who came while only tending to their breasts, but Karisma was one of a kind. It almost felt her breasts were a hundred million nerve endings, all attached to her vagina directly. Holding one of her nipples between my left hand, I used my right hand to move downwards to her stomach, going down towards paradise. I stopped just short of the towel, using pressure on her navel to apprise her of the possibilities. She was heaving now, and wanted release more than anything. I moved my hand further down still, almost moving it below the towel, and felt the first signs of stubble on her otherwise smooth body. Moving my hands rapidly between her navel, thighs and rib cage, I had her in a frenzy.

Abruptly, everything changed. She took my right hand and took it below the towel, landing her fingers, my hands intertwined with hers on her clit, and pressed it there. I continued the assault on her breasts, moving rapidly between her breasts, the nape of her neck and her cheeks- this woman loved a firm hand. Less than a moment later, she was whimpering, holding my hand in a vice like grip over her vagina and coming like a banshee. She kept muttering “Oh shit, oh shit, Oh god, fuck” over and over again as she came. My hands were sticky, full of ejaculate of a former hindi film heroine, my other hand still brushing her boobs slightly as I brought her back to earth. Almost as soon as she came down, I moved away from her immediately. I had had incidents where clients felt deeply ashamed of their actions with me as their bodies betrayed them, and berated me. Thankfully, all of them called me back and became regulars but I had to keep my wits around me. With a massive hardon, I turned around lest she have a look. After all, the woman had just used me as an instrument, and I’d rather play a dildo unless she wanted more.

Lady luck was on my side. As I moved away, she reached out for me, with her eyes still closed. Trying to catch my hand, she managed to land her hand on the side of my leg, mid way between my thigh and crotch, and tried to pull me in her direction. As I turned, her hand remaining on my body, my body turned in, landing my dick right in her hands. She immediately gripped it, moving rapidly between handling it with the palm of her hand and trying to coax it with her fingers, rapidly moving from one to the other. I could not gauge what she wanted- was she just trying to reciprocate and bring me off, or did she want my cock out? I stayed in limbo, watching her manicured, red nails dance across my crotch.

“Nikalo jaldi!” her breathless command was electrifying. Lying prone on her side, she watched as I got rid of my pants and underwear in a jiffy, and then without her prompting, removed my shirt too. I had to let her stay in command, keeping our social structure in place, but take some lead if I wanted to get something out of this situation.

She immediately removed the towel from her crotch, bringing her pussy to my line of vision. It was glistening with her cum, and it was itching for more. Almost on autopilot, I took my hand back to her crotch, this time ignoring her clit, getting two of my fingers together for a deeper probe. She instinctively opened her legs, and let my hand wander. Reaching the entrance of her honey pot, I gathered some moisture from around her crotch, and attempted to make an entry. She was hot as hell inside, making me feel the heat as one and then two fingers entered her. I probed slowly, making tentative inroads. It was a tight fit, my mental query about a vaginoplasty confirmed as I noticed the slight bump indicating a healed stich near her opening. What luck! She would be as tight as virgin if I did get lucky all the way.

“Madam, may I lick you?” Switching to english was important now. She laughed at that, and replied, “haan bhosdi ke, chaat le meri choot!” Wow. She looked like an angel, and talked like a cheap whore in bed. I wonder what idiot would have divorced her. She knew she had pressed the right buttons, as her vagina was immediately covered with my tongue. I moved rapidly from her clit to her vagina, stopping nowhere and trying to be everywhere at the same time. She took charge, holding my head to her clit for some time, and then pushing it further when she wanted me to probe her hole. I was happy to be led to the wonderland. Soon, she was gasping again, moving her ass off the table. I grabbed hold of her ass cheeks, and went on to write the alphabet on her clit. She went absolutely mad, muttering obscenities as she thrashed around. “Fuck, yes, yes, oh god, Fuck, Zor se bhaiya, aur thoda, yes, Fuck, fuck fuck!!” She held on to my head, tousling my hair this way and that as she continued to thrash about like a fish out of water. Finally, she was done.

Or so I thought. She immediately grabbed hold of my dick again, which had softened a bit without attention but was rapidly hardening after her thrilling climax. She slid off the massage table, confirming my suspicions that she was a true lady, one who satisfied in return, than just use me as an accessory. She sucked me in rapidly, getting to my pubes on her first go- she was an actress from the age of the casting couch, when even family name wasn’t enough to get you what you wanted. And she had worked with the best directors and actors through her career, and without exception to that wimp Abhishek Bachchan, dated the hottest men. I didn’t expect less than porn star performance from Karisma Kapoor, cock sucker extraordinaire!

She moved rapidly, sucking, licking, blowing, deep throating and lightly biting me, moving me rapidly from one stage to another- she seemed intent on getting me off as soon as possible. As minutes went on and my hardness reached its zenith, she knew she had to use other aspects of her body to get things moving. She made me lie down on the table, leaning over me as she used her mouth, and then her breasts to rub against my shaft. As she rubbed her boobs, she whispered “Kaise lag rahe hain mere mumme?” “very nice, madam!” I replied, nearly panting from her ministrations.

Now, she was getting irritated, and nearly losing interest in getting me off. I had to see if I could cross the final frontier. So I grabbed her from her armpits, and pulled her upwards, then rapidly grabbing her hips to poise her over me. Holding her like this, her petite yet busty body was ready to be impaled, but I had to know she wanted it. She immediately settled her feet near my thighs, squatting down, trying to seek my cock without looking. I held her body up with one hand, using my other hand to place my cock at her pussy. “Daal doon, madam?”, I asked, returning her ‘bhaiya’ pronouncements in kind, still maintaining decorum.

“Chod sale, daal de andar!” she hissed huskily, and I lowered her body on my dick. She went down like a grip on a cricket bat’s handle- smooth, rubbery, her pussy engulfing my cock as I reached the hilt. Oh man, she was tight like a vice, nearly milking me on the first upside. I was in heaven. Karisma Kapoor, 36B alabaster breasts, hanging over me, on her haunches, milking my cock with her pussy. I was in heaven, I laid back and let her enjoy herself. She alternated between being a porn star, giving me a show as her breasts did the splits, and then taking pleasure for herself- here was a woman who knew what it was like being extremely well-fucked, enjoying herself and making me gasp as he provided friction to my foreskin with her well timed and never missing connections.

I was in seventh heaven, she finally got tired of being on her haunches, mounted me with her knees on my side, and started taking her hips back and forth, in an attempt to get my dick to rub against her g-spot. I starting rocking my hips to meet her thrusts, and soon we were both going a mile a minute. The table was staggering, and I knew we would soon break it with our combined weight and movement. I swiftly had her dismount me, pushing her down to her knees and feeding her my cock. She lapped hungrily, tasting her own pussy juice and getting intoxicated. I roughly pushed her to the ground, placed a pillow below her knees, and stared at her ass for a moment.

A Virgin’s Paradise

[i]I’m Vanshika, fair-skinned South Indian, just-wedded woman of 24. This story narrates how I lost my virginity to a senior, when I was in college.[/i]


It had been a month since my husband went to the Middle East. He was an incorrigible workaholic and the only time we ever had physical intimacy was on the night of my marriage. The whole thing was like a paper tickling my pussy. He was a virgin. You’d think, for a virgin, he’d at least be enthused to do the whole thing. Turns out he just wanted to get out with it. And he did, literally. In 2 minutes. Two. Freaking. Minutes. I knew my marriage was over. He flew off to Riyadh the next week. Although he never put it verbally, I knew all he wanted was to be promoted to the “Manager” position. Sometimes, I pity him for being such an asexual being. The only time he talked to me was the small talk he made before his folks. “Take care of yourself.” Yeah, I’ll take care of myself, asshole! I’ve been doing it for at least 15 years now.

Honestly, I’d been banged better. My ex-boyfriend Justin Bharath was a stud-stallion. He’d just fuck the shit out of me. Well, he wasn’t so much of a boyfriend, though he teased the whole idea of having a relationship with me for quite some time. I’d as well say I was the glue holding us together, because the guy just couldn’t keep his pants on. Not too much of his fault either. He was one of those incorrigible fucking machines. He was very upfront about it when we started on this “relationship” journey, but you couldn’t blame me for trying. Now, more than ever, I feel I should have married him. But that’s just a whole daydream, considering all the horrendous bullshit we’d have to go through in our families. I was a Brahmin girl and he was a non-practicing Protestant. There you go. The word “non-practicing” is good enough for my family to win their debate.

Though I entered my college as a timid freshman, at the end of my first day I was tired of having many boys ogle at me. Not at my face. I was fairly proud of my big, soft mounds of 32D bosom I was endowed with. And I was not wearing conservative clothes. Tank tops and a pair of jeans had put my curvilinear form on show. I was 5’6″, decently tall and had the fair, clear flawless skin of a refined young woman. Nevertheless, I didn’t have any difficulty coping with the spectators because the boys looked at almost every girl in the college like a pack of rabid wolves ready to lunge on their prey, but were restrained by a leash. I’ve never dressed conservatively since 15. I never felt comfortable in conservative clothing. Don’t get me started on the double standard in women’s “dress code”.

On the fifth day of college, for our Mechanical Workshop practice, we had the senior guys demonstrating and helping us out on our carpentry chores. Why women had to do workshop practice is a whole other debate, but my life took a different turn on that day. I was assigned Vinoth, who happens to be Justin’s friend (just like every other jock in the department, considering the department was very small, with about 20-25 students, all male. Hypersexual, aggressive and sporting tough masculine faces).

They were all alike: Vinoth, Bala, Karthi, Michael and Justin. All third-years. This was the clique anyway – the tight-knit group which knew of all of their combined exploits. Other guys were friendly with this clique, but they exercised their preset limits.

On the other end of the long worktable, stood the muscular, firm frame of the “Man of the College”. The first impression one would get on seeing him was completely obvious: rude, foul-mouthed, drunken reveler who had sex romps for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I was already aware of his exploits from our bathroom gossip. Turns out, I was half-right.

He had banged the whole college. Freshmen girls, sophomores, juniors, seniors, and the faculty (only the attractive ones, though). He had the reputation of doing every virgin girl as soon as one joined the college. Kind of like taking the label off the girl and planting his flag. Pun intended. He was a beastly machine. All he ever did was fuck. Needless to say, he was a mechanical engineering student.

Some boys were very jealous of him. It was usually the nerdy guys, like my husband. He was a shot put champion and won every major athletic event in college. He wasn’t a fitness freak, as in he never tried too hard. He was a natural jock. He was not so bright in his studies, but he wasn’t dumb like “Flash” Thompson from Spider-Man. He was an average student. He was an able jock who handles the grades and women well.

6’2″, having the complexion of a dark chocolate, and built like a linebacker, he cut an intimidating figure as he walked the college hallways. The circumference of his upper arm was roughly the same as the circumference of my neck. I wondered which girl, let alone the outside world, had the stamina to match his prowess, which was evident from the moment I saw him. For a moment, I pitied them as I visualized them writhing and convulsing in pleasure and pain as he plunged his manhood into their clits. A tinge of jealousy tried to surmount my pity.

I’d wonder how never got tired of doing the same thing again and again. Physically, it’s possible for a guy like him to bang three times a day and keep his libido alive till 45 or 50, but I never understood how he never got bored. The difference, I heard, between him and the other douchebags that rape women is he never forces anyone. He seduces them (with his eyes of course!) and he waits till they’re receptive of his endeavor. He never pursues a girl unless she shows an interest in him. There has never been a complaint of harassment against him. (Although the girls complained of sore pussies and weak legs to each other.) Sex with Justin was like a rite of passage for all the girls in the college. You get better in sexual life after that. Even his friends’ girlfriends were initiated by him before they went on to become their girlfriends. I know I am overly descriptive of him, but he really was the sensational guy in college.

Vinoth snapped me out of my reverie, saying “Hello!” in a singsong, but nonetheless macho voice.

“Shall we get started?” he said.

“Of course, I was just..”

“I know, even the professors couldn’t take their eyes off him.” he finished.

“Listen, don’t presume to know or tell what I am thinking.” I snapped.

“I’ve heard that a lot before. The next thing that’ll happen is you losing your virginity to him. Tonight or tomorrow.” he said. “Oh, Justin. Yeahhhh, fuck me hard”, he feigned a female voice.

“What if I’m not a virgin?” I retorted.

“PUH-leezz. Your face screams ‘Bang me! I’m a virgin’. He likes his muffins fresh. He holds the record of planting his flagpole on all first-years around here, almost all of them virgins. He’d do you even if you’re not a virgin.” he said and sniggered, gesturing ‘big boobs’ with his hands.

“You are disgusting! And so is your friend.” I said, contempt rising in my voice and face.

“Thanks!” his eyes twinkled. “You need to hoist those trunks on the table so I can drill the hole.”

“Will you stop it with the gestures and innuendos?”

“I mean the trunks of wood”, he pointed to the large fresh piece of wood that lay on the end of the table.


I was a bit embarrassed. No wonder these guys get laid every day.

“I’m Vinoth, by the way.”


“Cute name.”

“Thanks,” I said without any expression.

I was eyeing Justin the whole period; now that Vinoth already knew, I kind of felt uninhibited. Not once, was this reciprocated. He was busy with Neha showing her the marvels of carpentry. They had a few laughs and his voice fell like a thud in a room filled with sounds of grating and chopping of wood.

The bell tolled and we all dashed out like school children relieved to end the school day. I could see Neha flirting with Justin, but he didn’t look very interested in her. He was non-committal and barely responsive. As soon as I walked past him, he sneaked a quick glance at me. When I caught him looking, he waved and smiled at me as if he had known me for long. I feigned a grimace and scuttled to the entrance of my dormitory.

That night, before I went to bed I received a text from an unidentified sender. “Hey there.”

I ignored the call that came almost immediately from the same number.

A text followed, “Meet me tomorrow at the cafeteria at 4. – Justin Bharath”.

Of course, he got my number. I knew that second I was gonna be one of his “scores”. I felt a confusion of feelings. Horny, afraid and helpless. Not in that order, though. One way or the other, I knew I’m gonna say goodbye to my virginity. I didn’t know what to reply. I threw my phone on the nightstand and went to bed.

It was at 3 pm that I finally made up my mind to go ahead and meet him. I might as well tell him I’m not that easy. But God, how wrong was I.

I felt a surge of desire as I saw him in the cafeteria, slurping his Redbull, his eyes instantly spotting me as I went inside.

He surprisingly, brusquely approached the subject without any awkwardness. This man was the embodiment of smug self-confidence. No pleasantries. No “Do you want something to eat or drink?”.

“Listen, Vanshika. I knew you were looking at me and longing to be my partner in the workshop class yesterday. So I’ll say it upfront: I’ve never fucked a cute Brahmin girl before. I wanna bang you hard till I rip that cute little pussy of yours.” His voice matched his macho, rough, rugged physique. He oozed an attitude that screamed “I’m the best banger around here”.

“Will you keep it down? This isn’t your dorm room.” I sneered at him, panicking and looking around.

“Don’t worry. This is just a proposition. It’s entirely up to you.” he said, matter-of-factly.

“Don’t you ever think of anything else? I’ve heard about your reputation here. I’m not your fuck-and-forget whore. Besides, how do you conclude I longed for you?” I said, trying my best.

“Well, are you now?”

Yes. I am longing. I wonder what musky odor he emanates from his body. I couldn’t help it.

“No!” I scoff and lie.

“Either your lips are lying or your eyes are telling the truth.”

“Where do you get these clichéd pick-up lines? You watch too many movies.”

“Yeah. You need to see my porn collection. I’ve tried each and every one of those roleplays.”

I faltered.

“My offer stands. Meet me at 8 pm tomorrow night after gym class. We’ll drive to the Happy Gorilla Inn. Oh, and by the way, cute name, Vanshika.”

I grimaced and scurried to leave.

Great. Gym class. This guy had made his mind on fucking me after a vigorous workout.

Happy Gorilla was the unofficial name of the local fuckhouse owned by the gym trainer. He disguised it as a motel where students can “study” in groups. No wonder Justin got a free pass every time he went there. No charges.

I knew I’d give in to my desire someday. But I didn’t plan on it this soon. “Tomorrow night” was looming and it was very soon. I was OK with him taking off my virginity. But I was mentally unprepared.

I spent the night with disturbed sleep. I sent him a text: “Don’t forget to buy condoms”.

He texted back: “So you ARE coming.”

“I’m not sure. I want you to buy condoms, just in case I do come.”

“I don’t do condoms, babe. It’s not my style.”.


“Are you kidding me? Screw your style. I don’t wanna be pregnant! I am so not coming if you don’t get condoms. No compromise.”

“Chill. I’ve got some morning-after pills for you. Don’t worry.”

I never knew that morning-after pills made their way into the college sex life. Condoms were still the norm. It looked like I had dodged a bullet. But I vacillated.

“Good night. Bang you tomorrow. LOL :)” he texted.

I hated the gut of that son-of-a-bitch. How could he be so frivolous? The answer presented itself. He had banged so many girls, this was never a problem for him. Besides, it’s easy for a guy to say “Don’t worry”. I considered for a moment. This would be a big step for me.

I’ve watched loads of porn: hardcore, soft-core, roleplay, whatever. I’ve fantasized loads. I’ve come loads. But this would be the first time a man would invade my femininity. A frisson of erotic excitement made its way from my stomach to my throat. I quivered with sexual desire and forced myself half-heartedly to sleep, questions arising in my mind like hundreds of balloons launched up in the air.

I didn’t see him on campus the next day. I returned to my dorm and hit the shower. I had put some makeup on and I dolled myself. I threw on a beige satin nightwear and added an overcoat to disguise my sheer outfit. At 7:30, I received a text: “Waiting for you. Gym entrance.” I didn’t text him back.

It was a sultry night with unrelenting humidity, but fortunately I don’t sweat very much. I walked my way to the gym and the road lamps had illuminated the whole ground surrounding the gym. At the entrance, I saw three hooded figures. He was standing there bumming his cigarette with Vinoth and Michael. They were all completely drenched with sweat from the workout and their t-shirts had turned a darker shade of their original color. He watched me coming toward them with faltering, slow steps and he waved. He gestured with his fingers: “Come on.”

I didn’t know his friends would be there. This added tremendously to the awkwardness. What a jerk!

Vinoth sported an I-told-you-so look on his face as I approached them. He stood there basking in his trivial victory. Michael looked dazed and uncomfortable. I stopped near where they stood.

“So, where are you guys off to? The movies? Beach?” teased Vinoth. Michael let out a snigger, vainly trying to suppress it.

Yeah right. The beach. A bunch of unadulterated jerks.

“Dude, cut it out. She’s embarrassed” said Justin.

“I’m not embarrassed” I retorted.

“I thought you said you were thinking about this” said Justin.

Now I am embarrassed. How dare he?

“I knew you’d say this. God, you’re so predictable.” I said, unfazed.

“Hmm. You have a smart mouth. Will it be of good use tonight?” countered Vinoth and he chuckled with Michael.

Before I could think of what to say, Justin threw a sharp, cutting look at Vinoth which silenced them both.

“Don’t mind them. Let’s go. Hop on.” he said, as climbed on his Yamaha Fazer and started the kick started the vehicle. He motioned for me to climb and I hopped on.

He gave Vinoth and Michael a few directions (man talk!) and bid them bye.

They shouted and cheered, like fans encouraging a football player to score a goal.

“Call me tomorrow morning, Justin” said Vinoth. He gestured a “call-me” with his hands and sniggered, winking at me.

We left the ground and Justin dashed past the buildings in his Fazer, leading us out of the campus.

“Am I riding too fast?” he shouted as the rowdy winds muffled his voice.

“No, it’s fine.” I said.


“It’s fine” I shouted.

“Don’t mind them. They forgot they were in the presence of a girl. That’s the kind of talk you hear in our dorm rooms.”

“Yeah, no kidding.”

It was a very short ride. We were at the Happy Gorilla Inn in 2 minutes.

At the lobby, Justin collected his key from Gautam, the gym trainer who owned the place.

He eyed me for a while and eyed Justin immediately. He was subtle and smiled at Justin, comprehending the whole situation. He handed the keys, saying “Have fun!”.

We entered the dingy motel room which surprisingly had a neat cot with a clean double bed, and clean white sheets. The room reeked of dampness and humidity.

I stood near the corner of a wall as Justin gulped a glass of water. There was no light in the room, except for a small table lamp which was half-dead.

He walked toward me slowly, his eyes gleaming with lust. The tension was tangible. At least for me. My heart was pacing rapidly and I felt a rush of apprehension and stimulation.

He removed his t-shirt to reveal his sculpted masculine physique gleaming in the dim light. His body emanated a mixture of musky fragrance and sweat. Even though he had worked out, there was not a trace of foul odor. The masculine smell filled the room and the Chanel N5 that I wore was dwarfed to the level of non-existence.

Drops of fresh sweat made their way from his pecs to his flat stomach. He wore a silver-colored chain with a Cross pendant around his neck. His upper arms, now in full naked view, were intimidatingly large. I suddenly realized why all the girls wanted to sleep with him. You could never say no to such masculinity. He was a black Greek god.

He threw his drenched t-shirt on the floor and stood very close to me. There was only an inch of separation between us. My face was aligned to his chest area immediately below his neck. He slowly tilted my face upward and planted a soft kiss on my lips. I let out a gasp and shuddered.

I smiled with great difficulty as he withdrew his raw, rough lips from their soft counterparts. He didn’t smile. He unbuttoned by coat jacket and threw it over his t-shirt. He took his time to take in the view of my body shape. He imbibed it with earnestness and put his rough man-hands on my rising mounds over my sheer night-gown. He started to caress my breasts in a circular fashion and I started to moan lightly.

Just then, he whispered into my ears, “I’m not usually this gentle, you know. I don’t do much foreplay. I slurp on boobs, get some head and then I fuck the shit outta the girl. But with you, I feel like having soft fun for some time and then gradually show how rough I can be. I want this to be special for both of us.”

These words came as smooth as butter. It looked like he had rehearsed it before, but there was the uncanny sense of candor in his speech. He had really given some thought about this. I was relieved to be treated specially.

He unhooked my night gown and my breasts fell free as they heaved. He eyed them for a moment and commented, “Hell yeah! That’s how I like it bitch! Big, white and perky.” He played ball with my boobs by shaking each one in opposite directions.

He began to squeeze my breasts slowly and then doubled the speed. His black beastly hand mashed my soft spongy right boob, as he started to push his rabid lips on the left boob. His tongue made its way through my mouth, swaying and pushing mine from right toward the left. He was French-kissing me as he pinched my nipples hard. My supple breasts suddenly turned rock-hard with stimulation.

As they hardened even more, he put his mouth on my left breast and sucked it hard. His trimmed mustache and stubbly beard tickled my breast and I began to moan softly. I wrapped my hands around his slippery, sweaty back of his neck as he feasted on my left bosom, then right. He took turns changing from one breast to another. He increased his pace and sucked my large round mounds very hard and bit them with his teeth. He knew how to do it without inflicting pain.

He couldn’t resist opening the zipper on his pants. He threw off his pants and slid his boxer briefs off for the ultimate revelation: the humongous snake of his nether region. I let out an audible gasp and he laughed it off, in an I-get-that-a-lot kinda way. This guy had it all. And his sexual appetite is insatiable. That much was given.

His dark, 9 inch black cut cock stood fully erect. It was not like one of his organs. It looked like it had its own life, own food and own mind. The glans glistened with shiny pre-cum. That’s the start of a whole new side of Justin.

He grabbed the back of my head by my ponytail and motioned my head and mouth to his monstrous shaft. I didn’t open my mouth. He teased my lips with his glans and smeared the pre-cum on my lips. I reluctantly opened my mouth and that was all I did. He shoved his 9 incher into my mouth and swayed his hips back and forth. He didn’t give me time to adjust to his dick. In fact I’ve never sucked before. I tried to hold my grip on his upper thighs as he fucked my mouth, but my hands kept slipping with the sweat on his body. He was only half inside my mouth when he began to squeeze my ponytail and slid his dick even farther in. As his thrusts became violently rapid, I began to choke on his dick and struggled for breath. I forcefully removed my mouth from his dick and begged him to stop for a minute. He was impatient and resumed his ramming in 30 seconds. I continued to slurp his dick like the common slut. My sexual self was in full control. His head was tilted upward facing the ceiling as swung my head back and forth by grabbing my ponytail. He was biting his teeth hard from the sudden increase in his libido and began expressing it in the sexual vernacular.

Life Ch. 07

It took some convincing, but after Linzy watched the video of me and Danni, I finally got her to agree that footage of her getting herself off would be great for launching a website. And after she let me watch it being filmed, we talked about what was going on that weekend. “What about that little hippie chick you’re supposed to be seeing Friday?” She asked after we decided that with both our parents home, it would be hard to spend the entire thing naked together.

“What about her?” I asked.

“Well, any chance she’d be down for a weekend long threesome?” Linzy pleaded.

I laughed. “This girl doesn’t even eat hamburger and you think she’ll eat pussy? Besides she thinks I don’t have a girlfriend.” I sighed. “Why don’t we just stay with one of your friends?”

Linzy scoffed. “Like who? Any that don’t know you’re my cousin?” She was quiet for a second. “Ooh, I know what you’re thinking, you want me to hook you up with Mia don’t you?”

“Thought never entered my mind.” Which was a lie. “But now that you mention it, That wouldn’t be a bad thing would it?” Before she could answer, my cell started ringing.

“Who is it? Danni?” Linzy asked.

I held a finger up to camera to tell her to give me a second. “Hello?”

It was Joan, she was calling to tell me that Ricky followed her home from class and tried to force his way into her dorm. He actually got in a fght with Mikhail and started waving a gun around. She wanted me to come stay with her cause the guy running the front desk the rest of the night was a friend of Ricky’s from highschool.

After I told her I’d see her soon, I informed Linzy that Joan’s ex wanted to play cowboys and Indians with real guns. “Why’d you havta beat him up before you fucked his girlfriend?” she asked. “Well whatever, please be careful, and take one of your big knives with you ok?”

I promised her I’d be careful, told her I loved her and blew her a kiss over the cam before packing a change of clothes, the 18inch survival knife I take camping, and my new camera. As I walked out the door I shoved the spring-powered pocket knife I use at work in my pocket. Joan met me outside, wearing nothing but a white sports bra and a pair of track pants with her college insignia in the hip. “What’re you doing out here alone?” I asked. “Isn’t your psycho ex stalking you?” I continued and admired her lean muscled body and her little jeweled belly ring in the middle of her abs.

“Yeah, yeah, I know.” I she said holding her hand up. “I just feel safer knowing I can run away from him out here.” She put her arms around my neck and kissed me, biting my lip slightly. “Of corse, now you’re here, so I have nothing to worry about.”

I smiled, and squeezed her ass. “Of corse not.”

I followed her inside, and the skinny acne-victim running the desk yelled at us “He hasta sign in!” To which Joan replied with a middle finger. “You really think that asshole’s gonna stop Ricky?” He continued.

I smirked, kissed Joan and walked back to the desk. “My asshole could take care of Ricky, it might be a challenge though.” I told him and leaned in real close as I pulled the thirteen inch black serrated carbon-coated blade from the sheath on my hip. “But this- ” I said and put the point right on his cheek. “Will make it very, very easy.” After putting that away, I walked back over to Joan and told Skinny McAcne “Have a nice night, jerk-off.”

As soon as the elevator doors closed, Joan was all over me, sucking on my neck and rubbing my cock through my jeans. Before the doors opened, I produced my new camera (with a fresh tape) from my bag. “Wanna make a movie?” I asked.

She smirked “What for?”

I acted shocked. “For evidence! I mean what if Ricky comes back? We can have video proof that HE attacked US, instead of the other way around.”

When the doors opened Joan led me out into the hallway and to her dorm, where a different porno was playing on her PS2. “Sorry, I got a lil excited when you said you were comin’, so I started without you.” she giggled and switched it off while I filmed.

“It’s ok, at least I know you’re ready.” I joked, dropped my bag and set up the camera on her make-shift night-stand before pushing her down on the bed. I got on my knees in front of the bed, and pulled her over by the ankles of her track pants, yanking them off once she got to me. She sat up laughing and craned her neck to kiss me, sucking my tongue and moaning as my fingers started working her already greasy pussy. I pushed her back down and lowered my mouth to her clit, sucking on it roughly as my fingers worked themselves deeper in her hole. She moaned and twisted her hips at me, throwing her knees over my shoulders as my tongue drummed on her pleasure button, lapping up the girl-cum she left there and my nose was getting tickled by a small shock of black hair that looked like a mis-shaven spot.

I pulled one of the fingers assaulting her g-spot out from her lips and start pushing it up her asshole in time with the trusting of my tongue and other fingers. “Ooo, somebody likes to come through the backdoor huh?” she cooed and flexed her sphincter to let my finger in. I moved back up to her clit and twisted my hand to shove my thumb inside her pussy. “Oh.. Oh god… Your pants better be off. ” She choked out as I started sucking on her clit with my hand servicing both holes, and with my free hand, I made sure they were. I felt five long and strong fingers grab me by the hair just as I kicked my boxers off, and yank my head away from Joan’s pussy. “Fuck me! NOW!” she growled, nearly drooling.

I pulled my hand away from her ass, and climbed into the bed, slamming her shoulders into the mattress and my cock into her still spasming cunt in one fluid motion. This time without the barriers of layers of fabric, I het her back-wall on the second stroke, and on the forth, she wrapped her track-star legs around me and pulled my dick past her cervix and into her womb. She said nothing, only screamed as her cunt squeezed shut around my shaft. As I kept fucking her, pulling the head of my dick from her uterus and stuffing it back in, she wrapped her arms around me and dug her nails into the tender skin on my back. “Bitch.” I growled and ripped her hands from my back, pinning her wrists to the bed as I shoved my dick into her even further.

She continued to howl as her cunt got tighter and wetter. Joan unlocked her ankles from my back and started thrusting her hips back at me, slamming her pussy up at me, slapping my nutsack with her ass, and squeezing my cock til I thought it was going to break off. I started pulling out further, until finally I was going from all the way out of her lips to inside her womb. “You wanna cum in my pussy?” Joan gasped out. “Yeah you know you do… Fuck me with that big dick and cum in my pussy.” She went on while pushing her crotch at mine. “Comon White Man! Cum In My Little Indian Pussy!” she finally screamed and that was all I had, I froze and started spurting ropes of semen into Joan.

She kept humping my cock until I started to breath again and it slowly started going limp. Finally she got tired and collapsed on the bed. After a few seconds she said. “Eeeww, Hand me the camera, quick!” I rolled over and snatched the camera up and handed it to her, and she pointed it down at her pussy. I glanced down and then jumped up and took the camera back to get a better shot. Joan laughed and pulled her lips open and flexed to made it even more apparent that my cum was oozing and bubbling out of her snatch. I zoomed out so I see her face, and she smiled just as her fluids leaked down to her asshole. Joan started rubbing the gooey mixture into her backdoor, and said. “Ya’know, if you can get hard again fast enough, I’d probably let you buttfuck me.” I stood up and showed her and the camera my already hardening cock.

Just as I was about force the head back inside Joan’s tight little body, Ricky kicked the door in and came in holding a .22 pistol and sporting one hell of a black-eye. I almost laughed at him because he was actually wearing a cowboy hat. Joan screamed and tried to cover herself up, and Ricky pulled the trigger.

Indian Mother & Son In Rice Fields

This story is about my mother Sushma and myself. My name is Ramesh and we live in a village near Indore in Madhya Pradesh. My father Sh Raghunath has gone to England, to try for better luck there last year. He has told us that he will come back every year, for an annual leave of about 2 months, but now he has told that he cannot return for 5 years, as to get a permanent visa there, he has to stay in that country for 5 years continuously.

This has been a shocking news for me and my mother, as it will mean that still for another 4 years we will not be able to meet my father.

Let me introduce you to my family. I am only child of my parents. I am 20 years old, well built and standing at 6′ tall, with about 80kg weight . we are basically farmers and hard work in fields and having milk and good diet at home has developed me like a bull. I am studying in BA 1st year. I am very horny guy and having sex relationship with 3-4 girls of my village.

We have big agricultural land and our fields are far from the village. We normally grow rice and sugar cane crops. We have our cattle shed also in the fields, where I daily go for work and many a times my mother also go with me to help.

My mother is of about 43 years old. As she belong to a farmer family and due to hard work at home and in fields, she is very well built. Though she is bit dark in color but she is very chubby and plump in body. As she is well and tight built, so she does not seems to be fat but plump. Her body weight must be about 75 kg at 5’6′ tall. Her body contours will be about 42-36-40, though I had never got any chance to check her undergarments but she is very big and chubby lady.

I have already told that she is chubby in physique. Her boobs are very big, the size is about 38DD and also her back and buttocks are very fleshy. When she walks, her big buttocks jiggle in her sari and give a very sexy image.

She always wears sari at home and outside. In summer season, she discards the sari and wears only petticoat and blouse at home, which give a very sexy and clear view of her dark but very big boobs and in petticoat her big buttocks are clear to my lusty views. I think in times of summer heat she does not wear panty even, because many a times, while ogling her big body I failed to find her panty outline.

I had been ogling her boobs and sexy and curvy body in blouse secretly at home. I don’t know if she was aware of my ogling or not, but she never gave an indication of having noticed my lusty looks.

Being my father away, has made me “man of the house”. My mother used to tease me by calling “man of the house”, whenever I refused to do some work asked by her.

As I was regularly fucking my girl friends in college and getting ration for my big cock, so I never tried anything with my mother but just used to watch her sexy body which was on free display at home. I was not having any intention to fuck my own mother.

I don’t know about the sex life of my mother, but I thought that she must be masturbating in her bedroom. Now, as about one year has passed for my father to having gone to England and mother must be starving for a real fuck. And the news that father will not be able to come back for another 4 years was really shocking news. Also my mother was physically fit and sexy lady, so I didn’t know how she will be able to handle her sex life.

Since, having got the news of father not coming home, I had noticed that mother was feeling somewhat itchy. She was like a bitch in heat. Many a times I had heard her moans in her bedroom, as she had increased her masturbation sessions.

As these were the very hot summer days, so at home I used to wear only a lungi while keeping upper body naked and mother only petticoat and blouse. Many a times I had noticed her watching my bare chest and bulging muscles in chest and abs. certainly those looks were not of a mother but lusty glances from a sex starved horny lady. Sometimes she used to tease me saying that as my father is not there and I was the “man of the house” so I should take care of “all the duties of a man of house like my father did”.

There was a clear hidden message. I also started feeling the heat and used to joke back in such times saying that she was “lady of the house” so she also should do all the duties as such. To such replies she normally answered in a joking tone,” if you do your side of duty then I am also ready to do my duties.” Such were the pranks we used to call on each other, but still we had not done anything to cross the limit.

Due to sweat her blouse normally became translucent and I have noticed that her bulging boobs were clearly visible from it. Usually she was not wearing a bra underneath so her dark nipples, which were big as grapes and big areola was clearly visible to my ogling and lusty eyes.

I noticed that when I used to leach at her, she had a mischievous smile on her face but she never reprimanded me for that, or gave an indication that she was aware of my ogling. The same way, sometimes when I was having a morning hard on and going to bathroom, she would ogle my hard cock and in the same way I would show as if I had not seen her ogling my hard cock.

I wanted to fuck her and make love to her, but the ice between us was, of a mother son relationship and it was still there and I didn’t know how to melt it. So I was just waiting for the lucky day.

One day the sky was cloudy. We had planted rice in our fields and filled them with water. Mom asked me to go to fields to check if the water is properly filled and no breakage to the mud barriers shielding the water was there, because if the water spills out, we will again have to fill the fields and it will cost much.

I was reluctant to go and wanted to watch some porn on my computer. Mom insisted me to go, and even offered to go along with me to help me in checking the fields.

I agreed to her as it would mean that I will be there in secluded fields with mother and I wanted to spend some time with her.

We both started to fields. Mom was wearing her usual sari and I was wearing my lungi and T shirt.

As our fields were far from the house and village so it took us about ½ hour to reach there. We were having our normal chat on the way. When we reached our rice fields, the sky was overcast with clouds. It seemed that it will start raining anytime. We were not having any umbrella to save us from rain. The only shelter available was our cow shed, but that also was still far on the other side of the fields.

Before we could think anything, suddenly the rain started. We were getting wet. Mother asked me to check the rice fields for water storage. She also started checking the mud boundaries made to stop water from slipping.

We found that on one place the mud guarding the water had broken and water was flowing out with speed. Mother asked me to put mud on the breakage. I put some mud but it was also washed in the speed of water.

Mother asked me to give her the mud and she will put it on breakage. She was bending from waist down and putting mud on breakage. I stood in front of her and was handing her the wet mud to put on breakage. As mother was bending down from waist, so from her blouse, her boobs were bulging our. It was an erotic scene. As her boobs were big in size and due to her bending, I could see right up to her nipples. Her nipples were getting erect and I was enjoying the free show to me.

I was giving her mud and my attention was on her cleavage, which was clearly visible to my lusty eyes. Mother also noticed my eyes fixed on her boobs, but she pretended as if she had not noticed me watching her dangling boobs and kept bending the same way and kept busy. She was moving sideways while putting mud on the sides and with her movements, her boobs were also dangling sideways like a pendulum. It was a very erotica scene and my cock started getting hard.

Rain was getting fast and we both were drenched in rain. As the cow shed was only shelter and far away, so we could not do anything. Both of us were drenched and our clothes had clung to our bodies as if the clothes were pasted on our skin. Her sexy body and boobs were more prominent. As nobody else was there, so I was enjoying the fleshy body of my mother.

Our clothes were wet and hence her black bra was clearly visible. Suddenly the water from a nearby place also started flowing out.

Mother rushed to that place to save water and asked me to hurry and give her the mud to put there. She again bent waist down as before but now the mud was on her back side. So I had to stand behind her and give her the mud. I noticed that due to getting wet, her sari had gone translucent and her black panty was also clearly visible to me.

I was deliberately standing right behind her so that I may watch her big buttocks. Her panty was clearly visible in her wet sari and I was enjoying it like anything. Mother perhaps knew of my lusty eyes glued to her butt but she did not say anything. Suddenly she moved back while putting mud on the broken point and her buttocks touched my hard cock.

I feared that mother will admonish me but she kept bending like before as if nothing has happened. As she was silent so it gave me courage and my cock twitched again and now it was throbbing. Mother’s panty was a small V shape, and it disappeared in her buttocks. From the back side only the upper side of her panty was visible. Otherwise it seemed as if she was not wearing any panty at all. The outlines of her buttocks were clear visible from the wet petticoat.

I was giving her the mud and she was putting it on the broken fence. I was time and again touching my throbbing cock on her butt and ass but she was behaving as if she was totally oblivious to the hard and hot cock poking her butt crack. This was the situation to my advantage and I was taking the maximum benefit of it.

After some time, the fence of mud was ok and water was not rushing out. So mother stood straight and looking toward my hard cock, which was by now making a tent in the lungi, asked me to wash our hands of mud and go back to our house.

I washed my hands of the mud on my hands with the water logged in the rice fields. I was thinking as to how to enjoy with her more or to make another move. Then mother also washed her hands with the water in field, and turned to go back to our home.

Just then, as she turned and moved towards our house, she slipped on the muddy and wet fence of the rice field and fell on butt in the muddy water in the field. As the mud fence, to stop the water from spilling out was wet and slippery and it was the only place to move, so mother slipped and fell. She felled on her butt and all her sari and herself was dirty with mud. The mud was there on her sari and on her big buttocks.

She cried out a bit due to the fall and tried to stand up again. I tried to help her and gave her my hand. She was lying in the mud and muddy water. She held my hand and pulling it towards her tried to stand up. But as she was very heavy and plump, so when she pulled my hand for support, she pulled me along and I also fell in the muddy water. Now we both mother and son were fallen in mud and our clothes were pasted with wet mud.

I got up and reaching behind my mother, put my hands below her armpits to support her to stand up. As I put my arms under armpits, and circled them around her waist to help her to stand up, my arms touched her big boobs. As her boobs were very big, so they were resting on my forearms.

Mother felt my arms on her boobs, but didn’t say anything, and taking support of my arms pulling her, she tried to get up. When she tried to get up, she naturally bent a bit forward for balance. And when she got up, and my arms were still encircling her like an embrace from back side, my hard cock touched firmly her buttocks, and due to rubbing of her butts on my cock, my lungi became filled with mud on my cock area.

She stood up, and her all back side ( buttocks) were filled with mud, and also my front side( my cock) was also filled with wet mud, due to touching her back while helping her to get up.

As a reflex action, I tried to rub my hands on her buttocks to remove the mud from her butts. I was trying to sweep away the mud from her butts. Actually I was not trying to rub her buttocks but was only trying to clear the mud from her sari.

Mother felt my hands rubbing on her buttocks, but she didn’t stopped me. Perhaps she was enjoying the touch of a male hand on her big buttocks. I also felt that actually I was rubbing with pressure, my own mother’s buttocks. This sensation increased my lust and I started rubbing her butts more vigorously.

In reciprocation mother also tried to sweep away the mud from my front side, and started clearing the mud from my lungi. My lungi was raised above as my cock was rock hard. But mother didn’t seem to mind it and in the pretext of cleaning my lungi of mud, kept rubbing her hand on my hard cock.

Obviously we both were in heaven. We were enjoying our sex game in the pretext of mud. But naturally we could not keep doing it for long.

Our clothes were totally filled with mud and also drenched with rain, so I asked mother to go to home and get ourselves new and dry clothes. Mother looked toward my tented lungi, which was still muddy and also her own sari in the same condition and pointing toward my lungi ( perhaps my hard cock), said in a husky tone,

“Ramesh! Just look your condition. Do you think we can go to our home through village in such condition. We both seem to have wrestling match in mud.”

I also looked on our condition and said,

“Mom! There is our cattle shed nearby. There is also a room for our servant. He lives there to look after our cattle, but these days he has gone to his native village for some days. There is nobody inside. Let’s go there. There is also a cemented tank of water for cattle, and we can wash our muddy clothes there and also wait for some time for the rain to stop and also our wet clothes may dry up a bit. Then we may go home.”

Mother said,

“Ramesh! You are right. Let’s go to servant quarter and get our clothes cleaned. And by that time the rain may also stop.”

We both went toward servant room near cattle shed. Mother was walking ahead of me, as her wet sari was glued to her body, so her very big buttocks were swaying sideways and giving a sexy scene and making my already hard cock, much more harder every second. I was rubbing my cock through my lungi and walking behind my mother.

We reached inside servant quarter. Mother was standing near me. She was silent and thinking what to say or to do.

We both were feeling horny and knew that, but our mother son relationship and also the natural hesitation was there.

After a small pause, I said,

“Mom! You take off your clothes and after washing them in the water in bucket, put them on the cord, to dry them up.’

Mother hesitatingly untied her sari and put in water bucket. I also untied my lungi and also banyan and put in water. I was standing in just my underwear, which was totally wet and my cock was getting more hard and prominent by seeing mother in only petticoat and blouse. My cock was tight and making a big tent in my underwear.

Mother also saw, my raging hard on and a smile came on her lips. She saw my muscular body and my gym sculpted abs. I was looking like a big bull. Mother was watching my almost nude body but there was lust in her eyes instead of pride of a mother.

I was also ogling her body. Pointing toward the mud on her petticoat, I hit an idea and said,

“Mom! See your petticoat is also filled with mud. Also your blouse & petticoat are drenched in rain. So you may take these also off and washing the mud away, put these on cord to clean and dry up.”

Mother could sense the lust in my tone and my ogling eyes. She said in whispering tone,

“Ramesh! Have you gone mad. How can I open my petticoat and blouse in front of you?”

I said, “Mother! What do you say this? I am your son and have tasted your milk thousands of times in childhood. I am your son and your own creation. There is nothing to be shy of your own son. No one is here except we both and also nobody is going to come here, as the servant is gone to his native and there is raining heavily outside. So please don’t be shy and open your clothes. Otherwise you may get cold and your clothes may also not dry up. See I am also standing in just underwear.”

Mother thought something and then hesitantly said,

“Ramesh! It is very odd and shameless to open my petticoat & blouse before you, and also I feel bad as I am so fat and old. I have gained a lot of weight and look so fat and ugly. I myself feel ashamed to look at my own body. How can I open the clothes before you?”

Saying this, mother kept still and silent. I joking and making the atmosphere light, smilingly said,

“Oh mother! What do you say? Who says you are fat. You are so fit and beautiful. I think there is no lady in the village who can compete you in beauty. Even the girls of my college will die to get a sexy body like you.”

In the heat of lust, I called my mother “sexy”. I was fearful, but mother didn’t seemed to mind this word.

She smilingly said,

“Ramesh! It is so nice of you to speak all this, but I know that you are flattering your old and fat mother. Actually you are so handsome. I had never noticed before that you have developed like a bull. See how big your arms and your abs are. You are so handsome. I bet there must be so many girls in your college dying to befriend with you.”

I smilingly said,

“Mom! I don’t like the girls in my college. They all are so thin. Now the trend is changing. Now the boys like the girls who are big and plump and chubby like you. The time had gone when boys lusted skinny girls. But now the boys love only the girls, who have some flesh on them, so that when they love each other, it doesn’t seem that he is caressing a bunch of bones, rather the boys now love big girls like you. So I was not flattering you, but you are actually very beautiful and sexy according to modern likings. You have the body, which the young girls will die for. Anyway we will discuss, my girlfriends later, as it is getting late. Now you open your blouse and petticoat and let your clothes dry.”

Saying this I smiled on her.

Mother shyly opened her blouse and threw it in the water bucket. She was having a protruding big belly and her big boobs were confined in her small black bra. Her bra was small to her big boobs. She must be 38DD minimum, and her boobs were bulging out of her bra. Also her bra was wet and fit, so her boobs and even her big areola was also clearly visible through it. Her nipples were so big, and I could see the outline of them in bra. The nipples must be about 1- 1 ½ inches long and erect. I don’t know whether the nipples were erect due to her feeling chill through wet bra or she was feeling horny, but she looked a goddess of sex.

Automatically a whistle came from my mouth. Mother turned red on hearing it and I also was ashamed. I innocently said to her,

“Mom! I am sorry for whistle, but this is a proof that you are so beautiful. You call yourself fat, but I can bet that if you go in public in modern clothes, you will turn many heads and will kill many passersby with your looks only.”

Mother was naturally shy and said,

“Ramesh! Thank you so much for your compliments but don’t forget that I am your mother and a son is not supposed to say all these words to his mother, also son is not considered to whistle his own mother.”

I replied, “Mom! I am sorry, but you call me “man of the house” , and he has this right to his ” lady of the house”. I am having the position of my father, I should be given all the rights available to him and so I can admire my beautiful ” lady of the house”.”

Mother was shy but she again teasingly said,

Indian Wife Gone Bad Ch. 01

My name is Arun and I am 30 years old. I live in an Indian city and work as a Sales Manager in a multinational firm. My wife’s name is Shilpa and she is 26. We have been married for about two years. She used to work in the same company as me as a receptionist when we fell in love, dated for a while and got married. Shilpa was and is exquisitely beautiful, with a flawless complexion, perfectly featured face and a body that looks like it has been sculpted using an hourglass template. She is slim, has long silky hair, medium sized and firm boobs, and a round as with curves that are hard to hide even in loose clothes. Obviously, she had many suitors in our company, so I felt very lucky when I convinced her to be my girlfriend and then my wife.

During our courtship, I had come to know that Shilpa was always considered a talented painter, but because her family was not very well off financially, she could not pursue her dream of becoming an artist too seriously. Since I earned more than enough for us to live lavishly, I suggested that after marriage, Shilpa should quit the dead-end receptionist job and work on her art, something she was delighted to do. So Shilpa would stay at home, do household chores, and attend painting lessons at a local college three days a week. Although she was always a good artist, I saw the lessons make a difference as her art evolved from a competent-but-amateur level to more sophisticated.

We lived in a big house that used to belong to my late parents, so we converted the store room into her “studio”, with paints, brushes, canvases, easels, and everything. Shilpa spent most of the day in her studio painting some thing or the other, and soon the houses in our walls were adorned with a lot of different landscapes and still life paintings.

Then her lessons moved on to the final phase – portraits. To complete her course and have her paintings displayed in the college exhibition, she had to draw a life-sized portrait of someone. Her first choice was me, but the subject would have to sit in front of her for hours, for days at end, and my work hours as a sales managers were demanding and erratic. So Shilpa reluctantly agreed that I could not be a subject. She started asking some of her other friends, and some of or relatives, but they were either too busy or lived too far away to come to our house and sit in Shilpa’s studio very often.

Finally Shilpa had run out of all possible options and was getting very distraught, when one evening I said to her,

“Hey, what about Balram uncle?”

“Who is Balram uncle again?” Shilpa asked with a furrowed brow.

“He is an old family friend of ours who lives down the street. You remember that big green bungalow on the corner?” I said.


“He lives there alone. He is retired, his wife is no more, and his kids are all in the US. I am sure he will be free and willing to help you out.”

“Hmmm…but Arun” Shilpa countered, “Just his being free isn’t enough. He should also make a good subject lookswise, you know.”

“Well, he is no Adonis…” I said.

“No, I don’t mean he should be handsome or good looking. He should look…oh how do I explain…. never mind. I’ll see him and decide.” she said.

“You know, he was at our wedding. But since we had so many guests, you might have forgotten his name.” I said, getting up, “Let me get our wedding album and show you.”

I went to the shelf, got our wedding album, flipped the pages until I reached a picture of us with Balram uncle, and showed it to Shilpa.

“See, he is no Greek god.” I said as Shilpa studied the picture. And he wasn’t. Balram uncle was almost bald, dark skinned, short, with a big paunch and stubby legs.

“Yeah… I didn’t want a Greek god but this man is… well… no offence since he is your family friend, but he is ugly.” Shilpa said with her nose crinkled.

“Hahaha.” I laughed. “Yeah, I know. You should have seen his late wife. So pretty and graceful even in her older days. Me and the other guys in the neighborhood had a crush on her, and always wondered how he managed to bag her.”

“Hehe, anyway, I’ll continue looking for other subjects.”

Shilpa looked and asked and requested and pleaded. But she wasn’t able to get any commitment. And days were passing by fast. So finally one day she came to me and said,

“You know Arun, looks like I have no choice but to go with your Balram uncle. If I don’t start painting soon, I won’t get enough days to finish the painting by the deadline.”

“Okay, but what about his ugliness?” I asked, with a smile.

“Hehe. Maybe I’ll call it the picture of Dorian Gray towards the end.” Shilpa joked.

That night we both went over to Balram uncle’s house. He was a family friend, but more close to my parents, so ever since they had passed away, I had not met him too regularly. In fact only once, when i went to invite him for the wedding. So he was happy to see me. We spoke about this and that. He asked us about how our married life was. Other small talk. And then I broached the subject of Shilpa’s portrait. When I asked him he started laughing,

“Me? A portrait of me? Are you two pulling my leg? I am an ugly old man.” he guffawed.

“No no Balram uncle, nothing like that. You are very distinguished looking. Isn’t he, Shilpa?” I said.

“Yes yes.” Shilpa said politely, “In fact you are an ideal subject for a portrait with your unconventional looks.”

“Haha, you are obviously being polite, but never mind. Sure I’ll do it. I don’t have much to do all day anyway. I just hang out with some other retired friends, read books, watch TV, and that’s it. Modeling for a portrait sounds interesting. When should I come over?”

“Any time during the day is fine. You have our home phone number. This is my cellphone number.” Shilpa said, giving him a card.

And so the portrait painting started. He always came over in the afternoons when I was hardly home. A couple of times he came over on weekends too, and he and Shilpa were in the studio while I watched TV or napped. The social ties between us improved a lot too. He would come over for dinner or tea, and sometimes invite us over to his house. Shilpa and Balram uncle seemed to have a pretty good rapport.

I would check out the portrait every day, and it seemed to be coming along very well. It looked good…. well as good as a subject matter like Balram uncle could be painted. Finally, a couple of weeks later, the painting was done. It was submitted, displayed in the 2-day exhibition, and Shilpa got her course completion certificate with the grade A. And Shilpa decided to take a month long break from painting.

So far so good, right?

Now we come to an afternoon a week or so after the exhibition. I had gone on a sales call very close to my house, and by the time it got done, it was 1 pm. As I was driving back, I realized I was very hungry, so I decided to head home for lunch and then go back to the office. I thought of calling up Shilpa, but the police in our city had become very strict in fining drivers who talk on the phone while driving, so I decided to just send her a short SMS instead – “cmng home fr lnch 2day”. After I sent the SMS, I realized I was just five minutes away from home, and if Shilpa was taking a nap as she often did in the afternoons, there was a good chance I’d reach home before she even read it.

I got home, and parked the car on the street instead of inside our garage, since I would have to leave after lunch anyway. Locked the car, grabbed my lunchbox, and walked towards my house. I opened the gate, walked to the door, and unlocked it using my key and stepped inside. I thought of calling out Shilpa, but the house was silent, so I assumed she might be taking a nap. I coed the door quietly, and walked to the kitchen, to warm my lunch.

As I stood there, I heard a sound of feet approaching and some voices. I was about to walk out of the kitchen when suddenly,

“Okay, go now, please.” I heard Shilpa say in a worried voice “Arun can get home any minute.”

I heard that and instinctively moved sideways, behind the wall, so I was not visible. Who was she telling to go and why was she worried about my getting home, was the question that popped into my head.

“Yes, I am going, but you owe me!” that was Balram uncle’s voice, I realized.

“Yes, ok, fine. Go now! I beg you!” Shilpa said in a pleading voice. I heard the door open.

“Balram!!!” she suddenly said in a raised voice and I thought to myself – just Balram? No Balram uncle? At this point I could not help myself and I strode out of the kitchen. I saw them and they saw me. I don’t know which one of us was more shocked and alarmed.

Here’s what I saw. My wife was standing at the door, wearing just a t-shirt and shorts. Balram uncle was at the door, dressed in a shirt and knee-length shorts, one foot outside, one foot inside, and both his hands on my wife’s boobs. As I walked out their eyes turned to me, and got as big as saucers.

“What’s going on?” I said in a raised voice and started advancing towards them.

Balram uncle immediately took his hands off Shilpa’s chest and walked away, or should I say ran, towards the gate. I ran to the door and shouted,

“Wait, you son of a bitch!”, but he was already running down the street. For a moment I contemplated running after him, catching him and beating the shit out of him. But that’s when I felt Shilpa’s hand on my shoulder.

“Arun.” she said in a trembling voice.

I turned around, furious and looked at her,

“What??” I yelled.

“Arun, please…. I am sorry… just calm down.” she said.

“Calm down? Calm down??” I yelled, shaking her hand off my shoulder. “What the fuck was happening here? What is this? How…”

I fell silent, feeling my rage overcome me. Shilpa looked at me with tears in her eyes and tried to hug me. I pushed her away, and yelled again,

“Answer me!”

“Please Arun, close the door. The neighbors…” she said.

I banged the door shut very loudly and glowered at her. I now noticed something else. The outline of her boobs and her nipples was visible through her t-shirt. She was not wearing a bra! She noticed me noticing, and immediately folded her hands in front of her boobs, as if it was any use now. I was still shaking with anger, just standing there.

“Arun, please… sit down. Calm down. I’ll tell you everything.” she said, pulling me towards the couch.

I walked with her and sat down on the couch. Again, she tried to hug me, but I pushed her away.

“Alright, I want to know…” I started talking when suddenly, my cellphone started ringing. Out of habit I took it out of my pocket and immediately answered it,

“Hello.” I said, suddenly wishing that I had just ignored it and let it go to voicemail.

“Arun, this is Shastri from BTL Systems. We just met a few minutes ago? I think we can finalize the whole deal today.” the voice from the other end said.

“OK….” I said, still a bit dazed.

“Yes, I just have a couple of clarifications about your proposal. If you have it with you, could you turn to page 9?” he said.

For a moment I considered making some excuse and hanging up. But the sales guy in me realized the importance of this call. This was an account I had been trying to win over for almost two years. And finally I was about to succeed. Maybe I should talk to him.

“Yes, Mr. Shastri, just a minute, it is in the next room. Please stay on the line.” I said and got up from the couch. Shot Shilpa a dirty look, and went to the kitchen where I had left my bag. I took out a copy of the proposal, and started referring to where Shastri wanted me to look. Then there were other clarifications and some negotiations. The whole call lasted about 20 minutes. By the time it got done, Shastri was convinced and was going to fax the order to my office.

Done with the phone, I came out to the living room again. Shilpa was sitting there on the couch with a sullen look on her face. I noticed that while I was on the phone, she had changed out of the shorts and into jeans, and had put a bra on under her t-shirt. My temper had cooled down a lot by now, but I was still upset. I went and sat next to her.

“Okay, talk.” I said.

“Arun, I am so sorry. I know how it looks. And I have made a mistake. But it is not as bad as it seems.” Shilpa said.

“Not as bad? What does that mean?” I asked.

“I mean, you might be assuming certain things. It’s not like that. I made a mistake, and I won’t make it again. Please forgive me.” she said, again on the verge of tears.

“I don’t get it. Explain.” I said.

“I mean I have crossed some lines, for which I am sorry. But I haven’t crossed other lines, and never would have.” Shilpa said, starting to cry. I sighed, and sat back, looking at her.

“Has he fucked you?” I asked in a calm voice.

“No! Come on, how can you even think that?” Shilpa said, crying even harder.

“OK. Then, have you sucked his dick?” I went on.

“Arun!!! No!!!” she said.

“OK, what then?” I exploded “I catch my wife, braless, with an old man fondling her boobs, and her wanting him to go before I come home. It’s clear you two weren’t playing chess! What happened then? What lines have you crossed? Has he gone down on you?”

“No, no no no!” she said and started crying harder. I sighed with frustration and said,

“You’d better start at the beginning. When did this start? When did it go past him being just a subject for your portrait?”

Shilpa wiped her eyes, and stopped crying, or rather brought her crying down to a lower level.

“It is tough to exactly say when it started. I guess it started towards the end of my painting him. By then we had developed a good rapport and we started talking about a lot of things…. personal things. He also started paying me a lot of compliments. And he can be very charming. I also noticed that a lot of times, when he thought I wasn’t looking, he’d check me out.”

“Check you out?” I asked.

“Yes, like when I turned around and bent to pick something up, I could see from the corner of my eye that he was staring at my ass. Or if I was wearing something with a slightly revealing neckline, I’d notice him check out my boobs.”

“Okay, and you liked that?” I asked. She stayed silent. “Well, did you?”

“Yeah, it felt nice being admired by an older man. Made me feel special. Reminded me of the days when I used to work and guys would shower me with attention all the time.” she said.

“Okay, so what next? How did it reach the stage that I saw today.” I asked.

“Well, after I noticed him looking, I guess I started teasing him.” she said.

“Teasing him. How?” I asked.

“I’d bend over a lot even when not needed. I’d stay bent for a longer time.” she said.

“Wait, what were you wearing when you bent over so much?”

“Initially, I’d wear jeans or trackpants or loose knee-length shorts, and t-shirts. You know, the clothes I usually paint in. But then…..” she paused. “… then I started wearing… smaller shorts, and loose skirts and tank tops and….” she paused again “and halter tops.”

“You painted wearing skirts and halter tops? How come I never noticed it?” I asked.

“I always changed before you got home.” she admitted.

“Okay… so how did he react to your change in clothing?”

“He seemed to like it. He stared longer, and would often fidget and seem uncomfortable.”

“Tell me when you crossed what you think was the first line.” I asked.

She looked towards the ceiling, as if trying to remember. Then she looked down towards her knees and said in a low voice,

“With the thongs.”

“I’m sorry…what?” I could not believe what I had just heard. Shilpa hardly ever wore thongs. she said they rode up her ass crack and made her feel uncomfortable. So she only wore them on occasions that she wore formal trousers or skirts, to avoid panty lines.

“I started wearing thongs… with those tiny skirts you like.” she said. I knew the tiny skirts. They were quite small, about six inches above the knee, and pleated. I always loved how one got a glimpse of her panties when she bent. But she had never worn them with thongs.

“Ok… so he…must have liked it?” I asked.

“Yes. In fact…. he liked it a little too much.” she said.

“What does that mean?”

“After I bent over a few times to pick up stuff from the ground, I noticed a bulge forming in his pants. He was me notice, and tried to hide it with his hands. And looked very embarrassed.”

“He got an erection?”

“Yes. And that made me feel even more…..bold.” she said.

“What did you do? Did you take it out of his pants?” I hissed.

“No!! Come on Arun!! I just…. I went close to him using the excuse of having him change his pose. And then…” she stopped.


“Then I dropped my brushes which were in my hand, in front of him on purpose. And I bent over to pick them up. The skirt rode up and my thong-covered ass was right in front of him.”

That’s when I realized, with a shock, that I felt a twitch in my cock. The image of my sexy wife in a tiny skirt and a thong, revealing her ass to an old man was turning me on.

“And then..” she continued, “..he touched it.”

“He what?”

“While I was bent over….. he reached out with his hand and touched it. I was….surprised that he took the liberty and I just froze like that, bent, in shock.”

“Really? In shock or to tease him further?” I asked. She ignored my question and continued,

“After a few seconds I got up and asked him what he was doing. He started apologizing, and said he was sorry. He had gotten carried away. I got angry and told him to leave at once. And he did.”


‘Then he called me up after a while saying he was sorry and could he come over and explain his mistake. I said OK. So he came over, and said he was a lonely man, and had not had any female companionship since his wife died. And he enjoyed looking at me, because I was pretty. And liked the revealing clothes I wore. That it made him feel young again. But he should have just limited himself to watching, and not touched me.”

“OK….what next? Clearly things progressed further.” I asked.

“No. That’s it. After that I stopped teasing him. And nothing happened. The painting got over. And today I was just taking a nap, when he came in, saying he had been missing me. I was trying to get rid of him. Then I got your SMS. And you saw what happened. That’s it.” she said and fell silent.

I stared at her for a few minutes and said,

“You’re lying!”

“No, I am not!” she protested.

“Yes, you are. I can see it from your face. You are lying. Something more happened. Tell me honestly, Shilpa. Or I swear, I’m filing for divorce.” I growled.

“Arun, please, why do you want to know all these details? I have told you the main thing. I made a mistake by teasing him. He felt me up a little. can’t we leave it at that?” she said.

“No, what other lines did you cross? Why did he say you owed him?” I asked.

“That’s the only line, of teasing him and letting him touch me. Even if he touched me more later, why does it matter? It won’t happen again!” she said, raising her voice.

“I want to know!” I said.

“You asshole!” she hissed, “You just want to know because it is turning you on, isn’t it? You are one of those men who enjoy the idea of their wife being a slut? Which is why you hope he fucked me? Is that it?”

“What? No!” I said.

“Then what is that?” she said, pointing at my bulging crotch. Sure enough, the twitch I had felt in my cock had now turned into an erection. “Please Arun. I said I am sorry. I told you the main thing. If you want to divorce me, fine. But I am not talking about this any more. It’s over.”

She got up, ran to the bedroom and slammed the door shut behind her. I sat there, wordlessly, unsure of what to do. Two things were sure. I loved her. And that whatever she had done had turned me on. As I thought more about it, I remembered how I always loved it when we went out together and other guys checked her out. Sometimes, she got propositioned when she was out, and she’d tell me about it jokingly. I had liked those stories too. So what was I to do about this situation?

Part 2: It Wasn’t Just Him

It was new year’s eve and all my neighborhood youngsters had been planning a party at the rooftop of our building. Since it was going to be near the house so the parents were fine with us partying till late night. We had collected money and gotten ourselves some food, soft drinks and a loud music system. We created a makeshift dance floor and put some lights, making sure to leave enough dark areas for the ones who wanted some privacy. The group was mostly my younger brother’s friends and a couple of my friends from school days.

Obviously, there was no alcohol as almost everyone was under 21 apart from me and my friends. My brother was 19 and had finished high school, and most of his friends were of the same age group. The girls were all dressed up in party dresses and makeup, and the guys were having a good time hitting on them and trying their luck. There were a few couples in the mix, who were dancing in the corners, all over each other.

I was finding all this rather cute, being the grownup there was fun. But after a while it got boring and the party started loosing steam. Few of the girls left, as their parents thought it was getting late, even before the new year started. I hated the stupid rules that some parents imposed on their kids, it felt as if we were living in the 18th century.

I was wearing a short party skirt that ended a good five inches above my knees and a nice pink top, that showed off the curves of my young, yet supple body. Over the last couple of years, I had gotten an ass that I was really proud of, and didn’t mind showing off.

My friends decided that this was too boring for them and moved to another party, and I was left with these hormone raging, grouping and grinding youngsters almost all of whom had been looking at my legs or my breasts all evening. As the night went on, some of them even got the courage to ask me for a dance.

Poor guys, they were so conscious of my body that they couldn’t even dance properly. I could make out that a couple of them had boners as soon as they kept their hands on my waist.

Before I knew it, I started enjoying this attention and started teasing and tormenting them even more. I would grind my butt on their crotch and let their hands wander over my body. Soon enough, I was surrounded by six or seven guys, all my brother’s friends who I had seen growing up over the years. They were taking turns pairing with me, and with each song they were getting bolder. I could feel their cocks under their pants, rubbing against the softness of my ass. One of them even dared to grope at my breasts and I had to take his hands away and put them on my waist.

This was getting a bit out of hand as I was getting really turned on by all this attention. I could almost feel the wetness dripping down my legs. I had to push my way away from the dance floor to get some air and cool down. I walked over to the other side and found a couple kissing and dry humping in the dark. This party was getting interesting by the minute. I took a can of diet coke and drank it slowly to calm myself down.

There were only a couple of other girls left and around ten or so guys. I heard them starting the countdown, but was still too buzzed to go back to the dance floor. Everyone was shouting and hugging and wishing each other happy new year.

Out of nowhere I felt two hands come up from behind and squeeze my breast really hard. I almost jumped and shouted, but as if he knew, by reflex his hand covered my mouth and pulled me further into the darkness. I was pinned against the wall and my mouth was covered, as his hands mauled my boobs and touched me everywhere. I was in shock and tried to push him away, but he pinned me back harder and I could feel the whole weight of his body crushing me against the wall. My eyes tried to adjust to the darkness and make out who this beast was. As if reading my mind, he came close and whispered.

“Its me Tanya… Raju Bhaiya”. (Bhaiya is the Hindi word for Big Brother. It is often used by girls to refer male shopkeepers or domestic help etc)

I was infuriated at his actions, how could he even think that he can do this to me. I tried to push him away, but he was too strong, and by now he had found a rhythm with my breasts and nipples. My defense was weathering away, as his hand slid under the side of my skirt, pulling my legs apart and with a thrust he almost entered inside me. I could feel his hardness rubbing against my cunt, as he bunched up my skirt all the way and I wrapped my left leg around him. His lips were inches away from mine and his hands where playing my body as if he knew exactly where to touch me to make me moan. I could smell stale tobacco and cheap liquor, as his lips ravaged mine. It was something I had never felt before. This dirty old man who works as the domestic help in our building, has a wife and kids who live in the basement, was almost raping me on the terrace of my own house, with a party going on a few feet away.

My nipples were hard and aching to be sucked, and my pussy was burning. He was no longer holding my hands but I was still pinned to the wall with the weight of his body. He was humping me like a cheap whore, and his hand had found the hook of my bra. He tried to open it but couldn’t, I could feel his frustration rising as he pulled at the strap almost tearing it apart. I took his face in my hands and looked in his eyes. He was really drunk and full of lust, but the gentle touch of my hands on his face calmed him down. I pushed him away a little and he obliged, I kept looking in his eyes as my hands went behind my back and unhooked the bra, I took is hands and kept them on my waist and pulled his head over my breasts.

He pulled up the top, and looked at my breasts in awe. I smiled at his expression and pushed his face between the valley. It was as if I had lit a fire inside him, he took his cock out and put my hand on it, and with both his hands held my firm round c-cups and sucked on the nipples as if they were his path to heaven. He sucked on them for a good ten minutes, biting them, nibbling them, pinching them while his tongue made circles around them. All the while I was playing with his hard seven inch thick dark cock. My hands would tease its tip when he would lick my nipples and jerk it hard when he sucked them. It was as if he was teaching me to be his pet. I followed obediently, trying to suppress the moans by biting my lower lip and pushing his face harder on my breasts.

The music had gotten louder and the party was into its last hour and everyone was shouting and dancing to welcome the new year. And I was getting fucked by Raju Bhaiya on my own terrace under the open sky. I could see the fireworks going off as I closed my eyes and guided his stiff rod inside me. It was big. Bigger then any other cock I has felt before. I almost shouted out in pain as he rammed it inside me. I opened my eyes for a second to see if there was anybody around who could see us, but there was nobody. I wrapped my legs around him and put my hands around his neck as he fucked me harder.

His cock was finding places that had never been touched, and it was driving me crazy. I pulled him closer feeling every inch of him inside me. My nails dug deep into his back, as I could feel the pressure building inside him. I didn’t care who he was, and where we were, I just wanted to feel him inside me, feel his cum fill me up like a cheap whore.

And then like a burst of light, he came inside me, I could feel his body shudder as he unloaded his semen inside me. My cunt sucked every drop of his cum as if it never wanted it to stop, my body was talking a totally different language. I felt him go soft inside me, but didn’t let him go. I was his now. His personal whore. The whore he can fuck whenever he wants, wherever he wants, however he wants.

We stayed like that for a few seconds, catching our breath back. His face was still between my breasts and my legs were still wrapped around him. He finally moved his face up and whispered in my ear in Hindi.

“Naya saal mubarak ho. Aab puura saal tujhey aaise hi chodunga. Kal khud se aa jaiyo, teri Bhabhi maikey ja rahi hai.”

(Happy new year. Now, I will fuck you like this the whole year. Come by the house tomorrow, my wife will not be there for a few days.)

He mauled and sucked my nipples once and went away, I stood there in the dark, my skirt bunched up, my breasts hanging out, and his cum dripping out of my cunt. I smiled to myself, looked up into the sky and said to myself,

“So, that’s why I didn’t feel like wearing panties tonight.”

I got myself sorted and walked back into the party. I did look flushed, but so did everyone else as they had been dancing for a few hours now. I wasn’t sure if any of these guys had walked over to the other side and seen me fucking Raju Bhaiya.

Anyway, they were glad to have their toy back, and before I knew it they were crowding around me again. This time I didn’t stop them at all, they grouped my already sore breasts, they rubbed their little boners on my thighs and on my ass. This was nothing compared to what I had been through a few minutes ago. So, I let them have some nice memories of the year going by and danced with them like there was no tomorrow.

At 2 am and the parents come policing, and killed the party. I am sure I had made three of them cum in their pants and knew that all of them will be jerking their cocks thinking about me for the rest of the year.

“It wasn’t that boring a party after all”, said my brother when we came back to our house.

I could see his cheap smile and winked at him. “I hope your friends had a good time.”

I took a shower and put on my favorite old blue cotton skirt and a loose t shirt and went to sleep.

Somewhere around 4 am I heard my bedroom’s door open and I saw my brother come in. He crept in my bed and snuggled behind me inside the blanket. I pretended to be asleep, as I was pretty tired.

After a few minutes, I felt his hand around my waist and his body pressing against mine. That’s when it hit me, he was hard. I could feel it pushing against my ass. My eyes opened with a shock, but I didn’t turn around. Hoping that he would fall asleep and wouldn’t remember this in the morning. But, soon his hand was under my bust inside my t-shirt. I hadn’t worn a bra or panties as I was planning to sleep in peace.

He put his leg over mine and gently rubbed them, each time pushing my skirt higher up my thighs with his knees.

I was absolutely still, as his hand held my left breast and his fingers rubbed over my nipple. I shut my eyes even harder and bit my lower lips, as I felt my body betraying me a second time in one night. My nipple got hard instantly and I can bet I heard him chuckle a little at his achievement. Then he did the same to the other nipple and pinched it, as if telling me that he knows I am awake and enjoying his touch.

His hand left my breasts and I let out the breath that I was holding inside. I thought that was it for tonight, but then I felt something poking on my lower back. It was slightly wet and sticky.

My brother was poking his naked hard cock on my lower back. I couldn’t believe this was happening on my bed, inside my blanket.

My back arched at the touch of it and he held my waist and rubbed the pre-cum all over the curve of my back. I couldn’t take it anymore and my hand went behind my back and held his hard cock. I didn’t turn around but teased and caressed his dick, played with his naked balls and then held his cock firmly in my grip. I rubbed it on the side of my waist and then in the crack of my butt. I could feel his breathing getting heavy and the tension in his cock building up. I jerked him hard and fast making him cum all over my back and my waist. I cleaned up his cock with my hand and wiped it off my skirt, and pretended to go back to sleep. All this while I didn’t turn around even once to see his face.

He whimpered out of my bed and went back to his room and I finally went to sleep.

I woke up to a beautiful new year’s morning. Got out of my bed, changed into a pair of pajamas and took my skirt to my brother’s room. He was still sleeping. I went and sat next to him. We woke up and almost jumped to see me sitting there. He looked at the skirt in my hands and the cum stains on it.

“Little brother, do you mind washing this for me. I am sure you don’t want mom to wash this, right?”

He quickly grabbed the skirt from my hands and hid it under his bed.

I smiled at him, leaned over and gave him a light kiss on his lips and went back to my room.

There were still a few days remaining in the holidays, and I was sure this was going to be a memorable one.

My Indian Wife, Driver and Watchman

I wanted to show off my wife to other men. I wanted them to catch her boobs from behind, kiss her navel, smell her armpits, lick her clitoris, sleep with her, and hug her. I fantasized hiding and watching them secretly while they did all that.

When we travel together by train, due to the wind her saree goes off place and her navel is exposed. Though I see it I wouldn’t tell her. I wanted other guys to look at her body. She falls off into deep sleep during the journeys and her palloo comes down slightly which causes her cleavage to be visible. I do not wake her or cover it myself. I act as if I didn’t notice it. I let the guys around, even teenage boys enjoy that sight.

I bring all my close friends home and make her wear transparent sarees to give a visual treat to them. Some would openly tell me how sexy my wife is and I don’t mind that.

Harsha, my best friend is a sex maniac. He fantasizes about every girl. He is good in nature every other aspect but he has a strong sexual drive. I want to watch while someone does all nasty things to my wife so I fantasize about harsha doing all that to my wife.

I take nude pics of her, distorting the face and I post them on the internet blogs and forums. People make lewd comments about her body parts and measurements. That gives me a kick. I shag reading all those. I share non nude pics of her as well but ones which give an idea of her assets, shape size, etc. I enjoy it when some stranger shags, looking at my wife’s pics.

I encourage our watchman to help us in some of the house-cleaning activities. This way I could fantasize him getting glimpses of her assets. I fantasize he would see her cleavage when she bends and that would get erect and masturbate later thinking about my wife.

I ask my car driver to teach her driving. I fantasize about the sparks that fly when he touches my wife knowingly or un-knowingly.

My wife’s name is Lavanya.

Here is the narration from Lavanya’s point of view:

I want to show off my body to other men. I do it as if I’m showing it without my knowledge and as if it happens accidentally. I drop my palloo knowingly, that, other men would get glimpses of my navel and my boobs. I fantasize about my husbands’ friends, every one of them. I imagine being fucked deeply and madly by every one of them, like group fuckings and orgies. My dreams are filled by them. Even when my husband is riding me I think of his best friend harsha. Wow, he’s got a hairy chest and I’ve heard my husband say that he’s a sex maniac. I imagine him fucking me. When our watchman Ramu comes to help me do the household chores, I make the most out of it.

I climb ladders wearing short skirts. I wear loose tops and I bend a lot showing him my cleavage full length and I never make it look intentional. When we change the bed covers I spend a lot of time standing opposite him bending down and giving him a direct view of my juggling tits. Also, while we sweep the floor in the end, half my saree and blouse would become wet due to my sweat while cleaning. Even he drips sweat. We both can smell each other’s sweat easily during those sessions as we will be moving closely, and I love doing that. I give my old clothes to him to give to his sisters and relatives. I give him my blouses and inner wear as well as he’s poor. Ramu has got a lean and muscular body. He is dark and extremely crude in his acts. I like that. I want to be mauled by a rough savage like him. I planned something to make him touch me.

I allow my car driver as well to touch me. I bend forward and let his elbow touch my boobs and he understood me and started to touch my parts while teaching me but we both did it as if it was done in course of teaching me and it was unintentional. Later on I masturbated using brinjals thinking about him.

Here is story from Ramu’s point of view:

Poor guy. He’s got a lovely wife and he is leaving her to a rogue like me to feast on. Man, awesome tits she’s got on her top. I slurp whenever she bends. Poor thing, she’s very frank and open minded, little did she know about the pervert in me.

I catch good views of her panty clad ass when she climbs the ladder wearing short skirts. She thinks I’m helping her but indeed she’s helping me! I smell the clothes she gives to me. I can

Hardly control my erection when she’s around. Her navel is almost always visible when she’s in sarees or short tops. Whenever she lifts her hands up to grab a bottle or hang on something, I’d take a look at her navel. It was deep and round, felt like kissing it many times. Her legs are smooth and clean shaven. I get a good view of her creamy white thighs when she’s in her short skirts as her skirt flies up and down due to the fan. I need to bang this bitch hard some day.

She has got long hair, it reaches her ass. When she walks her long plait swings like a pendulum. She has got two big round globes on the behind: perfect ass cheeks. They stop the movement of her hair plait from one side to the other, it’s like she’s playing cricket: both her ass cheeks play with her plait, one ass cheek hits her hair to the other end, when it reaches the far end, the other cheek holds it for some time and then releases it. That gives the pendulum motion to her long hair plait. I badly want to squeeze her ass cheeks hard.

Once I stood behind her intentionally and when she moved back my groin digged straight into, her ass. I pushed my groin further as well, when she collided me; I caught her waist and pulled her back further onto my dick. My dick entered half between her ass cheeks. Later on, she moved forward and apologized. I enjoyed.

I wanted to watch her somehow while she’s having a bath. The bathroom didn’t have a key hole. I was desperate. I stood near the door and could hear the sound of the water hitting the floor. I know that she sits on a stool, a short one, and takes her bath. I saw the door; it was having some gap in the bottom, about an inch between the door and the floor. As she is bathing, some water came out from the bathroom. I bent down to try to get a view from the bottom but couldn’t see much. Then science came into picture and blessed me. I could see her reflection in the water. Yes, you can try that and see for yourself it works. I put my eye near the door and viewed at 45 degrees and I could get a view of the inside. As it was night, she turned on the bulb inside and that made her image clearly visible. I could see my mam naked, though indirectly. That was enough for me to get hard. This became a routine from that day onwards. I would watch her applying soap to her body parts. her boobs, hands, legs. It was clear enough. That left me wanting more.

Even Raghu, my friend, the driver of the house tells me that he’s been lucky with madam. It seems he gets to touch her boobs while teaching her how to drive. Lucky bastard. He always watches her midriff, area not covered by the saree, which faces him as he sits towards her left. Even he digs her navel man. We both assess her shapes all day when we are idling around and tell each other how we fantasize and masturbate thinking about her.

One day I was lucky. Very lucky actually: That day was the first of the month. She needs to give me the salary for the previous month. I knocked the door, and she opened it. She was wearing a gorgeous green colored saree. She applied mehendi to her hands and they were wet. I asked her for the salary and said that I don’t have money to buy the food items as well. She said her hands are busy and asked if it is very urgent. I said yes. Then she asked to come in and close the door. I did.

She said “As I applied mehendi, I cannot use my hands. But you can take the money with your hands” I said ok and asked where the money was. She said she had money at two places. One was in the cupboard, which is locked now, the keys with her husband. The other is her own personal money. She said she could now give her personal money alone as she doesn’t have the keys of the cupboard. I said ok. Question: Where is that money?

She said “It is in my blouse” and she didn’t look as if she was joking. I stood stunned for a second there. I was about to say “I will wait until sir comes…” but she interrupted and said “you can take that money for now”.

She said “It is ok, as, the money is very urgent to you”. I nodded, as if she was right there. She asked me to come closer. I was hesitant but I did go near her. I could smell her shampooed hair which was left loose.

“Remove my palloo down” she said and lifted her hands up.

I was not sure.

She signaled again.

My hands were shaking; I put them hesitantly over her left shoulder.

“It is pinned”, I said.

She said she knew it, and added: “Remove it Ramu”.

I put two fingers inside blouse near her shoulder. That made me touch her intimate skin for the first time. She jerked upon my touch, involuntarily. I used both the hands and removed the pin without hurting her.

I slowly brought the palloo down as my heart began to beat faster.

Out came her mangoes, hanging before me, waiting to be plucked. Her blouse clad tits were now in front of me, inches away. I see the sweat near her armpits and that part of the blouse was drenched. Her blouse was transparent enough to reveal that she was wearing a white bra inside.

I turned my face away and asked her if it was ok to proceed.

She said she could have washed her hands and given it but she liked mehendi a lot. I said “Please retain your mehendi. I will take the money myself”.

“Hurry up then”.

I didn’t turn towards her but stretched my hands forward towards her blouse. Obviously my positioning was not very right and I happened to grope her tit. “Ouch” she shrieked. Ah, how soft her mound was. I said “sorry”. “Better look and take”, she advised.

I turned towards her. I asked “which side is it?”


I put my hand over her bosom.

There was not much of a gap for my hand to enter in. I looked at her and said I can’t put my hand as there is no gap. she smiled and said casually” remove a button or two”.

I was not sure. “Do it if you want your money”. I caught her blouse top with both hands my palms feeling her tits and released the first hook of the blouse. Out came her cleavage into view and some fresh air for her tits.

I removed another and I came to know she had a mole on her left tit. I looked up into the air and inserted my hand inside from the top of her blouse; fingers first, over her left one. My hand was over her tit now I gently grasped her tit to assess the size and shape. It was firm and round like a ripe mango. She said the money is in the bra. I looked at her and she turned away in shyness. I now pulled my hand out and kept it now inside the bra. I entered heaven. My dick was tearing my underwear by now. I touched her nipple with my finger tip and it became erect. She arched her back and thrust her tit further towards me. Her tit was crushed in my hand now. It felt warm. I could feel the currency notes on one end but I didn’t take them immediately. I delayed my movements there. I was searching on the other end of her tit and feeling her boob fully. I was tweaking her nipples with my finger tip movements from side to side. Her nipple now became erect and it stood up firmly.

I bet her pussy juices were flowing by now. She said the money is on the other end. “Oh, I see”.

I now moved my hand and felt the notes. While trying to grasp the notes I grabbed her tit and gave it a squeeze. “aghh” she let out a sound and showed pain and lust in her eyes.

I said sorry and pulled out my hands with the currency. Her face was red now. I stood there staring at her tits. She said “Cover me up now and leave before my husband comes. He may think otherwise”.

“What otherwise”, I was thinking while I buttoned her blouse and adjusted her tits back in place and covered her palloo as well. “Thanks mam for giving the money immediately”. She half blushed and looking down said now go and do your shopping. I left and started my shagging.

Coming back to ‘My’ thoughts:

Being her husband, I feel I own her. She’s mine. I can do whatever I want with her. I decide to give a practical turn to my fantasies. Enough dreaming let me really see and shag while someone’s does those things to her. I carefully hatch a master plan.

One day I take my wife to a friend’s party. It is a wild party with dance and disco. My wife doesn’t drink liquor, so she resorted to soft drinks and was dancing with girls. I put my plan into action. I drugged her drinks with date-rape drugs which give an unconscious state but wouldn’t make victims totally asleep/passed out. They just wouldn’t remember anything done to them that night.

Then I call my driver Raghu. I tell him that my wife drank a lot and fell asleep and I can’t go now from the party and you need to drop her home. Not just take her home but take her inside the house and make her lie in the AC bedroom and I asked him to wait outside the house that night as security and that I would come back in the morning as the dance party goes all night.

Raghu asks how he should take her inside the house. Then I assure him that she would wake up when they reach home. I put her in the rear seat and ask him to start for home. I put her palloo almost on the edge so that it would go off place during the journey for sure.

Raghu takes her home.

Raghu speaks:

I think this is my day. My dream babe in a transparent saree, all drunk, and me escorting her home, alone. God, I thank you for this.

During mid way, I take a look into the rear view mirror. I now need to slow down my car or else I cannot concentrate on my driving. That bitch has lost the palloo from her top. Her mangoes are hanging in free air. They are half exposed and ripe. Man, they are erect. Her blouse is so transparent that her bra outline is distinctly visible even from the rear view mirror.

I take her home, shut down the car and get down. I open the rear door. I just stare at her for some time. Lovely. She’s now lying flat on the rear seat, her cleavage facing me.

I call out, in a bleak voice, ‘madam…’, ‘madam…’

No response. I call a little louder but not too loud. No use. I gently tap her shoulder and call her again. She’s in dead sleep. No movement at all. I don’t know what to do now.

Sir has given me the house keys as well. I can’t take my eyes off her cleavage. I take courage and bring my hands towards her boobs. I gently rest my hand over one of her mounds. My hand moves up and down due to her breathing. It feels like a sponge. I squeeze it. Heavenly. I put both my hands on her tits now and cup them entirely. I squeeze both of them gently. Ahh. My I can feel pre cum roll deep insdie my pants. I now press them very hard and start calling her name to see if she wakes up.

She does, but not fully.

‘Madam, please get up’.

‘Umm, what’.

‘Please get up,’ … “yes, like this”…, I give support to her back and help her get up.

“Please come out of the car”.

She comes out slowly but she could not stand firm, she almost trips and falls to one side.

I catch her by placing my hands on her tummy. I touch her bare tummy as her palloo falls down. I lift her up and she now falls over my chest, her chest crushing mine.

Ah, nice smell.

Her head lies on my shoulder and her body weight on mine. I hesitantly lay my hands around her, almost hugging her, but not yet. I think for a moment, but hormones take control and I press her hard into me. Ahhh. Bliss. So soft, her curves.

I lay my arms over her shoulders and ask her to walk. She walks like a drunkard, tripping. I put one arm of her over my shoulder and take her forward. Her one breast crushed into my chest. My other hand over her waist. I insert one finger into her navel as well. ahh. Lucky me.

I open the door and lift her off the ground grabbing her just beneath her ass cheeks. I carry her like how Shahrukh Khan carries Priety Zinta in the movie Veer Zaara. She’s not light by any means. I plant a kiss on her forehead.

I move into the master bedroom and drop her on the bed. Off she goes and rolls to one side.

Her saree half gone now.

I rush, close the main door and hurry back. I switch on the AC and close all the windows. Then I turn on the lights to see my darling up-close. I get very confident now that she wouldn’t get up and it doesn’t matter now even if she does. I turn her so that she’s lying flat on the bed. I remove her saree palloo to the side and lean on to her body. I jump on to the bed beside her.

I go down towards her navel and move my face closer towards it, put my lips on her navel and give her a deep kiss there. I nibble it with my nose. She smells good.

I move up. Two mountains obstruct my movement. I get up and take a look at her face. She’s so fucking cute. I go near her face and put my lips on her hot luscious lips, her hot breath hits me.

I lock my lips on hers and give her a smooch. Her blouse clad tits touch my chest. Kissing her, I grab her left tit and start massaging it. She moaned. I stop smooching and stay still like.

She lays hands over me and turns to the side and drops one leg over me. I put move my face closer to hers and move towards her neck. I kiss her on the neck and she moans again.

Is she awake?

Ah, it doesn’t matter. I keep kissing her neck all over. I smell the fragrance she emanates. Lovely bitch. I kiss her cleavage and smell her aroma there. I remove her blouse hooks. I lift her up slightly and remove her bra hooks which are on her backside. I lift the bra up on the front and uncover her boobs bringing them to my view. She has got light pink nipples. I stop my urge to pounce on them and bite them wildly. I observe them closely, then open my mouth wide and cover her right aureole and start sucking her right boob while tweaking her left nipple.

She makes a noise and now puts her hand over my head. And pushes me closer, into her. you slut. I lift her left hand up and put my face in her armpit. Exotic smell. I kiss her there and lick her armpit and her sweat. I lick her boobs, both, one by one, without leaving a single inch. I take the nipple between my teeth and bite it gently.

I then move down, pull her saree up and drag her panty down. Her pussy juices are flowing already. I lick her pussy clean. I spread her legs wide and sit near her legs. I bend down and get my head between her thighs and take a look at the marvelous architecture.

Her pussy is clean shaven. I part the pussy lips and flick the tip of her clitoris. That makes her locks her legs crushing my head between her soft thighs.

I kiss her thighs and stay like that for a couple of seconds.

I part her legs again and kiss her inner thighs.

I move towards her pussy and start kissing her pussy all over. I lick it from down to up. I spread her lips and start licking the inner walls of her reddish pink pussy. I tongue fuck for some time and cannot wait any longer, my dick is aching for a fuck.

I bring her hands over it and she grabs it hard and starts squeezing it. Wow. I start massaging her boob and kiss her lips again. I get up and lift her head slightly. I put my legs beside her, near her armpits and sit near her face. I lean over her, and open her mouth and insert my uncovered dick, by pulling its foreskin back, into her mouth. I start fucking her mouth. She closes her lips and starts sucking me. I look at her, her eyes are closed.

It is a great feeling to get your dick sucked by a beauty like her. I mercilessly fuck her mouth hard. She now opens her eyes and starts to say something but she cannot so I stop and take out my dick. She’s gasping for air. She gets up and sits now. I hug her and put my arms around her. She rolls over and falls on top of me, crushing her tits on to my chest. I make her sit on me and start massaging her tits. I lift her by her waist and carefully insert my erect dick onto her pussy entrance. I make her sit down now, in goes my dick as she comes down onto me. I finally entered my mam. I rock her and she takes on the movement and starts rocking. I grab her tits and start pressing them. She’s riding my dick like a horse and moaning.